Magnificent Wheel of Light and Life

Wendy Xia, April 23, 2019

Once upon a time, people used the wheel as a power source to generate flow of water to irrigate crops and plants. When a wheel spins, it carries the water forward and directs it into the area where people intended to. It is a simple, but harmonious way to bring the life force of water to the receivers. Like water wisdom is timeless and never fades away; it could exist un-noticeably, but also phenomenally.

Every creation has its own way to manifest or present its unique life, thus there are numerous varieties of life form on earth and in the galaxies. But, the essence of life originates from the same infinite Source and is present in All-That-Is just as the water flows from the wheel to sustain life in all forms. It exists everywhere in minerals, plants, animals and humans from 3D to 5D multi-dimensionally as far as earth is concerned. So, what is that life essence and how is life sustained through this essence? The Wheel of Light and Life (WLL) reveals this very Answer!

In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. So the Word and God is the same. Therefore, only if when the word is consciously spoken or written, is one consciously creating as the word carries the consciousness with which one formulates. They are inseparable. This is a good illustration how consciousness can direct and dominate the creations through word as primary energy. So where does the consciousness come from and how does it relate to the life essence?

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Mysterium Cygni – Das Geheimnis des Schwans als Symbol der Ich-Bin Präsenz, Video

Mystery Cygni  – The Secret of the Swan as a Symbol of the I Am Presence

Video in German

from Ingrid und Otfried Weise, April 21, 2019

based on Daniela Lupo’s article “L’Anamnesi come processo di rimembranza della Presenza Io Sono” (auch in deutsch  vorhanden)


Transcript of the Video in English

Mysterium Cygni – The Secret of the Swan as a Symbol of the I AM Presence

by Daniela Lupo, extended by Nilinfinit

When people on planet Earth embody themselves in a physical garment, they forget who they are, where they come from and what the meaning, purpose and goal of their sojourn is. This is called the veil of oblivion or amnesia. People therefore believe that they are isolated lone warriors, separated from everyone and everything.

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Avocatio per laborem – Occupational Therapy or Distraction Through Labor

Otfried Weise, April 12, 2019

This article is also available in German language.

How is it possible that during the known history of mankind a small group of powerful people has always more or less successfully dominated the great mass of the population? This question becomes even more explosive because these rulers nowadays try to establish a world dictatorship in which the individual has nothing to say.


In ancient Rome the motto ”Divide et Impera” (divide and rule) was coined. The ruler incites the population to quarrel among themselves, or different tribes to wage war against each other. In this way they work off their aggression, are busy and do not develop ”stupid thoughts”, e.g. the idea to demand more freedom or less taxes. This method is used successfully to the present day, especially in the polarization due to different, contradictory or forged views, which are spread through the MSM and the Internet in unprecedented abundance. The party state is an excellent example of this.

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Bevorstehender ET-Kontakt mit dem PAT

Georgi Stankov, 5. April 2019

Übersetzt ins Deutsche von Otfried Weise, 7. April 2019

Image result for arcturians, pictures

Die Arkturier und deine galaktische Familie

Unser langjähriges PAT-Mitglied Kari aus Las Vegas hat mir gestern geschrieben, um ihre persönliche Erfahrung mit den schweren und sehr chaotischen Energien zu bestätigen, welche das gesamte PAT in den letzten zwei Wochen während des letzten massiven Shifts erlebt hat, wie mir einstimmig mitgeteilt wurde. Bei dieser Gelegenheit hat sie mir auch ein kurzes Video geschickt, das ich inzwsichen gelöscht habe, weil es sehr dunkel war. Dieses Video wurde von einem Freund von Kari aufgenommen, der außerhalb von Las Vegas und in der Nähe der berüchtigten Area 51 lebt. Sie fragte mich, was ich davon halte.

Bevor ich meine Korrespondenz mit Kari zu diesem Thema teile, möchte ich euch auf die beiden hellen Lichter um 7.00 Uhr am unteren Rand des Videos aufmerksam machen, die plötzlich auf die beiden Lichter in der Mitte des Bildes schießen.

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Imminent ETs Contact With the PAT

Georgi Stankov, April 5, 2019

Image result for arcturians, pictures

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Our long-standing PAT member Kari from Las Vegas wrote to me yesterday to confirm her personal experience with the heavy and very chaotic energies which the PAT altogether experienced in the last two weeks during the latest massive shift and as has been unanimously shared with me. On this occasion she also sent me a short video which I published and have in the meantime deleted as it contained very dark energy. This video has been taken by a friend of Kari who lives outside Las Vegas and very near to the notorious Area 51. She asked me what I think of that.

