The Coronavirus Scamdemic

A Chronicle of The Biggest and Most Heinous Lie in the History of Mankind (PDF)

Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, MD, August 16, 2020


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Since the lockdown was first declared in Italy on March 10, 2020, immediately after we arrived in this country, I have witnessed firsthand the unfolding of the greatest and most heinous scam in human history. I expected this to happen for more than 2 decades during the last phase of the ascension process and immediately recognized it as such early this year when the fake coronavirus epidemic was in the making in China and it already smelled fishy at that time.

The actual purpose of this greatest and most hideous lie in the history of mankind from a higher vantage point of view is to open and activate the first chakra of survival fears in the broad population and prepare the people for the upcoming shift of expanded human conscience and awareness in the course of this year.

This will be the prerequisite for the beginning of the revelations and parallel to that, the innovations resulting from the global introduction of the new Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law (UL) by myself as an ascended master and the new spiritual teacher of humanity. The latter will bring immeasurable abundance and eternal health to all humans on the new earth. These will be the most favorable ascending timelines humanity has decided to experience.

The current lockdown due to the fake coronavirus pandemic contains all the elements of the upcoming shocking revelations. They can be summarized as follows:

1. Humanity has always been a slave race, fully oppressed by the dark evil ETs from the Orion/Reptilian Empire which we, the PAT have combatted for many years and finally eliminated on June 10, 2020, to make the ascension of Gaia and humanity possible. The current lockdown, which the ruling cabal will attempt to prolong with a second even more fraudulent and heinous lockdown very soon, will trigger the global shift and the beginning of the revelations.

2. This will be possible through Divine Intervention, which will include my ascension and official appearance as an ascended master and the new spiritual leader in front of humanity, as well as the manifestation of the cities of light in Italy and Vancouver, Canada which we are building for many years.

This will bring further shocking revelations to humanity:

3. Although humanity has become a slave race, humans are in fact very powerful creator beings and the only legitimate owners of this planet. They have allowed their power to be taken away by very debased and underdeveloped evil dark ETs. All other detailed revelations that will deal with the ongoing genocide of humanity by these ETs, including their satanic rituals, sacrificing children, and the pedophilia of the political elite and Catholic clergy, the very existence of such ETs on the earth, are aspects of this cardinal and very bitter truth.

4. Humans are not only powerful creators but also immortal beings and can overcome physical death by the transfiguration of their physical carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies and ascension into higher dimensions as a result of their light body process, LBP as Amora demonstrated as the first human already on August 13, 2013.

There is no greater shock for a sentient being than the realisation that he has been duped and enslaved by entities that are much lower on the evolutionary ladder than him. This will be the shock of realizing how stupid and dumbed down most humans have been for so long. Nothing else matters.

5. The most important revelation of all will be that human science, which is considered the only system of truthful knowledge, is entirely fake agnostic, empirical science as it rejects the existence of the soul and us as creator beings. This has already been proven by myself beyond any doubt with the development of the new Science and Gnosis of the UL, which exists for a quarter of a century but has been criminally neglected by the entire scientific community and the old political elite. This will be the cause of immense collective shame and remorse for the entire humanity and the demise of all old scientists and politicians.

The UL will eliminate the entire system of scientific institutions and also the fake healthcare system that is responsible for the current lockdown as it can be so easily manipulated to harm and enslave humanity. The UL will eliminate all old technologies based on fossil fuels and substitute them with new advanced technologies based on free photon energy and anti-gravity. This will ultimately lead to the elimination of the national state and all its institutions and the development of numerous sovereign communities of truly free humans and creator beings that interact with each other and the multiverse on an equal basis.

6. The new Gnosis of the UL will also eliminate all religions as they are false gnostic interpretations of All-That-Is and the true nature of humans as multidimensional beings.

7. Revelations are not empty sensationalism but will lead to the collapse of the entire current 3D matrix that includes the rigged political system, oppressive Orion economics, and fraudulent finance. Only when the entire 3D matrix disappears, can the new enlightened human civilisation be created with the joint efforts of all humans involved.

This is the most succinct definition and description of the upcoming revelations after the impending global shift and the individual ascension of outstanding human personalities will have taken place.

In the following, I have collected all the articles which I have written since February this year on the coronavirus scamdemic, which is a neologism I first introduced. This review presents the most comprehensive theoretical and factual foundation for the upcoming revelations leading to the most sweeping and unprecedented transformation of human society ever experienced in this universe inhabited by multiple humanoid civilisations.


Chapter I:

Why There Are No Viruses

(June 10, 2020)

Let’s face it – the entire human science is fake, from top to bottom. And what is most heinous, it has been regularly misused to enslave the human race by the former Powers That Were (PTW) from the Orion /Reptilian empire and their human stooges, the dark cabal that pulls the strings of politicians and scientists behind the veil (here).

This has been now revealed independently from us in a bold open letter by Archbishop Viganò to Trump who is under massive attacks by the dark ones from the deep church and state; they have surely threatened his life and that of his family as the distressed expression of Melania revealed when they visited last week the National Shrine of Saint John Paul II:

The investigations already underway will reveal the true responsibility of those who managed the Covid emergency not only in the area of health care but also in politics, the economy, and the media. We will probably find that in this colossal operation of social engineering, there are people who have decided the fate of humanity, arrogating to themselves the right to act against the will of citizens and their representatives in the governments of nations.”

Fake science has always been used on this toxic planet as a scientific figleaf to enslave humanity and I am surprised how little this key factor in human history has been acknowledged by all thinkers and scientists throughout the ages. Now for the first time, we have a global lockdown of humanity due to the coronavirus “scamdemic” and the scientists begin to awaken slowly only to find out how weak they are at the societal level and how insufficient their scientific argumentation is in order to topple down this citadel of lies – modern science, from which they have profited uncritically until now. This is the current big dilemma in the End Time which is composed of infinite personal conflicts, inner battles, and dramas as we begin to see.

Why? Because almost all scientists, even the most critical, are agnostic and do not consider our human souls as the creators of all reality we live in. Instead, they get lost in technical details which are so controversial and irrelevant that the whole discussion they have already unleashed against the coronavirus scare causes even more confusion and plays into the hands of the cabal who are still busy enslaving humanity while fishing for fools in muddy waters.

Please, observe that all ideologies and social doctrines that humanity has developed throughout its predominantly Western history pretended to have their foundation in irrefutable scientific truths after religion, in this case, Christianity, had to depart from science with the rejection of the Ptolemaic geocentric system.

This departure from the transcendental religious Weltanschauung of medieval men during Renaissance and Illumination led to the emergence of empiricism and materialism as explanatory tools of how the world functions. Empiricism taught that all knowledge, in particular, all scientific knowledge comes from random personal exploration and experience of nature with the extension of crude materialistic tools. Materialism taught that all human social progress is the result of material values. From these two doctrines, there emerged a number of further social doctrines, the aim of which was to enslave humanity as a cursory overview of history shall reveal.

British empiricism led to a plethora of very dark concepts in science that have poisoned this system of human knowledge more than anything else. After all, this country harbors the evilest cabal and reptilians, such as the Rothschilds and the Queen, and reigned over the world for quite some time as the British Empire. Darwinism as social Darwinism was a key dark idea that gave birth to many new sinister social concepts, all of which justified inequality, exploitation, and genocide of humans in the name of false natural laws as even the forged Wikipedia cannot hide:

Social Darwinism is any of various theories of society which emerged in the United KingdomNorth America, and Western Europe in the 1870s, claiming to apply biological concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest to sociology and politics.[1][2] Social Darwinists argue that the strong should see their wealth and power increase while the weak should see their wealth and power decrease… Many such views stress competition between individuals in laissez-faire capitalism, while others were used in support of authoritarianismeugenicsracismimperialism, fascismNazism, and the struggle between national or racial groups.”

From these teachings followed capitalism, liberalism, neo-liberalism, globalism, and now “virusism“… the latter as a fake sinister social idea wrapped up in a biological figleaf on how to control society and lock down all humans by instigating their survival fears and the wrong basic agnostic notion that they have only one precious life which they might lose in an infectious pandemic caused by invisible vicious, deadly bugs.

Dialectical materialism also emerged as a teaching in dark GB, precisely by Marx and Engels in the British Library, before it could gain broad popularity and eventually oppress half of the world in a brutal communist dictatorship which I personally experienced. It was the most successful precursor of the NWO which the cabal still tries to install, in vain, on this ascending planet with the current lockdown in order to prevent human ascension and its evolution to a transgalactic civilisation enjoying freedom, abundance, and bliss.

All these teachings began as fake scientific ideas in biology and were then extended to social life as political doctrines. All of them claimed an irrefutable scientific foundation, e.g. as the scientific communism that was an obligatory subject taught in all schools and universities in Eastern Europe during my time as a young man living under this brutal dictatorship as even forged Wikipedia must acknowledge:

Scientific communism was one of the three major elements of Marxism–Leninism as taught in the Soviet Union in all institutions of higher education and pursued in the corresponding research institutions and departments.

I hope my readers begin to see the red thread behind all social teachings that have determined social life on this planet, which has always been a “prison planet”. They all emerged as fake ideas in fake science and were then expanded to society in order to use them as a theoretical justification to oppress the human race and eventually prevent its ascension in the current End Time. This is the key to understanding everything that is currently happening to mankind.

In this respect, there is no difference between fascism, nazism, communism and the current fake corona virusism whose only aim is to enslave humanity as we all experience nowadays during the still persisting lockdown. However, as ascension is a done deal, we will only experience it for a short period of time, in order for all humans to be made aware of this causal relationship between fake science and their enslavement before they can begin to appreciate their freedom in an ascended society guided by the new theory of science of the UL.

All this flurry of false ideas emerged essentially in the 19th and 20th centuries when humanity began to prepare for its ascension. At the same time, we observe an explosion of new esoteric and spiritual teachings which began with the establishment of the Theosophical Society by Blavatsky who visited us last year in Diano Marina in spirit and was very supportive of the new healing and study centres here.

This society was founded in 1875 as a worldwide body with the aim of advancing the ideas of Theosophy in continuation of previous Theosophists, especially that of the Greek and Alexandrian Neo-Platonic philosophers dating back to the 3rd century AD.

Thus, the new Gnosis of the UL is the logical scientific continuation of modern Theosophy as outlined in several books, e.g.:

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

Neoplatonism and Christianity – ebook

Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy -Ebook

Theosophy also encompassed wider religious philosophies like VedāntaMahāyāna Buddhism,  Qabbalah, and Sufism, which can also be fully incorporated into the new Gnosis and Science of the UL.

From this succinct historical survey, we can clearly discern that all false ideas that humanity has developed and implemented throughout its social evolution were first established in fake science, mainly in biology. Thus they usurped the nimbus of irrefutable scientific truths and were brutally applied to social life with the ultimate goal of achieving the full enslavement of humanity.

That is why the higher realms had also to take care to introduce the opposite ideas of true transcendental spiritual knowledge in order to counterbalance the dark evil forces of human oppression and pave the way for humanity towards full freedom through ascension. For this same reason, we created the fountain of freedom last year, after we created the wheel of light and life shortly before, as an energetic prerequisite for the final liberation of humanity. It was a milestone in the history of ascending mankind that was hailed by ascended master St. Germain personally, with whom we closely work in all our projects of light, such as the Astral currency. He is the “God of Freedom” as he told us recently and, as is well-known, the patron of the current Aquarius time:

In our crowdfunding website on the healing and study centres in Italy, we clearly stated that there is no separation between natural and social sciences, just as there is no separation between organic and inorganic, inanimate matter. These are artificial separations of fake science, N-sets that should be excluded forever from human thinking. This is the achievement of the new Axiomatics of the UL.  As we are the creators of all our 3D reality as a holographic model at the soul level while being in physical vessels, that is to say, while we are still organic carbon-based beings, all the natural sciences are Biophysics. 

Therefore, all attempts of the dark cabal to enslave humanity must also present themselves as bioscience, respectively medical teachings. The falsification of science reached during the current virus epidemic scam a hitherto unknown peak of insanity and has become so blatant that it has paved the way for the final dismantling of the cabal, as even archbishop Viganò, who surely has no clue about true science, has intuitively correctly grasped:

And it appears that the children of darkness … have decided to show their cards, so to speak, by now revealing their plans. They seem to be so certain of already having everything under control that they have laid aside that circumspection that until now had at least partially concealed their true intentions.

In fact, exactly the opposite is true: The dark cabal is losing its power and they are so desperate because no heinous or criminal act they plan and implement works anymore so that they have given up on their clandestine way of manipulating humanity and are showing their ugly face so unhinged for everyone to see in order for the people to turn away from these pseudo-“elites” with revulsion. This is the dialectical logic of the current End Time which this agnostic cleric cannot understand but the more so we, the PAT, the enlightened spearhead of humanity and its future spiritual leaders.

Before I finish with this disquisition, let me explain one more time in popular scientific terms why the current scamdemic is utter insanity perpetuated upon the fruitful soil of fake bioscience without going too deep into scientific details that would inevitably involve the entire General Theory of Biological Regulation.

First of all,

there are no viruses as distinct hostile organisms that befall humans and kill them.

All life exists in total harmony and synergism in the unity field of All-That-Is according to the law of constructive interference which is an application of the UL. As I recently wrote on several occasions, it is well known that all viruses exist in eukaryotic cells – they are essentially an integral part of the cell. Even according to the current fake definition of life in biology, scientists do not define viruses as living organisms as they do for bacteria: “They can grow, reproduce, maintain an internal homeostasis, respond to stimuli, and carry out various metabolic processes. In addition, populations of living organisms evolve over time.

None of this applies to viruses as even fake bioscientists must admit:

They (viruses) cannot generate ATP (which is indispensable for any independent cell metabolism). Viruses also do not possess the necessary machinery for translation... They do not possess ribosomes and cannot independently form proteins from molecules of messenger RNA. Because of these limitations, viruses can replicate only within a living host cell. Therefore, viruses are obligate “intracellular parasites”. According to a stringent definition of life, they are non-living.

Here we have a classical example of how human language is obfuscated as scientific terminology. If viruses can only replicate and live in cells, why not consider them as part of the eukaryotic cells and not as foreign hostile agents that kill these same cells that render all the biochemical tools for their replication? Please, observe that this basic idea is foundational for the current lockdown.

I have presented numerous examples in the new Pantheory of the UL of how human language has been misused in science to produce fake ideas with grievous consequences for human life and progress.

In physics, for instance, all verbal interpretations of mathematical equations as natural laws and other formulae are entirely wrong.

The correct abstract mathematical definition of physical mass m as a relationship of the energies of two systems, where one system is arbitrarily defined as a reference system, e.g. 1 kg, has been completely obfuscated in physics since its inception as classical mechanics, as I have proved beyond any doubt.

Read here: Mass and Mind: Why Mass Does Not Exist – It Is an Energy Relationship and a Dimensionless Number (Part 2)

As a result thereof, physicists have introduced a plethora of obscure categories for physical mass, such as inertial and gravitational mass, and even perform obsolete experiments, such as the famous Eotvos experiment, to prove this semantical equivalence that has arisen from the terminological (epistemological) confusion in scientists’ minds.

Consider just for a moment the following shocking fact that is still unknown to slumbering humanity and when being revealed very soon will thrust it into a spiral of disbelief and shame: There have been billions of humans who have studied physics at schools and universities since this discipline was founded by Galileo Galilei some four centuries ago and invariably begins with physical mass and gravitation in classical mechanics.

Read here: Galilei’s Famous Experiment of Gravitation Assesses the Universal Law with the Pythagorean Theorem

And yet, throughout all these centuries not a single intelligent person (I am excluding here explicitly all the physicists whose minds have been anesthetized by the false dogmas of their fake science to such an extent that they have given up logical thinking) has noticed how false the actual definition of physical mass is, namely, to be considered an intrinsic property of matter. This prevented the explanation of the mechanism of gravitation until the present day, the unification of gravitation with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model and, what is most important for humanity, the introduction of simple antigravity vehicles that would have solved the transportation problem of mankind a long time ago and prevented all the wars for fossil resources.

Read here: The Mechanism of Gravitation – for the First Time Explained

This false definition of physical mass was the initial bug in physics that was replicated numerous times and led to the introduction of a series of further major blunders and deliberate falsifications that prevented the unification of physics and thus expose this discipline as entirely fake science. The most prominent blunders are:

1.  Photons do not have mass – Mass, Matter and Photons – How to Calculate the Mass of Matter From the Mass of Photon Space-Time (Part 3)

2) Neutrinos do not have mass – How to Calculate the Mass of Neutrinos?

3) There is dark matter in the Universe that allegedly contains ca. 90% of all the theoretically calculated mass that cannot be accounted for (as measured in experiments). This false statement alone makes modern cosmology a fake science:

III: Why Modern Cosmology Is a Fake Science

4. Free photon energy does not exist and cannot be made available to humans – Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script

There is virtually not a single major definition in physics that is not false due to the semantic and mental confusion of the scientists and has contributed to the obfuscation of this seemingly most exact discipline, e.g.:

The Greatest Blunder of Science. Charge is a Synonym for Area

What is Temperature? – (it is absolute time f)

Why then wonder that scientists have continued with this hideous tradition in medicine and biosciences which are the most confusing categorical systems of human knowledge where virtually any statement one can find in a textbook is mere speculation without any consistent proof? You can check any textbook at your discretion – medicine, pharmacology, biology, etc. Until I developed the General Theory of Biological Regulation there was no theory at all but only a conglomeration of scattered facts – officially until now.

This explains how easy it was to use false medical and biological arguments to install the current lockdown under false pretext and enslave humanity to an extent I could not have considered possible in my whole life although I have vast experience with dictatorships. The scare of the current virusism as the NWO utopia of the future, totally enslaved humanity proves it without any objections in a very ominous manner. This reveals the most obvious fact to me and the most obscured truth for the rest of humanity: Humans are irredeemable cowards and have the mentality of slaves. That is why they need ascension and a courageous spiritual teacher to lead them out of their self-afflicted maze.

Let us make a vivisection of the current medical discussion on the pandemic scam for the sake of completion as more and more doctors and experts dare to open their mouths and condemn the lockdown with half-correct scientific statements that are immediately invalidated by utterly wrong scientific ideas as Rachid Buttar, who is still the best representative of the medical guild, currently embodies in a paradigmatic manner (and was recently killed by the dark ones for telling the truth).

Scientists admit frankly that they do not even know what the origin of viruses is. They have introduced a plethora of obscure hypotheses, such as the progressive hypothesis, the regressive hypothesis, the virus-first hypothesis, or even bluntly admit that “no hypothesis may be correct” (here). This is the kind of fake science we deal with. That is why the dark ones can fish so well for fools in these murky waters of obfuscated science.

If you begin to study in more detail the replication cycle of viruses in the cell you will be confronted with so many adventurous statements and science fiction descriptions that if I have to analyze them properly I must write a whole book. Let me cut straight through this jungle: None of the statements concerning the replication cycle of viruses is correct or based on a real understanding of the biological regulation of cells and organisms.

Why? Because scientists do not know how the regulation of the DNA and that of the cell happens and only pretend to have some knowledge based on scattered facts. I have proved this ignorance of biosciences beyond any doubt in my pivotal book on the General Theory of Biological Regulation and will spare you the details here.

At the same time, they have not the faintest idea of how the immune system operates and how it is regulated as I have extensively shown in this same book and that is why they feel free to recommend all kinds of vaccines as a kind of panacea for viral infections, which do not really exist, while in reality, they are exerting a veritable genocide on humanity as this is known for Bill Gates.

The lies and deceptions of the ruling cabal and medical stooges are so obvious that I still do not understand why the people do not pick up their forks and start a revolution. The USA is on the verge of such a revolution but the people are again drowning in utter confusion and do not know what they are fighting for and against whom. That is why no revolution can resolve any and all human problems that arise entirely from the spiritual ignorance of humanity. Only higher dimensional illumination can save this forsaken human race.

