Short Medical Report

Georgi Stankov, August 25, 2014

I have returned since several days in Vancouver, Canada. My operation took place on August 12th and I am still labouring on the complications of this big and rather dangerous surgery.

On August 5th, as soon as I arrived at the Munich airport, I drove to the big Schwabing Hospital in the North of Munich and showed up at the emergency ward of the department of general abdominal (visceral) surgery. From this moment onward, I became an object of a series of medical blunders, which I would rather skip at this place, as they only illustrate the dire state of modern medicine and why I had to undergo this major surgery in order to heal all patients who have become unwilling victims of the present-day Western type of very crude and barbaric health care.

These medical blunders led to a delay in the necessary diagnostic procedures prior to operation and ultimately to a delay in my operation, which took place a week later on August 12th. However this delay was planned in that manner and was majestically coordinated from the higher realms. I knew all the time what was happening and why, as my clairvoyance was hugely expanded during my stay in the hospital.

The immediate positive aspect of these medical blunders of the assistant doctors was that I had a serious conversation with the Professor and Head of the Surgical Department and this complaint convinced him ultimately to operate me personally. One must know that a chief doctor (Chefarzt) in Germany normally operates only private patients (with a private insurance), as he can demand higher fees from their insurance. The generally insured patients are normally operated by the assistants of the Chief doctor, known as Ober-doctors (Oberarzt). This gives you an inkling as to the hierarchical, very much military-like regiment that reigns in German hospitals. I used to be a private patient for many years, but when my insurance quadrupled within a few years, I changed it to a general insurance as it did not make any sense to me to pay so much money for nothing, given the fact that I treated myself all the time and never attended a medical practice or hospital.

The operation was rather dangerous as the tumor with the size of a tennis ball was in the groin, in close proximity to many vessels and nerves that could have been potentially damaged. Indeed, the surgical cut is very extensive – from the lower lateral abdomen to the upper medial thigh. This necessitated the incision of N. subcutaneous, a branch of the N. femoralis and this “collateral damage” of the operation led to a complete loss of sensitivity in a large portion of my thigh. This neurological disorder is associated with paraesthesia, such as total numbness, pain as if being punctured with thousand needles, heat waves, pressure and impaired muscle innervation. These symptoms determine currently the postoperative phase.

The wound itself healed fairly well and Carla, who is a nurse, removed the clips two days ago after my arrival in Vancouver. I also had to wear a drain in the thigh due a pronounced oedema (swelling) caused by an impediment of the lymph circulation in my leg as a result of the big surgical wound. We removed the drain only yesterday. This is the major problem, with which I have to cope currently, but I am confident that everything will be well very soon as I am protected by billions angels and use all the time the invocation of the gold-violet flame of healing, ascension and transmutation.

These iatrogenic induced complications were a necessary prerequisite for my final mission to redeem as Logos God all incarnated human beings, who have suffered from physical interventions of the current medical system and have impaired the electromagnetic structure of their ethereal bodies. This has hindered the access to their HS and has precluded their ascension so far. Now all these human beings and bodies have been healed once and for all and have a fair chance to ascend in the near future from a higher 4D timeline.

In other words, while being treated in the Schwabing hospital, I actually reversed the situation and healed the whole medical system, before it can be eliminated for ever after Ascension. This was my final Crucifixion on behalf of humanity, which I accepted willingly and in full consciousness with regard to the magnitude of the alchemical reaction of global healing, which my partially failed operation and subsequent pain had initiated in order to redeem billions of souls who have become victims of this inadequate medical system based on very crude, rather barbaric physical interventions in the divine human body, without any knowledge whatsoever about its fine energetic regulation from the higher dimensional realms.

I will publish today a recent message from Babaji, which Jahn has received with respect to my medical mission as Logos God during my sojourn in the hospital that elucidates my surgery from a higher vantage point of view.

Immediately after my operation, I knew that the ascension schedule has been modified one more time and that our transfiguration will not happen during my stay in Munich, as the amount of cleansing, which was initiated with my surgery was so huge and encompassing that it needed some more time and painful experience on my part at the physical level. I was told that my ascension will take place after I have largely recovered from the surgery, which may take several more weeks from now on according to my medical estimation.

However, the ascension process is in full sway and nothing can stop it anymore. Since my operation, I experience every night many MPR on lower timelines, associated with cc-waves, chills and headache. These experiences in the dream state have been confirmed by a number of PAT members in their emails to me. In the last several days I am in a dream-like state all the time and am drifting steadily upwards to higher dimensions.

The intensity of the waves has reached a solitary peak and the veil has been completely removed. I know with certainty that my duties in this reality have come to an end and that I do not need to do anything anymore, but stay calm and relaxed and only keep the energetic balance in my body and fields. This has become increasingly easier these days notwithstanding the postoperative pain due to the new refined quality of the incoming source energies. Two days ago, this timeline was flooded with crystalline source energy and since then the pink flame of love has become predominant on the sky here in Vancouver.

According to my perception, the final moment of our ascension and rapture can happen any moment from now on. This will occur independently of the political events on the ground and will be determined only by the fine attunement of myriad simultaneous energetic events that lead to the final ascension and separation of the new golden galaxy with Gaia as its focal point.

The new 4D worlds, in which we shall be active as Logos Gods after our ascension, are already created by us and exist separately from this timeline, which has now become a side timeline that still harbours the darkest and most sluggish energies, together with the full soul essence of all light warriors of the first and the last hour. It is on this mother planet, where the final confrontation of light and darkness will occur and will be resolved entirely by the impending MPR, which we shall trigger with our collective ascension – by the detonation of the PAT Supernova.

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