Einstein’s Dream Come True! A Bulgarian Scientist from Munich Discovers the World Equation (Weltformel)

by Emilia Bacharova

First published in the German Journal “Wirtschaftsblatt” on 1. January 2000


It seems that a medical doctor and researcher from Munich has succeeded in proving the existence of a single law of nature from which all other known physical laws can be derived. The results of this discovery were presented on November 2, 1999, in front of more than 400 scientists in the crowded plenary hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia by the discoverer, Georgi Stankov, and emphatically received by the guests. This event was preceded by another lecture at the International Symposium for Cosmonautics at the end of October in Sofia.

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Сбъднатата мечта на Айнщайн! Български учен от Мюнхен откри Уравнението на Вселената (Weltformel)

от Емилия Бахарова

публикувано за първи път в немското списание “Wirtschaftsblatt” на 1. януари 2000 г.


По всичко личи, че български лекар и изследовател от Мюнхен е успял да докаже съществуването на един единствен природен закон, от който могат да се изведат всички останали известни физични закони. Резултатите от това откритие бяха представени на 2 ноември 1999 г. пред повече от 400 учени в препълнената пленарна зала на Българската академия на науките в София от откривателя Георги Станков и бяха посрещнати изключително радушно от гостите. Това събитие беше предшествано от друга лекция на учения на Международния симпозиум по космонавтика в края на октомври в София.

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The Universal Law of Nature

by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Copyright 2009

Table of Content

Scientific definition


Conventional science has not yet discovered a single law of Nature, with which all natural phenomena can be assessed without exception. Such a law should be defined as “universal”. Based on sound, self-evident scientific principles and facts, the current article analyses, from the viewpoint of the methodology of science, the formal theoretical criteria, that a natural law should fulfill in order to acquire the status of a “Universal Law”

Current Concepts

In science, some known natural laws, such as Newton’s law of gravitation, are referred to as “universal”, e.g. “universal law of gravitation”. This term implies that this particular law is valid for the whole universe independently of space and time, although these physical dimensions are subjected to relativistic changes as assessed in the theory of relativity (e.g. by Lorentz’s transformations).

The same holds true for all known physical laws in modern physics, including Newton’s three laws of classical mechanics, Kepler’s laws on the rotation of planets, various laws on the behaviour of gases, fluids, and levers, the first law of thermodynamics on the conservation of energy, the second law of thermodynamics on growing entropy, diverse laws of radiation, numerous laws of electrostatics, electrodynamics, electricity, and magnetism, (summarised in Maxwell’s four equations of electromagnetism), laws of wave theory, Einstein’s famous law on the equivalence of mass and energy, Schrödinger’s wave equation of quantum mechanics, and so on. Modern textbooks of physics contain more than a hundred distinct laws, all of them being considered to be of universal character.

According to current physical theory, Nature – in fact, only inorganic, physical matter – seems to obey numerous laws, which are of universal character, e.g. they hold true at any place and time in the universe, and operate simultaneously and in perfect harmony with each other so that human mind perceives Nature as an ordered Whole.

Empirical science, conducted as experimental research, seems to confirm the universal validity of these physical laws without exception. For this purpose, all physical laws are presented as mathematical equations. Laws of Nature, expressed without the means of mathematics, are unthinkable in the context of present-day science. Any true, natural law should be empirically verified by precise measurements before it acquires the status of a universal physical law. All measurements in science are based on mathematics, e.g. as various units of the SI-System, which are defined as numerical relationships within mathematics, and only then derived as mathematical results from experimental measurements. Without the possibility of presenting a natural law as a mathematical equation, there is no possibility of objectively proving its universal validity under experimental conditions.

State-of-the-Art in Science

From the above elaboration, we can conclude that the term “Universal Law”, should be applied only to laws that can be presented by means of mathematics and verified without exception in experimental research. This is the only valid “proof of existence” (Existenzbeweis, Dedekind) of a “universal law” in science from a cognitive and epistemological point of view.

