by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Copyright 2008, 387 pages, German Language

Short Summary

The concise version of this book was first written in 2000 prior to the first book on Gnosis “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“, published on this website. It was actually intended as a backbone to the latter book. However, the initial plan was changed in the course of writing and in the end, virtually nothing was left from this concise version of the above-mentioned book.

As the Providence uses to shape our destiny in a perfect, invisible manner, until the optimal astral probability alternative is found for each individual and situation on earth, the author forgot about the existence of this preliminary draft for almost 8 years. He somehow did not even look for it in his computer archive until 2008, when he was urged by some unpleasant events, associated with his hospitalization after an acute blood intoxication due to bacterial infection, to look once again more carefully at his data bank and – what serendipity! – he found his first draft of the New Gnosis of the Universal Law from the year 2000, which commenced with a critical analysis of the healthcare system in the Western world,

This miraculous coincidence between personal experience and theoretical elaboration came just in time to inspire him to write this book in a state of ecstatic fervour within four weeks. It is thus a highly inspired book, which is a synthesis of all the scientific ideas discussed in his previous books and published on this website. The novelty of it is that it touches upon vital existential topics, which can be viewed as futuristic and will only acquire their true importance for society and human life after Ascension in the 5th dimension at the end of 2012.

The understanding of this book presupposes a profound gnostic knowledge and a spiritual openness to new social and mental processes that will transcend past and current experiences of humanity on a global scale in the autumn of this year (2011). This transformation of humanity will turn upside down the “comfort zone” of each and every incarnated entity, whose daily life has been shaped so far by habitual prejudices and fear-based patterns, acquired from his surroundings during his ongoing adaptation to the dire human conditions on this rather toxic planet.

This is what the End Times are all about. This gnostic treatise is a vademecum, guiding the reader on how to avoid all the pitfalls and fallacies of past beliefs, which are astral-energetic patterns of low vibration that are stored in the mental and emotional body, as well as in the DNA of the individual.

Such emotional and mental blockades are currently deleted according to the laws of constructive and destructive interference (see Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..) by the huge high-frequency waves, which are coming from the central sun of the galaxy and are flooding earth in the last several years with an exponential growing intensity.

They will peak in October and November this year. During this time, the First Wave of Ascended Masters is scheduled to take place in front of the whole of humanity. Everybody will get the news, although many will reject them. The Ascension of the author will most probably precede this first wave and will trigger it.

The events are very fluid in the current End Times. Ongoing adjustments of planned astral-probability alternatives for the time of Disclosure and First Contact are incessantly performed at the highest level of Cosmic Providence for this planet. Therefore, it is not possible to make a precise forecast about the upcoming sweeping events in this fall with respect to their chronology. However, all the announced events will definitely occur in one or another way in the course of the year 2011, only their order may vary.

As there is much confusion nowadays among light workers as to how Disclosure and First Contact with the Forces of Light will take place, it is very important to stress on this occasion that the first contact will definitely be with us, humans, as multidimensional cosmic beings. This will be accomplished with the first wave of Ascended Masters.

Let us not forget that there are some star seeds among the small community of light workers currently on earth (less than 0.5% of the total world population), who come from the various highly evolved civilisations, such as Syrians, Arcturians, Plejadians, etc, which are organized in the Galactic Federation. The latter is currently helping humanity on a massive scale behind the curtain in order to overcome its dark past and ascend in due time.

These selected individuals will be the first ones to transform their carbon-based biological bodies to crystalline light bodies and become Ascended Masters, thus uniting themselves with their soul families and groups. Some of them will return to earth in the next few months prior to mass Ascension and will help humanity manage the huge changes that are bound to occur within a very short period of time.

The rest will stay in the 5th and higher dimensions, from where they will support the Ascension of Gaia and humanity. After that, they will lead the ascended human entities to new multidimensional, transgalactic adventures.

Let us not forget that the time of adventures begins truly after Ascension. Current life on earth is life on a “prison planet”, to use the term that has become popular among many light workers.

As already said, the final accord of the End Times will be the Mass Ascension of humanity, together with Gaia, in the 5th dimension on the 21st of December, 2012.

