Faith Is the Key to Ascended Mastery

by Georgi Stankov, January 23, 2017

Although I am tired of reiterating the same thing over and over again, such is the human mind that one needs to repeat a basic truth 99 times until the 100th monkey gets it. Trump’s inauguration day was pivotal in the history of this ascending humanity as it marked the visible defeat of the ruling cabal, no matter how long their last throes will now continue. It is also obvious within the first 24 hours of the new presidency that Trump will not be able to achieve anything meaningful with the old corrupt institutions of the deep world government that led humanity to this deplorable state in the first place. The only thing Trump can do is to undo some of the worst crimes his predecessor Bombama started before the system collapses as Ron Paul clearly states today, and it will not take that long:

“What matters most in the upcoming years is not what Trump can actually do in the face of this hatred. What matters is what he can undo.

You don’t need to look further than Trump’s immediate visit to FBI and the secret services where he clearly warned them not be the fifth column in the state:


Let me be crystal clear on this issue: faith in our ascended mastery does not come from reading other people’s forecasts which can only relate to the probable energetic potential for certain future events to occur, in the full knowledge that we are the powerful creators of this reality and constantly ascend to higher timelines with a more favourable outcome where the envisioned scenario does not occur as we only experience what we truly want. This basic truth is well understood by all true PAT members as my correspondence with Patrick as of today illustrates:

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Explanation About Announced Time Points of Ascension

Georgi Stankov and Jacopo Parizzi, January 18, 2017

Dear Georgi,

good evening my name is Jacopo Parizzi, I am the son of Daniela Lupo, like my mother (who has translated into Italian two of your books) I follow the site for many years, I think since its creation.

Years ago, I got to know your daughter, who stayed some time at our home in Italy if you remember, with whom I could speak of these topics.

I always wondered, why there was a need to set dates for ascension, often happened in the past that you would write dates that you gave, for sure, the moment of ascension. What was the purpose of that?

Why this constant search for a time when it will happen? Is this not at odds with the teachings obtained on the purely 3D concept of space-time? I have been pondering on this question over the years, never considering that I could eventually write and present my questions.

Today I searched for hours on the site, read the old posts, from the beginning of 2012 to today, so I finally decided to ask you!

Last question, would it not be easier to accept the material (linear) time and do not define a moment in time? But as I understand it, if all the planes are existing at the same time, it (ascension) would happen at a time chosen by each embodied soul?

I hope I presented my questions in the best way, even if my written English is not the best one (even with the help of the translator), Thanks for your attention.

Jacopo Parizzi

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Lightships Hovering Over Our Heads – Huge Tension in the Air

Kari M. Werth and Georgi Stankov, January 11, 2017 (11.1 portal)

Lightships January 2nd

Georgi, i saw a fleet of Lightships on January 2nd, even before I read the message you posted about First Contact. I have never in my life seen them like this or been able to clearly FEEL them all around me. Vegas was teeming with them that day. Also, it happened again Yesterday on January 10th. I will forward you one more email with yesterdays’ photos. These were taken right by my house and near my dog park.

I feel a LOT of anxiety in the air today (Jan 11th). I’m trying to just breathe and let it go but it just feels so intense. I just wish it would all implode already, not sure how much more I can stand. Also, my apathy is at an all time high. I just can’t seem to make myself care about hardly anything other than animals. I just ask myself, how can things continue on much longer without the bottom dropping out. It will be very interesting to see if anything happens before the Inauguration.




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Goldman to Trump: Situation Assessment, Government Bail-ins, Precious Metals Threat: Systemic Collapse – Part I & II

Stewart Dougherty, December 30, 2016 – January 7, 2017

Every single aspect of the fraudulent and criminal financial scheme of the banksters cabal to rob humanity, turn the people into paupers and enslave them under the NWO discussed in this extremely realistic, though officially fictional conversation has been extensively explained and analysed in numerous previous articles on finance and economy on this website. Therefore I assume that all my readers are well prepared to understand and appreciate this unique article.

