New Guardians of a New Galaxy

by Carla Thompson, Jahn J Kassl and Georgi Stankov, July 11, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

I have decided to publish this information due to its pivotal character for all light warriors of the first and last hours. It was only possible due to the expedience of my friend Jahn J Kassl and Franz, who translated this message today with the speed of light. 

On the evening of July 9th the Elohim approached Carla and gave her a message of consolation. At least this might have been their initial intent. The reason for this was that several days earlier her soul totally left her body (partial departures of our souls as ascension test runs have happened before on many occasions and have not disturbed us at all). She felt terrible, as if buried alive in a listless body. I was very much worried about her because I could read telepathically her thoughts and knew that she was about to leave this body for ever and die. I made a very powerful invocation with the gold-violet flame of ascension and were able to bring back a large portion of her soul. Overnight the rest of her soul entered her body and Carla felt much better all of a sudden. I knew that there was a reason for her soul’s retrieval and sensed intuitively that this is not a positive event for us.

When the Elohim came and gave her the message below, it sounded initially very optimistic, but, instead of being uplifted, I felt hugely depressed, notwithstanding the blissful 5D and 6D vibrations which I experience most of the time in these last days that lift me high above this grey 3D overlay. I knew not the reason for this depression, but it was obvious that it came directly from my HS and had a deeper reason and purpose.

In order to validate my perceptions, I wrote the following email to Jahn the next day (today) and asked him if he would be able to receive some further clarification from his sources. This procedure has been recently very successful and has bestowed us with some incredible insights into the intricate course of the ascension scenario in its last phase. 

Dear Jahn,

here is the latest message of the Elohim, which was intended as a consolation for Carla, as her soul left her body the day before and she felt buried alive. I then brought her soul back with an invocation, but it was a very depressing experience for both of us.

I do not know what to make of this message and have never been so depressed as after I read it. It may well be that this mood has nothing to do with the message, but I have the feeling that the Elohim are announcing a further postponement of the ascension and want to wrap this message in words of comfort, knowing how Carla feels. Her soul did not want to come back really and she most likely has known that it will take even longer.

I share our current confusion with you because you could possibly learn more about the current situation, as it has often happened in recent times.

But what troubles me is the comment about our alleged assumption that we alone commit our mission here on earth. This was never the case and I have highlighted in all my letters to you and on my website the fact that it is about the PAT, about the collective of Light Warriors who promote together the ascension process. After all, my website was the site of the Planetary Ascension Team.

I personally interpret such uninvited and unnecessary information always as an indication that it will take longer, because in this whole event, we are bound to other souls and dependent on their progress. But I may be wrong as well and this is only my suspicion, however, this was  always justified in the past in such situations.

I would be very happy, if you could learn more in this regard.

With love


The Elohim Message – July 9, 2014
by Carla Thompson

Dear Georgi,

Here is the message that I received from the Elohim, I suspect to console me following my Soul’s departure from my body and the Earth plane on Monday night.  She was not intending to return, a fact which I was aware of Tuesday morning when I awoke.  I was not alarmed, my personality just accepted the situation as fact.  I was well aware of this situation but was not able to put it into words to you, but your high self knew that I had left, and it was your urging and invocation to bring me back that triggered my return, and this message that follows.


Dearly Beloved,

it is with great love that we, the Elohim, greet you in joy and abiding peace.

You are the ascended masters of the Aquarian Ascension and your commitment of divine service has rendered the ascension of Gaia, and humanity, within this quadrant, a full measure of success. You have achieved this miracle with the undying support of the few qualified light workers [ the light warriors of the first and last hours ] whose unfailing energetic support of you both, in your life as ascended masters, has been the wind beneath your wings.

While you may feel as though you are the only “Great Stars of Creation”, as we call you now, you absolutely have the complete support of a unique group of ascension warriors, those light workers who contribute consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously, and multi-dimensionally, to this wonderful expansion of light and life. Both their deep respect and abiding love at the soul level, provide the fuel to move you both to action on so many multi-dimensional expressions of Gaia and parallel realities. Your action is to change what is necessary, in order to drive the ascension process forward in a clear and uncompromising fashion. Without your undying commitment to discernment and truth, this matrix would not have been disassembled. It has not withstood your scrutiny and the deception has failed in every corner. The final throes of your challenge presents now and it is your clear understanding that every challenge is tackled and rendered neutral because it is the neutrality that shall win the day in every arena.