Until now, only the known physical laws fulfill the criterion to be universally valid within the physical universe and at the same time to be independent of the fallacies of human thinking at the individual and collective level. For instance, the universal gravitational constant G in Newton’s law of gravitation, is valid at any place in the physical universe. The gravitational acceleration of the earth g, also a basic constant of Newton’s laws of gravitation, applies only to our planet – therefore, this constant is not universal. Physical laws which contain such constants are local laws and not universal.

It is important to observe that science has discovered universal laws only for the physical world, defined as inanimate matter, and has failed to establish such laws for the regulation of organic matter. Bio-science and medicine are still not in the position to formulate similar universal laws for the functioning of biological organisms in general and for the human organism in particular. This is a well-known fact that discredits these disciplines as exact scientific studies.

The various bio-sciences, such as biology, biochemistry, genetics, and medicine – with the notable exception of physiology, where the action potentials of cells, such as neurons and muscle cells, are described by the laws of electromagnetism – are entirely descriptive, non-mathematical disciplines. This is a basic methodology of science that should be cogent to any specialist.

This conclusion holds true independently of the fact that scientists have introduced numerous mathematical models in various fields of bio-science, with which they experiment in an excessive way. Until now they have failed to show that such models are universally valid.

The general impression among scientists today is that organic matter is not subjected to similar universal laws as observed for physical matter. This observation makes, according to their conviction, for the difference between organic and inorganic matter.

The inability of scientists to establish universal laws in biological matter may be due to the fact that:

a) such laws do not exist or

b) they exist but are so complicated, that they are beyond the cognitive capacity of mortal human minds.

The latter hypothesis has given birth to the religious notion of the existence of divine universal laws, by which God or a higher consciousness has created Nature and Life on earth and regulates them in an incessant, invisible manner.

These considerations do not take into account the fact that there is no principle difference between inorganic and organic matter. Biological organisms are, to a large extent, composed of inorganic substances. Organic molecules, such as proteins, fatty acids, and carbohydrates, contain for instance only inorganic elements, for which the above-mentioned physical laws apply. Therefore, they should also apply to organic matter, otherwise, they will not be universal. This simple and self-evident fact has been grossly neglected in modern scientific theory.

The discrimination between inorganic and organic matter – between physics and bio-science – is therefore artificial and exclusively based on didactic considerations. This artificial separation of scientific disciplines has emerged historically with the progress of scientific knowledge in the various fields of experimental research in the last four centuries since Descartes and Galilei founded modern science (mathematics and physics). This dichotomy has its roots in modern empiricism and contradicts the theoretical insight and the overwhelming experimental evidence that Nature – be it organic or inorganic – operates as an interrelated, harmonious entity.

Formal Scientific Criteria for a “Universal Law”

From this disquisition, we can easily define the fundamental theoretical criteria, that a natural law must fulfill in order to be called “Universal Law”. These are:

1. The Law must hold true for inorganic and organic matter.

2. The Law must be presented in a mathematical way, e.g. as a mathematical equation because all known physical laws are mathematical equations

3. The Law must be empirically verified without exception by all natural phenomena.

4. The Law must integrate all known physical laws, that is to say, they must be derived mathematically from this Universal Law and must be ontologically explained by it. In this case, all known physical laws are mathematical applications of one single Law of Nature.

5. Alternatively, one has to prove that all known fundamental natural constants in physics, which pertain to numerous distinct physical laws are interrelated and can be derived from each other. This will be powerful mathematical and physical evidence for the unity of Nature under one Universal Law, as all these constants can be experimentally measured by means of mathematical equations.

In this way, one can integrate for the first time gravitation with the other three fundamental forces (see below) and ultimately unify physics. Until now conventional physics, which stipulates in the standard model, cannot integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces. This is a well-known fact among physicists and this circumstance discredits the whole edifice of this natural science. Physics is unable to explain the unity of Nature. This fact is not well understood by all people nowadays because it is deliberately neglected or even covered up by all theoreticians.