Therefore this book is an anticipation of the 2012 scenario, as presented in more detail in the last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction. Why and How the World Economic Order Will Collapse in 2011”  Various chapters from this book are published separately under “Ascension” and “Economic Collapse“. They complement the present book.

The book begins with a short introduction to the basic statements of the New Gnosis of the Universal Law. After that, the myth of Evil, considered to be a distinct phenomenon or a real entity by many young souls since the Dark Ages of Christianity, is revealed as a human illusion, based on the principle of separation. As this myth, in the disguise of Islamic terrorism, was politically misused by the USA and other Western Christian powers (NATO) to rectify their two criminal wars against the Islamic world, this fundamentally flawed concept is discussed thoroughly from the historical perspective.

This topic is further elaborated in the last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..” with respect to the Unholy Six, the Anunnaki (big Greys) and the Reptilians from the Orion/Reptilian Empire, together with their alien allies on earth, such as the zeta reticuli (small Greys). The other three alien species are of less importance,

The Anunnaki and the Reptilians operate from the 4th dimension, from where they have manipulated humanity for the last 10 000 years. They are the actual Powers That Be on this planet, while the Forces of Light – the Galactic Federation, the Agarthans from the Inner Earth, and the White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters, in cooperation with other evolved civilisations from various solar universes of Al-That-Is – are helping humanity behind the veil, as they must observe the Cosmic Law of Free Will, which is basic to any form of incarnation in the 3d-space-time of All-That-Is.

The Galactic Federation can only show up after it has been invited by the majority of the human population. This will happen after the first wave of Ascension has taken place, and mankind has realized that it will very soon become part of the Galactic Federation of highly evolved civilisations. This insight will melt away the current xenophobia of humanity with respect to the existence of evil aliens. This idea is now deliberately propagated by the minions of the Dark Forces in mass media and entertainment. In fact, the only evil aliens are those that control this planet and its population for eons of time.

The Anunnaki and the Reptilians are, for instance, shape-shifters and can appear in the human body on Earth. The 13 ruling families of the current human Elite, also known as the Illuminati, such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, the British Royal Family, etc.. are all representatives of this bloodline of shape-shifters. The other four alien species live underground.

The various groups of zeta reticuli are engaged in numerous clandestine joint ventures with the secret services of the big Western powers and, in the last years, increasingly with the new emerging powers in Asia and South America. They have given to the Elite some crude 4d-technologies to lull them in their alleged superiority over the ignorant masses and to oppress them without any compassion.

This is the trademark of the Orion Empire, as its insidious monetary system, which has held humanity firmly in its grip of greed, corruption, deception, and fraud for many centuries, currently perspires.

The current Orion Monetary System, which the author has thoroughly discussed in three essays, has been deliberately introduced by the Anunnaki from the Orion Empire in order to keep humanity in a permanent state of collective fear and thus to manipulate all human beings in a most insidious manner with the ultimate aim of enslaving them.

The total enslavement of humanity was planned by the dark forces for the End Times in order to prevent the Ascension of the majority of human entities in the 5th dimension. This plan is currently known as the New World Order (NWO). It is important to say that this plan has already failed.

The event of Ascension has been known to the Anunnaki and their helpers for a long period of time. They have developed some crude technologies of remote viewing and can see future timelines for Earth.

This is the background, upon which this book must be read, although this information is not explicitly given there, so as not to scare the reader. At the time, when it was written, very few light workers were informed about the heinous role of the Powers That Be on earth, and any early discussion of these scary facts would have only made many people to recoil from these facts and reject the book, which contains extremely valuable information on the End Times.

Now, we have reached a point in time of human evolution, when these Revelations are unavoidable in order to prepare humanity psychologically and mentally for the upcoming Ascension, Nobody will be able to ascend unless he has developed a clear idea of what has happened in the last 10 000 years on this toxic planet.

As the incarnated soul of each and every human being, living on earth in the current End Times has gone through numerous moments of darkness – either as a victim or a perpetrator – these dark memories and negative karma must be now cleansed once and for all, before the entity can ascend.

