Urgent Announcement – November 24, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

Beloved members of the PAT, I am happy to announce that at this very moment Carla, my dual soul, is on her flight to Munich to join me in my portal and the city of light – the so called “New Germania“, which will be the new spiritual and technological hub of the New Earth, as the Elohim have informed us. She was told by her HS and the Elohim on November 21st to say farewell to her family, which is now fully protected, and to come to Munich in preparation for our imminent ascension.

As it has always been planned, when this auspicious moment will arrive and all alignments will be ready, we shall detonate the PAT Supernova and trigger the ID split and the final ascension of Gaia to the 5D and higher dimensions.

At present, new 5D holograms are laid upon this earth on a daily basis as a new message from Jahn, which I will publish today, reveals. I reported two days ago that I saw in the skies above my portal how a second 5D hologram was established on the earth. This observation was confirmed by another member of the PAT, Veronika, who lives only 100 km south of my place near the Alps. She sent me a photo of the new 5D hologram, which was almost identical to the one I saw above my place, although photos are not able to relay the beauty of these cosmic phenomena.

According to Asana Mahatari, we need a couple of more days of ongoing ascension test runs of the newly established  5D holograms in order to stabilize them, before the next big ascension wave can take place. From what I gather from my HS and external sources, November 28 will be a most important day when the comet ISON will encounter the sun and will trigger a huge solar explosion. It is my intuitive perception that simultaneously with this well orchestrated event by the HR, we shall also detonate our Supernova and render the necessary thrust for Gaia to move firmly to the 5D with the ascending portion of humanity.

I hope that I will be able to give you more detailed information on this, once Carla has arrived and is able to contact the Elohim. It has been our experience that she can channel very well in my portal, where the energies are very pure and strong and the connection to the source is fully activated. We intend to visit in the next days a special portal in the Alps, which I have built since the early 90s. Energetically this is a very powerful place, where I was massively inspired by the Source to discover the Universal Law in the 90s. It is our intention to stay there till November 28 and eventually ascend with the entire PAT on this particular day from this beautiful place in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Everything is perfect now and we must expect miracles to begin to happen any moment.

I commend you all as members of the PAT for your endurance and conviction to accomplish together with me this “mission impossible”, as Alice put it recently, notwithstanding the fact that we are dispersed the world over and have never had the opportunity to meet personally as a group. This will be possible very soon in the higher realms and then we shall stay together for ever. I congratulate you to this unique accomplishment. The time of our covert mission is over now. Our visible mission as Ascended Masters in the 4D holograms will commence very soon and definitely before Christmas, as the Guardians of the Earth have announced yesterday.

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