Lies pile upon lies in all categorical systems of scientific knowledge humanity has developed so far and has established such an inextricable thicket that nobody can unravel. Let us take the viruses one more time. Everything we know about them is that they are resorbed and excreted by the cells as vesicles which are very similar – I would say, identical – to exocytes and endocytes as I have already shown in a previous article:

Secretary vesicles (exocytes), Dr. Jastrow’s electronic microscopic atlas

200303 corona 1

This handout illustration image courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows a transmission electron microscopic image of an isolate from the first US case of COVID-19, formerly known as 2019-nCoV, with the spherical viral particles, colorized blue (photoshopping), containing cross-sections through the viral genome, seen as black dots.

Scientists are unable to detect any viruses in eukaryotic cells, as they frankly admit, but only when they leave the cells as exocytes or enter the cells as endocytes. Of course, these particles carry all the biomolecules, such as short DNA and RNA sequences from the cells that the bioscientists then use to establish their classification in virus families. This is the only thing bioscientists can do. In this case, scientists have falsely labeled normal physiological cell vesicles as distinct species – as “viruses” – and have proclaimed the utterly wrong idea that viruses are dangerous biological agents that make people sick and kill them. This has nothing to do with real biological regulation and is fake science.

Where has this notion come from?: From the so-called “Koch’s postulates designed to establish a causative relationship between a microbe and a disease” although science cannot explain until today what a causal relationship (principle of causality) is, as I have discussed extensively in Volume I on the physical and mathematical foundation of the UL. There are four Koch’s postulates for a pathogenic relationship between a microbe and a disease, all of which have been debunked in the meantime both for bacteria and viruses:

  1. The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.
  2. The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.
  3. The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.
  4. The microorganism must be reisolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.

This is what we read in Wikipedia:

“Koch later abandoned the universalist requirement of the first postulate altogether when he discovered asymptomatic carriers of cholera[4] and, later, of typhoid fever. Asymptomatic or subclinical infection carriers are now known to be a common feature of many infectious diseases, especially viral diseases such as polioherpes simplexHIV/AIDS, and hepatitis C.

The second postulate may also be suspended for certain microorganisms or entities that cannot (at the present time) be grown in pure culture.[5] Viruses also require host cells to grow and reproduce and therefore cannot be grown in pure cultures.

The third postulate specifies “should”, not “must”, because as Koch himself proved in regard to both tuberculosis and cholera,[6] not all organisms exposed to an infectious agent will acquire the infection.”

The 4th Koch’s postulate is also inapplicable for viruses for a variety of reasons.

As we see, all of Koch’s postulates were debunked, some of them by himself personally, but nonetheless are still fully implemented for all practical purposes in all medical and political decisions with regard to epidemics and pandemics as is the case with Robert Koch Institute in Berlin that advised deliberately wrongly Chancellor Merkel in Germany to prolong the lockdown by changing constantly the guidelines which this institute initially issued for the ending of the lockdown (here).

The bottom line is that there are no valid guidelines as to how to handle an epidemic or pandemic from a scientific point of view to the present day, more than a century after Koch first formulated his obsolete criteria for a pathogenic causal relationship between a microbe or a virus and the human body. Why? Because there is no such causal relationship at all and because this is not how organic matter is being regulated by the souls and the higher realms.

Just as there is no such thing as contagion as it is understood today that demands the use of obsolete masks that only infringe upon normal human breathing and make people very sick in a short period of time. It is a very insidious idea of Hollywood that is run by the Zionist cabal and “predicts” in movies all the heinous criminal acts these evil ones plan against humanity in order to instill fear in the people and make them subliminally submissive.

In All-That-Is, there is no antagonism and no enemies between the species and within a species as Darwinism falsely preaches.  This is the darkest idea of all that was instilled in the human minds by the dark ones to divert the incarnated human personalities from their inner knowledge that they are powerful creator beings of their bodies and reality and thus of the entire nature that surrounds us in this holographic incarnation experiment.

As far as viruses are concerned, they are special intelligent modules of information and energy exchange between eukaryotic cells within the organism and between different organisms and species. They can also be found in plant cells because both plant cells and eukaryotic cells are regulated according to the same energetic principles based on the UL as I have proved in the new General Theory of Biological Regulation. With their help, universal constructive interference and regulation are guaranteed between all organisms and cells and within one and the same organism. This is how life is regulated throughout the multiverse. Period!

All human organisms are subjected to constant change and adaptation as part of their regulation, given the fact that cells are constantly exchanged, they die and are replaced by new cells so that the organism can continue living and adapt to the constantly changing environment.

The current LBP (light body process) is the best proof, and I have written a lot about all the physiological and other changes which we, the ascended masters of humanity, undergo for many years in order to overcome the organic carbon-based body this year and transform in a phase transition into a silicon crystalline light body.

Now, some of my readers may ask: “How come that during a flu season, a child comes sick from school and infects the whole family? Isn’t that proof of a contagious disease?”

Not at all. First of all, it is very seldom that a whole family gets the flu at the same time. Most of the time it is one or a few family members that get the flu and the others don’t. It is a well-established fact that most of the carriers of viruses that are currently considered pathogenic are asymptomatic and do not get sick.

As humans carry thousands of viruses, or more precisely, cell vesicles as exocytes and endocytes in their bodies, many of them can test for a specific DNA or RNA sequence, however, most of the tests are unspecific and they test “false positive” for a broad bandwidth of viruses as this was revealed in the current scamdemic but then rigorously suppressed by the mass media.

Therefore, medicine has no reliable information at all about the distribution of similar exocytes and endocytes in the human population, which can vary to a great extent and thus create a false impression regarding the existence of numerous virus families.

It is also highly unlikely that such exocytes and endocytes are transmitted through drops in the air. I would say, this is the most stupid and inefficient way to disseminate such important carriers of cell information within the cells of one organism and between different organisms and species and therefore it does not exist as our souls only create perfection.

What actually happens is that we are dealing with a very intelligent program of body regulation by our souls (or body elementals). Just as the regulation of the genetic code is a miracle of complexity, which scientists cannot figure out, the same holds true for the transmission of exocytes and endocytes between eukaryotic cells that carry selected sequences of DNA and RNA.

I proved in the General Theory of Biological Regulation that the regulation of the genetic code happens at the supramolecular electromagnetic quantum level of the participating biomolecules that is so dynamic and complex, in fact, always intelligent and unpredictable for the human mind. The current scientists have no clue about these extremely complex bioenergetic processes, such as the splicing of proteins and present them in a very crude descriptive manner without rendering any explanation which “invisible hand” drives this magnificent perfection at the quantum level.

Even I, myself, have reached quickly the limit of my knowledge, also due to a lack of credible scientific evidence in the literature. But I always depart from the energetic principles of biological regulation as based on the UL, that is to say, I depart from the Primary Term of our consciousness and can easily discard all false ideas as N-Sets while postulating the ubiquitous, mutually beneficial co-existence of all forms of life in All-That-Is, where death as a concept does not exist but is a mere illusion of limited human minds.

For instance, during the LBP we experience repeatedly flu-like episodes, which can even manifest as acute broncho-pneumonitis, as I have described them more than 2 decades ago. Such symptoms occur when there is a rapid adjustment to higher vibrations and a lot of density is released from the body. This happens most often during major ascension portals and affects simultaneously large groups of ascension candidates.

We have observed, published, and discussed numerous such ascension flu episodes over the years where PAT members experienced the same respiratory symptoms at the same time while adapting to the new higher vibrational levels and releasing quickly dense energetic patterns and fears from the physical body.

Such energetic phenomena can very well be interpreted as an “ascension flu epidemic” at the medical level. As there were very few ascension candidates in the past, we never reached the numbers needed to declare an ascension epidemic. Now with the massive awakenings of humanity, millions of humans experience ascension symptoms these days, predominantly of the respiratory system, which is first affected by the ascension waves that engulf humanity and the earth this year in the form of a constantly rising tsunami wave of transformation towards planetary ascension.

In order to describe the synchronicity in the occurrence of such respiratory symptoms that overtly manifest as flu episodes, one does not need the concept of contagion as these ascension episodes are coordinated at the soul level. The more people participate synchronistically in such ascension waves and portals, the bigger the synergism of the planetary ascension, and the quicker humanity will move to 5D.

I hope this explains the total illusion humanity has created around the so-called epidemics and the danger of spreading contagious viral and bacterial diseases that justify the current idiotic lockdown. This is another deliberate false idea of the dark cabal to scare the masses and impose on them their lower frequency scenarios of descent where they will have to enter a very long and gruesome incarnation cycle of massive karma redeeming before they can qualify for eventual ascension in eons of time.

As we see, all phenomena we observe in life are intimately correlated and mutually dependent. Every atom and elementary particle in this multiverse has infinite consciousness and exists in perfect harmony with all the other particles and systems in the multiverse. The human linearly thinking mind cannot grasp this perfect and beautiful harmony and synergism between all systems and levels of All-That-Is and creates such monstrous ideas as the current lockdown allegedly to save human lives while killing more people than any other contagious disease (e.g. a bacterial disease) would have theoretically done.

However, there were deliberate local killings of humans with other lethal agents as to frighten humanity and the perpetrators are the underground reptilians and their human henchmen in politics and the secret services as was the case in Bergamo, Italy and also in New York at the beginning. That is why the Americans and Trump are now accusing the Chinese of dark conspiracies in order to divert from their crimes in their own country, whereas Trump is the victim of this plot and has to play along if he wants to survive. Many poisonous gases cause respiratory symptoms and it is very easy to distribute them locally in adequate quantities among the selected population and cause mass deaths in any suburb or rural area or in senior residence homes. Do the math!

For instance, in the past, the infamous Deros, an underground humanoid ET species that is part of the Unholy Six of the PTW from the Orion / Reptilian empire appeared as the feared “men in black” and infested the population with plague by distributing vials with the bacterium Yersinia pestis in the neighborhood and then making crosses on the doors of the houses they had contaminated. Hence the name “black death” which has nothing to do with this disease in terms of black color but with the black men that disseminated it. This term exists in almost all languages and countries that have experienced the pestilence. There are numerous historical reports that confirm this fact although historians have tried to falsify and suppress such reports in the official historiography. Even Hollywood employed this evil dark motif for its science fiction films by changing the original truth as usual.

Since the Middle Ages, nothing has changed with respect to the cruelty and insidiousness of the PTW from the Orion/ Reptilian empire – essentially the big ugly reptilians and the reptilian shape-shifters as the human elites that blackmailed all politicians with death in order to install the current lockdown. Their goal has always been the decimation of humanity in order to better control the masses. These monsters are now being removed from all ascending timelines prior to the shift in consciousness which I expect to occur around summer Solstice.

It has begun today, June 10th, and the purging will be accomplished on all ascending timelines till Solstice. Most reptilians cannot cope with the massive light and new vibrations that come from the Central Sun and are simply disintegrating. But their human minions still reign on the ground before they will also be removed, first from power, and then will descend to lower timelines when the shift will occur.

Only after that can the revelations really begin for the slumbering masses. They will start with the revelation of the truth behind the current lockdown as it contains all the major elements of deception and truth, of which humanity must become aware before it can begin with its preparation for ascension. This article that was inspired by St. Germain and other ascended masters is the initial trigger of the upcoming revelations and theoretical program on how to tackle the truth in a clear, logical, axiomatic, holistic manner.

This includes in the first place the revelation about the deliberate falsification of human science which pretends to have a monopoly on the truth while being used as a sinister social doctrine to cull humanity. Except for the PAT, none of the other lightworkers who represent the enlightened minority of mankind and expect some kind of revelations in the current End Time is prepared to experience the biggest revelations in science as they themselves have no clue about science and preferred to reject the UL for many years. That is why many of these self-proclaimed gurus are heading towards a big personal mental and emotional catharsis when they will soon realize how inadequately they are prepared for the shift and how stupidly they have wasted their time with surrogate topics around the love and light illusion. This bitter revelation must also be said at this place – it marks the beginning of all revelations.

Then, there will come revelations about the deceptions and lies in politics, economics, and religions and finally, the personal acknowledgment that all humans bear responsibility for these lies as they accepted them uncritically and cowardly and even felt comfortable with them most of the time.

Humans must realize that they have no chance to ascend if they divide mankind into perpetrators and victims and consider themselves victims. All humans are perpetrators and victims at the same time. When we ascend in the coming days and the time of revelations will arrive, no stone will remain unturned. All the lies and illusions must come to the fore – the personal, most intimate deceptions and the collective, most deeply hidden lies and atrocities.

This whole reality is one big illusion created by numerous deliberate and insidious lies, all of which in the end lead to the death of the human body. That is why the first and most important truth must be the acknowledgment of our immortality as human beings and as souls, and multidimensional entities – that humans can ascend and overcome physical death. This gnostic insight will eliminate all the current existential fears of the people in which they are trapped, even more so under the current savage lockdown.

For this reason, the shift will begin with the ascension of selected individuals who have accomplished their LBP and are ready to serve as ascended masters and spiritual leaders, and healers of humanity. This is our mission and that of PAT and we are ready for it.

Further literature on the coronavirus scam:


Chapter II:

The Biggest Scientific Fraud and Political Crime of All Times: No One Died of Coronavirus!

(July 8, 2020)

As I announced in my latest energy report on the full moon eclipse portal on July 4th, the gold-yellow flame of illumination is now bringing the long-awaited clarity of the human mind and all the lies and deceptions, with which humanity has lived for eons of time, are finally fully illuminated and revealed. As I predicted, it will begin with the exposure of the fake coronavirus epidemic or as I call it “scamdemic”.

Here is the utmost clarity presented in the most succinct form on the current global lockdown:

A fake epidemic with a non-existent “lethal” virus leads to a global lockdown and causes the biggest economic depression in the history of modern capitalism, leading to the sudden impoverishment of one-third of the world population (the loss of 400 mln breadwinner jobs affects approximately 2 billion people), while there is not a single patient who has died directly from coronavirus.

Let this insane disparity sink into your minds and then follow the facts below.

My compatriot, the Bulgarian doctor Stoyan Aleksov is the Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Pathology (BPA) and as such participated in a remarkable webinar of the European Society of Pathology (ESP) on COVID-19 on May 8th.

In a video interview with Dr. Aleksov conducted by Dr. Stoycho Katsarov, chair of the Center for Protection of Citizens’ Rights in Sofia and a former Bulgarian deputy minister of health, published on the BPA’s website on May 13th, both medical experts highlight the main points discussed by the European experts on pathology at the ESP webinar.

Dr. Aleksov boldly sums up the main conclusion of the pathologists from Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain:

The coronavirus is not deadly.

No one died of coronavirus!

In order to say that a person has died of a coronavirus, one must establish an inflammatory reaction that led to death, without any other life-incompatible diseases. There are no such cases.

All these conclusions were discussed widely and in-depth in all my articles on the current scamdemic, even before the first pathological and medical results were available and published. Because I know the political and transcendental background of this virus scam and also have the advantage to be the author of the only existing General Theory of Biological Regulation that exposes the coronavirus epidemic as a total fraud from an impeccable scientific point of view.

It is unfortunate that this interview is in Bulgarian language and not accessible to the broad public. Therefore, I made a huge effort to prepare an English transcript of this pivotal interview. This interview is at the highest professional level of scientific disquisition as also the interviewer Dr. Stoycho Katsarov is a medical doctor himself, a former deputy minister of health in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a champion of human rights; therefore, he asks the right medical and ethical questions. This is the perfect combination of how to be a true and competent expert as the current scamdemic can be only unraveled from the position of joint medical and ethical expertise.

What both interlocutors are missing though is the transcendental, gnostic dimension but I am hopeful that they will embrace it very soon. All the prerequisites are available.

This interview in the present English translation marks the beginning of the official revelations in the End Time that must commence with the exposure of the global fraud with which the current ruinous lockdown of the entire population was imposed by all world governments.

Video Interview, Script

Dr. Katsarov: I am talking to Dr. Stojan Aleksov, who is the President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association. He participated in an international webinar on the topic of the coronavirus infection and will tell us the point of view of pathologists from different countries in Europe.

Based on that webinar, what are the main conclusions you come up with?

Dr. Aleksov: The topic of the webinar was to share with the pathologists in European countries what is happening in their countries, and from the perspective of pathologists what we should do to stop the so-called “pandemic”. Do we really have accurate information when are we talking about – A pandemic or infection? Is the virus really killing people? If so, how exactly is it killing people, and what mechanical type of process is going on? How are the different organs and systems in the human body impacted by the coronavirus?

The good thing is that the webinar was organized by the European Society of Pathology, and in the webinar, there were many participants from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland. Many questions were asked. And the main question was: What is happening with the coronavirus infection, is not a pandemic. I want to accentuate that: It is an infection, not a pandemic. Because what we hear, many of the facts that are given, the main thing the people are really afraid of is to die, but we the pathologists, we meet with dead people all the time and we are not afraid of death. The main conclusion was that the autopsies that were conducted in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Switzerland

do not conclude that the virus is deadly.

Dr. Katsarov: What are the specifics of the clinical picture from the histology of the coronavirus that makes it different from the seasonal flu and other respiratory diseases?

Dr. Aleksov: I asked exactly the same question Professor Moch (Dr. Holger Moch, professor of pathology at the University of Zurich) because he showed us histological pictures or maps of the people they did autopsies on, as well as electron microscopy of the lungs of the people who died, the analyses that they did on those patients, which cannot be done in Bulgaria. He found helin bodies (inaudible ?) in endothelial cells. Based on that, they were considering that the virus creates endotheliitis, and that leads to lung pathology. Endotheliitis is a disease which is the infection of the lung endothelium. And also, what is happening to the first and second levels of alveolitis in the lung?

(Read one more time my description of the LBP-induced broncho-pneumonitis, respectively acute alveolitis in my article Higher Dimensional Approach to the Coronavirus Scam. N.B. George)

I asked, is there a difference in the autopsy of a person who died from the coronavirus and of another person who died from the seasonal flu? And Dr. Moch answered that to this point from what he has seen in the autopsies, there is no difference in the pathology of the person who died from coronavirus and someone who died from seasonal flu. But there is a big difference which is really important to know (see below).

The two doctors from Italy asked if there is a specific monoclonal antibody that we can use in our pathology work to prove that the coronavirus is present. Is there such an antibody that has been isolated? Dr. Moch answered that such a monoclonal antibody has not been isolated – they don’t know of the existence of such an antibody at the moment.

(This is correct because viruses do not exist as independent organisms as I have proved scientifically beyond any doubt in my article Why There Are no Viruses. All their DNA and or RNA sequences and other proteins belong to the eukaryotic cells of the host as they are simple exocytes and endocytes of these cells. For that reason, there are no specific monoclonal antibodies either for the coronavirus or for any other virus. Scientists do not understand the functioning of the immune system and all the vaccines they have created so far contribute to the human genocide in the current healthcare system about which I have written a lot. N.B. George)

The second question was, is there a different monoclonal antibody that we can use to diagnose a coronavirus infection when we do a biopsy? And to both questions, they answered no, there is no such antibody that we can use to prove coronavirus is present in a biopsy or in autopsy tissue.

In Bulgaria, we have done three autopsies on people whose deaths were attributed to COVID-19.  All autopsies were conducted by Dr. Nia Serbianova – she is the head of clinical pathology at Pirogov Hospital (the main academic hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria). She urged me to ask the same question about this antibody to experts from Italy and Spain. They replied that there are no such monoclonal antibodies. What all the pathologists said is that

there is no one who has died FROM the coronavirus.

I will repeat that: no one has died from the coronavirus. Most people died WITH a coronavirus. You would ask why? Because if you were listening to me, you would say that I am crazy. I will explain why I am not crazy. But I am explaining this from the perspective of pathology. And as a professional who is working in pathology, we have certain procedures, protocols, which we apply to autopsy as well as to biopsy. Our protocol should list the first disease, second disease, third disease, and the reason for the death. When we say that the patient died because of the coronavirus, we mean that the coronavirus led to interstitial pneumonia, afterward leading to the death of the person, with no other diseases in other organs and systems.

But such facts have not been found; nobody has reported this. And because of that, I am really concerned with the inadequate behavior of the World Health Organization (WHO). It is the first time in my practice since I have been practicing for 30 years as a doctor that the WHO is announcing a pandemic before it has facts to support this. They didn’t announce an epidemic but instead a pandemic! Pandemic means that many people will die from the coronavirus. I don’t know why many governments and country leaders are saying that people are going to die from it.

