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The Arrival of the New Technologies of the Universal Law

 Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 2, 2020

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Expanded Summary Script of All Four Videos

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Science is not an ivory tower. All scientific ideas influence human life in a profound manner. This is generally acknowledged with respect to the Industrial Revolution and human progress in the last one and a half centuries. However, it is not at all appreciated that false scientific ideas can hinder the progress of humanity even more rigidly than some positive scientific ideas and inventions, such as the development of the steam engine, the combustion motor, and the alternating current generator and motor have fostered it. These machines were invented at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and are still the main source of energy generation and consumption, apart from nuclear energy which has been vastly discredited in recent years. Viable alternative energy sources have not been developed so far or were deliberately suppressed by the ruling cabal as we have shown in these videos.

For this reason, humanity has actually experienced very slow progress after the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the second half of the 19th century. Mass poverty, unending wars for natural resources, crises, civil wars, calamities have determined since then human destiny on a much grander scale than in the past, as also the means of mass destruction have been vastly improved with industrial progress. The First and Second World Wars is the proof of this conclusion.

Enlightened persons know that this hampered economic progress of humanity was by design. The Powers That Were wanted to enslave humanity in the so-called New World Order and thus prevent the ascension of Gaia and humanity in the current End Time. The reason for this heinous plan was that these dark ones have no chance to ascend and must first enter a very long and painful incarnation cycle on lower timelines and three-dimensional earths before they qualify for ascension in the distant future.

The Cabal (the deep state) developed new technologies through reverse engineering given to them by malevolent ETs. They also knew about Ascension in the current End Time and hid all new technologies from the people. These ETs come from the failed Orion/Reptilian Empire and control the earth and humanity for a very long time.

The Cabal and the evil ETs prevented the broad use of advanced technologies based on free photon energy since the onset of the Industrial Revolution when Tesla constructed the first generators of free photon energy. They suppressed his inventions and that of many other bold inventors and scientists after him and killed many of them in order to force humanity to live in energy scarcity and poverty so as to enslave it more easily. This should be a well-known and very depressing fact to any enlightened person and the internet is full of such stories and reports.

What humanity still does not know and therefore cannot fully appreciate is the scope of total deception on this prison planet Earth. We show in these videos conclusively, based on the new physics and mathematics of the Universal Law, that the elite and the malevolent ETs have also deliberately falsified science in order to hide the true origin of humanity as sovereign creators beings, who have access to unlimited energetic resources to create whatever they desire and could possibly imagine.

Humans have worked out their karmic debt in numerous dreadful incarnations and are looking forward to their ascension in the coming years. Gaia has already ascended to the 5th dimension at the stargate 11.11.11 (November 11th, 2011), and a large part of humanity ascended from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension at the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.12 a year later. Some way-showers ascended in December 2012 to the 5th dimension and returned as avatars to help the rest of humanity also ascend. This is true for all the members of the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team), the captain of which I am.

Seven years later we are on the cusp of a massive planetary shift that will pave the way for the ascension of a few representatives of humanity to the 5th dimension in the course of this year of 2020 and their appearance as ascended masters on all 4D earths (here). This will lead to a profound paradigm shift in the collective worldview. This psychological change will facilitate the ascension of a large portion of humanity to higher dimensions in the years to come. Humankind will soon become a transgalactic, multidimensional civilisation and will enter close and direct communication with other ascended civilisations, such as the Arcturians, Agarthans, Pleiadians, known also as the Galactic Federation.

Read here: For Whom the Bell Tolls

This unparalleled transformation will be accompanied by the introduction of new technologies, the like of which no human has ever seen. It is important to stress that these technologies will gain rapid and broad distribution only on the upper 4th-dimensional and lower 5th-dimensional earths. All humans who will transfigure their carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies will dwell in the 5th and higher dimensions. They will be able to create directly with their thoughts without the help of intermediary technologies.

In these videos, we discuss how the arrival of new advanced technologies will be accomplished on all higher 4th-dimensional worlds in the course of this and the next few years after the impending planetary shift.


However, no sustainable technological progress is possible with current fake science. All fundamental scientific ideas that are professed nowadays by the big scientific community and are uncritically accepted by all laymen are fundamentally wrong and must be refuted and eliminated once and for all before new advanced technologies can arrive. Humans are powerful creator beings, but they can only create based on truthful ideas.