It is important to stress one more time that none of the forecasts in this fictional report will manifest on this highest ascending timeline as before that we shall appear as ascended masters and prevent this worst case scenario which the dark ones plan since eons of time for the current End Time.

For me the most valuable aspect of this discussion is the conviction of the author that the cabal plan can only succeed if the people do not perceive it and continue living in lazy ignorance. Precisely this will be prevented by us, the new Logos Gods of Gaia, this year because we have perceived this heinous plan of the cabal long time ago. And what we know will be also made available to the masses very soon as this is the divine plan for this planet in which we as wayshowers for humanity play a key role. This is essentially the function of this website.




Stewart Dougherty

Some pretty heady stuff, particularly the part about the Fed’s balance sheet being a lie. (I am 100% convinced of this, but cannot prove it, at least not yet.) And remember, Bernanke was caught issuing $10 trillion in swaps to foreign banks, all of which was supposed to remain a complete secret. It is not as if they haven’t been caught doing what I am saying they are still doing, to an even larger degree.

I’ve stated that the “conversation” is imagined, intuited and fictional, so the small living parts of the shredded Constitution might actually protect my freedom of speech; wouldn’t that be amazing.

I believe “government bail-ins” is fresh terminology … people hear about bank bail-ins all the time … but they don’t hear about government bail-ins, which are going to affect far more people and are inevitable. (As I’ll explain in Part 2, government bail-ins are not going to be about taxes … tax increases are too slow, and oftentimes don’t even work.) Since it’s new, the term government bail-ins might gain a lot of attention.

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The Triumph of the PAT – The Birthing of New Earth

The PAT on the Cusp of Ascension

January, 9, 2017

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Triumph of the PAT, painted by Jodie Cowan, 2016, within the Infinity Portal White Rock in Washington, USA

Dear Jodie,

I just showed the painting to Carla and we both find it strikingly beautiful and impressive. It expresses very well what is currently happening energetically  with us and Gaia. Carla believes to have recognized some codes and they look very much like the ones I used to dream about a lot in the past. Congratulations!

With love and light



Hello Georgi,

I guess the painting could be called “Triumph of the PAT”, I’m open to any suggestions.

It shows the PAT in their light bodies and their personal fields connecting to the golden grid of Gaia, guiding her through the portal / central sun. Light codes and the Violet Flame of Purification. Using torsion fields, the PAT ascends with Gaia. And the blue light body on top, victory is ours.

It is a mess here right now, the heavy snow has broken trees all over the property, and on the house, broken a skylight and put a small hole in the roof. We are so fortunate that so many other trees came down all around us and not onto any out buildings. Now we have to wait for 3 feet of snow to melt to start cleaning the mess.

My face is burnt from the intensity of everything; it has been SO SO evident, amazing actually, these past couple of weeks the many timelines I’ve become consciously aware of. And my DREAMS! They’ve always been as much a part of my life as the waking dream, but lets just say, those other me’s are meeting me and we’re becoming more acquainted… More on this later.

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Multidimensionality and Bilocation – How to Perceive Them?

Polina Korneeva and Georgi Stankov, January 5, 2016

Yesterday I received the following set of questions from Polina from Russia that deal exactly with what we experience these days – the gradual and impulsive adaptation of our minds to higher awareness through constant raising of our frequencies to the natural multidimensional experience of all sentient beings in the higher realms:

“Dear Georgi,

All timelines exist simultaneously, correct? But how do they exist in this simultaneity? Do they overlap/lie on top of each other? Or are they like different frequencies/waves, and not like space at all – hence the word ‘overlap’ is inappropriate here? How can one’s mind visualise 2, 3 or more separate timelines and is it possible to visualise them in terms of spatial relationships?

And then, how do all these separate timelines exist within one single entity that births them? Or are they the entity themselves, hence there’s no real separation between them? But then, there must be ‘some’ kind of separation right? – since we’re able to differentiate between different systems/people/processes/give things names. How does this process of division manifest itself and how does this entire system maintain all its different parts (timelines or individual events)? How is it able to hold all of them together and navigate them in an orderly fashion, so that they don’t collide and wreak havoc? And I’m talking about the bigger scheme of things that already precludes the existence of destructions on Earth as a part of a bigger design. I think a part of my question might be also related to Schrödinger’s paradox (but I might be wrong).”