(Because my Bulgarian colleague is unfortunately not a Gnostic and doesn’t know about our ascension and why the cabal wants to prevent it, N.B. George).

While we, the pathologists, are not scared by that because we meet with death every day – we work with dead bodies.

Dr. Katsarov: Are you saying that the information was presented in a manipulative way?

Dr. Aleksov: Yes, in an absolutely manipulated way. Misrepresented. In many countries, the people who are pathologists and virologists work together in laboratories, so they talk to each other. And that is why I am telling you what the other people are saying. I am not the only person to listen to; we should listen to people from other countries as well. We need to listen to the people and the colleagues who work together with virologists, with biologists, and listen to what they think of that. And the people who died, did they die from the coronavirus or WITH the coronavirus?

The real term we use is that the people in Italy and France and in Spain are dying WITH the coronavirus – NOT from the coronavirus – on top of their very poor clinical picture from their illnesses, that is, they had serious co-morbid diseases.

Dr. Katsarov: Can we do this comparison: In Bulgaria, we have 200,000-300,000 people who get sick from the seasonal flu every year — and if we know that some of them will die because of different reasons, can we just say they died from the seasonal flu?

Dr. Aleksov: No, we can’t do that, because there is a big difference between the seasonal flu and the coronavirus. No, in many cases the people who die from the seasonal flu also include young people. This is a big difference. The difference to the coronavirus pandemic is that we haven’t yet had young people dying.

Which is a big difference. Because with the seasonal flu, we can find a virus that can cause a young person to die with no other illness present. And it is different than saying that somebody died from the coronavirus who has a cardiac infarct and two other diseases. One of the people who died from COVID that we did an autopsy on was a 78-year-old with high blood pressure and an infarct from a heart attack and he didn’t have a single body system that was working properly. And then the people are saying that coronavirus infections are so difficult to be cured. In other words, the coronavirus infection is an infection that does not lead to death. But the flu can lead to death.

(Please read one more time my articles on the coronavirus scam above where I clearly stated as early as February that this group of viruses (we know in the meantime that there are no viruses the way they are described in medicine and bio-science but only exocytes and endocytes) is known since 1960 and they have never caused any clinical problems whatsoever. Why now this deadly virulence all of a sudden? That is why this interview is of such paramount importance as it proves retrospectively all my a priori scientific statements based in the meantime on exponentially growing experimental evidence obtained by renowned pathologists all over Europe and surely in all other countries. N.B. George)

Dr. Katsarov: What I have in mind is if a person has a heart attack and the flu, we can either say that he died from a heart attack or we can say he died from the flu; that is what is happening now with the coronavirus.

Dr. Aleksov: Yes, exactly. At the moment there is total resistance of pathologists in Europe, China, as well as in Australia, the USA and in Canada because the pathologists have been pushed and pressured: if the patient has a coronavirus, the reason for the death is to be written that it is nothing else but the coronavirus. That is quite stressful for us, and for me in particular, because we have protocols and procedures which we need to follow. Because when we do autopsies, we take necropsy material from all the body systems, we put it in paraffin blocks, and in 100 years we can take a look at them again. And another pathologist 100 years from now is going to say: Hey, those pathologists didn’t know what they were doing!  So we need to be really strict with our diagnoses, because they could be proven or disproved, and they could be checked again later.

In this case, there is the WHO that doesn’t want us to do autopsies. It is not clear to me why the WHO doesn’t want us to do autopsies when we need to prove what is the virulence of this specific virus. But I don’t know why the WHO doesn’t really want us to do autopsies; I assume they have the information that the virus is not deadly.

(This discussion illuminates two major aspects that will become very soon central in the current ascension scenario and will enable the revelations regarding the coronavirus fraud:

1) No matter how the WHO and the cabal are now trying to forge the statistics and are scaring the masses with falsely inflated numbers in order to prolong the lockdown, the truth cannot be hidden. The pathologists and all the other medical experts, who work to established GCP (Good Clinical Practice) and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), do their job diligently and collect the facts from all alleged COVID-deaths that cannot be hidden for a very long time.

My professor for pathology in Heidelberg used to say that “pathology is the temple of truth, where all the false diagnoses are scathingly revealed”. The clinical doctors who presented their cases during his open lectures had a very hard time with this professor as their clinical diagnoses were very seldom correct.

It only took some time to collect these facts in the old cumbersome way, in which medical science, unfortunately, operates in the absence of a true General Theory of Biological Regulation. But the pathologists have them now and they will not be silent, not under the current constant barrage of the gold-yellow flame of illumination from the Source.

2) The cabal and the corrupt politicians know that and that is why they are so desperate these days and try with all heinous and increasingly blatant means to prolong the lockdown and install the NWO in the hope that they can then suppress the inevitable revelations and gain the upper hand. This will not happen – they only reveal in a dialectic manner their true ugly and criminal nature for everyone to see (The evil that always creates something good; Faust, Goethe.). They can manipulate science only for a certain period of time as long as the collective fear reigns: You can only fool all the people for some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

These dark ones will be exposed for this fraud very soon, now that their masters, the evilest reptilians have been removed from the earth, and this month is a perfect time, to begin with. The revelations have actually begun with this key Bulgarian interview, which is not a coincidence as I will be the one who will trigger these revelations on a global scale as an ascended master and the new spiritual leader coming from Bulgaria.

The political elite that is responsible for this criminal lockdown and has infringed upon all basic human rights and ruined hundreds of millions of people – the Contes, the Macrons, the Merkels, the Johnsons – will either go to jail, in case the judiciary system will still exist after our ascension or will be simply dismayed and morally condemned by the people as the pariah of the new humanity. N.B. George)

Dr. Katsarov: Is this the reason that in Bulgaria we are not doing autopsies (in this epidemic)?

Dr. Aleksov: Exactly! We are required to follow the WHO. And I am really sad that we need to follow those instructions without even thinking about them. But in Germany, France, Italy, and England they are starting to think that we shouldn’t follow the WHO so strictly, and when we are writing the reason for death, we should have the pathological results to back that up, and we should follow the protocol. That is because when we say something, we need to be able to prove it.

We have information from Spain, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland: We didn’t find anybody that died from coronavirus. Did you find it in your country? Then we start asking each other internationally, asking: Where is the problem? Who is making that problem?

Dr. Katsarov: In the media, there is information that the WHO is giving instructions to all the health organizations, and in this information, the instructions are that every person who has a positive PCR test is to be counted as having the coronavirus. And if that person dies from something, it is to be written that he died from the coronavirus. That’s a directive that came from the WHO, which proves what you’re saying.

I don’t know if this had some specific goal. But even if the goal had a good rationale, the way it’s been done it’s a source of panic, it’s a source of stress to the whole world. Because all the people, when they are pronounced to have died because of the coronavirus, that changes the character of the infection, which is really scary; the people are afraid. And in reality, there is not such a high mortality rate from it.

Dr. Aleksov: I compare it with the flu infection that we had in January and February 2020, when young people died from the flu. It was quite aggressive this year, and we had kids who died from it, as well as people of working age. Versus now with coronavirus, there aren’t as many cases and definitely not as many deaths. My opinion about that, and I will sign under what I am saying, is that the behavior of the World Health Organization is a criminal behavior and I subscribe to this statement with both my hands. It is irresponsible for the WHO to create worldwide chaos, with no real facts behind what they are saying.

In Bulgaria, there aren’t many virologists and pathologists, and there isn’t much funding from the government.  But as a pathologist, which is my personal specialty, I work with proofs — material proofs — and I am asking the World Health Organization:

Where are your proofs?

WHO developed a protocol, in which if somebody died from AIDS, we did the autopsy and took different samples from different organs, so that we could see exactly what was happening in the different systems and organs, and collect that data. We had a similar protocol for tuberculosis, which as you know is quite a dangerous infection. So we developed these protocols for tuberculosis as well.

My pathologist colleagues from Italy and Germany, they are attacking one of the instructions, they describe it as a law from the World Health Organization adopted by the EU parliament, that for the coronavirus we need to follow special instructions for really dangerous infections. But we already have similar directives. And as I said, we used that protocol from 1990 when we were collecting data for tuberculosis and collecting data for HIV. Those protocols began to be developed in 1919, after the Spanish flu, when 10-12% of the population died from it, and that was the population in the working age between 10 and 50 years. And it took decades to develop those protocols. It seems as if the WHO expected this same mortality rate with the coronavirus.

At this moment (May 12th), we are talking about 70,000 people worldwide who have died from the coronavirus, who are over the age of 70. And here I am asking why we didn’t try to do the autopsies of those people to see exactly why they died. And why do we say it is the coronavirus? Did they die from or did they die with the coronavirus?

There are also some different sources that were saying that in Italy the coronavirus led to the death of so many people because they were immunized with the H1N1 flu vaccine, which basically suppresses adults’ immune systems. And after that, they were getting the coronavirus easily, because as a result of the vaccine their immune systems weren’t very strong. This could be cleared up with autopsies, but at the moment it is not clear.

Dr. Katsarov: So your opinion is that they need to do research and they need to take into account the pathology?

Dr. Aleksov: Yes, of course! We are missing the main points. With the autopsies, we can take a lot of lung material. And we can take some of that material and do research on it, and we can keep about 80% for future research if future research is needed. The paraffin that we put the material into from autopsies can stay intact for up to 300 years. So maybe after 20, 30 years, when we have a different but maybe similar pandemic — or epidemic because I don’t believe it’s a pandemic — we can maybe compare the lung histological pictures between now and later.

Because coronavirus infections, for the people who don’t know it, exist in many people, but what we know from our Chinese colleagues, the Chinese pathologists, who studied it from 2002, 2007, 2008, 2013, 2017, and 2018. And based on this pathology material, we can see what the difference is with this pandemic. And again I won’t talk specifically about a pandemic, because I believe we don’t have the facts necessary to call it a pandemic. I think it is not reasonable that the World Health Organization is still saying pandemic for an epidemic. I haven’t seen such an advertisement for a virus before.

Dr. Katsarov: I don’t know whether that is a lack of professionalism, or there are different goals, but obviously there is some controversy about the behavior and the facts.

I want to wrap up with the observation that there is a massive concentration of attention and a building up of this attention into a panic, which will really impact the people who don’t have the coronavirus but have got different chronic diseases, various people who need medical care, who are the other victims of the failing healthcare resources that are focused instead on the coronavirus. These people are afraid to visit the doctor. And the health authorities don’t allow visits to GPs. I think this could be as serious a problem later on as the real coronavirus: the number of people who need the doctor’s attention and aren’t getting it, could grow and become an even bigger problem. In other words, I think more people possibly will die from their chronic diseases in the near future because their chronic diseases aren’t being taken care of compared with the coronavirus.

Dr. Aleksov: This is not 100% right, you are 200% right. And I can say that for sure, because all of us who are working in oncology, we know that stress significantly suppresses the immune system, so I can really claim 200% that all chronic diseases will be more severe and more acute. Specifically, carcinoma, over 50% of these are going to become invasive. So I will say that this epidemic isn’t so much an epidemic of the virus, but it is an epidemic in the sense of giving people a lot of fear and stress. Because the people aren’t like me and other pathologists who understand that the coronavirus is nothing serious. The people are afraid of it.

Dr. Katsarov: How has your work changed because of the coronavirus?

Dr. Aleksov: Our work is down by 90%. In some hospitals, the work is down 100%, in others 50%, in some hospitals the work for the medical personnel is down by 10-15%.

Dr. Katsarov: I will just tell you now that your job as a pathologist is like the supreme court: you are giving the cause of death after they die. Specifically for cancer — if it is cancer or it is not cancer. Same with biopsies, you are the supreme court. For all the different tests, the people are waiting for the pathologists to say whether they have cancer or not. Specifically for cancer, the same for the in-situ-mass biopsies and Pap tests: what’s the pathology? And if your job is 90% down, this means you are not getting those tests from the people. This means the people don’t have their proper diagnosis. And this means that the disease is developing without being diagnosed and treated.

Dr. Aleksov: Exactly. Pathology includes cytology, histology, immunochemistry, and molecular pathology. For example, when we tell a woman that she has to have a Pap test every three months and she hasn’t done it for six months if that patient had a risk of developing cancer, those six months could be crucial to the development. This means that instead of spending 5 leva ($3) to test the problem and to start treating it early, the problem is getting worse and we’ll need to treat it later much more expensively. It’s a similar thing when we are not doing autopsies for the coronavirus: it is as if somebody goes to the supreme court and that person was shot ten times, but the supreme court says: Well, maybe out of those 10 times one time he shot himself, so we consider it to be a suicide.

I know about similar situations. A really, really interesting situation was a person in the U.S. who was in a bus accident on the street, he had brain damage and he was put on life support in the hospital for four days. He was positive on the PCR test for the coronavirus, so on his death certificate, it said that he died from coronavirus. I don’t think that’s medicine. This is not serious science.

After the coronavirus epidemic has subsided, and this stupidity and primitiveness have finished, there will be a lot of people who will have lost trust in the medical profession. We can measure that, but it will be a big problem. I want also to add about the pandemic that we need to have people’s trust. Because in my opinion, the coronavirus infection isn’t that dangerous, and how are the people going to have trust in me doing cancer pathology, much of which is related to viruses as well? But nobody is talking about that, and nobody is thinking …

We have some patients who have lung cancer caused by a papillomavirus infection. And nobody has ever made a big deal about this. And we have many patients like that. And also, each year about a million and a half people die worldwide from lung cancer due to smoking. If we compare that to the coronavirus, it would be like a pandemic and everybody would be told to stop smoking — let’s say a pandemic of smoking.

Dr. Katsarov: What you are saying is that the reaction to this infection is disproportionate and that this amount of panic isn’t necessary. And maybe another risk is that after a year or two there’ll be a really dangerous infection, but the people won’t trust us and won’t believe us if we are saying that it is really dangerous.

Dr. Aleksov: I was talking with some friends who are specialists in virology, and they said that if we have global warming, perhaps it would cause the spread of viruses from frozen areas that humankind has never seen before. And if those viruses become active/alive, we would have to combat them, and we wouldn’t know how to do that. And if the people don’t believe us because we have lied to them, if a similar type of infection happens again, what are we going to do then? For example with ebola, which we have learned over the last few years is not really an infection that people are used to because it doesn’t infect many humans.

We need to see exactly how the law in the USA will deal with immunization and that vaccine that we are all talking about because I am certain that

it is not possible to create a vaccine against COVID.

I am not sure what exactly Bill Gates is doing with his laboratories, is it really a vaccine he is producing, or something else? [joking/laughs] But we need to leave this question to the internal agencies, FBI, KGB and …

Dr. Katsarov: Okay, let’s stick to talking about medicine, and the conspiracy theories are conspiracy theories. We don’t know what we are going to learn.

(In the end, the discussion becomes somewhat trivial as both doctors are approaching the problem from a conventional point of view and profess many medical ideas that are obsolete in the light of the General Theory of Biological Regulation and how organic matter and life are created and regulated in All-That-Is. But most of this discussion on the current coronavirus scam is a nuclear bomb for the cabal from a practical medical point of view as this lockdown was declared based on fake medical considerations. N.B. George)

Dr. Katsarov: I want to say thank you for this conversation.

Dr. Aleksov: I want to say again the last sentence, which is that

no one has died from the coronavirus.

The people are dying WITH coronavirus, NOT from it. There is no need for either the term pandemic or epidemic. Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Switzerland – this is what my colleagues from all those countries said.


Chapter III:

The Tide Has Turned – The Coronavirus Scam is Officially Exposed

(May 27, 2020)

The tide has turned. After many invocations, extensive medical, scientific, and spiritual illumination, and cleansing of dark energies on our part, the COVID-19 scam is now being officially exposed by the most “prestigious” and insidious medical institution of the cabal in the world – CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They have just published their latest estimation models based on actual epidemiological data until the end of April.

COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios

For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the number is below 0.26%. This estimate is still much higher than the real IFR which is in the range of 0.1% to 0.01% as other epidemiological and statistical studies suggest because it does not consider the ubiquitous fraud in all hospitals and other medical institutions around the world to assess all death cases with a suspicion of COVID-19 infection, even without any diagnostic proof, as being caused by this non-existent virus. Thus, all presented statistics on this fake pandemic so far are totally forged and meaningless.

Read also: Horowitz: The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?

“We destroyed our entire country and suspended democracy all for a lie, and these people perpetrated the unscientific degree of panic. Will they ever admit the grave consequences of their error?”


Please keep in mind that when the WHO officially advised all the world governments to declare the lockdown in early March, they predicted a scary death rate from this virus of 3.4% which was 15 times higher than the current officially estimated infection fatality rate, IFR by CDC that still has much more medical expertise than the WHO:

WHO Says The Coronavirus Global Death Rate Is 3.4%, Higher Than Earlier Figures

This statistical estimate of the WHO served as a fraudulent medical and scientific justification to declare total lockdown in most countries worldwide against all existent legal and constitutional checks and balances and in blatant disregard for the basic constitutional rights and freedoms of the citizens.

For instance, the Italian constitution clearly demands that only the parliament has the right to decide about the elimination of such basic human rights under extreme conditions but the corrupt unelected government of the political rascal Conte, who does not even belong to any party, issued an illegal decree by circumventing the legislative that enforced the nationwide lockdown of Italy and has already ruined most small businesses, on which the Italian economy largely depends. This is tantamount to high treason to the Italian people and he knows it as a lawyer. And his opponents know this too and they are not idle in proving Conte’s crimes and even asking Bill Gates to be arrested:

In the USA, all the governors that issued a lockdown in their states were also acting in total breach of the US constitution by neglecting the authority of the legislative as Judge Napolitano, otherwise, a murky personality, explains in Fox News:

The reason why the CDC now backpedals, as also the UK medical authorities and those in a number of other Western countries, is because it is confronted with the massive opposition of numerous renowned medical doctors who question the medical raison d’etre of the current lockdown and expose scathingly the lies of the ruling dark cabal (this video was deleted by the Internet censors of the dark cabal but you can see it here:



Opublikowany przez Dra. Rashid A. Buttar Poniedziałek, 27 kwietnia 2020

The Internet is now full of such surprisingly enlightened revelations and condemnations of the ruling dark cabal that is behind the current ruinous lockdown that only enslaves and impoverishes the world population for the sake of the biggest lie and deception ever perpetrated on humanity – to save human lives (e.g. here, also deleted). Nothing is further from the truth as it becomes obvious with each passing day. Precisely, this lockdown has caused more deaths and hardships than any other political decision since WW2.

Read: More than 500 Trump-backing doctors sign letter asking him to end shutdown, claiming it is a ‘mass casualty incident’ amid ‘soaring’ rates of alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide

And because it became so big and obvious, this heinous fraud is now being revealed at all levels and in all aspects, except for the most important one:

The chief goal of the lockdown was to prevent our ascension and in that, it has already failed badly.

This week we moved firmly to the 5th dimension and the results of immediate creation, which we are now able to perform, will be seen very soon by the entire humanity. This will be the turning point in the history of mankind.

As I have argued on many occasions, there must be very soon a shocking event of global magnitude, while the lockdown is still in place, although modestly eased, and before the people quickly forget about it, as otherwise, it will not fulfill its pedagogical purpose. Everything that happens now on the earth is based on perfect pedagogical principles and has the aim of awakening the people in the easiest and most effective way. This is how the Higher Realms now coordinate the planetary ascension according to the Law of Energy Optimization.

Read: How The Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization Determines the Time of Our Ascension?

There are numerous speculations about what will happen in the coming days. We have had some spectacular experiences about which we were urged not to write in order to preserve the moment of surprise.  However, we are observing some brazen attempts of the dark cabal to instigate a new nuclear war that was prevented by the GF as there will be no new war and no nuclear explosions on our ascending timelines anymore. This is the divine decision by all starseeds as the ground crew of the GF and also personally by us.

As long as these battles still occur, it is difficult to predict the next steps. However, a truly desperate final attempt of the losing cabal to change the inevitable course of the events and avert their defeat may indeed necessitate the sudden ad hoc occurrence of a major event that will reveal in one fell swoop the current scam with the pandemic and also many other lies of the ruling cabal. It will trigger the long-awaited era of revelations that the new age expects for a very long time and will ultimately lead to planetary ascension. It all depends on which timelines one decides to gather further experiences.