As all past and future incarnations exist simultaneously in the “Now” of the higher, multidimensional realms and are energetically closely linked with the present incarnated entity on earth, his duty is to go through all negative memories that are stored in his DNA, as well as in his emotional and mental bodies and cleanse them in a conscious manner. In order to achieve this, one needs a full awareness of the role of the actual Powers That Be, before they will leave this prison-planet forever in the fall of this year, so that all human beings can be liberated from their invisible shackles prior to Ascension.

The energies of rebellion have already started to sweep the globe – from the Middle East to Greece and Great Britain  – and will very soon ignite the spirit of liberation of the whole of humanity.

These dark agents had the dialectical obligation in the past to seduce human beings and to involve them in numerous dark activities that have made life on Earth a real hell for millennia. Their dark role was part of the experience, which all earth souls wanted to make in their three-dimensional separation from the Source, after entering the physical vessel. This kind of negative experience is now bound to come to an end in the fall of this year. The next year will be dedicated to the preparation of humanity for Ascension, This is not a single act of grace, but a prolonged process of soul evolution.

In the first place, Ascension is an individual process of Enlightenment and Empowerment. To this, a clear knowledge about the Powers That Be from the Orion/Reptilian Empire and their human minions on Power, the current Elite, is mandatory. Only human entities with a clear, educated mind about human reality on earth will be able to ascend to the 5th dimension, where total harmony will reign, and such negative attitudes and ideas of low vibration can no longer exist.

The worldwide bewilderment about these hidden facts, which will soon reveal that human beings have been manipulated all the time by their elected governments, being, themselves, puppets of the Orion Empire, will unleash a powerful cleansing of the dross from the past. This must be accomplished in the remaining 16 months prior to Mass Ascension. The psychological background of this unique process of human transformation is presented in this book in great detail.


This book is thus a major contribution to the anticipated Revelations and Tribulations in the End Times.

In the first place, it elucidates the basic ideas that are underpinning the current health care system, which was first established in the Western world, from where it later spread throughout the globe.

Departing from the General Theory of Biological Regulation (volume III), this book proves irrevocably, why all basic ideas in medicine, bio-science, and therapy (pharmacology and pharmaceutical industry) are absolutely wrong and must be abolished forever. The psychological mindset of both, medical doctors and patients, is elucidated in the context of their mutual interdependence, bonded by their fear-based patterns in a kind of a “folies a deux“.

The greatest angst of all humans that keeps the current debased healthcare system alive is the angst to die. All human malaise is a product of spiritual ignorance. This year the immortality of the incarnated entity and the soul will be convincingly demonstrated to humanity – most probably by the author of this book, who will be the first human entity to transform his body in the current End Times and to appear officially as an Ascended Master in front of humanity.

Being a medical doctor, who knows very well all the fallacies and pitfalls of medicine and the health care system, he will educate the people, on why they should discard this system, which only contributes to the collective extermination of many patients, as the author has proved extensively in an immaculate scientific manner in volume III, published on this website.

The main line of argumentation in this book is as follows: Why should one expect medical doctors to do the right things in order to cure their patients when they do not even know how human cells and organisms are regulated? You cannot be helpful to somebody else if you handle out of ignorance. This is the dire situation in the current healthcare system.

Patients are always overwhelmed when they get ill and cannot cope with the disease and the fear that it engenders. As usual, the patients do not know that any disease is always a physical manifestation of their emotional and mental disharmony. These are generated by fear-driven patterns that they have assimilated throughout their present life and in numerous previous incarnations. This spiritual aspect of health and disease is a non-entity in present-day conventional medicine.

The book shows that all the basic ideas and definitions of health and disease are fundamentally wrong so that the subsequent medical activities only contribute to more death – that is to say, they lead to increased morbidity, due to severe adverse effects induced by various medical therapies, and subsequently to higher mortality in the patient population.

This aspect has been extensively discussed by the author, who has been a clinical researcher for many years and has managed some of the largest international trials before he discovered the Universal Law in the course of his research activities at his private institute (DIAS Institute) and developed the General Theory of Biological Regulation (volume III) between 1993 and 1999.

In fact, present-day medical science and healthcare systems have been developed with the malignant, clandestine purpose of inducing an iatrogenic genocide (a genocide caused by medical doctors) of unbelievable proportions to eradicate much of the human population at the End Times.