Before I share my correspondence with Kari on this topic I want to make you aware of the two pale lights at 7.00 pm at the bottom of the video that shoot all of a sudden towards the two lights in the centre of the picture.

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Kurzer Energiebericht – Gaia’s massiver Shift 24. bis 31. März 2019

Georgi Stankov, 1. April 2019

Übersetzt ins Deutsche von Otfried Weise, 2. April 2019

Dies ist kein Aprilscherz – wir sind gerade sicher aus der wahrscheinlich verheerendsten Episode der Reinigung, Verschiebung und des Aufstiegs in unserer langen Karriere als Lichtkrieger der ersten und letzten Stunde hervorgegangen. Es begann vor etwa einer Woche und ich dachte, ich würde gleichzeitig tausend Tote sterben. Ich habe mich noch nie so deprimiert und emotional niedergeschlagen gefühlt wie letzte Woche. Natürlich gab es wie immer ein dummes 3D-Ereignis von sehr negativer und abscheulicher Natur, das plötzlich aus meiner längst vergessenen Vergangenheit in Bulgarien kam, von der ich dachte, dass ich sie vor langer Zeit hinter mir gelassen hätte und das eine kraftvolle alchemische Reaktion hervorrief, die diesen Shift tatsächlich auslöste. Kopfschmerzen, Schüttelfrost, Atembeschwerden, Muskel- und Gelenkschmerzen, um nur einige zu nennen, waren nur die üblichen Begleiter einer massiven Flut von schmutziger menschlicher energetischer Schlacke, die durch meine Felder floss und das Niveau meiner chronischen Abscheu für diese Menschheit und diesen Planeten auf ein unerträglich hohes Niveaus schraubte. Ich dachte, ich wäre wahrscheinlich allein in diesem dunklen Loch, bis Patrick mir schrieb:

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Short Energy Report – Gaia’s Massive Shift March 24 -31, 2019

Georgi Stankov, April 1, 2019

This is not an April joke – we have just emerged safe from probably the most devastating cleansing, shifting and ascension episode in our long career of light warriors of the first and the last hour. It started about a week ago and I thought I was dying thousand deaths at the same time. I have never felt so depressed and emotionally beaten as this last week. Of course as usually there was a stupid 3D event of very negative and despicable nature coming suddenly from my long forgotten past in Bulgaria which I thought I have left behind long time ago and triggered a powerful alchemical reaction that actually started this shift. Headaches, chills, apnoe, muscle and joint pain, name it, were just the usual companions of a massive torrent of dirty human energetic dross that flowed through my fields and increased the level of my chronic abomination with this humanity and planet to unbearably high levels. I thought I was probably alone in this dark hole until Patrick wrote to me:

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Concordia ex conflictione – Harmony Through Conflict

Expansion of Consciousness Through Confusion – Freedom Through Oppression

Otfried Weise, March 19, 2019

Deutsche Fassung dieses Artikels

The dialectical motto of the planetary and human ascension in the current End Times is ”Resolution through escalation of confrontation” as it has been discussed on numerous occasions by the PAT on this website. Otfried is exploring here this topic in more depth from various gnostic angles.


There are numerous systems with which the human constitution can be deciphered. One of them is the ”Seven Rays/Flames”, first mentioned by H. P. Blavatsky; Alice. A. Bailey has described them in detail in several volumes; her knowledge originates from the ascended master Djwhal Khul.

We have studied and applied them for decades and have also published a book on it. In the USA this method is maintained by M. D. Robbins at the University of the Seven Rays and in Germany Elke Beul, alias Claire Avalon, has been working with it for many decades. These rays do not only define the energy body of the human being but are also the basis of creation we humans experience. In addition, there are other ray systems which play a major role in the current shift of consciousness of mankind. Claire Avalon has published several volumes on this subject.

Read alsoMessage From The Crystalline Beings of Light: The Five Flames of Ascended Creation – The Wheel of Light and Life!

The fourth of the original Seven Rays is characterized by the key terms: Harmony through conflict, beauty and art. This article describes how the fourth ray shapes the lives of individuals and mankind.

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