The Arcturians made for the first time since reading them a very bold and precise prediction that surprised me a lot as I did not expect it:

A June Solstice Surprise from Your Sun

This event is, according to my interpretation and inner intuition, the precursor to the actual shift to 5D that will nonetheless profoundly change the energetic conditions on the earth and allow us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, to begin our immediate creation while we are still in a physical vessel as the Arcturians also recommend.

These daily miracles will trigger massive awakenings worldwide and the people will flock to us to teach them how to deal with higher dimensional energies so that they can learn one day to also use them and become sovereign creators. Around this period of time, I reckon with the manifestation of the city of light in Italy and the beginning of the functioning of the healing and spiritual centres.


Needless to say, this will automatically lead to the collapse of the old matrix, the national state, and all the other political, economic and financial structures that are no longer compatible with the laws of immediate creation in the 5th dimension. This is the organic development I see in the coming days and weeks from the linear experiential perspective of the human mind, while I am aware that all these energetic events happen simultaneously in the Now and that we are constantly changing timelines, thus creating our unique subjective reality.


This message came after the publication of this article and is a further brilliant confirmation of the arrival of the new era of immediate creation:


Today marks the beginning of a new series of experiences on your Earth plane.  There is nothing special you need to do, just relax into the Unconditional Love from The Universe. (Smiling) Allow yourself to be guided to a more joyful, peaceful way of being in your current situation.  Extend your thoughts to encompass compassion and kindness for those not yet awake.  Embrace a new way of looking at and seeing your world as it morphs and changes before your very eyesBecome what you wish your world to be and it will follow suit.  The Universe is with you every step of the way. ~ Creator


Chapter IV:

Prophetic Seth On Pandemics and Viruses – Jane Roberts

(May 22, 2020)

First things, first – the new moon portal today is very powerful, it has begun several days ago and will continue for a whole week. This will be the most transforming week for the entire humanity and probably also for us, the light warriors of the first and last hour. It is wise to expect extraordinary events to occur.

Second, my latest article was censored by the Internet thought police of the dark cabal. The third last video which I added to it is not the reason, it has been automatically censored but can still be watched on youtube. I have republished my article one more time and will do so till the cabal thought police stop sanctioning it.

This video with Seth’s explanation of pandemics and viruses from the broader psychological and teleological point of view of the soul coincides fully with my approach to the current “scamdemic” which I have outlined in a number of articles lately. It is time to put aside the old approach of hostile antagonistic forces in organic life and acknowledge the beautiful and ever-expanding co-creation of sentient life in all forms living in synergism with each other and in the unity field of All-That-Is toward which we now stride with giant steps.

Seth elucidates why the current lockdown is the most devastating and insidious approach to any pandemic, which only stems from an extremely dark consciousness that rejects all the basic spiritual principles of life and has an entirely deleterious biological effect on humanity in terms of the General Theory of Biological Regulation, but a great psychological effect in preparing humanity for the impending ascension:

Taken from portions of Chapter 1, “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events” by Jane Roberts which is one of my favored books. Many thanks to Brian Scott.

Further literature:


Chapter V:

With Lies and Half-Truths Humanity Is Striding Steadily Towards Ascension

(May 22, 2020)

I am publishing this article one more time as it was censored by the cabals internet thought police (see below) which is the peak of human irony as I only quote official sources and facts. This tells you how desperate the losing dark cabal is now and why our ascension is a done deal. – George

A Vivisection of the Schizophrenia in Obfuscated Medical Science

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 16, 2020

We are already in the second half of May and the facade of the coronavirus “scamdemic” is beginning to crumble big time. Thanks to our light work as I have repeatedly stated in all my articles dedicated to this latest and last attempt of the dark ruling cabal to prevent the inevitable – the ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension, beginning with me as the world spiritual leader:

We are now writing the playwright of the ascension scenario and our roles as the main protagonists in this unique drama. Who else is capable of having a congruent vision about the future of humanity except us? Look at the cacophony on the world stage where even the few renowned alternative thinkers have fallen prey to the deliberate obfuscation of science – medicine and mathematics as fake epidemiological statistics – and have lost direction. This is because the entire humanity has no clue about true science and can be mired ad libitum by the usual dark perpetrators of all evil deeds on this planet.

I have always expressed the opinion that humans are the most dumbed-down sentient race in this multiverse and the express willingness with which the vast majority accepts the current lockdown and sanctions in evil sadism the few doubters by denouncing them to the authorities is the greatest and at the same time the most depressing proof for my thesis which I would have gladly missed.

I have spent the best years of my life, almost a quarter of a century, under a similar, most brutal communist lockdown and would have never expected in my worst nightmares that I would ever experience even a worse situation at the end of my last physical life – being locked down in the country that has brought the Renaissance and all the progress to modern humanity – Italy. And the Italians behave even as worse “codardi” (cowards, dastards) than my countrymen have ever been. I thought that the Bulgarians were the world champions under doping in this most popular discipline of human cowardice on this planet, but the Italians are beating them nowadays at great length. And their denouncing rage is no less expressed than at the time of the ubiquitous communist spies and ideological control – the Orwellian brave new world 1984 on fascist steroids.

Only cosmic humor can prevent us from succumbing to this gloom and doom:

It’s time to transform this reality forever. This can only happen through Divine Intervention as our spiritual guides confirmed to us yesterday. And the Divine Intervention is We! That much is sure.

I have sufficiently explained the dialectical nature of the current quarantine in my previous articles on this topic. It serves our ascension and it helps us expose the cabal and their infinite lies in order to abolish once and for all the old matrix – first and foremost, the fake and lethal medical healthcare as science and as a healing system.

Then, at the same time, we will expose the heinousness of the ruling cabal who teamed up with the dark scientific obfuscators, the Faucists (Dr. Fauci) and the Nazis, those who “ausmerkeln” (play upon words, Merkel with “ausmergeln” which means in German to starve people to death as in the Nazi concentration camps) the people to the playbook of the cabals’ Eugenics – to cull humanity and eventually establish the NWO. Please, do not forget that this is all done with the only goal – to prevent the ascension of humanity and Gaia against our decision at the soul level and as a divine dispensation of the Godhead. This is a futile effort but these dark imbeciles will never learn. Hence their defeat and demise are certain.

It has already begun…

While the cabal has difficulties preserving the current lockdown of humanity under false pretexts, it stares in a panic at how their plans to enslave humanity are going down the drain with each day when truth embraces relentlessly the once scared ego-minds of the masses.

Fake science and fudged epidemiological statistics cannot help the dark cabal anymore to preserve their power as more and more scientists and even politicians see the obvious fraud or are clever enough to distance themselves from this scam in fear of future persecutions that will inevitably follow in their 3D reality when all the lies are revealed. These revelations will begin with me as an ascended master and a medical expert of higher dimensional thinking and then supported and flanked by all the other honest doctors and experts who are already raising their voice and condemning the current scam with the coronavirus epidemic.

The good news is that the truth can no longer be hidden also by the chief medical experts and cabal stooges in the Western countries who are now resorting to a desperate flight into veritable schizophrenia of fear-mongering statements and half-truths that completely offset their lies. Only if the dumbed-down humanity finally awakens and sees that the Emperor is naked.

Watch this video about how the UK chief medic confirms that COVID-19 (this virus actually does not exist but is a code name for identification chips in future vaccinations) is harmless to the vast majority of humans as I already wrote in February two weeks before the lockdown of the Western world began with Italy. Boris Johnson, who already had this virus but attributed his hospitalization to his obesity and not to the alleged viral disease, was also present at this press conference and had to agree, willy-nilly, with his chief medical adviser. Why is he then still holding onto this deadly lockdown? – read all my articles on the ascension scenario to find the answer as the other writers still do not get it:

Here is one more time in written form what this insincere and confused man actually said as a slide

and as a text:

[T]he great majority of people will not die from this and I’ll just repeat something I said right at the beginning because I think it’s worth reinforcing:

Most people, a significant proportion of people, will not get this virus at all, at any point of the epidemic which is going to go on for a long period of time.

Of those who do, some of them will get the virus without even knowing it, they will have the virus with no symptoms at all, asymptomatic carriage, and we know that happens.

Of those who get symptoms, the great majority, probably 80%, will have a mild or moderate disease. Might be bad enough for them to have to go to bed for a few days, not bad enough for them to have to go to the doctor.

An unfortunate minority will have to go as far as the hospital, but the majority of those will just need oxygen and will then leave the hospital.

And then a minority of those will end up having to go to severe end critical care and some of those sadly will die.

But that’s a minority, it’s 1% or possibly even less than 1% overall (from those going to the hospital who are much less than 1% from those who carry the virus and either has no symptoms or very mild symptoms for a few days (see above), so that the actual mortality of this virus is 0.01% t0 0.001% for all allegedly infected people; actually the coronavirus family is endemic in the human population as the flu viruses and have never caused any harm since we know this group of viruses in 1960.)

And even in the highest risk group, this is significantly less than 20%, ie. the great majority of people, even the very highest groups (understand the oldest patients, older than 80 years, who all die eventually from something. Please, observe that according to the current criteria of the WHO for this endemic, any patient who dies with suspicion of coronavirus infection, even without any test, is now being considered as having died from this virus and enters the fudged statistics of the cabal and their medical stooges. Read all the articles on this scandalous aspect of the current scamdemic,e.g. here), if they catch this virus, will not die. (Where is the danger then as to justify this global lockdown that brings poverty and misery to hundreds of millions of people?)

And I really wanted to make that point really clearly… “Did you really?!”

Why then the lockdown of the world population if it is such a harmless virus? I am the only one who gives the full and only logical answer and explains the causal relationship between the most criminal attempt of the dark ruling cabal to enslave humanity and our imminent ascension and the appearance of the city of light in Italy, about which the cabal know very well from my website.  And contrary to the agnostic slumbering masses, they know that it is true. This explains the total shock the masses will experience very soon…

This presentation tells you one more time why this scam has to be abolished with one fell swoop by ourselves while the quarantine is still ongoing and the memory of the people, which usually has a shorter span than that of a goldfish, is still fresh and the scare sits deep in their bone marrow. We are the only ones who know the whole truth and have also the answer for all the problems of humanity, which can be reduced to two major areas  – health and prosperity – as we wrote on our crowdfunding website for the new Healing and Study Centre of the Universal Law in Italy while being inspired by the Source:

“Dr Stankov brings forth new ideas and theories from a higher level of awareness for the sole purpose to assist humanity in learning new ways of expanding into a more socially supportive world.  This new supportive world will reflect two fundamental social innovations:  First, every human being experiences optimal health, and second, every human being experiences personal prosperity. “

But before we can bring health and prosperity to humanity, we must expose all the major lies that determine life on this planet and are still shared by the vast majority of the people. The biggest lie of all is that current science is trustworthy – it is not, it is entirely fake science and this is particularly true for medicine and all the bio-sciences. Of course, it is also true for the entire physics which is considered the most exact natural science. False medical ideas are currently misused as justification for the lockdown that was supposed to end up in the NWO unless we ascend in the coming days and stop this insanity as Divine Intervention. The cabal has been planning this lockdown for a very long time:

With that, the itinerary of the ascension process in the coming days is clearly outlined. Enjoy the ride!


Chapter VI:

Higher-Dimensional Approach to the Coronavirus Scam

(April 20, 2020)

In my recent articles on the current lockdown of humanity due to the coronavirus scam, I have presented, as the first expert, all the major scientific and other arguments why we are dealing with a fake epidemic, the real purpose of which is to prevent the current ascension of Gaia and humanity by the dark ones with all nefarious means and install the New World Order as global slavery.

Perché il Coronavirus Spaventa Ora?

Why the Coronavirus Scare Now?

Ascension Logic

The Ascension Has Entered the Final Phase

The Scam With the Coronavirus Scare-Epidemic

All my scientific medical arguments have been in the meantime fully adopted by all honest colleagues and critical alternative experts. This is due to the fact that we are now doing daily very powerful invocations with the source to eliminate the global lockdown as soon as possible through the rapid awakening of humanity, and in particular of all the medical experts, to the lies and deceptions of the ruling cabal. It works fabulously and that is why I am deliberately not focusing on the low-vibrating, fear-laden timelines which the cabal wants to impose on humanity, thus forcing the people to begin awakening and perceiving the truth by discerning the numerous lies of the nefarious elite that now personally affect their lives. However, this is still done by most people on a very rudimentary spiritual level and under the total barrage of their unprocessed, chaotic fears that are now looming high. In this, we follow the advice of the Arcturians “not to fall for the destiny trap” of dreadful reality timelines which the dark ones want to impose on humanity and divert them from the ascension pathway.

For that reason, I will discuss in this essay only aspects of the current fake coronavirus epidemic that are related to the ascension process and reveal how correctly we have assessed the situation on this planet many years ago.

First, let me make one simple observation that no critical expert has made so far to my knowledge. As a clinical researcher, I am stunned that all the governments imposed the most rigid lockdown on their countries and populations which has paralysed the world economy and has already triggered the final stage of the Greatest Depression of all Times that causes losses in trillions of dollars and euros, ruins hundreds of millions of people and probably kills more people due to malnutrition and rapid impoverishment than this or any other fake epidemic would ever do. But these dark imbeciles were not capable of creating a simple international database center, where all the alleged death cases could be collected and processed according to established scientific standards with their entire medical history and the true proven cause of death so that all the people can learn from this event and develop a better strategy for the future.

This is the easiest thing to do and this has been my specialty for many years. I could have easily established such an information center where all the data from all the patients who died in association with this fake virus could have been easily collected and processed to established standards of clinical research that exclude in the first place fraud, which is very common in clinical or any other research nowadays. That is why one needs comprehensive SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). I am the author of some of the most sophisticated SOPs in clinical research, which have been subsequently used by major pharmaceutical companies and of course in my private DIAS institute for clinical research in Munich (Institute for Drug Investigation, Auditing and Statistics, DIAS).

I would have needed only a handful of co-workers to enter the clinical data and, of course, there has to be an established digital network for the hospitals to send the documentation and copies of the original medical files so as to have an independent double-check and avoid any deliberate manipulation as is the case now (see the video with Dr. Rachid Buttar below). This should have been essentially the duty of the WHO, which has announced almost every year a fake viral epidemic or even pandemic since 2000 but has done nothing to establish an effective system of processing the epidemiological data. That is why all their statistic models, which are as fake as the current epidemic, terribly failed and had to be abandoned now and in the past, and why it is correct that Trump stopped the funding of this corrupt institution.

Currently, the WHO is conspicuously silent and is not publishing any official numbers and statistics on COVID-19 and leaves it to the fake MSM, such as AFP and Reuters, to disseminate fraudulent statistics of allegedly rapidly growing death numbers from this harmless coronavirus, in order to scare the people and prolong the lockdown. None of these agencies has any medical expertise and does not even say where they get their information from. This is the classical situation of a well-planned scam in advance.  These are the obvious facts in plain sight and one does not need to engage in deep conspiracy theories to uncover this blatant fraud.

Currently, there is no credible evidence of a single patient who has died directly from COVID-19 (the code name for Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification Chip-19 when the vaccinations will arrive soon) that is available to the public as many medical experts begin to admonish. Besides, there is abundant information that coronaviruses are endemic in the human population as I wrote already in February so that the actual carriers of such viruses exceed hundreds of times the officially announced epidemiological statistics without having any symptoms, as Hannity reported the other day. This would say that the virulence of the coronaviruses is even lower than that of pathogenic flu strands, something that we know from virology for more than 80 years and that is why there has never been any medical problem with this virus family all these years.

This exposes the current lockdown and the social isolation of the people, which has, by the way, never made any sense from a medical, or physiological point of view, as a blatant attempt to enslave humanity into the NWO by exploiting their existential fears and their agnosticism that forges the wrong belief that humans are mortal and have only one life. That is why this fake epidemic is used by the higher realms to cleanse and heal the 1st root chakra from existential fears in the broad population and why the current lockdown has a very positive effect on the global ascension process.

Read: Why the Coronavirus Scare Now?

Even the MSM can no longer hide the current coronavirus fraud, although they have to go a long way to discern the whole truth as presented in this article. The tide has, however, turned thanks to our invocations with the Source which are extremely powerful and transform this world beyond recognition. Very soon, most probably in May, we must reckon with some dramatic events that will bring about a veritable pandemic of truth that will encompass humanity and heave it to a new level of illumination. There is no way that the current coronavirus scam will be forgotten without any major ramifications for humanity and the ruling elite. There will be no going back to normalcy and even less so to the broad use of vaccinations under the hanging Damocles sword of further medical lockdowns until the NWO is finally installed. Very soon, the current dark agenda of the ruling cabal will be abolished forever when the new agenda of the Universal Law on the new earth becomes reality.

We are now entering a period of maximal expression of all the dense 3D emotional and mental features of the human ego – the positive and the negative ones – so that they can be fully seen, reconciled and forever put aside before the ascension shift can come. We will witness great moments of human heroism and utmost sincerity as this US doctor displays in this remarkable video (The original video was removed from Youtube but I could find this Italian version and hope it will stay. The Italian version was also deleted but I could find the video again, hopefully, this time it will not be deleted. Check this link:

and parallel to that the most heinous deeds of the dark cabal and their minions as admonished by this colleague in this video. This final phase of the ascension process is a resolution of the eons-old conflicts and dark heritage of humanity through the escalation of confrontation, which will be very painful, or even shocking, to the newly awakened humans and also quite unpleasant for us to observe, even as enlightened detached witnesses.

However, as I mentioned above, it is not my intention in this article to dive into the abysses of human darkness which now flows like a huge dark stream of sewage upon the world stage but to discuss the most relevant fact that is currently not understood by the entire slumbering humanity and unfortunately also not by most new agers. This epidemic is the last desperate attempt of the losing dark cabal to stop the tide of planetary and human ascension; these obnoxious ones have become so obvious and unhinged in their crimes and lies that they actually prepare perfectly for their imminent demise as the people can finally see their true ugly nature.

This is the goal towards which we are now working with full force with our light invocations on a daily basis. The cosmic dialectics provides that all heinous deeds in the current end phase of ascension are sanctioned by immediate karma and achieve the opposite effect of what they intend. I defined this higher dimensional phenomenon as an “energetic oxymoron” almost two decades ago.

Read here: New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 5

This concept completely describes the Astral Dynamics of the Global Economic Crisis on the Eve of the Parousia, which humanity has entered with the establishment of the current global lockdown. The current events were predicted by myself more than 2 decades ago and are following the impeccable logic of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law when applied to human history.

Among these remarkably precise and extensive predictions – after all, we are the creators of this reality – one particular achievement ranks high. I was the first medical expert to have described very accurately all the major symptoms and “dis-eases” during the LBP, again more than two decades ago when even the concept of the Light Body Process was virtually unknown to the new agers and non-existent to the rest of humanity.

Read here: The Light Body Process – Symptoms and Healing – Ebook

I entered the last most intense phase of the LBP in 1999 and ascended for the first time in July 2000. Since then I have had a series of ascensions to higher dimensions, the last one in January 2019 to the 9th dimension – the first such direct transfiguration of a human still dwelling in a 3D physical body to a pure light being. I have reported on these events on this website on various occasions.

And here is the highlight of my medical presentation of the most severe symptoms of the LBP, which I personally experienced dozens of times in the last 20 years and which is at the core of the current global lockdown. This is an absolute novelty in the explanation of this fake pandemic.

Currently, a large portion of humanity has entered the LBP as first described by me in 1999. This is entirely the achievement of the PAT – with your light work, you have been able to open the heart chakras of so many human beings after I first opened your heart chakras on November 22, 2011. Then we collectively opened the heart chakras of the second and third wave of ascension candidates in 2014, respectively in 2015-2017 as reported by myself in the past. Now a large portion of the world population is opening to the ascension energies which we disseminate on this planet as conduits of the Source and the results are stunning.

The most grievous clinical symptoms associated with the opening of the 4th heart chakra during the LBP are those of the respiratory system. I have described these symptoms as early as 1999 in the following way:

The opening of the 4th chakra is associated with the conscious experience of various angst (fear) patterns that shape the psycho-mental structure of the incarnated entity. These fears are coded in the cells, in the DNA, by the soul and affect human behaviour in a profound and invisible manner as long as the 4th chakra is closed. Below, I will discuss the clinical and somatic symptoms, associated with this massive angst experience.

