Stankov’s Universal Law Press Appears In Chinese

Wendy and Mark, July 22, 2018

This website operated for a few years and was very successful in enlightening the Chinese people on the new Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law. However, it was shut down with the beginning of the lockdown by the Chinese authorities because I exposed the coronavirus scamdemic, which began in China, as the greatest lie and crime on humanity, where the oppressive Chinese government participated significantly in this organized genocide on humanity in order to install the NWO that will only favour China as the most authoritarian and controlled country in the world. The shift and our imminent ascension will, however, prevent this scenario and China will enter some very turbulent times as its population is, in its vast majority, not awakened and will not qualify for the new earth and the higher-dimensional technologies that we shall introduce after the shift. – George

Dear George,

I haven’t written to you for a long time, but Wendy has always forwarded to me the communication between the two of you. I know you’re going through a powerful energy transformation and it is tough for you. I have a hunch that you’re going to transfigure very soon. Here I would like to briefly introduce my work in the last month.

I have done a very important job, that is, to open the “Stankov Cosmic Law Chinese Network“, this is a portal in which I have put all my translated articles from “Stankov’s Universal Law Press” website, This includes more than 80 articles and three books which I have translated over the past year (the New Gnosis will take several more days to complete).

Here is the address of the new website of Stankov”s Universal Law in Chinese:

It’s a portal that, unlike my previous Wechat platform based on social media, will have a wider impact, especially when you have transfigured and the Chinese people can learn about your knowledge and work through this portal. That’s why I started this site, and if you remember I mentioned this idea when I wrote my first letter to you last November. It is also a mirror image of your website in China. In the future, I will continue to post new translations as long as I have time. Due to the fact that I was unemployed and financially stressed, Wendy provided all the money to build the website….

Dear George and Carla, I really can’t wait. When are we going to start-up the city of light? I recently decided to start meditating which I rarely did before.

I wish you all the best in Italy



Dear Mark,

Dear Wendy,

I am so deeply moved, speechless, and thankful to the Universe for all the wonderful friends and like-minded people that we have been graced to meet in the last years. We have not even dared to dream about this precious experience but we somehow knew that in the long run when we finally achieve our goal to ascend Gaia this will be the normal state of social experience. For us it has begun much earlier and we feel privileged to have you as our friends.

You, Mark, has worked so tireless and focused on the opening of this website that this is an example of spiritual dedication to marvel.

You Wendy, are the loving and generous fairy that arranges everything to happen with a magic wand. Our gratefulness for all you have done and are doing for the ascension and our cause is as deep and profound as the Infinity Portal we are creating here in Italy on top of the city of light – your help is just as powerful and successful.

Dear Mark, I tried to immediately click on the link of your new Chinese website, but I cannot reach it. Are there any problems in China or is it simply that your website has not yet been registered by Google and it will need some more time? I am not very savvy on this issue….

I keep seeing China as the catalyst for the breakthrough of the Universal Law and only then the shocked West will have to catch up. This is independently of the appearance of the city of light here in Northern Italy and in Vancouver, Canada.

We have entered exciting times and our wondrous journey brings huge promises. But the most gratifying aspect is that we are making this journey not alone but with dear friends such as you both, Wendy and Mark, and this makes it a “moveable feast“, to quote Hemingway’s famous novel.

With love and light



Hello Mark,

This is such incredibly good news and I am so grateful, happy and appreciative for your efforts. Your activities and that of the group in bringing to the attention of the Chinese nation and its people the cognitive and spiritually underlying foundations of the New Universal (Cosmic) Law deserves a round of applause. Please express to the entire group my gracious thanks for their endearing efforts in finding a way to lift the veil of forgetfulness.

By that I mean, we are at a crossroads in that the Chinese nation in its rise to world leadership is focusing primarily on the material and positioning its historical legacy to assuming the role of a super nation-state when in fact the spiritual essence of its culture, literature and philosophical yearning is an inherent aspect of its entire historical span of some 6000 years as a great civilization. It is China and China alone that has the necessary aptitude for leading humanity into the new federation of an intergalactic assembly of civilizations within the higher dimensions. This effort by you and the group is a most earnest and worthwhile undertaking that is unprecedented in the annals of cosmic history.

If I can be of any further assistance as you begin the dissemination of Dr. Stankov’s works as we go forward, please let me know. I have been silent on WeChat lately but have read and translated all commentaries.

With love and light,


P.S  The Chinese people are already dancing to your wonderful efforts on their behalf.


Dear George

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. The Chinese website is truly amazing with the richest information Chinese people can obtain from now on. I just checked the website Mark provided and found out that the address may have an issue (it seems to have spelling error). If you try following link, it should work as it works for me both on desktop and iPhone. But I haven’t try the laptop yet. Hopefully it works for you as well.

Anyway, I attach its homepage image for you to have the idea. (see below)

With love and light



Dear Wendy,

Dear Mark,

I could open the website and have surfed through it for an hour. What an incredible piece of art. It is so beautiful and so exhaustive and so comprehensive, also so didactic and easy to surf. You have a big archive of the most important articles for introduction into the New Gnosis. And the illustrations are fantastic – the whole website is, as I said, a perfect piece of art.

I know now –  Mark, you will become very soon the chief editor of Stankov’s Universal Law Press in China and we do not need any other editing houses. Wendy will be the spiritual patron of China from the city of light here and shuttling between West and East as we shall do between Europe and North America. Of course we will also visit China and many other places but this will be the centres of our spiritual work. When Mark is done with the foundation of Stankov’s Universal Law Press in China he can join us in the city of light – here or in Vancouver.

What a tremendous work and what a great achievement by both of you! My great admiration and compliments go to you Mark, for your diligent work and to Wendy who helped so much with her translations and financial support. What a great team work! I am filled with awe, and Carla too. But first and foremost I am so thankful to have experienced this most beautiful present in my life in this most auspicious moment in time when your support, the support of true friends, make us feel strong amidst huge energetic and human challenges.

Thank you Mark!

Thank you Wendy!

You are the best!

This year we shall experience together the greatest triumph a human being can have on this planet, this is now beyond any doubt. And so be it!

I love you!


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