The only truthful science that currently exists on this planet is the new Scientific Theory of the Universal Law developed by Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov in the last quarter of a century after he discovered the Universal Law in 1995. It encompasses all known natural and social sciences. He proved that all known physical laws can be derived from the Universal Law and thus integrated physics. This has been the dream of many physicists at the beginning of the 20th century before they lost hope and got lost in the artificial and confusing mathematical complexity of the standard model. This alleged pinnacle of modern physics is merely a false dogma.

What does the Universal Law teach us? There is only energy in All-That-Is, which we humans perceive as space-time with our limited senses. This limitation is the source of all illusion that creates the current three-dimensional holographic model, which all agnostic incarnated human beings consider to be the only reality. In fact, this illusory reality on Earth is embedded in the higher dimensions that create it and regulate it all the time.

Accordingly, humans can only perceive and measure two dimensions – space and time – in science and research. The new Axiomatics of the Universal Law proves that space as distance s and conventional time t measured by clocks are one and the same quantity.

distance s = conventional time t

Real time is frequency f and is also defined as absolute time, in short, time. Space and time are reciprocal, canonically conjugated quantities.

distance s = 1/ frequency f  = 1/time f

This would say that they cannot be really separated and mutually change their magnitudes all the time. This is how energy exchange occurs in the universe.

This can be illustrated with the simple equation of the speed of light c:

c = λ f

When the wavelength λ grows, the frequency f of the photons decreases and vice versa because the speed of light is constant.

Physics as the “science of exact measurements” is an utter illusion of the human (scientist’s) mind. In order to be able to measure space, time must be arrested (fixed) in the head. Scientists do this by arbitrarily assigning the number 1 to time: f = 1.

Energy = space-time = space × 1 = space = empty Euclidean space

This is done in mathematics which is a hermeneutic science of the mind. Hermeneutic sciences have no real object of study. Scientists are not aware of this invalid trick – the source of all human illusion.

Hence, all measurements in physics are illusory.

This is Fake Science – a science of Human Illusion. 

In reality,  All-THAT-Is = Universe = ENERGY = Consciousness = Infinite Change is not measurable because it IS incommensurable.

Stankov proves that all units and dimensions of physics in the SI system can be derived from space-time because there are only two dimensions in reality – space and time – which are artificially created by scientists through the unconscious arresting of time in their heads within mathematics. Stankov proves also that all SI units use the fundamental (basic, elementary) photon h (Planck’s constant h) as a reference system. Their ”exact” measurement is only possible if photon frequency/time f is arrested in the head.

Read here:  Essay: Systems of Measurements and Units in Physics 

Based on this axiomatic analysis of present-day physics Stankov derives all known physical terms, quantities and fundamental natural constants from space and time as this table below shows. This is the ultimate unification of physics. For this didactic purpose, he uses only mathematical results obtained in physics. This is independent of the fact that all fixed results in physics are an illusion as they are artificially obtained by arresting time in the head (see video 2):

This is the greatest revolution of physics and science, at present considered unimaginable by all humans, and a key to the development of new generators of free photon energy. It is the new knowledge leading to unlimited prosperity and bliss for all humans.

All current alternative theories on “zero-point energy“, such as the theory of scalar waves, are essentially wrong as they still use fake physics and cannot lead to the development of new advanced technologies which we discuss below. They also do not consider the planetary ascension of Gaia and the light body process in selected human beings, the so-called light warriors of the first and the last hour, that will enable them to ascend prior to all other humans and introduce such new technologies on all ascending 4D earths. These higher dimensional processes also create completely new energetic conditions on this planet, such as magnetism without current electric polarity, superconductivity, etc. that will facilitate the easy functioning of such novel technologies. These are the sobering facts and the sooner these alternative scientists and inventors assimilate them, the more successful they will be with their research on free energy.

The universe, All-That-Is, consists of levels and systems that are wave systems and overlap. They are in constant energy exchange and have no fixed boundaries. They are U-sets that contain the Whole and themselves as an element. And the element is Energy, perceived as space-time by humans. To understand the universe, the Whole, one must understand the nature of energy. It is important to stress that physicists until today do not know what energy is as the renowned physicist Richard Feynman frankly admits in his famous Lectures on Physics in his section on energy.