The Powers That Be knew very well that the number of incarnated human souls will drastically increase in the End Times because many souls would desire to experience the Ascension process in a physical body, even though they may not directly participate in it. This experience will help them evolve quicker than under any other circumstances.

The high number of incarnated human souls on earth makes, however, the implementation of the nefarious plans of the dark ones much more difficult, as they are stretched thin due to their overall small numbers on earth, This disproportion jeopardizes their plans, which are essentially aiming at creating havoc and mayhem. In this way, they inflate the collective human fears, as was the case with 9/11, and thus hinder many human beings to open for the process of Ascension, which these dark ones knew to be the divine plan for this planet at this particular cosmological point in time.

The Light Body Process (LBP) that leads to individual Ascension is nothing else, but the cleansing/elimination of basic human fears of low astral vibrations and the establishment of higher frequency emotional and mental patterns of unconditional love, compassion, intelligence, and understanding. The LBP is extensively discussed by the author in his first book on New Gnosis “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“.

The next huge theme, discussed in the present book, is the establishment of a new Transcendental Physics, which will be the basis of the new Science of Ascension in the 5th dimension after December 2012. This new theory is rooted in the General Theory of Physics and Mathematics of the Universal Law as presented in volume I and volume II, published on this website.

This new transcendental physics will substitute not only conventional physics, but also all current religious beliefs, with a new scientific concept of All-That-Is.

All existing religions of humanity have failed so far to grasp the Nature of All-That-Is, which they currently define as “God”, and to transmit this essential knowledge to their believers. Hence their crisis in the present End Times. This aspect has been discussed in depth by the author in his book “Neoplatonism and Christianity“.

The new transcendental physics is not a futuristic vision, but a powerful theoretical tool, which could be immediately implemented to understand the underpinning cosmic events, which shape the destiny of mankind and Gaia in a profound manner. This will become evident in the fall of this year when all the invisible processes, driven by high-frequency cosmic energies, will finally manifest on Earth and will transform humanity beyond recognition.

The intricate interrelationship between the higher frequency dimensions of All-That-Is and the 3d-space-time reality of low vibrations on Earth is elucidated in this context.

Special attention is paid to the numerous biblical prophecies in the New Testament for the End Times. Their flawed interpretation in Christian theology, which prohibits a true understanding of the astral-energetic dynamics behind the current End Times of Ascension, is critically assessed.

This topic is further developed by discussing the new Science of humanity, which will emerge on the surface of the collective human consciousness after the individual Ascension of the author has occurred. He is destined to become the new “Prophet” of the new Science of Ascension of the Universal Law.

One major practical aspect, discussed in this book, is the careful, scientific use of psychedelic drugs from an enlightened, spiritual point of view. Such drugs help the incarnated entity to overcome the veil of forgetfulness, created in the human mind and the brain by the astral software programme of the soul for the purpose of keeping the illusion of separation in the perceived 3d-space-time, and to open him for the multidimensionality of the higher realms of the soul. This topic has been also discussed in a separate publication on the use of psychedelic drugs in the preparation for Ascension, published on this website.

New perspectives for the ascended humanity in the 5th dimension are outlined. The author pays special attention to the importance of abolishing money after Ascension and substituting it with a simple numerical calculation system at the beginning before all entities learn to create immediately from the fulcrum of their Christ consciousness.

The role of new powerful technologies, based on free photon energy (see publication on this topic), in the gestalt of the new ascended human society is also discussed. Their advantages are compared to the deficits of the current, highly primitive and outdated technologies, which are mainly based on the combustion of organic fuels that contaminate the environment of the planet.

After these vital themes concerning the future of mankind are tackled, the author scrutinizes various aspects of current channeling, which has widely spread among light workers in the last years in the context of their preparation for Ascension. The author describes his scientific field research on this phenomenon in the 90s, and how he tried to establish irrefutable proofs for the existence of a higher cosmic consciousness. His aim was to furnish the missing theological “Proof of God”. He also explains, why he did not proceed with this effort, which currently is not appreciated by both, agnostic scientists and scientifically incompetent light workers.