The Universal Law shall be presented from the basis of Immortality. As all expressions within the Creation of All-That-Is are immortal. There is no other concern. Base argumentation stems from this one premise. The Violet-Gold Flame of Creation is an extremely powerful tool when used within the parameters of this construct. Immortality. Forever. There is No Death and therefore, the human mind must release its fear, its Fear of Death. Fear can no longer gain a foothold within the presence of the line of argumentation for Immortality. [ When I am writing this, I understand this to mean the Universal Law is now being discussed and implemented on the lower 5D, or upon the very upper 4D, which we are likely interacting with now in the dream state].

Your ascension to the Fifth Dimension moves into the Now moment and you both travel continuously between parallel realities and timelines with stunning speed. This is accomplished through your honest actions of love and faith. As your harmonization with the Fifth dimension strengthens, you shall notice subtle differences, one timeline to the next, one parallel reality to the next. There are already several areas where you have both noticed this fact including a heightened sense of smell [pollution – on a lower timeline; deeply fragrant forests – on the upper timelines], heightened sense of hearing [unbearable noise levels – on the lower timelines; deep silence, peace and stillness – on the uppermost timelines ] as well as a heightened sense of mental telepathy, as in your ability to know your dual souls mind and heart at all times within the waking conscious state of awareness. As you move deeper into the transition to the fifth dimensional state, new abilities shall override common experience and expectation.

Dear One, do not lose hope; You know that we are here with you, in every moment, and that we wrap you in a blanket of deep love.

Know that your ascension is complete.  

Know that upon your return to Source, you may chose life in any form!

We love you both deeply and we anticipate your arrival with great joy and excitement.

We are the Elohim.


I was not at all surprised when I received today a message from Jahn channelled to him by Babaji. As a matter of fact Babaji has been with us for the last two days and Carla even intended to attune to him and get a further message. This message is of great significance as it heralds the new final stage of the ascension process that goes beyond the mere ascension of Gaia and has to do with the ascension of a complete new galaxy that is now being created. The ascension of Gaia, being the most dark and dense planet in this omniverse, plays a centre role in this whole process. This has been known to us for some time.

The new element in this new dramatic development is that the few light warriors of the first and last hours have been now advanced to the new guardians and creator gods of this new galaxy. Only a few days ago we were informed by Sananda in response to my question about the ascension scenario that the quality of these few light warriors is so “awesome” that it surpasses anything that has been achieved in this universe so far. This  message will be published by Jahn at a later date. 

The reason for this is that, while most of the light workers failed with their mission on the earth in the End Times, the few active light warriors of the first and last hours had to grow beyond their initial plans and take over the burden of bringing the light to Gaia, many star seeds rejected to share because they got lost in the Orion matrix. This new challenge was also our unique chance to advance not only to new creator gods of the new earths (Gaia 5), but also to creator gods and Guardians of a whole new galaxy that is now being birthed. 

This new mission was offered by the source to us and we must have accepted it with great joy at the soul level. But what is the joy of the soul, may not necessarily be the happiness of her incarnated personality, as this new assignment means another prolonged sojourn in this reality, even though we have already ascended long time ago. This sacrifice is the latest in a row of decisions we have made on behalf of humanity. This time it is however not about humanity and Gaia, but only about us as new creator gods. We have advanced within one incarnation so high and far that we can now merge with the source and be anything we desire. 

What I am getting very intensively from my HS in the last few days is the enormous scope and magnitude of this latest decision of our souls and what is actually at stake – for us, Carla and myself as Elohim of the first ray and Logos Gods and now as the new Guardians of a new galaxy – together with all other light warriors of the first and last hours. It goes without saying that we can achieve this goal only if we hold together. One more time we are thrown in this battle for the light, but this time with an objective that reaches way beyond the confines of this planet. There has never been such a successful mission of the light in the whole universe under such unfavourable and dreadful conditions as on this darkest and most toxic planet, known as Earth in this quadrant of the universe.