This is the cardinal failure of present-day physics. Physicists’ inability to understand the nature of energy explains the numerous blunders which they have introduced in their false science. It is fair to say that while all mathematical results in physics are correct and can be unified with the Universal Equation, inasmuch as they reflect true reality, all verbal, non-mathematical explanations are entirely wrong and must be abolished forever. However, most of the mathematical results in physics are meaningless and should also be discarded. We only need the Universal Equation to explain and properly assess all physical phenomena. This equation is a rule of three and thus the simplest mathematical equation.

Truth is simplicity, simplicity is beauty – it is the source of all creativity. This is how the universe operates.

The biggest and most consequential failure that modern physics committed was to eliminate the existence of photon space-time as a central level of All-That-Is, from which matter emerges in a secondary manner. Photon space-time and matter are one and the same and represent only different aggregate states. There is a constant energy exchange between matter and photon space-time and this is how all material forms are created and dissipated.

Until the end of the 19th century, all physicists firmly believed that photon space-time existed. They called it “ether” and explained with it all phenomena in electromagnetism. However, they failed to explain gravitation, which was erroneously assessed in the empty Euclidean space of classical Newtonian mechanics.

In 1887, the infamous Michelson-Morley experiment was performed to prove the existence of ether, understand, photon space-time. While the results of this experiment were correct, their theoretical interpretation was absolutely wrong. This led to the abolition of the ether and the establishment of the empty space or vacuum dogma in physics (read here and here).

This cardinal failure pushed back physics and science for more than a century and prevented humanity from using free photon energy and prospering. This blunder was further cemented by the false special theory of relativity of Einstein in 1905 as he himself admits:

 “If the Michelson–Morley experiment had not brought us into serious embarrassment (with the abolition of the ether), no one would have regarded the relativity theory as a (halfway) redemption.” 

What were the consequences of this disastrous experiment?

– The existence of photon space-time was rejected. It was substituted by the empty Euclidean space of classical mechanics, respectively by the still empty 4D Minkovski space of the theory of relativity, where gravitation occurs as an “action at a distance”, the so-called “long-range correlation”, however with the speed of light c, which is also the speed of photons. This was already a fundamental paradox that no physicist really grasped. This paradox prevented the elucidation of gravitation to the present day until Stankov explained the mechanism of gravitation for the first time in 1996 (see below).

– As photon space-time did not exist in the minds of the physicists, it was not supposed to have a mass. However, this blunder stems from the wrong definition of mass in physics which is as old as this discipline. Until now physicists have not realized what mass is and consider it to be an intrinsic property of matter. Therefore, they distinguish many different categories of mass, such as gravitational mass, inertial mass and so on.

In reality, mass is an abstract mathematical definition of the energy relationship between an arbitrary reference system and any other object or system in nature:

mass = m = E/Er

As all systems have energy, they also have a mass. Therefore,

photons also have a mass

within the current 3D physics. Indeed, Stankov could calculate the mass mp of the elementary (basic) photon h, also known as Planck’s constant h.

mp = h/c2  = 0.737×10-50 kg

This is a new fundamental physical constant. With its help, Stankov calculated the mass of all particles of matter and material objects. He actually calculated how much light all material objects contain (see Table 1 below). This “biblical achievement” eliminates religious Genesis – And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light (Genesis 1.3).

Stankov also resolved the problem of “dark matter” in the Universe, which accounts for more than 90% of all the mass, scientists cannot find. The missing “dark matter’ in the cosmos is photon space-time. The mass of the basic photon may be very small but it grows enormously with photon frequency:

m mp

All fundamental physical constants can be integrated with the help of the new constant – the mass of the basic photon – by employing the Universal Equation. All known physical laws are derivations of the Universal Equation. Thus, there is only one Law of Nature.

Table 1 shows at one glance for the first time in the history of physics both the integration of all known fundamental physical constants and how the mass  of all particles of matter and material objects (see the right column and read also here and here) can be easily calculated from the mass mp of the basic photon (see central square):

The decision to eliminate photon space-time as a real system of nature was deliberately done by the Powers That Were as it is the source of infinite, unlimited free energy for humanity. It is the foundation of human freedom, which they wanted to suppress with all means in the current End Time.

In order to further confuse humanity, they introduced the false second law of entropy. It postulates the dissipation of photon energy as heat, which is in glaring contradiction to the first law of thermodynamics of energy conservation. The conservation of energy is proved by all other particular laws in physics, which would not exist without this law. It is an application of the Universal Law. Until now there is no proof that photon energy dissipates as heat, eventually causing a thermal death of the universe. This is the most insidious archontic idea that has ever entered the space of human thinking (read Volume II, chapter 5.6, pages 208 – 217).