The last three chapters of the book are dedicated to Mathematics and the role of numbers in the assessment of the Nature of All-That-Is. This approach is unique in world literature and can only be appreciated after the reader has comprehended the new physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law, as presented in the Tetralogy of Science, published on this website.

The last chapter is a farewell of the author to present-day three-dimensional humanity. In a retrospective overview of his past human experience on this toxic planet for almost six decades, he depicts some dark moments and highlights in the history of humanity, which are always the result of the free will of the individual.

He finishes his book with the conviction that the survival of present-day human civilisation, given its innumerable and incessant blunders, atrocities, and stupidities in past and present times, could only be explained by the existence of an omnipotent cosmic intelligence, which guards upon humanity and helps it to overcome the current hell on earth so that it can ascend to the realms of light, where unconditional love and immediate, unlimited knowledge will be the conditions of all cosmic existence. In this way, he furnishes the ultimate “Proof of God”, which will become popular knowledge in the course of this year when the first Ascension wave will take place.




Die 7F-Schöpfungsbereiche und ihre Wechselwirkungen mit der dreidimensionalen materiellen Welt – der Raumzeit

Der Mythos vom Bösen

Falsche Auffassungen zur Gesundheit und Krankheit

Gnostische Grundlagen einer transzendentalen Medizin und Biowissenschaft

Transzendentale Biophysik als Ersatz für religiösen Glauben

Praktische Anwendungen der transzendentalen Biophysik

Wechselwirkungen der 7F-Schöpfungsbereiche mit der irdischen Raumzeit als biblische und esoterische Prophezeiungen

Die Wissenschaft nach meiner Parusie

Denkanstöße der neuen Gnosis

Gnostisch-wissenschaftliche Einführung in den Gebrauch von psychedelischen Mitteln Perspektiven der Menschheit nach dem Evolutionssprung

Die Bedeutung des Channeling in der neuen Gesellschaft

Channeling und andere Interventionen der 7F-Schöpfungsbereiche in der Geschichte der Menschheit

Hinter der Zahlensymbolik

Epistemologische Grundlagen der Zahlensymbolik

Mein gnostisches Vermächtnis




Die vorliegenden Gedanken entwarf ich vor der Verfassung der neuen Gnosis „Evolutionssprung der Menschheit“ als Gedächtnisstütze im Frühjahr 2001 und hatte die Erinnerung an den Entwurf sieben Jahre lang aus meinem Gedächtnis gelöscht, bis ich ihn rein zufällig in meiner Computerdatei in März 2008 wieder fand. Die wesentlichen Ideen und Grundkonzepte, die darin enthalten sind, habe ich in meinen anderen gnostischen und philosophischen Schriften aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln bereits abgehandelt. Einzelne Aspekte blieben jedoch unerwähnt, so dass ich mich entschloss, die vorliegenden Gedanken zu redigieren und zu aktualisieren, um sie als abgeschlossenes Buch dem breiten Publikum zugänglich zu machen.

Viele der vorliegenden Gedanken sind Reflexionen über Themen, die ich in meinen anderen Büchern ausführlich erörtert habe. Da das neue Weltbild, das ich aus der Position der neuen Pantheorie und Gnosis des Universalgesetzes vertrete, ausschließlich axiomatischer Natur ist, hängen alle meine Gedanken, die ich auf über 4000 Seiten zu Papier gebracht habe, sehr eng zusammen, auch wenn sie sich auf ganz unterschiedliche Themen beziehen, so dass diese Gedankensammlung letztendlich nur in Kenntnis aller meiner Schriften voll gewürdigt werden kann. Aus diesem Grund verweise ich im Text immer wieder auf meine anderen Bücher.

Auch wenn ich mich in dieser Abhandlung an manchen Stellen wiederhole, so sind die Themen, die ich hier bespreche, so wichtig für die Zukunft der Menschheit, dass eine inhaltliche Vertiefung für jede Person, die sich als Gnostiker und introspektiver Denker auf dem Weg der geistigen Vervollkommnung gemacht hat, nur vom Vorteil sein dürften. Diese Schrift ist in gewisser Weise ein Vermächtnis und ein zukünftiges Programm zugleich.

Berghaselbach, April 2008


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