The unification of physics has been the dream of many prominent physicists such as Einstein, who introduced the notion of the universal field equation, also known as “Weltformel” (world equation) or H. Weyl, who believed physics can be developed to a universal field theory.

This idea has been carried forward in such modern concepts as Great Unified Theories (GUTs), theories of everything, or string theories, however, without any feasible success.

If such a law can be discovered, it will lead automatically to the unification of physics and all natural sciences to a “General Theory of Science”.

At present, physics cannot be unified. Gravitation cannot be integrated with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model, and there is no theory of gravitation at all. Newton’s laws of gravitation describe precisely motion and gravitational forces between two interacting mass objects, but they give us no explanation as to how gravitation is exerted as an “action at a distance”, also called “long-range correlation”, or what role photons play in the transmission of gravitational forces, given the fact that gravitation is propagated with the speed of light, which is actually the speed of photons.

If this hypothetical “Universal Law” also holds true for the organisation of human society and for the functioning of human thinking, then we are allowed to speak of a true “Universal Law”. The discovery of such a law will lead to the unification of all sciences to a pan-theory of human knowledge. This universal theory will be, in its verbal form presented as a categorical system (Aristotle), without contradictions, that is to say, it will follow the formalistic principle of inner consistency.

From a mathematical point of view, the new General Theory of Science, based on the Universal Law, will be organised as an axiomatics. The potential axiomatisation of all sciences will be thus based on the “Universal Law” or a definition thereof. This will be the first and only axiom, from which all other laws, definitions, and conclusions will be derived in a logical and consistent way. All these theoretical statements will then be confirmed in an experimental manner.

These are the ideal theoretical and formalistic criteria, that a “Universal Law” must fulfill. The new General Theory of Science based on such a “Universal Law” will be thus entirely mathematical, because the very Law is of mathematical origin – it has to be presented as a mathematical equation.

In this case, all natural and social sciences can be principally presented as mathematical systems for their particular object of investigation, just as physics today is essentially an applied mathematics for the physical world. Exact sciences are therefore “exact”, because they are presented as mathematical systems.

The Foundation Crisis of Mathematics

(see Wikipedia: Grundlagenkrise der Mathematik)

This methodological approach must solve one fundamental theoretical problem that torments the modern theory of science. This problem is well-known as the “Foundation Crisis of mathematics. Mathematics cannot prove its validity with its own means. As mathematics is the universal tool for presenting Nature in all exact physical disciplines, the Foundation Crisis of mathematics extends to all natural sciences. Social sciences do not claim any universal validity, as they cannot be mathematically expressed. Therefore, the Foundation Crisis of Mathematics is the Crisis of Science.

Although this crisis should be basic knowledge to any scientist or theoretician, present-day scientists are completely unaware of its existence. Hence their total agnosticism with respect to the essence of Nature.

This ignorance is difficult to explain, as the foundation dispute in mathematics, known in German as Grundlagenstreit der Mathematik, dominated the spirits of European mathematicians during the first half of the 20th century. The current ignorance of scientists about this crisis of science stems from the fact that mathematicians have not yet been able to solve the foundation crisis of mathematics and have swept it with a large broom under the carpet of total forgetfulness.

Mathematics is a hermeneutic discipline and has no external object of study. All mathematical concepts are “objects of thought” (Gedankendinge). Their validity cannot be verified in the external world, as is the case with physical laws. Mathematics can only prove its validity by its own means.

This insight emerged at the end of the 19th century and was formulated for the first time as a theoretical programme by Hilbert in 1900. By this time, most of mathematicians recognized the necessity of unifying the theory of mathematics through its complete axiomatisation. This was called “Hilbert’s formalism“. Hilbert, himself, made an effort to axiomatize geometry on the basis of a few elementary concepts, such as straight line, point, etc., which he introduced in an apriori manner.