All these false ideas in physics have so far, more or less successfully, suppressed the development of simple generators of free photon energy that will bring immeasurable abundance, happiness and prosperity to the human race.

Stankov abolished the current fake physics by developing the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law. It is the simplest way to comprehend and describe Nature and humankind. It is based on axioms that are entirely derived from the Primary Term of human consciousness. Among them, there are three basic axioms of great practical value. Stankov proves that all known physical laws have been derived by physicists by unconsciously employing these axioms as the epistemological basis of their science (the foundation of human knowledge). In this way, he could easily prove that all these disjoint laws are mathematical applications of the Universal Law.

All these axioms assess the elasticity of space-time the reciprocal behaviour of space and time as discussed in our videos.

Read: The New Axiomatics of the Universal Law

Space and time behave as opposite elements /constituents that build the unity of space-time. When space expands, time shrinks and vice versa (video 1, 2 and 3).

If this definition sounds familiar to you, you are on the right track. This is the basic notion of Human Dialectics. It is the foundation of all ancient and modern Western philosophy. Plato, Aristoteles, Plotin, Hegel, Marx… – they all use Dialectics. Philosophy and science are studies of human dialectics. They reflect the Universal Law in the infinite plurality of natural phenomena.

Read: Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy -Ebook

Stankov proves that all Western philosophical teachings intuitively assess the Universal Law,  because there is nothing else (here). This is the foundation of the New Gnosis of the Universal Law. It is just as important as the Science of the Universal Law. Both are the new Science of Ascension.

What has this all to do with photon thermodynamics?

The third basic axiom of the Universal Law says:

Any system of All-That-Is is in a constant dynamic energy exchange with space-time and can be reduced to two levels (entities) whose energy gradients behave reciprocally.” 

3D space-time is the holographic model where humans incarnate and exist. It can be reduced didactically to two levels – matter and photon space-time. Currently, the law of entropy is formulated one-sidedly only with respect to matter as the existence of photon space-time is deliberately rejected after the false interpretation of the Michelson-Morley experiment (video 3).

Stankov has, therefore, derived a special application of the Universal Law for photon space-time that lays the theoretical foundation for such inventions which are now being rejected on the basis of the law of entropy. He proves that:

Every thermodynamic gradient that dissipates at the material level, for example as a heat (temperature) gradient, creates an equal thermodynamic gradient at the photon level that can be easily calculated and measured with known physical constants and magnitudes.

This application of the Universal Law is called:

Stankov’s Law of Photon Thermodynamics

This is the necessary theoretical revolution in physics that proves the availability of free photon energy and its easy technical exploitation (read Volume II, chapter 5.7, pages 217 – 222).

The new Stankov’s Law of Photon Thermodynamics:

Ep,thermo = ksT = EA f  

is another simple application of the Universal Law. The advantage of this law is immense. Its equation consists only of three known physical constants, all of which assess photon space-time:

c - speed of light, 
B - a known constant from Wien's displacement law, 
h - Planck's constant = basic photon and 
the temperature T of matter,
which always has an equivalent in photon space-time. 

Therefore, this law assesses the thermodynamic gradients of photon space-time. The three constants can be put together to build a new constant:

Stankov’s constant of photon thermodynamics:  

ks = h(c/B) = 6.85 ×10-23

When this constant is given in the SI system, it has the units [JK-1] and thus has the same dimensions as the entropy. However, as entropy does not exist in Nature – it is a figment of the physicists’ minds – this constant assesses the exchanged heat quantity between matter and photon space-time. The current equations proposed for the entropy also assess the exchanged heat quantity but only between material objects as photon space-time is rejected.

These three constants and the temperature can be easily measured in experiments. Thus Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics renders the ultimate theoretical and practical proof that

photon space-time exists.

It contains infinite thermodynamic and other energetic gradients that can be used for the generation of free photon energy by man. Thermal energy does not dissipate as heat in the void. There will be NO “thermal death of the Universe” as it is an intelligent design created by us as souls. The law of entropy is a fraud and must go.