“These are very difficult questions indeed and in the core of any expanded awareness. I cannot give you precise answer and you should try to find your own explanation as well as you can.” – George

The reason why I am unable to give Polina the right answers lies in the limitations of human language. The way it is constructed, language is a medium of sequential communication of information. It cannot relate simultaneous events and experiences. This has to do with grammar, syntax and semantics of the words used. In fact language is the most profound trap that sustains the illusion of linear time in this 3D holographic reality. I have tackled this issue theoretically at the end of my gnostic book “Thoughts”.

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Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Full Article

by Georgi Stankov, first published on October 31, 2014

This article was written as sequels throughout October 2014 in response to the obvious intellectual and spiritual collapse of the New Age movement since the opening of the 12.21.12 portal of ascension by the PAT that is now coming to completion four years later in 2017. I republish this pivotal overview because of its even greater actuality on the eve of the final ID shift this year.


This is a requiem of the old “New Age” and a Manifesto of the New Age of the Universal Law of Ascension.

Here are ten major reasons why the Western, predominantly American New Age movement has intellectually and morally declared a total bankruptcy and why these people have no chance to ascend in the coming days. To this conclusion I would like to refresh your memory and ask you to read one more time this message from the ascended masters, which I published a month and a half ago: “The Day of Days“.

And here are the ten intellectual blunders of the New Age Movement leading to this tragic and historically most dramatic failure of the vast majority of star seeds that came from various civilizations and star systems in this omniverse to first comprehend this illusory 3D reality and then awaken and help Gaia and humanity to ascend to 4D and 5D in the current End Time:

1) Why the National State is the Primary Cause of Most Evil on Earth

All light workers, except this author, failed to make a proper analysis of the current Orion order and discard all its forms of social life and individual manifestations. In particular, the New Age failed to explain why the national state is the most insidious form of Orion organisation of any sentient civilization that is the primary cause of all wars, civil unrest, exploitation, poverty, slavery, international blackmailing, trafficking, prostitution, narcotics trade, Mafia structures  etc.

At the same time all light workers failed to create a new utopia for humanity and envision how this civilization will live in higher dimensions by observing true spiritual principles. In short, they did not realize the creationary potential of human thoughts and how they shape this and any other reality. Ultimately, they succumbed to the Orion interpretation of life as an entirely biological species, subjugated to a very slow, painful and highly random evolution and thus betrayed their original soul mission.

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American Culture, The Myth of The American Melting Pot

Patrick Amoroso, January 2, 2017

American Culture, The Myth of the Melting Pot

Patrick’s excellent essay is a total rejection of the karmic heritage of the United States of Atrocities as “a centuries-driven crime in progress since its colonial inception… with a karmic debt (that) is so overwhelming from a universal perspective compared to any nation in the annals of history in such a short period of time” and a passionate plea for its imminent abolition as a state in the coming final ID shift. It reduces all patriotic tirades in the alt-media (e.g. Alex Jones) to anti-intellectual, amoral rubbish.


When one ponders the history of the country that claims the title of the United States of America, you might begin to contemplate whether there is meaning in such an identification and what if any commonality in terms of culture can adequately define Americans as a united people. We are primarily the third generation progeny of white Anglo-Saxon and European persecuted immigrants who were driven from a continent drenched in a thousand years of political and ecclesiastical blood-soaked warfare. Our ancestral origins are feudal, an era when a caste system of nobility and church-centered hierarchical usury were the social paradigm of a time epoch approximately encompassing a thousand years in duration. Our ancestors who became the inheritors of the American experience would have their earth-aligned and tribal cultures ransacked by a first century imperial power only to be followed with their cultural marginalization by an ecclesiastical and state-sanctioned church hierarchy professing blessings in another world. This necessitated the abandonment of established cultural inheritances reared in a spirit of spiritual diversity, ancestral reverence and folklore which had formerly been bestowed upon their minds for a vast period of time.

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