Here, I will give you some technical information on the opening of the 4th chakra, which you may not find in any other book or channeled message on this issue. As you may know, this chakra is associated with the thymus. This organ is in front of the lungs and is rudimentary in most human beings – it is not evolved at all. When the 4th chakra begins to open, the thymus starts to grow. At a later stage, this can be even determined by CT (computer tomography). The growth of the thymus is associated with chest pains, asphyxia, acute episodes of  severe bronchitis and pneumonitis, which are erroneously diagnosed as flu or pneumonia by most doctors, who have no idea of LBP and Ascension….”

Then I proceed with a more detailed description of the typical respiratory symptoms of the LBP. For this purpose, I also coined a new medical term that until then did not exist in the scientific literature – “severe broncho-pneumonitis“. This new LBP-induced dis-ease is actually an acute alveolitis due to the massive release of density in the body and is always associated with temporary oxygen insufficiency. The last time I experienced such a severe and prolonged episode of respiratory distress was in September and October 2019 when I expanded the city of light in Italy to Southern France and cleansed this whole area. Sophia witnessed my dramatic LBP “illness” during that time and was very much worried about my health:

“The symptoms associated with the heart chakra were already discussed above because of their more severe and imminent character. In addition to them, the opening of the 4th chakra is also associated with a profound transformation of the lungs. There are specific energy waves that enter the left brain portal and affect in the first place the respiratory system. When you have entered this phase of the LBP, you will begin to discern the various wave qualities and you will know in advance, which organs will be affected and what kind of symptoms you should expect several days later.

It is important to stress at this place that when a high-frequency wave, coming from the causal centre of your soul, enters your physical vessel through the left brain portal, it takes some time before this wave fully reaches the lower body organs and induces the corresponding symptoms and complaints.

In the case of the respiratory astral wave, it affects in the first place the upper airways, such as nose, pharynx and larynx, before it descends within 24 hours to the trachea and the bronchi, until it finally reaches the alveoli of the lungs. The result is dry, acute, severe broncho-pneumonitis, bronchitis and pneumonitis) which can be rather dramatic and can manifest itself clinically as acute pneumonia.

In the beginning, this broncho-pneumonitis is always associated with high fever, however, at a later stage, you will no longer be able to develop a fever in your body, as this symptom is associated only with the metabolism of the carbon-based organism and is no longer existent in the new crystalline light body, which you are about to build. This is a very exciting field of clinical LBP research, about which I could tell you much more, but I will refrain from this for the moment, as not to make matters much more complicated.

The acute broncho-pneumonitis lasts for 2 weeks and represents the most intensive and extensive transformation episode during the LBP. Fortunately, it occurs only once or twice per year and leads to a massive release of density in the physical body. This event involves in the first place the 5th (throat) and 4th heart chakra but has also a lasting impact on the lower three chakras.

As soon as the respiratory astral wave that triggers the acute broncho-pneumonitis enters the body through the 6th and 7th chakra, the brain is also fully involved in this human suffering. From the very beginning, this wave leads to extreme tension headache and rigidity of the neck muscles that is almost unbearable. This tension headache lasts at the beginning for at least 24 hours. Its duration may diminish to 12-15 hours later on when you enter the final stages of the LBP.”

Read here: How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process

Now we have the same clinical reports about LBP-induced severe broncho-pneumonitis or acute alveolitis, which medical doctors who are treating allegedly COVID-19 ill patients, in fact, healthy ascension candidates with LBP-induced respiratory symptoms, describe. They question the usual medical definition of flu-like pneumonia caused by this obsolete virus vehemently as this New York doctor objectively explains, even though his correct clinical assessment is lacking the theoretical foundation presented in this article.

Doctors are treating the LBP-induced, virus-free broncho-pneumonitis of the people who have now entered the ascension process as if they are suffering from an ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). This medical condition demands the use of mechanical ventilators (assisted ventilation) that introduce oxygen in the lungs as positive or negative pressure ventilation. Very often a tracheostomy is necessary that is associated with a lot of complications and many patients die every year from such complications. This is the danger that this experienced ICU doctor addresses in this very serious discourse that should be sufficient to make the responsible cabal and their medical stooges rethink the whole treatment of this fake epidemic, where the remedy is worse than the actual disease.

In fact, the cabal is using the current fake and criminal medical system as a fig leave to kill all the potential ascension candidates in the current end phase who are now displaying acute respiratory symptoms in the process of rapidly opening their 4th heart chakra of emotions and their 5th throat chakra of truth. At the same time, they have locked down the entire humanity to prevent the planetary ascension and install the NWO. It can’t get more insidious than that and this is the clearest sign that we are reaching our final goal – the ascension.

Only today, the first COVID-19 autopsy report was published that brilliantly confirms that such LBP patients and ascension candidates are being deliberately killed by wrong treatment with assisted ventilation. Most of them had in addition flu or other severe underlying diseases so that even the autopsy is not conclusive:

What the First COVID-19 Autopsy Reports Tell Us

This is the usual genocide of the dark ones on humanity under the disguise of the false health care system which I have been admonishing now for a quarter of a century. Modern medicine, in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry, is responsible for the greatest and still ongoing genocide on humanity since WW2, when modern pharmacy began, as I have proved beyond any doubt in my pivotal standard textbook:

Volume III: The General Theory of Biological Regulation in Bio-Science and Medicine

I have estimated that more than half a billion humans have been prematurely exterminated since the end of WW2 by the massive use of cell-inhibiting drugs that significantly increase the morbidity and mortality in all patients when compared to placebo in big randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials done by various researchers in numerous indications and published in peer medical journals. I have only furnished the immaculate theoretical proof and explanation for the validity of these clinical studies, whose results have been deliberately neglected or suppressed until now.

The current treatment of the masses of ascension candidates as allegedly COVID-19 ill patients is, however, a new atrocious high as it is the worst crime against humanity and All-That-Is, perpetrated in the history of this humanity. The people that die in this epidemic, do not die from coronavirus which has always been a harmless virus and is known as such for more than 80 years but by inappropriate treatment of respiratory symptoms caused by the LBP in the broad population – a fact which I predicted also more than 20 years ago and strongly warned to avoid:

Why You Should Not Trust Your Doctor When You Are in the LBP and Experience Various Clinical Symptoms

Currently established medicine has no idea of the LBP and the underlying biochemical and energetic processes, which involve the transmutation of your DNA and your cell metabolism, and the total restructuring of your chakras, thus changing dramatically the energetic tissue of your bodies.

In the first place, medicine and bio-science have virtually no idea as to how the metabolism of human cells and the body operates and how it is regulated. All doctors exert their profession in total ignorance with respect to the Nature of biological matter.

When you go to the doctor, you do so because you consider yourself to be incompetent to deal with the alleged disease or symptoms you suffer and thus you delegate your personal power over your body to the “expert”, who is supposed to know more about your organism than you as a patient. At least, you must believe that your doctor is a better expert than you are, otherwise, you will not attend his practice.

This is probably the greatest and most grievous blunder of humanity in these times. You must finally realize that your doctors know less than you do about your body in particular, and about any biological body in general. In your fear that something must be wrong with your body, you simply forget for a moment that you are immortal, highly creative multidimensional beings and thus sovereign masters of your physical vessel, which you have created to experience your illusory separation from the Source in the 3d-density of the earth…

Most of the doctors, you visit when you feel ill, are young souls and completely ignorant of the LBP and its implications for you as incarnated entities, as well as for all mankind. Most of my colleagues are so dumbed down by the current flawed medical education and health care system that they are completely blind to the plethora of spiritual information that floods the Internet these days about LBP and the Ascension of humanity to the 5th dimension.

In the first place, the kind of medicine they represent is completely flawed. Although my colleagues, the doctors, have described and introduced thousands of new diseases and syndromes in the last 70 years, since the end of WW2, which they have designated with their personal names in an act of absent scientific modesty, they always forget to tell their patients that they actually do not know the true cause of any disease, they are treating with fervor and very often with a touch of arrogant aggressiveness and deliberate professional malignancy. To this, I shall say much more below.

In order to substantiate my statement, I would recommend my readers to check the latest edition of the voluminous standard textbook for physicians “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine“. You will not find there a single disease or a syndrome, the etiology of which has been definitely determined. You will only find hypotheses and inconsistent facts about the origin of diseases. You can then go to another standard textbook on therapy  “Goodman and Gilman`s  The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics” and you will again discover that all the doctors and pharmacologists, who treat you with numerous drugs, do not have the faintest idea, of how they function in the body and what, if any, positive effects they exert upon your disease.

If you need more proof on why all doctors and bio-scientists are completely ignorant of the true Nature of biological matter, I would recommend you to read my scientific book on medicine and bio-science “The General Theory of Biological Regulation”.

How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process

With this expose on the latest developments in the current fake coronavirus epidemic, I have outlined the two major perspectives that this auspicious event will bring to humanity in the course of this year:

1. It will expose all lies and deceptions of the dark ruling cabal, the powers that were and will cause their demise forever in the course of this year on this new earth, which we built at the end of March. I have not reported on this pivotal event yet as the situation was very critical and we were exposed to many dark attacks. Please, observe that the dark ones read very carefully my website in their secret agencies as they know that this is the only reliable source of transcendental information about the ascension process after their remote viewers failed when we ascended Gaia at the stargate 11.11.11 and then one more time at the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.12.

Following the same logic, it is intelligent to assume that the ruling cabal knew exactly what will happen this year and wanted to prevent the ascension process by declaring this lockdown under false pretext. Nothing happens by coincidence in the entire multiverse and surely not on this small planet. Only the stupid “goyim”, as the zionist cabal dubs the normal humans in a derogatory manner, have no clue what is happening in this hot spring of 2020 and still believe the fairy tales in the MSM. Unfortunately, also the alternative media have fallen into this “destiny trap” of the dark cabal for humanity as they have never had a reliable spiritual compass and parrot, wittingly or unwittingly, the same old conspiracy narratives and agendas of the dark elite.

2. With this lockdown and this blatant abuse of health issues to enslave humanity, the ruling cabal and their medical stooges have fully and irreversibly compromised the current medical healthcare system and themselves so that after our ascension the people will begin to flock to our new healing 5D -7D center here in Diano Marina, Italy first and then on many places around the globe. This epidemic is the beginning of the end of the old nefarious medical system that has not saved a single life alone but only with the clandestine help of the higher realms, while it has killed millions of humans as it is agnostic science and neglects the primary source of all life and creation – our souls.

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Brethren, it is time to end this despicable charade and finally lead humanity to the new earth of infinite freedom, prosperity, bliss, and creative exuberance. We are the new architects of the new humanity  – the only legitimate social innovators on this planet.


Chapter VII:

The Power of Human Ideas… and Their Misuse.

An Epistemological Approach to Humanity’s Self-Imposed Quarantine

(May 6, 2020)

It should be a well-known spiritual truism that we create our reality with our ideas – we gestalt our external world as a mirror image of our inner thoughts and perceptions and reinforce them with the power of our emotions. Both ideas and emotions are powerful source energies, while the 3D matrix in which we currently live in is an energetically diluted holographic presentation thereof.

The material world that surrounds us is the faint landscape of energetic symbols of much deeper meaning which the incarnated personality is supposed to explore and assess with her limited senses, mind, and rudimentary intuition in order to remember who she really is – immortal soul and co-creator of her own reality. At least, this has been the case until now and we have just entered the new era of higher dimensional existence where this hide-and-search game will change overnight.

What are the leading ideas behind the current lockdown that has created a new reality for the entire humanity?

There have been numerous, more or less sincere attempts in the alternative media to explain the current lockdown because of the fake coronavirus epidemic that reflects the various levels of spiritual evolution of the authors. In this discussion, I will leave the orchestrated lies of the presstitutes in the MSM aside as they are not interested in any sincere exploration and explanation.

We have some very insightful contributions by honest doctors and scientific experts who question the logic and wisdom of the current quarantine that makes no sense from medical, epidemiological, economic and any other rational point of view. They essentially follow my arguments presented in my six articles on the coronavirus scam (two of them translated into Italian):

There are even some very bold colleagues who challenge the existence of viruses and consider them to be cell exocytes or endocytes (see exocytosis and endocytosis) coming from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) where the translation of the mRNA and the synthesis of protein occurs in the ribosomes (rough ER). Indeed electron-microscopic images of exocytes and endocytes are identical to those given as viruses when they leave or enter the cells while there are no images of viruses in the cell during their replication cycle. It is impossible to detect and capture viruses in the cell during replication but only when they allegedly leave or enter the cells as particles which renders the same images as during exocytosis and endocytosis. Therefore, it is impossible to distinguish viruses from exocytes or endocytes (secretory vesicles):

Secretary vesicles (exocytes), Dr. Jastrow’s electronic microscopic atlas

200303 corona 1

This handout illustration image courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows a transmission electron microscopic image of an isolate from the first US case of COVID-19, formerly known as 2019-nCoV, with the spherical viral particles, colorized blue (photoshopping), containing cross-sections through the viral genome, seen as black dots.

I can personally find a lot of sympathy for this extreme opinion, all the more as it does not alter anything in my scientific argumentation on behalf of the synergistic role of the many viruses that are endemic in the human body and cooperate with the human body cells. This interpretation only reinforces my accusation that we are dealing with a fake epidemic.

Then we have the legal experts who point rightfully at the massive abuse of fundamental human rights due to the abrogation of the democratic constitutions in all Western countries in the current lockdown that expose these rogue national states as elitist oligarchies of the dark cabal whose only aim is to oppress and enslave their citizens.

None of these publicists and experts, however, grasp the bigger ascension dynamics behind the current lockdown as presented by myself in my six articles on this topic.

Then we have the new age community existing on the fringes of society that does connect the quarantine to the ascension process. Some more enlightened individuals as our friend Dianne Robbins correctly pointed out that the current quarantine reflects the energetic quarantine under which humanity has lived in separation from other highly evolved civilisations for eons of time because we are seen as the most bellicose, dark, aggressive and irresponsible incarnated sentient race in this universe. Deplorably, because of the lack of any intellectual clarity, which even the well-intended Arcturians admonished the other day:  “lately the spiritual and new age communities have gotten a bit cluttered…, most new agers are incapable of any deeper insights as to the actual psychological and intellectual dynamics behind the current ascension scenario.

In particular, there is no effort and no understanding in plain sight to explore the current situation from a philosophical, epistemological, gnostic, and cognitive point of view and to explain to themselves and the rest of humanity which wrong ideas have brought the current mess and how they have achieved that. Instead, we encounter numerous speculations about various conspiracies, accusations against fictive enemies, and other stupidities which in fact reflect the same deficient thinking that has caused this temporary enslavement of humanity.

Under other less favorable conditions, on lower timelines, this situation would have been perilous as it would have led to the permanent slavery of humanity under the NWO. Fortunately, this will not happen on these ascending timelines on which we dwell and actually created with our thoughts while taking with us, so to say, piggyback the rest of humanity as incarnated souls. Many of them are freshly incarnated walk-ins that are supporting our ascension timelines with their higher dimensional soul essence, while the old dark tainted soul fragments are descending to lower timelines where the current lockdown may indeed end up with permanent enslavement under the banner of the NWO.

When we scrutinize all the key ideas that both politicians and self-proclaimed medical specialists, such as Bill Gates, have been forwarding these days on TV and other mass media on behalf of the further continuous lockdown of humanity and excessive vaccinations, we can very easily discern the common pattern of their faulty thinking.

I wished I need not discuss this topic that has been a leitmotif in all my articles and books on correct logical, axiomatic human thinking but I am afraid that this aspect has remained unnoticed so far by all critical thinkers. Therefore, I have no other choice but to address this issue one more time in light of the current epidemic confusion which grows with every moment and with every deficient breath behind a useless mask.

The first core idea promulgated by the dark cabal is that there is a dangerous pathogenic virus that has spread with great speed – hence the announcement of a pandemic by the WHO in obvious contradiction of its official definition of a real pandemic – and has the potential of killing millions of people. Medicine and healthcare systems in all Western countries have thus admitted that they are incapable of dealing with this plague and that is why the entire population had to be locked down in order to limit the dissemination of the virus and allegedly save human lives.

This is done notwithstanding the fact that the propaganda bullhorns of the same dark cabal that have invented this false epidemic are in constant competition to inflate the numbers of new infections and alleged death cases from this virus so that this seemingly upward trend puts into question the efficacy of their very strategy to combat the virus dissemination with such a massive lockdown of the entire population that ruins the national economies and causes more harm and pain to the people than this fake plaque.

Although we observe an ample falsification of medical data, the actual infection and death numbers are still below the usual seasonal flu endemic each year where within the 6 weeks of the usual flu season in January and February, i.e. during the cold winter months, 6 million people in the average have the flu and more than 200 000 people die in association with flu infections. Besides, new data shows that the current death incidence in association with flu and other seasonal infections is lower in 2020 than in previous years. The coronavirus effect is practically zero.

Please observe the official medical term “die in association with a flu infection” and not because of the flu. This definition was deliberately dropped from the medical vocabulary describing the current fake epidemic that now lasts officially almost 5 months since December 2019 and at a time of the year – April and May – when no flu has ever been observed in the history of humanity. Now we are being told that this fake epidemic will last the whole of June at least.

These obvious facts should be sufficient to convince anybody, even with no medical background but with a modicum of logical thinking, that the reality on the ground defies any, and all, official explanations and reasoning of the ruling cabal why the current lockdown. I just read the new ministerial decree of the unelected political bastard and prime minister of Italy who does not even belong to any political party and has no legitimacy, the infamous Conti, the man of false clinical numbers and calculations (“conti” means in Italian “numbers, calculations, accounts”) and in this document you have in plain sight the obvious dilemma of the ruling cabal to explain their crimes on humanity in a convincing manner.

Here is the quintessence: The cabal can introduce as many false ideas as possible to modulate this holographic reality in their desired direction, they will always fail big time as the Source and humanity have made the decision to ascend and enter a new blissful and joyful 5D earth this year. The discrepancies between the lies and the facts on the ground will become so obvious in the days ahead that at some point the sudden pre-programmed apoptosis (= sudden cell death) of the old matrix will be inevitable. To my estimate, it is bound to begin this month and will continue throughout the year.

But why this disquisition now? Here is the key explanation: Because all the ideas that the dark cabal now put forward are N-sets that exclude the Whole and themselves as an element. Essentially, they reject the unity and harmony of all Creation and all Life which is a logical axiomatic conclusion when one departs from the Primary Term of human awareness. The latter is the first and only a priori axiom in the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law that leads to a new Pantheory of all Science and Human Gnosis.

Let us analyse epistemologically and axiomatically the core false ideas of the ruling cabal with which they try to enslave humanity these days:

1. There is a pathogenic, extremely virulent virus that is an enemy of the human organism and kills it – a “killer-virus” (compare with the term “killer cells” which is another N-set.)

2. The current healthcare system cannot cope with this plague on its own although it has become so expensive and ruins the people.

3. Therefore, the only way to avoid this outcome is to lock down the entire population (earth as a prison planet).

4. If somebody challenges the appropriateness of these three ideas, then he is accused of disseminating fake information by these false keepers of the truth, or rather true keepers of all lies, and is banned from all social media. This is total censorship which did not exist even under communism.

All these ideas have a common thought pattern (N-set) which, as I will show below, runs through all categorical systems of human knowledge, especially in science, and totally compromises them:

Accordingly, life on this planet and in the multiverse is not a harmonious, synergistic creation of all sentient light beings in the unity field of human and cosmic awareness according to the principle of constructive interference but a battleground of hostile antagonistic forces of organic matter, where only the fittest survive.

It is obvious that this core idea can only be created by derailed pathological minds that have severed themselves from the Source and represent the faction of the darkest entities in this multiverse, including their dark human stooges, known as the dark cabal or the elite on the earth. They carry the energies of betrayal and treachery of the rogue Atlantean clique which was eliminated in March this year.

