The Tide Has Turned – The Coronavirus Scam is Officially Exposed

The Pathway to Ascension is Now Free

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 27, 2020

The tide has turned. After many invocations, extensive medical, scientific, and spiritual illumination, and cleansing of dark energies on our part, the COVID-19 scam is now being officially exposed by the most “prestigious” and insidious medical institution of the cabal in the world – CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They have just published their latest estimation models based on actual epidemiological data until the end of April.

COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios

For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the number is below 0.26%. This estimate is still much higher than the real IFR which is in the range of 0.1% to 0.01% as other epidemiological and statistical studies suggest because it does not consider the ubiquitous fraud in all hospitals and other medical institutions around the world to assess all death cases with a suspicion of COVID-19 infection, even without any diagnostic proof, as being caused by this non-existent virus. Thus, all presented statistics on this fake pandemic so far are totally forged and meaningless.

Read also: Horowitz: The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?

“We destroyed our entire country and suspended democracy all for a lie, and these people perpetrated the unscientific degree of panic. Will they ever admit the grave consequences of their error?”


Please keep in mind that when the WHO officially advised all the world governments to declare the lockdown in early March, they predicted a scary death rate from this virus of 3.4% which was 15 times higher than the current officially estimated infection fatality rate, IFR by CDC that still has much more medical expertise than the WHO:

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Healing Miracles Happen Now

Big Transformation of the Human Physical Bodies Underway – a Showcase

Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 24, 2020

This week a profound transformation of the physical human bodies has commenced in preparation for the final ascension as I have already announced in my latest article. It is a massive healing program that has just begun and will manifest very soon in the form of miraculous healings for many light warriors and humans who are now entering the LBP. The current lockdown was a global training and selection program for these individuals who have expressed their desire to ascend with us at the soul level and have collectively agreed to this lockdown as the optimal ascension scenario under the current very adverse circumstances on this planet.

This healing program of the physical bodies has started with me more than 2 weeks ago. It is not my habit to talk about my health problems unless they contain important information about the bigger picture of the current ascension process. Here is what I am going through as a showcase which gives you an idea of how our bodies are now being fully transformed. I am sure that many of you will also enjoy such miraculous healings which may begin as a deterioration of the physical condition and even as an acute event and may trigger initially your worries before you see the beneficial results. If you know what is happening to you, then you can follow-up your healing process in a more relaxed and enlightened manner and also enjoy and admire it. At least, this is what I am doing these days. And what is most important – you do not need to go to a doctor who has no clue about what is happening these days on this planet.

On May 8th, we walked on foot to the centre of Diano Marina. On the way there, I got a sudden pain and huge pressure on my left thigh above the knee flexion. I could barely walk, it was very painful and it hampered my walking as the thigh was also swollen as if I had a muscle cramp. Both I and Amora could see that there was an inner bleeding in the back of the thigh. The actual cause was the very uncomfortable kitchen chair on which I am sitting and writing all day long or reading the news on the Internet. It must have damaged with its sharp edge my left thigh and caused this injury. It was actually a chronic trauma that felt very much as an acute lesion as if somebody had kicked me heavily in the thigh during a soccer match.

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Con le menzogne e le mezze verità l’umanità sta camminando a passi da gigante verso l’ascensione

Una vivisezione della schizofrenia nella scienza medica offuscata

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 16, 2020

Tradotto in italiano da Paolo Montanari

Siamo già nella seconda metà di maggio e la vergognosa facciata del coronavirus sta cominciando a sgretolarsi.

Questo è avvenuto grazie al nostro lavoro nella luce, come ho più volte affermato in tutti i miei articoli dedicati a quest’ultimo tentativo dell’oscura cabala dominante di impedire l’inevitabile ascesa di Gaia e dell’umanità alla quinta dimensione, a cominciare da me come leader spirituale mondiale:

Ora stiamo scrivendo la sceneggiatura dello scenario dell’ascensione e i nostri ruoli di protagonisti principali di questo dramma unico.

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Prophetic Seth On Pandemics and Viruses – Jane Roberts

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 22, 2020

First things, first – the new moon portal today is very powerful, it has begun several days ago, and will continue for a whole week. This will be the most transforming week for the entire humanity and probably also for us, the light warriors of the first and last hour. It is wise to expect extraordinary events to occur.

Second, my latest article was censored by the Internet thought police of the dark cabal. The third last video which I added to it is not the reason, it has been automatically censored but can still be watched on youtube. I have republished my article one more time and will do so till the cabal thought police stop sanctioning it.

This video with Seth’s explanation of pandemics and viruses from the broader psychological and teleological point of view of the soul coincides fully with my approach on the current “scamdemic” which I have outlined in a number of articles as of lately. It is time to put aside the old approach of hostile antagonistic forces in organic life and acknowledge the beautiful and ever-expanding co-creation of sentient life in all forms living in synergism with each other and in the unity field of All-That-Is toward which we now stride with giant steps.