And here is the message of Jahn as of today with his accompanying letter:

Dear George,

thank you very much. I have not yet read the message! Have asked Franz to send me the German version, which has already arrived, but I still have not read a word until now; This I would do only after I have sent you this message.

After I read your mail a few hours ago, I went outside my home to make some errands. Vienna is currently rainy, so I was largely on foot through the city. Perceived the people, as so often, lifeless and unconscious, new seemed to me there, as if the time would stand still – a kind of a “freeze” of time.

Then, the sentence “Guardians of the Galaxy” was given to me, while I took a detour and was led to a headline of a newspaper, announcing the Hollywood movie with the same title.

This title then worked all the time in me and I was told that it has to do with us … – which is always a sign that something is being built up, when I should not forget certain things or may not. And all the time Babaji was over me and with me …

At home, I received the following message. Maybe of a little help for us all.

In Love


Preparations for the Final Event – The New Guardians of a New Galaxy
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 11, 2014

translated by Franz on July 11, 2014 

You are the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Beloved Ones,

Ascension means the greatest effort for all, who are participating in it. Ascension means the greatest happiness for all, who will see God at the end of the day and will recognize themselves as what they are.

Disruption“ of the Galaxies

The ascension of earth and human Beings, who are ready for it, reaches a new dimension. Meaning that now the galaxy, all heavenly bodies and all living Beings in these worlds, wherein this earth was and still is embedded, will be attuned to the fine and final dynamics, will be prepared for it and will be made familiar with their specific assignments for the “disruption of the galaxies”.

The earth has been and remains the center of the ascension, whereupon the designated light warriors experience themselves as a consciousness with all their soul aspects. The work has essentially been done on the earths; the holograms stand ready and continue to be created, the decisions have been made and everything flows now irresistibly like an undertow toward the discharges. This demands your patience, certainly, because the awareness of space-time requires it; yet what happens now is irreversible, eternally.

Ascension Test Runs, why?

In these days for some ascending ones, “ascension test runs” take place. This is for two reasons and obeys the following necessities:

1) In order to be attuned yourselves to the ascension vibration.

2) In order to train and introduce your siblings from the Light into the upcoming processes.

As light warriors of the first rank you have ascended to Creator Gods and thereby tantamount to guardians of this and now newly created galaxies. And you function as those already today, on the eve of the pioneering events, whereby some human Beings communicate with different galactic levels in your dreams, also some human Beings in the waking condition, and foremost during the experience of the ascension, where from you return again. You do this in order to exactly determine the ultimate procedures.

Scepter of a Creator God

The assignments of the ascended ones and the ascending ones begin to shift and to expand. Affected are all human Beings – and they are few – those, who have been handed the scepter of a Creator God.

This is a significant aspect to be experienced today, so that further events and your position therein can be put into the applicable context, and during your return into the Light you may be able to dissolve all reservations about several delays or the seeming postponement of the ascension.

The ascension in its final phase was determined in this manner and was also predictable, even though, during the decision process of mankind sometimes a great confusion seemed to exist, because constant reorientations had to follow.

It is also important to know that the quality of the ascending ones affected this expansion of your assignments and that it was and is yourselves, who on a soul level have immediately given the permission for this expansion; and in the knowledge that thereby your own holistic ascension will again be experienced as a “delay” on the space-time level.

Everything occurs!

Nothing of what has been said to you is cancelled, everything happens, all occurs. Also what has not happened in your visible world will happen or has already happened. Because, as has already been announced repeatedly, levels and realities were repeatedly created for it.

For you, who are sick and tired of the wait for the planetary and individual ascension, this knowledge is of immense significance.

The actual greatness as a multi-dimensional Being and the omnipresent expansion of your awareness is proverbial, and this is reflected in your assignments in this space-time world in a unique manner.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Before the new galaxy will take its fixed place in the infinity of Creation, due to the ascension of this earth, the present and future ascended Masters will prepare all galactic forces and heavenly powers of this galactic unity for the “final event”.

It is you, in a leading role, who enable this ascension; you were handed the “scepter of ascension” on all relevant levels for it and you are: the guardians of the galaxy.

In infinite Love I was and I am at all times with each one of you, until Eternity; you are sons and daughters of man, honored beyond all measures.

I am  


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