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When one adopts the dark, sinister idea of separation and having a life in a hostile environment, it is very easy to multiply this idea at all levels of human thinking and thus vitiate the collective worldview (Weltanschauung). All these ideas are N-sets, that is to say, sets of thought patterns that exclude the Whole of creation and each one of us as individual creators, and claim that this earth is a constant battleground of antagonistic biological forces.

These faulty ideas are the primary cause of all survival fears that the incarnated humans have stored in their 1st root chakra in numerous incarnations and are now releasing during the lockdown under the Damocles sword of a “deadly virus”. Survival fears are based on the primary notion of separation from the soul and the Source; they lead to the development of the greatest illusion of all, namely that humans are mortal beings and have only one precious life. In this sense, any kind of agnostic separation from the soul – be it religion, atheism or science – cannot be distinguished from the survival fears of all unawakened humans which this fake pandemic has now triggered to a maximal extent.

That is why with our ascension all religions, atheism, and present-day false science must be abolished once and for all.

The primary false notion of separation from the soul and the Source has brought forward the idiotic Darwin evolution doctrine, widely taught in all schools, which claims that only the fittest survive and that human evolution is driven by this merciless battle. Education as a pandemic of lies.

Then comes the political idea of capitalism as being a hostile competition between individuals and companies (social Darwinism) or between social classes, such as the capitalist and the working classes (communism), etc., before this original idea was dropped on the eve of the establishment of the NWO. This happened most obviously in 2008 when the cabal banksters destroyed the few democratic elements of the free-market economy and substituted it with the financial dictate of worthless fiat money printed out of thin air by the criminal central banks for the sole enrichment of the few very rich cabals; the latter believe to represent the top of the evolutionary pyramid they created for themselves and declared it to be the NWO (read here and all the articles in section “economic collapse“).

Then, we have the same core idea in bio-sciences over and over again. One forgets the simple fact that all viruses that affect the human body exist already in all human bodies in a very finely attuned synergism within their energetic regulation by the soul as otherwise, we will always be ill from a viral infection and not a single virus can replicate. The biological regulation of the body by the soul enables the viruses to reproduce in human cells. The replication of the viruses in the human and animal bodies is not a “free lunch” or a hostile invasion as the ruling cabal and their paid and bought experts make us believe because nothing is a “free lunch” in All-That-Is. “Hostile invasion” is the classical N-set thought pattern of the ruling cabal and their evil ETs masterminds that explains all their inhuman behavior towards the earth and its human population.

Viruses do not live on plants and trees and jump onto clueless humans and kill them at their whim. If they happen to exist in animal bodies, they have entered these animals through contact with human bodies but cause no harm (see past fake epidemics with avian flu and chicken flu that dissipated without any consequences). This is basic knowledge since the beginning of modern medicine and bio-science.

If numerous viruses co-exist in the human body – indeed we all carry thousands of viruses of which most people have no idea –  how come they all of a sudden go amok and kill their own host and thus themselves? And what is the role of the immune system in all these considerations which has now become a major argument of the awakened experts against the insanity of the current lockdown?

All forms of life exist in harmony and synergism with each other. Physical death is in this sense only an energetic transition to a different aggregate state of being. This is basic esoteric truth. Therefore, there are no hostile organisms that kill each other. From a higher vantage point of view, one can argue that we are the creators of all our reality, including nature as organic and inorganic matter, at the level of our souls.

In this case, we also create all the viruses which then play a major synergistic role in the regulation of our human bodies. There are no rogue viruses that all of a sudden decide to kill their host – the human body – as their replication cycle is dependent on human cells and it is closely coordinated by the energetic program of the soul who creates and keeps the human body alive. This should be cogent to any gnostic person who acknowledges the existence of the soul and human life as an eternal part of All-That-Is.

The new General Theory of Biological Regulation that will be the theoretical foundation of the new higher dimensional Healing Centre in Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo explains all these bioenergetic interactions very precisely and in a congruent manner for the first time in the history of modern human science. It is entirely based on the proper application of the new Axiomatics of the UL that allows the use of only such ideas and concepts that are U-sets and contain themselves and the Whole = the Soul = the Source = All-That-Is as an element.

At the same time, humanity must eradicate once and for all ideas in science that are N-sets and are based on the primary notion of separation and therefore develop the false idea of antagonism and constant battle between living organisms. This is how I developed the new General Theory of Science of the UL by completely re-writing the old failed sciences of separation (see Tetralogy of Science, left column, top).

You will be amazed to learn how extensively such false scientific ideas are used as a pretext for the imposition of the current lockdown against all common sense.

Bio-sciences, such as biochemistry, pharmacology, biology, medicine, etc. have developed a few basic explanatory concepts that foster the idea of separation and antagonism in all life in order to explain the miracle of biological regulation while rejecting the existence of the soul as the creator of all biological organisms. In this sense, agnosticism is the utmost form of separation from the Source and the soul. All the experts, including all alternative thinkers among them, are unaware of this basic epistemological fact because they are agnostics.

This situation has to change profoundly with the imminent manifestation of the Healing and Study Centres of Light in Italy as heralded by Melchizedek recently.

Let us discuss this issue in more detail from a methodological point of view. For instance, we have in bio-science the “agonist-antagonist model” with which the scientists explain the functioning of all enzymes and other regulatory bio-molecules in the human body. You can make a search on the Internet and find out that this unverified model (that is why it is not considered an established theory) is almost universally applied to explain, more or less clumsily, virtually any bioenergetic interaction in the human body. You have a variety of applications of this model as N-set, such as the lock-and-key model with which the functioning of all enzymes (actually proteins) are explained.

The entire pharmacology and the pharmaceutical industry are based on this false model and have led to the massive introduction of highly deleterious cell-inhibiting drugs (more than 90% of all the drugs on the market) that increase morbidity and mortality in patients. They have already caused the greatest genocide in the modern history of mankind by prematurely exterminating an estimated half a billion people as patients since the end of WW2 when modern pharmacology began. This fact was unequivocally proven by myself after I developed the new General Theory of Biological Regulation.

As I have written on numerous occasions, all thoughts that are N-sets and are based on the separation from the Whole, and the rejection of the Whole, lead to the annihilation of Life. This is the trademark in particular of the current ruling cabal and their insidious healthcare system. The “philanthropic’ mass murderer (energetic oxymoron of the End Time) Bill Gates embodies this evil way of thinking in a perfect and most obnoxious manner.

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The current justification for the use of vaccinations against viral and other infections is based on this false N-set idea. It excludes the regulation and the functioning of the immune system which I explained for the first time in a stringent way while including all the available scientific evidence so far with the help of the new theory of the UL. Most of volume III is dedicated to the axiomatic explanation of the regulation of the immune system and explains why the current lockdown to prevent the alleged virus distribution is the pinnacle of human insanity. Other doctors and bio-experts are now also beginning to argue in the same direction from their limited but, nonetheless, intuitively correct understanding of the functioning of the human body.

From an epistemological and methodological point of view, the agonist-antagonist model or its variation as a lock-and-key model reflects the very rigid deterministic worldview in science that is the quintessence of failed empiricism as the prevailing approach in science today. This has been a major topic of all my critics on present-day failed science.

Scientists wrongly assume that there is always one full cause for one full event (effect), so to say, all life is supposed to follow only one narrow deterministic chain of cause and effect. At the same time, they exclude hypothetically (virtually in their heads) all the other energetic interactions at numerous levels that occur simultaneously in All-That-Is and thus cannot be excluded in true science. These interactions are all parts of the Whole, which means, they are U-sets and contain themselves and the Whole as an element. They are superimposed wave systems that constantly influence each other. This is how the Whole operates and this is the basic knowledge that the new theory of the UL imparts to humanity.

In particular, I have proved that human cells are regulated energetically by the action potentials of their cell membranes, where the stored electromagnetic energy of these membrane potentials (gradients) is transformed into biochemical energy in the cells, such as the production of proteins and other biomolecules (through the electromagnetic activation of the DNA strands that operate as superconductors); these biomolecules create in turn the cell membrane potential again during the cell metabolism after the discharge of each action potential.

Image result for action potential, images

These electromagnetic gradients affect as long-range correlation all biochemical reactions in the cells in a global manner at the same time. Therefore, all rigid deterministic approaches in bioscience, such as the agonist-antagonist model and the lock-and-key model are absolutely wrong ideas – they are N-sets that exclude the synergistic simultaneous co-regulation of millions of biochemical reactions in the cell metabolism which is accomplished by the soul in a perfect manner.

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That is why all doctors and bio-scientists do not know how a single cell is regulated, not to speak of viruses no one has ever seen in a cell. Being bribed or threatened by the cabal, these false experts support and propagate the current lockdown and harm humanity more than any epidemic. They are accomplices of evil masters and even more culpable than the latter as they should know it better.

Similar wrong deterministic models are also broadly used in physics and have effectively prevented the unification of this science. The use of closed systems, such as the Carnot engine in thermodynamics, or vacuum in the theory of relativity belongs to this same set of wrong N-ideas. I have admonished these false concepts that have prevented the unification of physics on many occasions and recently in the four videos on free photon energy:

Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script

All these fake models contain implicitly the false idea of the universal biological antagonism between the species and within the species as an N-set – the antagonism of organic forces which any modestly intelligent person with a good sense of observation will easily reveal as fake only by watching the behavior of animals. The explanation we hear from politicians and false experts is based on this absolutely wrong idea. And the masses swallow it without any major resistance and behave as if they already live under the dictatorship of the NWO. That is why we have to ascend asap and awaken the slumbering masses. When you slumber in democracy, you inevitably awaken in the dictatorship.

The whole idea of the “enemy at the gates” versus us, the civilized humanity, be it a Nazi, an Islamic terrorist, or a virus, is a variation of this original N-set idea of biological antagonism and the separation from the Source, which is the negation of true Creation in All-That-Is. The invention of Islamic terrorism by the USA that sponsored these terrorists in the first place is a typical example of this faulty thinking that only leads to wars and the destruction of human life. The solutions which the dark cabal proposes to eliminate such fictitious, invented dangers are always the worst-case scenario in life, as the political situation in the Middle East clearly shows. That is why the dark cabal will not ascend and will very soon experience their Waterloo (Your Gate Has Opened, Run):

Perhaps you wonder how those fully of 3D will respond as you move forward in your new world. We do not wish to promote an “us and them”-barrier in your new world. But those, fully of 3D, will experience a great deal of fear as they realize they no longer have a pulse on the fears of the people. So it is those fully of 3D will remain enmeshed in fear as you move into your joy. So be it. Amen.”

The current lockdown to suppress the dissemination of a harmless virus is another typical example where the remedy is infinite times worse than the non-existent danger to die from a virus. The people are dying instead of their existential fears when their time has arrived, which is always a decision at the soul level. Or they release their existential fears so that they can very soon realize the greatest revelation of all – that they are immortal beings of the light and have the Divine Dispensation to ascend to the new 5D earth and live forever in bliss, joy and imminent creation. This is where we stand today.

In other words, by beginning to think logically and axiomatically according to the UL every human being will immediately know the truth and discern all the lies of the ruling cabal as their lies are N-sets that should be excluded from human thinking – forever! When these N-sets are eradicated from all human thinking, we will have an evolved human race that swings in harmony, in constructive interference with the Source, and can ascend to the unity field of consciousness – to Spirit.

This is the simplest and easiest definition of the current ascension process from a physical point of view in light of the UL.

No human thought that is N-set will make the ascension as there are no energetic N-sets in the 5th and higher dimensions. Consequently, no dark generators and perpetrators of N-sets, such as the current human cabal, will ever ascend while sticking to their permanent insidious lies. This is the only exclusion that All-That-Is allows in the current End Time of Ascension.

Therefore, while we must embrace the plurality of all human ideas as valid expressions of the Whole, insofar as they are not against the Whole, we should not show any tolerance against all ideas that are N-sets as they only promote darkness. I have seen it numerous times in many people who claimed to be spiritual and enlightened but never bothered to check the simplest ideas that determine their daily routine. Humans are, unfortunately, habitual animals and they automatically tend to succumb to darkness, especially when they praise the purity of their hearts. This is how humanity has been infested and has become the darkest humanoid race in this multiverse.

Based on this elaboration, it is cogent that there can be only one total and complete form of revelations of all the lies, deceptions, and subsequent crimes of the dark ruling cabal on this planet – their exposure as the origin of all human ideas that are N-sets that should be eliminated before the ascension.

I am explicitly speaking about the elimination of such ideas as N-sets and not the elimination of their originators who will eventually return to the Source and the Whole in eons of time in the distant future when they drop these wrong ideas of separation and embrace the unity of all Creation. After all, even when rejecting the Source and the sanctity of all its Creation, these dark ones are still creations of the Source that allows them to live in such delusion for some time as to explore to the bitter end the impossibility of any energetic separation from the Source.

Human thoughts of separation, such as “life is a constant battle where all the other people, organisms, or viruses are your enemies” are indeed resilient bugs that easily disseminate in a state of separation from the soul – in a state of profound agnosticism – and decisively determine human existence.

Who would have predicted only a few months ago that the entire humanity will be enslaved because of the most ridiculous lie that there is a deadly viral pandemic against all obvious facts? The masses have fallen prey to this deception, except for me and a few far-sighted enlightened human beings who have analyzed the dynamics of false human thinking and its psychological ramifications a long time ago and are now the beacons of light for humanity, so that it can successfully overcome its own darkness in the current process of ascension.

From this elaboration, it follows that there can be only one true revelation on this planet:

the exposure of all the wrong human ideas and lies as N-sets.

This can only happen when the new Axiomatics of the UL will be fully implemented. That is why I must ascend as the first human being and introduce the new Theory of Science of the UL before all the other detailed revelations can follow in an organized and logical manner and will bring about the utmost clarity to all humans. This most favourable ascension scenario will prevent the people from being overwhelmed by the darkness that has always existed on this planet but has remained hidden from their awareness for such a long time.

The reason why any revelations of the inherent darkness of the human race must happen on the solid foundation of true scientific Axiomatics is that all humans have, until now, only produced thoughts that are N-sets, dark thought patterns of separation, that have determined their world view in the deepest possible manner and because they have buried this bitter and painful truth deep in their subconscious. There is nothing more painful for a human being to realize how dark he has been all the time – this is the real and only tragedy of any incarnated soul. But also the end of all human illusion…

The following beautiful video clip was just deleted from Youtube, which proves everything I have said in this article. I hope you can see it in this version.


Chapter VIII:

The Equinox Portal March 19th – Energy Report

(March 20, 2020)

The Equinox portal yesterday was a real hammer – it fulfilled all our expectations. I was personally paralyzed twice by a massive source wave that had the power to obliterate the entire darkness on this planet. First, I was hit from noon to 3 pm and then from 7 pm till midnight, CET. Both times I was taken away and something major happened. We made a huge ascension leap to much higher frequencies in the last 24 hours.

We knew from the Arcturians that the equinox portal will bring an expansion of awareness and energetic stability for the light warriors amidst an escalation of dark attacks on humanity (Equinox Timelines & Helping the Lightworkers):

“We have begun to explore the timelines that are linked to the energies that are coming in for your upcoming equinox, and we must say that we see many timelines where the probabilities are quite high for the human collective to get a boost from these energies that will catapult you into that next level of consciousness that you have been waiting for. We know that many of you are eager to experience the mass awakenings that we keep telling you are coming, and we want you to know that these equinox energies coming in are going to help with solidifying the up-leveling of the human collective consciousness that is necessary to bring about these mass awakenings. You are the ones who are ready to take on a bigger role in this ascension process… The energies coming in for the upcoming equinox are also going to surround those of you who are awake with the stability and security that you want and need so that you can be the better lightworkers, grid workers, and way-showers that you know you are.

Expecting this to happen, the international cabal has decided to double down on their lies now that they are being exposed more and more by renowned experts and the facts about the current fake epidemic. We just heard that the lockdown in Italy has been widened but we do not know yet what it entails as there is great confusion among the criminal Italian government. As the USA and the EU have fully implemented their lockdown program which they have planned meticulously in the last several years, it is highly likely that they will eventually prolong the quarantine here in Italy and elsewhere.

After that, they intend to begin with mandatory mass vaccinations that will kill infinitely more people than this fake epidemic has done so far. As I wrote, the final phase of the ascension scenario is characterized by an escalation of confrontation leading to a beautiful dialectical resolution. Yvonne from Northern Germany just wrote to me that it has been announced that in Denmark the military will be employed to enforce mandatory vaccinations for the entire population. This will not be allowed to happen.

As I published, in Italy there are only 2 death cases that can be directly related to the coronavirus but the fake news of military vehicles transporting corpses in Italian cities are making the rounds although we have officially only 3,400 death cases related to coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Iss, in Italia i decessi accertati finora per causa del Covid-19 sono solo due

This would say that there are roughly 5 death cases related to coronavirus per 100,000 Italian population in a period of almost 3 months since the virus outbreak began in this country or about 1.5 death cases each month per 100,000 population.

Last year the Italian population decreased by 116,000, due to a low birth rate and a high aging population. The birth rate is 7.3 per 1,000 population and the death rate is 10.5 per 1,000 population. This would say that each year approximately 630,000 Italians die or roughly 50,000 deaths happen each month in Italy. Every day, 1,800 Italians die.

Now when the lockdown was announced, there were immediate reports that the funeral services were also closed and the people had to stay with their deceased relatives for days in their houses before they could be transported. There was a huge outcry here in Italy but no international outlet reported this disastrous reality in locked-down Italy. Until some despicable presstitutes decided to publish a report with fake photos of military vehicles allegedly transporting corpses in Bergamo, a relatively small city of 12o,000 inhabitants. This would say that according to the official statistics only 6 death cases could have occurred in this city this year. Where do all the other corpses come from – from the forgotten dead people abandoned by the Italian government who locked down the whole country?

These exaggerations of the current cabal’s lies will eventually lead to their downfall when they are exposed.

The only logical conclusion is that something big has to occur very soon in order to prevent this negative outcome. The positive healing of fears triggered by this fake epidemic cannot be jeopardized by subsequent deadly vaccinations as I have explained in my latest article.

We three, Amora, Sophia and myself, are getting very strong intuitive impulses that something big is in the making and will happen by the end of this month, or shortly thereafter.  Whatever it will be, it will effectively prevent the broad vaccination of the masses as planned by the dark evil cabal a long time ago in preparation for this insidious lockdown of the world population. At the same time, it will expose the cabal for their heinous plans to cull humanity.

These latest developments are convincingly acknowledged by the Arcturians in their today’s message. They are making several extremely important statements which we have received independently.

Firstly, that after this Equinox we shall experience more inner security and protection by the incoming source energies. This is definitely the case with me today, even though I have a severe headache as the downloads from the Equinox portal are continuing.

Secondly, they confirm that we have reached an energetic threshold where we will be able to heal all kinds of physical ailments:

You can heal any physical ailment, and now is the perfect time for you to be doing so, to be allowing in the energies that will put your body into alignment, that will align your consciousness with health and well-being.”

This is the energetic foundation for the healing centre here in Diano Marina which we are now expanding with full force and preparing for its official inauguration.

Thirdly, I announced in my latest article that this coronavirus scare will actually improve the immune system of the people by helping them release their deep-seated existential fears of survival. Reaching this level of global healing was a paramount goal of the HR in preparation for my appearance as the world teacher and the breakthrough of the new theory of the UL. It is inconceivable that the HR will miss this chance and allow the dark cabal to begin with their toxic vaccinations that will kill this time millions of people worldwide. The obvious conclusion is that I must ascend before that as this has also been announced by the Arcturians more than a month ago:

For Whom the Bell Tolls

And now read the full message of the Arcturians from today:

The Equinox Portals Are Opening Wide ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are observing the effects of the energies of the equinox on humanity at this time, and we must say that you have settled down quite a bit since the equinox was exactly several hours ago. You have been awakening within yourselves the stability and security that you need at this time to feel safe in your bodies and to remember that everything is going to be okay. You are also pulling energies in through the portals that are always opened a bit wider for the equinox, and the healing energy that comes through those portals is astounding to witness.

We feel that now would be an excellent time to receive healing, no matter what it is that you have in terms of an ailment. Your collective has been doing so much summoning of that which is healing. The answering of that collective summoning has been tremendous if we do say so ourselves, and the widening of the equinox portals has allowed in so much healing energy that it does not matter what you are afflicted with. You can receive more of what you’ve been asking for.