The partial axiomatisation of mathematics gained momentum in the first three decades of the 20th century until the Austrian mathematician Gödel proved in 1931 in his famous theorem that mathematics cannot prove its validity by mathematical, axiomatic means. He showed in an irrevocable manner, that each time, Hilbert’s formalistic principle of inner consistency and lack of contradiction is applied to the system of mathematics – be it geometry or algebra – it inevitably leads to a basic antinomy (paradox). This term was first introduced by Russell, who challenged Cantor’s theory of sets, the basis of modern mathematics. Gödel showed by logical means that any axiomatic approach in mathematics inevitably leads to two opposite, excluding results.

The Continuum Hypothesis

Until now, no one has been able to disprove Gödel’s theorem, which he further elaborated in 1937. With this theorem, the foundation crisis of mathematics began and is still ongoing as embodied in the Continuum hypothesis, notwithstanding the fact, that all mathematicians after Gödel prefer to ignore it. On the other hand, mathematics seems to render valid results, when it is applied to the physical world in the form of natural laws.

This observation leads to the only possible conclusion.

The Discovery of the “Universal Law”

The solution of the continuum hypothesis and the elimination of the foundation crisis of mathematics can only be achieved in the real physical world and not in the hermeneutic, mental space of mathematical concepts. This is the only possible “proof of existence” that can eliminate the Foundation Crisis of mathematics and abolish the current antinomy between its validity in physics and its inability to prove the same in its own realm.

The new axiomatics that will emerge from this intellectual endeavour will no longer be purely mathematical but will be physical and mathematical at once. Such an axiomatics can only be based on the discovery of the “Universal Law”, the latter being at once the origin of physics and mathematics. In this case, the “Universal Law” will be the first and only primary axiom, from which all scientific terms, natural laws and various other concepts in science will be axiomatically, i.e. consistently and without any inner contradiction, derived. Such axiomatics is rooted in experience and will be confirmed by all natural phenomena without exception. This axiomatics will be the foundation of the General Theory of Science, which the author developed after he discovered the Universal Law of Nature in 1994.


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Divine Constitution of the Universal Law For Ascending Humanity

– International Edition –

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 18 August 2022


Divine Constitution of the Universal Law

This constitution acknowledges and abides by the axiomatic, scientific and spiritual principles of the new Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law (UL) and its infinite applications in human life as developed by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov and presented on this website.

Since the UL is the knowledge of the Source (Godhead) expressed in human language, it is called: The Divine Constitution (DC) of the Universal Law.

– The DC acknowledges all humans as immortal, unlimited, independent, free and sovereign creator beings who exist in infinite dimensions and realities, and not only on the earth, which is a specific incarnation experiment of their human souls. Humans always create from the fulcrum of their souls, consciously or unconsciously to the human mind of the incarnated personality.

– Therefore, all human institutions, authorities and forms of social life that claim priority or even monopoly on the interpretation of the creationary dialogue and exchange of ideas between the incarnated individual and his soul will be immediately and forever abolished with the adoption of the DC because they infringe upon the principles of Universal Creation as presented in the Science and Gnosis of the UL.

This includes the immediate abolition of the national state with all its legal, governmental, administrative, financial, economic, health, education, and other collective forms of governance.

– For the same reason all institutional religions will also be abolished.

– Current fake science and all philosophical, and spiritual teachings that have failed to understand and acknowledge the UL will eventually cease to exist in the rapid progress of the social evolution of humanity with the adoption of the DC.

– The new holistic worldview of the new Science and Gnosis of the UL will be the only cognitive guideline on how to understand and interpret the Nature of All-That-Is and who we truly are. Coming from the Source, it is an open system of infinite knowledge and will evolve and expand with the expansion of humanity’s awareness during its ascension process throughout the dimensions.

– It will also be the scientific theoretical foundation for the introduction of infinite new higher-dimensional technologies that will bring about unlimited freedom and prosperity to all humans.

– The implementation of the DC by a population in a country or geographic region is an indispensable prerequisite for the people to have full access to the new cities of light and to ascend from there to higher dimensions.

– Only countries and populations that have voted in a referendum for the introduction of the DC will have free access to the already existing new higher-dimensional technologies because the adoption of the DC prevents any misuse of such technologies for dark purposes as this has happened in human past history (e.g. in Atlantis and also in the history of this humanity).

