Energy Update – September 24, 2014

Georgi Stankov

During the last 48 hours we experienced a massive ID shift to higher dimensions, probably one of the biggest in this year as far as I was involved and how I perceived it. For me it began on Monday when I was plunged into a massive cleansing of the health care system one more time without any warning. This was triggered by a family incident that necessitated an emergency visit to a near-by hospital. What happened then was a recurrent pattern for me, where the doctors did not care about the patient, made no treatment decisions or were unable to make a proper diagnosis and I had to intervene and correct their medical doing, which ends up not only with an eclat of professional opinions, but also in a clash of world views.

I experienced this same pattern during my hospital stay in Munich, Germany in August when I was operated and now one more time inadvertently. I must admit that I did not reckon with this repeated involvement in cleansing the health care system here in Canada, which also served as a typical case for the failed Western-type of medicine on a global scale. Before I realized this, I was fully involved in the processing of massive collective dross of the derailed society in North America.

Normally, I have a very detached attitude to life in Canada and across the US border, which is only several miles away from where I now live. This equanimity is my basic existential strategy in these last days as I try not to get involved in any 3D matters whatsoever. This time, however, my HS threw me one more time pitilessly in the battle and I had to transform in a very powerful alchemical reaction, while using focused inter-counseling (as described in previous publications and Elohim messages) all kinds of basic human fears, pertaining to this young and unripe soul population on the North American continent; in particular, their over-boarding arrogance based on utter stupidity and lack of broad or even elementary education.

Then yesterday we had the actual huge ID shift (ascension test run) when I was retrieved again for several hours from this reality and then returned back with a huge cc-wave and a severe headache that lasted throughout this whole night. This all is indicative of a significant leap into higher frequency of this uppermost mother planet that was associated as usual with huge releases of negative patterns in the global human population. No surprise that this cleansing is taking place simultaneously with the beginning of Obama’s bombing of Iraq and Syria that will trigger the final escalation of the confrontation between dark and light and the subsequent resolution and demise of the dark cabal from power on both sides of the Atlantic.

During this same time, Carla was mentally and emotionally present all the time in Lofer, Austria, where our city of light “New Germania (Raetsia)” exists. This constant bi-location on her part is very auspicious and I asked for further explanation, all the more, as I myself was fully immersed in the last 48 hours in the sickening problems of the Canadian society, very much to my distaste, as I was overwhelmed by its negativity that may not be visible to unperceptive observers at first glance.

But, as a recent critical article in the Canadian press rightly observed with respect to the heinous, war-mongering speech of Poroshenko in front of the applauding Canadian parliament, the home and foreign policy of this nation is “paste and copy” of that of the dark Washington government of Obama. This says everything about the brainless rulers of this second biggest in territory country in the world and why it is futile to discuss such correct observations with the very much gullible and complacent Canadians, who in addition have the arrogance to believe that are better off than their southern neighbour, while this last one believes on its turn to be the pinnacle of Western civilisation. I hope now you understand the source of my utter exasperation with the current human condition, whether on the Old or the New Continent.

Anyway, this morning I received as usual under the shower the following for me important information from my HS. The new city of light “Raetsia“, which I and Carla created in Southern Germany, Austria and part of Switzerland last year, will not only be the technological hub of the new 4D worlds, which we have already created in the new Golden Galaxy, but  Lofer, Austria in particular will become a huge healing center (temple) that will be run by myself and Carla, who has now fully taken over the responsibility as chohan of the violet flame from St. Germain.

This center will be supported by the extremely powerful giant crystals from the Atlantean time that lie beneath the surrounding mountains of Lofer and make it such a unique place on this planet. Millions of human beings from all over the 4D worlds will come to visit this healing temple and rejuvenate their physical bodies. As we have already discussed on many occasions, the human longevity on these new worlds will be much higher and many humans may already acquire immortality on these 4D timelines before they will be ready for ascension to 5D. The average life-expectancy will be several hundred years at least.

For this purpose, those humans, who will ascend this fall to these new 4D worlds and will still carry their physical ailments and energetic blockages, will hugely profit from this healing center, where they will be able to quickly heal their physical bodies and rejuvenate them, so that they can prolong their current incarnation as to be able to ascend in the next 100 – 200 years earthly time. Here, I refer to the prophecies of Elijah, which I recently published.

It was obvious to me for a very long time that a major aspect of my mission on this planet is to be a healer. For this reason I studied medicine. The same holds true for Carla, who is a medical nurse and has worked for years as chief nurse in a cardiological ICU department and later on as hospital manager. She is also very much fascinated by and involved in alternative healing.

Last week, St Germain came to her and channelled a personal message for her, which was a private instruction how to invoke the violet flame, which is the most powerful transforming energy bandwidth from the source, being available on this planet and the new galaxy, in order to be able to create a constant, coherent standing gold-violet wave in her fields. With it she can create anything as an ascended master and a chohan of this flame.

I am only partially involved in the violet flame, as we have a common energetic field now. My main mission is to be the bearer of the blue flame of God’s divine will.

St. Germain’s instruction to Carla was done on the background that she has now fully taken over the responsibility of a chohan (bearer) of the violet flame, which until now was carried by St. Germain on the earth. Here, we have the ‘change of the guard” for the new worlds – the old masters have already delegated their duties to us, the Guardians of the new Galaxy. This is very important for you to know as not to underestimate your creative powers.

When I was informed this morning by my HS that we shall operate this healing center in Lofer, Austria, which by the way is already a well-established resort since the 19th century, I had the impression that this project is imminent and we should reckon with its manifestation any moment. Especially now that I have done the final cleansing of the health care system.

This makes a lot of sense, given the fact that the most urgent help humans will need after their ascension to the 4D worlds will be their personal healing in the broadest sense of the word, which will go hand in hand with their mental and emotional education how to liberate themselves from the shackles of the current Orion enslavement and become responsible and sovereign citizens of these new, spiritually and technologically much more evolved human civilisations.

This is, where we are now heading to, and I am curious to learn if some of you also get similar visions and information about your personal future mission as Logos Gods and ascended masters; this of course in the bigger context of also being Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy, in which Gaia has been now firmly embedded after the massive ID shift in the last 48 hours.

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