You can heal any physical ailment, and now is the perfect time for you to be doing so, to be allowing in the energies that will put your body into alignment, that will align your consciousness with health and well-being. Humanity has done a wonderful job of asking at this time for those who have been affected by the coronavirus. You are all banding together as one human race to bring in these energies, and now as is always the case, we are calling upon you as the awakened collective, to ground these healing energies in while the equinox portals are open so very wide.

In this universe, and in this galaxy, we really do know how to work as a team. We are here to support you, and so are so many other collectives that we are in constant communication with, in regards to humanity. Feel for these energies coming in. Let them run through you, and know that you can do so much good without leaving your home. You do good because you are good and because you work on behalf of the greatest and highest good of all.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Read also this message.


Chapter IX:

Why the Coronavirus Scare Now?

(March 18, 2020)

Yesterday afternoon, I saw through the window a scout spaceship in the sky. We went out to the beach to establish contact with the ETs who were watching over us. Amora then saw the mothership over the sea and she established contact with the Arcturians on this spaceship. They told us to use our power of analytical thinking to find out how this coronavirus epidemic will affect humanity and the outcome of our ascension through the breakthrough of the UL. As it is still quite cold and windy outside, we returned quickly back home and continued our discussion on the ramifications of the coronavirus scare and what its effects on the mass awakening of humanity would be.

This morning upon awakening the Arcturians came one more time to me and gave me more information suggesting to write about this topic as to illuminate the people about the actual energetic situation on this planet.

Before I will begin with my inspired explanation, let me assure you that currently so much more is happening on all energetic levels that we cannot wrap up our minds around it. Only three days ago we had a massive event about which I prefer not to talk at this moment, except that it was pivotal for the ascension process and in particular for the success of the equinox portal tomorrow. I can only say this much – the situation was very critical not only for humanity but also for the earth and it was resolved in a sovereign but most dramatic manner by us and the higher realms. Now the way to ascension is free and safe and Mother Mary confirmed to us that we shall experience the best spring in our lives. I leave it up to you to figure out what she meant by that.

Now back to the coronavirus scare. Let us state clearly and unequivocally: There is no such thing as a coronavirus epidemic – it is an outright, outrageous lie of the dark cabal to lockdown humanity in the hope that this will prevent ascension and eventually help them install the NWO. This has been their plan all along and they never change their plans as these dark ones are very inflexible.

Every sentient human being interprets reality in its unique, mostly warped way and this is how we create our subjective reality within the current waning consensual reality. The latter is currently crumbling with the financial system, the economy, and the healthcare system; in other words, we see currently the rapid dissolution of the old 3D holographic matrix before the new earth can manifest. The financial crash of the equity and bond markets, the world trade being in a deep recession, and the oil glut leading to precipitously falling prices are now all over in the news. Hospitals worldwide have canceled all their surgical and other procedures because of the virus scare. As Patrick just informed me, his scheduled surgery was also postponed and the doctor who brought the news was very much scared, probably he needed the assurance of his patient that all will be eventually well.

Amora wrote yesterday to her cousin in Vancouver who is an emergency doctor at a major acute care hospital with over 1200 beds and asked him how many coronavirus cases he has seen and what is the overall situation. He wrote to her this morning that as far as he knows there are only 2 cases in the hospital where he works and that he himself has not seen a single case. There is absolutely no disruption of medical services whatsoever as there are no coronavirus patients at all and it is business as usual, even less so, as most people stay at home now.  Before the lockdown, the people visited the hospitals in droves when they started coughing but it was the flu and they were sent home.

I cannot imagine the situation to be much different in the USA and Europe. In Italy, people are publishing reports from Milan and elsewhere, places that are allegedly hit the hardest by the virus, and they testify that they do not know a single person who is infected by the virus or know somebody who knows somebody who is infected by it. And nobody knows, of course, anybody who has died of coronavirus.

This is what I discussed yesterday in the line outside on the street to buy groceries at the local store. In Italy, one is allowed t0 only enter the story one by one after another client leaves the store. One lady working at the store who heard my explanation got so scared that she vanished immediately and then called the police to pick me up. The police car came a few minutes later but, of course, they could do nothing as I was not doing anything wrong with respect to the current draconian measures of the Italian government but only telling the truth. Luckily, we still do not have a thought-police but this is surely the next objective of the dark cabal if they would succeed with this attempt to install the NWO.

With that, I want to illustrate that there is NO virus epidemic whatsoever and that there are NO excess deaths at all. This is an utter scam. People die every day for a variety of reasons. Just consider for a moment that if this epidemic was so dangerous as the corrupt political elite, the MSM and the bought experts are claiming, why did they not establish an international coordination office that collects all death cases data and publishes them with their full medical history, so that the people can read and be informed. This is the easiest thing to do nowadays with the internet and we have officially only a few thousand death cases associated with coronavirus so far. The bulk of the information is negligible and should be easily managed. Instead, you cannot find a single death case associated with coronavirus on the internet where you can read the medical history and find out what was the real cause for the death. We do not know even how all these statistics are collected and who does it. The WHO is obviously not involved.

And then you have the narrative that some politicians and their spouses are infected with the coronavirus which gives them a credible excuse to disappear from the scene when this scam is revealed and responsibility from these criminal politicians will be demanded. This is surely the case with the despicable stooge of the dark cabal Trudeau in Canada who has compromised himself on so many occasions in the past.

That being said, we can easily discard the coronavirus and its non-existent medical effects on the human population and concentrate on the surreal but, nonetheless, very real and palpable fears of the people that have peaked at veritable mass hysteria. Here is where my explanation of the function of this fake epidemic begins.

Incarnated human souls have lived numerous incarnations on this toxic planet driven entirely by the fear of survival. Nothing has changed from the time when primitive man was exposed to the dangers of nature to the present day when the dangers are much bigger and come exclusively from society and the perils of toxic industrial technologies, such as 5G.

However, if humanity is meant to ascend, it has to release all existential fears as they are not compatible with the ubiquitous constructive interference of the 5D and higher dimensions which is defined in a profane new age manner as “unconditional love”. The latter is the emotional perception of this universal constructive interference with physical senses in a physical body. This state of being is very rare as the incarnated personality is surrounded all the time by numerous very powerful and invasive fear patterns. This is the current situation on Earth.

The coronavirus-hysteria has thus the function to release all existential fears of the entire humanity and to prepare them for the incoming shift. It is a global cleansing of the root chakras of the human population and it is indispensable at this point in time. This notwithstanding the fact that all the other chakras of most humans are also being opened and cleansed. Ascension is a multidimensional, multifaceted process that we can hardly encompass it its entire complexity.

Existential survival fear has always been the greatest enemy of the incarnated human being. It represents the worst and most intense form of destructive interference at the level of the biological body. It is the cause of most diseases from which the human body suffers and eventually dies.

Let me explain: Our physical existence as incarnated human personalities encompasses numerous energetic fields which are wave systems that interact all the time and contain themselves as an element. According to the Universal Law, all systems and levels of All-That-Is are U-sets that contain themselves and the Whole as an element, and the element is energy perceived by humans as space-time. Watch also the four recent videos on this topic.

The human body consists of the biological body, which has the lowest vibrations, then the ethereal body, also known as the body elemental, the emotional and mental body, the causal body, etc. Then we have the seven body chakras and numerous higher chakras which are now beginning to open in all candidates for ascension and have been opened a long time ago in all light warriors who ascended at the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.12.

All these human energetic bodies or fields must operate in perfect constructive interference so that the physical body is also in a state of energetic harmony and functions without symptoms and diseases. Clinical symptoms and diseases are not defects of the biological regulation of the human body as is erroneously believed in medicine (e.g. pathology) and bio-sciences today but a natural adaptation to changing energetic conditions in the mental, emotional, ethereal, causal bodies and in their interceptions as chakras. Most of the change in these energetic conditions is caused by human fears.

Human fears impede the natural free flow of source energies into the human body and are the only cause of all diseases. Vice versa, when a person begins with the light body process (LBP), which is essentially an increase of the body vibrations through the release of deep-seated fears, we again have an adjustment to new energetic conditions that manifest as clinical symptoms and diseases.

Human health is a very fine-tuned energetic state of being that needs the constant intervention of the soul as the creator of the incarnated human personality. This simple truth must be now revealed to the awakening humanity and the current virus scare has precisely this function.

In the first place, human fears, and among them the existential fear of survival of the 1st root chakra looms high, suppress the immune system. The immune system is of central importance as it provides the natural regeneration of all the other body organs and systems. It should be well known that the biological body and all its cells are renewed on average every 7 years, while most cells such as the blood cells are exchanged within weeks and days.  Without this constant exchange and renewal of body cells, biological life will be impossible.

Modern bio-science does not know yet what a human cell is and how it functions and is regulated. Currently, the theoretical approach is based entirely on biochemistry, where different metabolic pathways are described as one can read in any standard textbook on biochemistry. All these scattered and random facts are presented without any cohesive theory that explains the immaculate regulation of trillions of cells in the human or any other biological body. That is why bio-science and by default medicine are fake sciences.

Doctors and bio-scientists do not know how a single cell is regulated but they have the shameless audacity to pretend to know what is good for the health of their patients and prescribe drugs and other procedures, the pharmacological effects of which they also do not understand and thus only harm the human body and contribute to the greatest genocide in human history since the global development of the pharmaceutical industry after WW2. Human ignorance has always been the chief cause of human death, just as knowledge is the foundation of longevity and immortality. I have written extensively on this topic and will not delve into it here.

But these observations apply perfectly to the current fake virus epidemic. The experts have no idea how all the viruses function, how they interact with human cells as to be reproduced and so on. They are completely ignorant of that. That is why it is wrong to believe that lethal viruses can be produced by the dark secret services in order to cull humanity. While this is indeed the goal of the dark cabal, this is not possible as it includes full control over the regulation of the human body by the soul and the higher realms will never allow these evil dark ones to achieve that. Therefore, all past epidemics the dark one unleashed on this planet almost every year, died without any tangible effect, as you can read on the Internet. This one is no exception.

Here is the key theoretical reason why the dark ones and their equally dark scientists in secret research institutions are not able to create lethal viruses, much to their chagrin: They do not understand the biological regulation of the cell and the organism as they do not consider them as an assembly of electromagnetic systems where the biochemical energy of food is first converted into electromagnetic energy of the cellular membrane potentials, also known as action potentials, and then into structural chemical energy of the cell biomolecules, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, DNA, RNA, etc.

I am the first scientist in the history of mankind to clearly explain this energy exchange from a physical energetic point of view and thus established a coherent General Theory of Biological Regulation. For this reason, the current fake epidemic also prepares the ground for the imminent breakthrough of the Universal Law, which will begin with a proper understanding of this theory as it is closely related to human health and then will proceed with the more abstract physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law as presented in volume I and volume II.

The new theory of biological regulation shows, based on the newest results in science, that all the important chemical moieties in human cells operate as superconductors and electromagnetic dipoles. They all have a positive and a negative charged end and an extended electron system that connects the two poles and allows the perfect flow of energy without any loss of heat.

Just consider for a moment the ability of the organism to keep a constant body temperature of 36.6 degrees Celsius against the fake law of entropy which is indispensable for all biochemical reactions in the cells. Please, observe that until today science is not in the position to explain this simple and obvious fact – how the human body manages to keep such a steady temperature and survive. This proves that bio-science is a fake science and so are all its experts.

The constant high temperature in the cells provides the maintenance of very sophisticated tertiary and quaternary structures of proteins and other biochemical substances that enable them to function as superconductors. This is the secret of the proper regulation of the cells and the body in a state of perfect health. The entire regulation is, of course, regulated by the soul and the body elemental which is an autonomous higher dimensional software program of the physical body. This should be known to all enlightened lightworkers.

This perfect energetic framework of the human body is significantly derailed by human fears. In the absence of fears, the physical body will be immortal and this is the direction towards which humanity is heading these days. And the fake coronavirus epidemic is paving the way.

Firstly, when the existential fears of all humans come high on the surface caused by such a non-existent artificial virus scare, they are released from the human bodies. This already is a movement towards a better constructive interference of all the elements and systems in the human body.

Secondly, existential fears mobilize the immune system and enhance its function. Normally, such an enhancement takes place when there is an invasion of foreign bodies, such as pathogenic viruses and bacteria. In this particular case, there is no pathogenic bug at all, but the immune system is nonetheless maximally activated as most people are scared to death by the fake coronavirus epidemic. Thought forms are just as effective boosters of the immune system as physical foreign agents in the body, and even more effective. Ultimately, we now observe global healing of the world population under the close coordination of all human souls and the higher realms.

This is the dialectical purpose of this fake virus hysteria that was initially triggered by the dark cabal to dumb down humanity but was then utilized by the HR to improve the immune system of the world population, heal many people simply by allowing them to release their pathogenic fears and prepare them for the impending ascension. This is ingenious and that is why I want to convey this insight to my readers so that they can better understand the perfect coordination of the ascension process by the HR  and why nothing is coincidental or constitutes a life-threatening blow to humanity.

While it might have been intended by the dark ones as such, it has become a vehicle for the awakening of the masses and for their preparation for my ascension and the breakthrough of the UL. At the same time, this global cleansing of the root chakra of humanity has initiated the light body process in many humans who have been in a deep slumber until now.

Ultimately, this virus hysteria will reveal all the fallacies of the current healthcare system and will facilitate the decision of the people to turn away from it and embrace the new forms of energetic healing we shall offer them, first in the new 5D healing centre here in Diano Marina and later on in numerous places all over the world. That is why we are being told that all these events are closely connected and why we had to come to Italy, Diano Marina at this auspicious time to begin with the ascension process. And ultimately why this virus hysteria is also closely related to the rapid introduction of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation that will facilitate the breakthrough of the UL in all sciences and in daily life by also rendering the theoretical foundation for new advanced technologies, such as free photon energy and anti-gravitation vehicles.

The current ascension scenario is a perfect and very intricately staged drama that encloses the whole human population which any enlightened person should marvel and behold as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience not only on this small planet but in the entire multiverse which is also ascending with Gaia, the latter being the focal point of this process.

Read also: Thoughts – Part I


After I published this article, our PAT member Gerald sent me this publication from Italy which I have partially translated as it fully confirms what I have written above:

Coronavirus: Iss (Higher Institute of Heath), in Italy there are only two deaths so far due to Covid-19

Rome, 13 Mar 19:12 – (Agenzia Nova) – The people who died of coronavirus in Italy, who did not have other diseases, could be only two. According to the medical records examined so far by the Higher Institute of Health (ISS), according to the President of the Institute, Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference held today at the Civil Protection in Rome. “Positive deceased patients have an average age of over 80 years – 80.3 to be exact – and are basically predominantly male,” said Brusaferro. “Women make up 25.8%. The average age of the deceased is significantly higher than the other positives. The age groups over 70, with a peak between 80 and 89 years. The majority of these people are carriers of chronic diseases. Only two people have not been found to be carriers of pathologies at the moment”, but even in these two cases, the examination of the records is not concluded and therefore causes of death other than Covid-19 may emerge. The president of the Iss has specified that so far “just over one hundred medical records” have been received from hospitals throughout Italy…”

Watch also this video by a German doctor from Berlin with English subtitles who fully confirms all my articles on the coronavirus scam, however from a conventional point of view and without knowing the transcendental dimension of this event.


Chapter X:

Ascension Logic

(March 14, 2020)

Today I would like to expand more on the current final phase of the ascension as already discussed in my previous publication. The events are unfolding now with breathtaking speed and this is the most optimistic trend I have witnessed in the last two and half decades since I consciously participate in the ascension process. It is the time we have been waiting for, for so long and it has finally arrived. The worse it gets from now on, the better it is for us as this is the foundation for the realization of all our dreams regarding the new earth. We cannot build the new reality we dream of unless the old world is fully destroyed, just as we cannot cook an omelet unless we break the eggs first.

What do we observe in the last 24- 48 hours? Obviously, the ruling cabal and their political stooges in the capitals of power around the world planned this fake coronavirus fear-mongering event a long time ago. It stems from the same outdated and never really effective dark requisites of the past when collective lies and deceptions worked well for the dark cabal and they could effectively mire the masses. Since 2000 we have had almost every year a fake epidemic that always fizzled out without any major impact. The WHO announced a few times a pandemic and then fully failed thus losing any respectability.

This time, they decided to employ a virus family that is known for more than 80 years and is endemic in the broad population without causing any major outbreak of diseases. That is why nobody has so far heard of this group of one-strand RNA viruses that are very similar to the flu virus, SARS and a number of other RNA viruses that are very common in the human population. These viruses are contained by most humans in their bodies and play an important synergistic role in the biological regulation of the body. Each one of us harbours thousands of viruses in the physical body without causing any disease.

A virus disease, e.g. a common cold, can occur only when the immune system is suppressed but this is true for all other diseases. I have explained this in-depth in volume III of the General Theory of Biological Regulation where I have dedicated almost half of my book to explaining the functioning of the human immune system and have achieved at least half a dozen remarkable breakthroughs, each one of them worth a Nobel Prize according to the current scientific standards.

This night I had a notable encounter with higher dimensional beings in the lucid dream state and had a prolonged discussion that continued even after I woke up. It is closely related to what will happen in the coming days and weeks and that is why I would like to share it with you.

For the first time in many months, I slept lightly and with ease. I had a repeating dream all night – I met with a Vegan scientist, an ET from Vega. I must admit that I know nothing of this humanoid civilisation but Amora told me that they are closely involved in the human incarnation experiments on the earth and many seedings have been initiated through Vega.

He told me that he is very much interested in the General Theory of Biological Regulation as it will be the foundation for the introduction of new genetic technologies. I responded that this theory actually does not deal in detail with the genetic code although it explains for the first time how the proteins are encoded from the DNA code and what is the energetic mechanism of their function. This is a major novel breakthrough of the Universal Law in bio-sciences. He confirmed that exactly these new theoretical breakthroughs are the basis for the new genetic technologies they intend to introduce on the new earth. The Vegan scientist was a rather tall man in his 50’s, very eloquent, calm and sovereign.

He then mentioned that he is supporting me with donations. I was incredulous and asked if he has sent his donation via PayPal as I hadn’t received any from him. “No”, he said, “We are making donations our way as a group donation.” Then he showed me a big flyer where many new scientists were presented with a small photo. The photos covered the two pages of the flyer. “These are the scientists who we sponsor”, he told me. He was obviously referring to the new scientists who will introduce these new genetic technologies based on the General Theory of Biological Regulation. Many PAT members were also present during this conversation with the Vegan scientist, including Amora, and this was a very reassuring sign that this encounter really happened and constituted an important decision regarding the future of mankind.

Finally, I asked him why he focuses on this theory and not also on the new physics of the UL as presented in volume I and volume II. I did not get an explicit answer from him but when I woke up I received the answer directly from my HS, respectively from my guides:

“The General Theory of Biological Regulation is closely connected to the current fake outbreak of the coronavirus. It will expose it as a big lie and will address the existential fears of the broad population. It will urge them to turn away from the current failed healthcare system and accept the new forms of healing that you shall offer in the new healing centre here in Diano Marina.”

This fits perfectly well into what we are getting yesterday and today from our HS. I have to explain this in more detail.

Currently, the dark ruling cabal has fully adopted the dynamics and timetable of our ascension schedule as they are desperate, have lost fully their power and are forced to act quickly in a disastrous manner. The current worldwide lockdown due to this fake coronavirus outbreak was planned a long time ago, given the fact that in the last 4 years, there was no official epidemic since the ruling cabal lost power with Brexit in the UK and with the election of Trump in the USA in 2016. These are the two darkest countries that are under the full control of the dark elite. Before that, they invented each year an epidemic to scare the people.

Now, this lockdown is part of the cabal’s initial plan to install the NWO but will instead lead to their total demise. With this maximal desperate intervention to clamp down on the entire human population, the cabal has set the stage for the big changes which we shall introduce this year. They knew that the equinox energies will bring about these energetic changes as the Arcturians have announced and wanted to prevent them. Therefore, we are getting very strongly now that after March 21 till the end of this month and surely in April something very big will happen.