All the aforementioned, deliberately false concepts and ideas have prevented physicists from grasping gravitation, although modern physics began with the exploration of gravitation. Galileo Galilei was the first to measure gravitation in a free fall. He is also the founder of modern physics.

Read here: Galilei’s Famous Experiment of Gravitation Assesses the Universal Law with the Pythagorean Theorem

Today, the standard model is considered the pinnacle of this failed science. It is supposed to unify physics. However, it cannot integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces. This is an abject failure. That is why many physicists try to improve or abolish the standard model.

Why has physics failed in its basic discipline of classical mechanics? Because as explained above physicists do not know what energy is. They also do not know what mass is. It is not an intrinsic property of matter but an energy relationship built within mathematics and only then confirmed through experiments in the physical world. Therefore, mass does not exist – it is a mathematical term and an abstract idea of the human mind. For this reason, the laws of gravitation are an invention of the human mind as discussed in video 1.

The only thing that exists is Energy. Energy is equivalent to the Primary Term of human consciousness. It is perceived by the limited human senses as space-time (as discussed in video 1 and video 2).

Stankov proved that the Primary Term is the origin of all physical terms. They are derived from it within mathematics (see the two tables above).

Gravitation is currently described as an “action at a distance” in empty space. It is also called “long-range correlation”. This false interpretation was established with the abolition of ether by the Michelson-Morley experiment as explained in video 3.

The problem is that gravitation is propagated with the speed of light c. It is also the speed of photons. Therefore, photons must participate in the propagation of gravitation. However, physicists claim without any foundation that photons do not have a mass. This statement is the greatest absurdity of all. If photons do not have a mass, then they should not have energy either because mass is an energy relationship.

As said above, Stankov derived a new fundamental physical constant – the mass of the basic photon mp      

mh/c² = 0.737 ×10-50 kg

With the help of this constant, he could calculate the masses of all elementary particles and also the mass of all material macro-objects as discussed in Video 3. (see Table 1  above). In this way, Stankov was able to explain for the first time gravitation as incessant energy or mass exchange between matter and photon space-time. The new mechanism of gravitation is also based on the Doppler effect, which is a universal phenomenon and is valid in the entire universe. The Doppler Effect is an application of the Universal Law.

Read here: The Mechanism of Gravitation – for the First Time Explained

The explanation of gravitation allows the easy development of novel anti-gravity vehicles. Man can fly again as discussed in video 1.  With that mankind closes the circle of its scientific Odyssey.


Indeed, in the last several years there is a flurry of new inventions of generators of free photon energy the world over. These inventions are inspired by the human souls who are now preparing humanity for the big shift this year. The ascension process will go hand in hand with the introduction of completely new advanced technologies. Most of them will be based on free photon energy. Rotating generators are one possible invention.

The prototype of a photon energy generator developed by the Indian scientist and researcher Tewari is one example of such an application on how to use free photon energy. Many more are now in development or are being tested. The Internet is full of such reports. The ruling cabal try to suppress the distribution of these innovative technologies but to no avail as it has become a mass movement.

There exist already today huge tori (vortices) of higher dimensional, higher frequency energies on the earth that will operate very soon as unlimited sources of free photon energy. In fact, when we speak of photon energy, we actually mean the Source energy from which all creation emerges. But as this energy is very high frequency, it manifests on the earth as photon energy in order to be utilized by humans.

These tori were first introduced on this earth in the spring and summer of 2019, in the area of Diano Marina, Liguria, where the city of light in Italy has its centre. At that time the codes for all new technologies were also downloaded in this area, and later on, distributed throughout the globe. These power centres are trans-dimensional portals and generators of unlimited source energy as free photon energy, but also as quantum energy (read the articles and energy reports on this website).

It will be also stored in novel crystals which will then serve as noiseless power engines and will drive all kinds of vehicles. These crystals will be, among many other things, in the position to overcome gravitation and build anti-gravity means of transportation. This is just one possible new technology that will emerge in the months and years ahead on all ascending 4th-dimensional earths.

This is an extremely exciting and inspiring topic and this series of videos on free photon energy only wants to trigger the collective discussion to move in this highly rewarding direction. Ultimately, our pedagogical objective is to stimulate humans to discover their inner creationary potential and participate actively and with joy in the greatest spiritual and technological evolution mankind and this planet have ever experienced in their history.

And it all starts NOW with the Universal Law and its true Science of Ascension.


Further Scientific Literature:


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