Seth elucidates why the current lockdown is the most devastating and insidious approach to any pandemic, which only stems from an extremely dark consciousness that rejects all the basic spiritual principles of life and has an entirely deleterious biological effect on humanity in terms of the General Theory of Biological Regulation, but a great psychological effect in preparing humanity for the impending ascension:

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With Lies and Half-Truths Humanity Is Striding Steadily Towards Ascension

A Vivisection of the Schizophrenia in Obfuscated Medical Science

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 16, 2020

We are already in the second half of May and the facade of the coronavirus “scamdemic” is beginning to crumble big time. Thanks to our light work as I have repeatedly stated in all my articles dedicated to this latest and last attempt of the dark ruling cabal to prevent the inevitable – the ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension, beginning with me as the world spiritual leader:

We are now writing the playwright of the ascension scenario and our roles as the main protagonists in this unique drama. Who else is capable of having a congruent vision about the future of humanity except us? Look at the cacophony on the world stage where even the few renowned alternative thinkers have fallen prey to the deliberate obfuscation of science – medicine and mathematics as fake epidemiological statistics – and have lost the direction. This is because the entire humanity has no clue about true science and can be mired ad libitum by the usual dark perpetrators of all evil deeds on this planet.

I have always expressed the opinion that humans are the most dumbed-down sentient race in this multiverse and the express willingness with which the vast majority accepts the current lockdown and sanctions in evil sadism the few doubters by denouncing them to the authorities is the greatest and at the same time the most depressing proof for my thesis which I would have gladly missed.

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The Elohim: This Cosmic Gateway Is Not Over

The Energetic Mechanics of All Ascension Shifts

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 11, 2020

Today, I would like to explain in more technical terms how all ascension shifts operate, precisely what is their mechanics as observed by us in the illusory linear time before I publish the Elohim message below. I am fully aware that the approach I have selected in this presentation is a gross simplification of our multidimensional nature but there is no other way how to resolve the problem in a didactic manner.

Before I embarked on this disquisition, I watched one more time a few videos with Bashar where he very vividly explains the illusion of linear time as a side effect of the constant shifting of our observation of the same moment from different angles (You Are All Time Travelers).

While I fully subscribe to this presentation, knowing all too well that linear time t is equivalent to space s as we humans perceive it and measure it in physics, I do not know how to integrate this knowledge into my subsequent presentation of the mechanics of all dimensional shifts while using the latest cosmic gateway to freedom as an example. Here is where we humans hit the limit of our cognition as the human mind can only perceive sequentially the events that happen to us, but cannot create them as it lacks the bigger perspective of the higher mind as Bashar explains in another video.

From this perspective, such a massive shift as the cosmic gateway to freedom on May 9th is a big leap from one timeline with a certain frequency range to another timeline with much higher frequency by crossing hundreds of timelines in between in the course of this bilocation. This is actually what we are doing on a daily basis since we moved to our new apartment 10 days ago that already represents a much higher timeline. But the actual jumping to higher timelines accelerated in the next few days so that we were completely disoriented and laid flat most of the time. These constant leaps to higher timelines were also associated with downloads of source energy and accompanied by the invariable cc-waves and severe headaches, which is how the human body responds to such shifts.

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Breaking News: We Have Just Opened The Cosmic Gateway to Freedom – May 9th, 2020

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 9, 2020

This morning CET, we began with the opening of the crucial final Cosmic Gateway for the entire humanity, for which we have taken the responsibility to ascend with us to the 5th dimension. The actual preparation for this massive portal began with the full moon on May 7th, which was the biggest and nearest to the earth this year. We were closely observed and supported by a spaceship of the Arcturians and the Lemurians who were also in constant telepathic contact with us. Except that they advised us to drink a lot of water and rest, they did not dare say anything more but we could feel their huge tension and excitement in expectation of something dramatic to happen. That is why the last 3 days were very heavy for us, with extremely high vibrations and physical pain, and we had great difficulties anchoring ourselves in this reality and make it through the day.

Then, this morning the opening of the Cosmic Gateway to Freedom for humanity began with a massive download of source energies, which we could see as deep blue flame sprinkled with golden-yellow light. I got immediately a massive cc-wave with an excruciating headache, stomach pain, and nausea as my 3rd chakra was also heavily hit. The intensity of the incoming waves and downloads was immense, inhuman and put my body elemental in acute survival mode.

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Łatwa Propedeutyka do Nowej Fizycznej i Matematycznej Nauki Prawa Uniwersalnego

Dla Wszystkich Nieidiotycznych Naukowców, Inteligentnych Pracowników Światła oraz Wszystkich Ludzi Ze Szczerym Dążeniem Do Prawdziwej Wiedzy i Błyskawicznej Ewolucji Duchowej

Dr Georgi Aleksandrow Stankow, 1 Czerwca, 2017

Oryginalna wersja angielska

przetłumaczone na język polski przez Piotra Zyśka

Pdf, download:




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