Amora sees it in close connection with the imminent breakthrough of the UL and also with the appearance of the healing centre here in Diano Marina, Italy. That is why they told us to rest now so as to be ready for the whirlwind that will be unleashed very soon.

Since 2012, I have been writing over and over again that the final phase of the ascension will manifest as a beautiful resolution through the escalation of the confrontation between the light and the darkness. It represents the inner dialectical logic of the ascension process. This is how karma is always resolved and now we are living in the epoch of instant karma.

Evil people harbouring darkness make decisions and perform actions based on their dark patterns of thought and negative emotions; they are always targeting and harming other innocent people in their proximity, and even far away when governments and countries are involved whom they accuse of the same darkness they harbour (e.g. the dark USA accusing the more light-filled Russia for everything that does not work in America). It is like the proverbial ant that can’t be “calm and placid as she is full of formic acid”. One can be passive-aggressive while hiding under the veil of an enlightened new ager and even has the chutzpah (shameless audacity) to condemn our noble role as a light warrior as deplorable aggression, only to end up in a toxic meltdown caused by the lack of elementary personal tolerance that exposes this person automatically as an extremely vicious and dark entity. Here I am talking about a recent personal, very unpleasant experience.

This is an invariant pattern in human relations that makes life on this toxic planet a veritable hell. It is a leitmotif in our discussions on this website.

In the case of the ruling cabal who believe in their delusion that they are still in charge of this planet, they are now desperately trying to lock down the entire human population by inventing a worldwide pandemic and pretending that they are doing this enslavement of humanity in order to save human lives, i.e. from a humanistic point of view. This is the usual insidiousness and preposterous duplicity of the former PTW that no longer works as the people are beginning to awaken to the truth under the barrage of the new Source energies carrying this truth and opening their heart and throat chakras.

But this dark behaviour is very effective in destroying the old matrix and we, the light warriors of the first and last hour, do not need to do anything or make our hands dirty. This also applies to personal relationships – all the dark humans who have not done the inner work, even if they pretend to be enlightened, are currently exposing themselves more effectively than any intervention or exposure on our part would be able to achieve. Everything is unfolding in a beautiful, almost aesthetic manner – I would never have imagined that darkness can be exposed so elegantly as this is happening nowadays. Here I am, of course, talking from personal experience but I extrapolate this experience onto the world stage as it represents the same despicable darkness.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that parallel to the announcement of this fake virus outbreak, also all financial markets are crashing. It should be well known that the Orion monetary system is bankrupt since 2008 and everything that has been done since then to prolong its clinical death was to pump more and more obsolete liquidity in the system – creating money out of thin air – that enriched the few very rich and impoverished the masses. Four QEs (quantitative easings) of the central banks, NIRP and ZIRP (negative, respectively zero interest rates) and the recent liquidity injections of the FED have kept the clinically dead Western banking system so far alive. The robo-traders propelled the equity markets to ridiculous heights in the absence of any real physical traders. These inflated indices were absolutely artificial and have nothing to do with the real crumbling US and Western economies that are in the Greatest Depression of all time since 2008. I have written a lot on this subject until I got tired of repeating myself and stopped.

Now this charade has come to an end and I cannot even feel any joy as I have been waiting for this to happen for so long that now that it has come true my emotions are wiped out in this respect and have turned towards a completely new and much more rewarding direction – towards our new 5D creations that will soon manifest. We as humans can think and feel only one emotion at a time and I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

Anyway, we are now witnessing the separation of the two worlds – the old world of the 3D matrix that is now irrevocably crumbling and the emergence of the new 5D earth as presented by the local cities of light. That is why we had to arrive in Diano Marina where our healing centre and the Infinity portal are located at the very last minute before they locked down the entire Apennine peninsula. Now they are planning the lockdown of the entire planet and the US has already announced a national emergency. I am sure the EU will follow soon. The cabal are truly sawing the branch on which they sit and this is a joyful picture to behold.

Therefore, I would recommend the PAT to rest now, fully retreat and just keep your vibrations high and be optimistic. Actually, you have every reason to be ecstatic about what we have achieved against all odds. The victory is ours and we only need to savour the fruits of our victory before it also becomes past and we move to new adventures. Because we are irredeemable adventurers…


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Chapter XI:

The Ascension Has Entered the Final Phase

(March 12, 2020)

Against our initial personal plans, I was summoned by the HR to go urgently to Italy, Diano Marina, where the healing centre and the infinity portal to the city of light in Italy is. Amora arrived on March 3rd in Rome from Vancouver, Canada. She had booked a ticket to fly to Vienna on March 9th to meet me in Austria. Then, a few days prior to her arrival, the whole situation was turned upside down in the unique way my soul always introduces sudden dramatic changes in my life. I follow them without any resistance as I know that these are crucial milestones in my life.

Instead of Amora coming to Austria, I decided to go to Italy, Diano Marina. I booked a bus ticket from Vienna to Genova and wanted to take the train from there to our city of light in Diano Marina. Amora also booked a ticket for the train on March 9th to join me in DM.

Then on March 8th, the corrupt and very weak Italian government that has lost all the support of the population and should have resigned a long time ago declared a total lockdown of entire Northern Italy. Until the very last moment, the information I got from the hotline of the bus company was that the bus would travel as usual. Then when I arrived in Vienna at the bus station, I learned that the bus had been canceled. I went to the airport, spent the night there and booked the first flight to Rome early in the morning. I arrived on March 9th at 08:00 am in Rome, went to Termini (the main railway station in Rome) and bought a ticket for the afternoon train with a seat next to Amora. This was easy as the train happened to be almost empty because of the quarantine and because many trains and flights were already canceled and the people stayed at home. We arrived late in the night in DM and met with Sophia.

The next morning, the Italian political stooges of the dark cabal in Rome declared the total lockdown of the entire country. We practically got the last train from Rome to our destination as one can no longer travel within Italy outside the place one lives in. It is worse than under communism – the liberty of movement is completely abolished. This is what the NWO was meant to be in case of its success. Now it is a desperate effort to postpone the inevitable – our imminent ascension and the occurrence of the dimensional shift. But to no avail.

Two days ago Patrick asked me: “Here in the USA, we are being told that Italy is under a complete and Orwellian lockdown due to the coronavirus. How are you and Amora faring through all of this craze? Why is Italy being targeted?”

This was my answer that sums up succinctly the current madness in world affairs: “Italy is hit so hard because I firmly believe that the masterminds of the dark cabal know that Italy is pivotal in the ascension process as they are capable of gauging energies and vibrations, though incompletely, and because there is a special department in the CIA that is reading very carefully my website since its inception although the trolls have stopped bothering me 4 years ago. They know that the ascension process will begin from Italy, as this country is the “Alpha and Omega of all incarnation experiments” on the earth, that’s all.”

We have reached our final destination and from here there is only one way – upwards to higher dimensions. It is time for me to assume my role as the new spiritual leader of humanity and for you to help me in this mission. I will skip the numerous miracles and the massive help from the HR which I received during my trip – I was carried on angels’ wings – but without it, I would not have made it. At the same time, I had the most amicable and pleasant encounters with all kinds of people from different countries and they all were very open to and interested in my spiritual ideas. First and foremost, to my explanation of why this coronavirus epidemic is fake and an utter lie, the only aim of which is to enslave humanity with massive restrictive measures on the cusp of the dimensional shift.

From the official perspective, we are now locked down in Italy for another 3 weeks as long as the quarantine continues. However, the real situation is that the place is very calm as they sent home all the Italians who decided to have a holiday at our place during this time when the schools are closed and all businesses are paralyzed. We as foreigners have no problem staying here but of course, we cannot leave Italy. This is also not our intention because, as I said, from here our way out of this reality is only through ascension.

What we now experience is a culmination of the narratives of all timelines and realities that converge into a unity destiny. The cabal believes to have come close to their goal of establishing the NWO by locking down the population and crashing the economy and the financial markets. They are so inflexible that they can only follow the original party line without considering all the changes that made their End Time plans useless a long time ago. In fact, they are only destroying the matrix, upon which they have thrived until now. This is the dialectical logic of the ascension process about which we have talked so much in the past – it is the proverbial Mefisto’s evil in Goethe’s Faust that always creates something good in the end.

There is no doubt that this fake epidemic will soon die as the numbers tell us. This is what I explain to all Italians with whom I come in contact, no matter whether they want to listen to me or not as this is how I disseminate the codes of truth and the light and offset the dark narrative of the cabal:

Each year we have a flu season of officially six weeks between January and February where at least 6 million people are infected and get seriously ill and about 200,000 people die each year, between 50,000 and 80,000 only in the USA. These deaths are officially defined as “flu-related” as the death never occurs as a result of the common cold but as a result of underlying severe or chronic diseases, mostly in elderly patients. Now, since the onset of the current fake coronavirus epidemic, we have officially ca. 120,000 infections and 4,000 death cases worldwide related to this virus. Please, observe that this fake epidemic started in December 2019 in China and we are now in the 4th month since its alleged outbreak. And it does not even deserve the name of an epidemic according to any official definition of the WHO. Compare these figures with the average flu demographics each year which are not even worth a line in the fake mainstream media.

People always die when they get old. I just read the first scientific article on the false China coronavirus outbreak that was published in Lancet last week. It is a very poor article that does not give any information regarding the underlying medical conditions of the patients. What came out though is that there was not a single death case in the age group under 35 years old. Forget all the corpses that were allegedly piling in the hospitals in China and how the medical staff was overwhelmed not being able to deal with so many deaths. Fake, fake, the fakest news ever! Only idiots and scared to death slaves can believe in such stories. Then there were very few death cases in the age group from 35 to 65 years, much less than 1% of all infected patients. And finally, there was a peak in the group of 80 years or older, in a country where the average life expectancy is lower than 80 years, which means that the Chinese die normally when they reach the age of 80.

The coronavirus family is known since 1960. These viruses are endemic in the human population, which means that we all may carry coronaviruses in our bodies as we do with influenza viruses of which there are numerous new strands each year. That is why the common cold caused by the influenza virus is considered endemic and nobody makes any fuss about it when many people die each winter. The same holds true for the coronavirus – it is endemic and is known to cause a very mild common cold. That is why we haven’t heard anything about this group of viruses until now as it has no medical relevance.

We also do not know until now if anybody from the officially registered more than 4,000 death cases worldwide has truly died directly from the coronavirus as there is absolutely no valid information on the true medical causes on the Internet, in the MSM and in scientific journals. I am sure that most of these death cases are actually influenza-related and that is why we are dealing with the greatest fraud in the current End Time.

As I expected, last evening the corrupt WHO announced the current fake coronavirus epidemic as a “pandemic”. The last H1N1 pandemic the WHO announced in 2009 fizzled out shortly thereafter and the WHO put the blame for this embarrassment on their inadequate mathematical models. If physics as a purely mathematical science is an utter fraud as I have proved beyond any doubt, why should epidemiology, which is as an exact science as theology, be more reliable?

This is what I am explaining now to all Italians to whom I have the opportunity to talk. Then I make them aware that their government wants to enslave them and is doing a good job as they have forgotten their rebellious tradition and have become cowards who are totally manipulated by the state. Now in Italy, for instance, people are building long lines outside on the street waiting to buy groceries in the stores as the government allows only one person to enter the store at a time. It is worse than under communism which I remember so well. So I have a lot of time and opportunities to talk to the Italians while waiting to buy food.

I don’t think that many Italians like to hear what I am saying but there is a surprisingly high percentage that agrees with me and this is a very positive trend. My mission is to counterbalance the official narrative of scare-mongering of the deep state and not to convince the people directly – I use them as a medium and an amplifier of my energies of truth, but I am not responsible as to how many people agree with me and accept the truth. Eventually, they all will have to accept the truth sooner or later.

This coronavirus fear-mongering is a huge cleanse of the root chakra of humanity on a global scale which we must mitigate by sending a lot of light and compassion to the entire mankind as the Arcturians have just confirmed after I wrote this report:

Read here: Heal the Coronavirus Fear-Mongering ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

This is one aspect of our mission here in Italy – the current theatre of war where the last battle between the light and the darkness takes place before the light can fully prevail. And as it has always been the case, we are at the front line of this ultimate battle.

We do expect big changes to happen any day from now on and surely in close connection with the equinox energies that will bring stability to the light warriors of the first and last hour. This extraordinary support may entail also the appearance of the cities of light as a safe haven for us, from where we can guide and help humanity at the time of their greatest distress without being personally exposed to any 3D challenges.

We were given yesterday a vision of the coming of some big natural catastrophes that will follow the cleansing of the 1st root chakra when many people who are not ready to ascend will leave this reality with a death experience. It may be the MPR (magnetic pole reversal) which is an integral part of the ascension process and has happened numerous times on lower timelines that we have severed and gone under in the course of the last 7-8 years as regularly reported on this website. We do not know what the scope of the MPR will be on these ascending timelines and can only assume that it will be more moderate and balanced. It is here that we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, can help humanity the most with our powerful fear-free fields, thoughts and emotions of compassion and understanding for the current distress of the awakening masses when the old reality and 3D matrix is rapidly collapsing. As Italy is a highly endangered seismographic region and earthquakes are very common, we are here to balance the forces of nature and prevent the worst destruction that may otherwise happen if we were not here.

Read also: A rather different message from Jesus

As the above message confirms, this last phase in the ascension process began in February, which was the most intense month in years for me and will last until mid-May. I passed personally through a steep ascension spiral and now the intensity of my energies and the height of my vibrations are unparalleled.

While I stayed in Vienna overnight, I reinforced and expanded the city of light above this old capital and at sunrise when the airplane took off, I saw the most marvelous colors – pink, violet, magenta – to the east where a clear demarcation line of a thick layer of clouds was hiding the city of light above Vienna, while the horizon was a clear stripe of rainbow colors from the Source.

After we flew through and above this thick layer of clouds, I could see a second layer of fluffy clouds extending seemingly into infinity and discern with my third eye the crystalline city of light in the sky. The energies and vibrations were off the scale all the time when I was in Vienna as well as in Rome the next day. The earth was trembling under my feet and I thought it would open any moment and would swallow me into a bottomless abyss. Nothing seemed real and stable anymore and the 3D matrix was morphing in front of my eyes.

During our train trip from Rome to DM, we descended to very low timelines, and it became very dark and rainy, we could not see any contours of the landscape anymore. This is what we always do when we participate in a massive global shift and take all the ascending timelines with us after thoroughly cleansing them. We were completely depleted when we arrived in DM late at night.

Now we need a few days to recover before we embark on our next ascension adventure. In order to be able to cope with all the still existing 3D challenges, we would highly appreciate it if you would contribute with some donations to cover some of our expenses here before we will, hopefully soon, not need any money at all. You can send your contributions to this website via PayPal and also through Western Union in euro directly to us. However currently, the Western Union offices are also closed and will be opened on March 25th again, so it will take some time before we can receive the money. Therefore, send your donation through WU at best after March 20th. In this case, you only need to write my full name – Georgi Alexandrov Stankov – and Italy as the country of destination.

Your support will hugely facilitate our final effort to trigger the ascension process with my impending transfiguration from Italy. It is notable to mention that in February all my 11 soul fragments actually transfigured and ascended and I was informed about that by my I AM Presence in a clear manner. I am, so to say, the last Mohican who is still holding the front line in this reality in a physical vessel before it can also merge with the 5D and the new earth.

This is all for the time being and I will keep you informed from the front line of ascension as soon as we know more.

Chapter XII:

The Scam With the Coronavirus Scare-Epidemic

(February 25, 2020)

I have been asked in the last several days by a few members of the PAT to write about the current scare with the coronavirus epidemic that is now taking a full grip on the entire world. For me, this is the clearest sign that the elites are now in panic and are trying to do everything to stop the impending huge awakenings of humanity that were announced yesterday by the Arcturians on which I shall report separately. We must assume that the elites know much more than the masses about how far advanced the ascension process currently is and are trying desperately to do anything to postpone it and hold mankind in a state of permanent fear as this is the only way how the constantly raising frequencies of the people and their imminent awakening can be hampered. But to no avail.

This is what I wrote to Patrick yesterday when he asked me about my expertise on the coronavirus epidemics:

“My medical and expert view as a clinical researcher is that there are no truly lethal viruses. There are also no new viruses that are being created by the cabal and the secret services as this is not that easy at all. What we have here is a selection of pathogenic strains of the flu virus, which are very common and constantly mutate. The coronavirus is related to the SARS-virus, both belong to the group of common cold viruses (wiki). Then they label it a dangerous new virus with a new name and stage a pandemic to scare the people for obvious reasons. The Chinese need this scare as their government is part of the world cabal and the other cabal in Europe and North America also need it now desperately. Please observe that Italy, the future spiritual centre of the world with Rome, is now the second most affected country by this fake epidemic.

Italy put 12 towns on coronavirus lockdown after 215 cases and 5 deaths made it the most infected country outside Asia

Now, each one of us harbours thousands of viruses, many of them flu viruses, which live in symbiosis with our body and even help its regulation. This is a complex topic that is kept secret by the scientists. Therefore, it is not at all a problem to find coronaviruses in many people and then shut down whatever city or country they want to control.

8,000 Californians Under “Self-Imposed Quarantine”, South Korea Locks Down City Of 2.5 Million People: Virus Updates

The number of death cases that no one can confirm independently is now somewhat 2000 in China and who knows what kind of deaths they put in this statistic as nobody can verify it. Each year there is a flu epidemic around this time of the year when the winter is coming to an end – it is still cold but not so cold so that the viruses can disseminate and the immune defense system of many people is weakened from the cold winter. During this time you have according to statistics about 28 000 death cases related to flu only in the USA and “no peacock crows” as the Germans say.

Here we have a country of 1.5 billion people, China, and now for several months since the outbreak of the epidemics we have only 2000 death cases, and it is impossible to verify whether they are from this virus. Until recently there were no death cases reported outside China although there were quite a few infection cases reported. This shows that the lethality of this new flu virus strain is not very high and they use this staged danger only for scare-mongering.

Besides, the Higher Realms will never allow an uncontrolled epidemics in the current end time as they can neutralize easily any virus and stop any announced epidemic very quickly as this happened with SARS several years ago when the WHO declared worldwide pandemics and then the whole story died in a few days and they had to apologize and put the blame on their statistic models. It is interesting that SARS also began in China in 2003, hence we see a clear recurrent pattern of all these scare-mongering psyops with human health. Groundhog Day is all over.

It is prudent not to buy into this story and not to engage in any thought about that but it may be that this epidemic may crash the world trade and trigger an economic crisis as the time is ripe for that. And because most probably this is also the desperate plan of the cabal to turn around the Titanic and regain their lost power after Brexit and Trump’s victory.

French Tourism Crashes By 35% Amid Virus Outbreak; Europe On Recession Watch

US stocks drop the most in 2 years as coronavirus fears rattle traders

The Coronavirus Stalls Milan, Italy’s Economic Engine

You can publish this statement also on the PAT FB  as it is important that the members know it and do not worry. I did not want to engage in it and that is why I did not publish anything so far.”

Today Laurie from Vietnam send me her report and observations on the coronavirus scare. I am not sure whether she has read my statement on this topic above:

Dear Georgi,

Just some info for you with regards to this artificial so-called ‘epidemic’ of the new flu virus. 

I did a little research on this and found that during the 2017-2018 influenza season in the USA, 80,000 people died

An estimated 80,000 Americans died of flu and its complications last winter, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This means it was the deadliest season in more than four decades — since 1976, the date of the first published paper reporting total seasonal flu deaths, said CDC Spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund. In previous seasons, flu-related deaths have ranged from a low of about 12,000 during the 2011-2012 season to a high of about 56,000 during the 2012-2013.”

This did not make headline news all over the world and America wasn’t quarantined.  I’ve also been using for information with regards to each country (scroll down to Epidemiology for a chart) and any grade 4 student can do the math and figure out the stats on this.  There are a plethora of ideas about where this came from and how it mutated… who knows? ….

A speedy light-body transformation to you!

Much love,


For me, this virus hysteria is the surest sign that we have entered the last phase of preparation for ground-breaking events. It should, therefore, be seen as something very positive. It heralds the coming of the new era for which we have been working so hard for such a long time.


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