– In particular, the countries that abolish their current constitutions and vote for the new DC will acquire immediate free access to the following basic technologies that will bestow them with hitherto unknown freedom and prosperity:

1) Quantum Intelligent Antigravity Vehicles for easy individual or group transport to any place on the earth. These vehicles will be based on Free Photon Energy according to the new Science of the UL. With these vehicles, all borders and legal restrictions of the current national states (e.g. passports) will be abolished forever. People will be free to fly like birds.

2) Soul-protected Astral-Card for everyone that will provide unlimited resources to every individual according to his spiritual necessities as determined by his soul. This new technology will abolish with one fell swoop all current control mechanisms, all fraud, corruption, oppression, injustice, inequality, and manipulation based on the current Orion Monetary system.

3) Numerous other advanced technologies, which will be based on free photon energy, antigravity and other new higher-dimensional forms of energy exchange, will provide infinite abundance and freedom for all humans forever (Golden Age of Humanity).

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Божествената Kонституция на Универсалния закон за възнасящото се човечество

Георги Александров Станков, 18 август 2022 г.


Божествената Kонституция на Универсалния закон

Тази конституция признава и спазва аксиоматичните, научните и духовните принципи на новата Наука и Гносис на Универсалния закон (УЗ) и неговите безкрайни приложения в човешкия живот, както са разработени от Георги Александров Станков и представени на този уебсайт.

Тъй като УЗ е знание на Първоизточника (Божественото начало), изразено на човешки език, то се нарича: Божествената конституция (БК) на Универсалния закон.

– БК признава всички хора за безсмъртни, неограничени, независими, свободни и суверенни същества-творци, които съществуват в безкрайни измерения и реалности, а не само на Земята, която е специфичен експеримент за въплъщение на човешките им души. Хората винаги творят от опорната точка на душите си, съзнателно или несъзнателно за човешкия ум на въплътената личност.

– Ето защо всички човешки институции, власти и форми на социален живот, които претендират за приоритет или дори за монопол върху тълкуването на съзидателния диалог и обмена на идеи между въплътената личност и нейната душа, ще бъдат незабавно и завинаги премахнати с приемането на БК, защото те нарушават принципите на Вселенското съзидание, представени в Науката и Гносиса на УЗ.

Това включва незабавното премахване на националната държава с всички нейни правни, правителствени, административни, финансови, икономически, здравни, образователни и други колективни форми на управление.

– По същата причина ще бъдат премахнати и всички институционални религии.

– Сегашната фалшива наука и всички философски и духовни учения, които не са успели да разберат и признаят УЗ, в крайна сметка ще престанат да съществуват в бързия прогрес на социалната еволюция на човечеството с приемането на БК.

– Новият холистичен светоглед на новата Наука и Гносис на УЗ ще бъде единственото познавателно ръководство за това как да разбираме и тълкуваме Природата на Всичко-Това- Kоето-E, и кои сме ние в действителност. Идваща от Първоизточника, тя е отворена система от безкрайно знание и ще се развива и разширява с разширяването на съзнанието на човечеството по време на процеса на неговото възнесение във всички измерения.

– Тя ще бъде и научно-теоретичната основа за въвеждането на безкрайно много нови технологии от по-високи измерения, които ще донесат неограничена свобода и просперитет на всички хора.

– Въвеждането на БК от населението на дадена страна или географски регион е задължително условие, за да могат хората да получат пълен достъп до новите градове на светлината и да се издигнат оттам в по-високите измерения.

– Само страните и населението, които са гласували на референдум за въвеждането на БК, ще имат свободен достъп до вече съществуващите нови технологии от по-високи измерения, тъй като приемането на БК предотвратява всякаква злоупотреба с тези технологии за тъмни цели, както това се е случвало в човешката история (например в Атлантида, а също и в историята на това човечество).

– По-специално държавите, които премахнат сегашните си конституции и гласуват за новата БК, ще получат незабавен свободен достъп до следните основни технологии, които ще ги дарят с непознати досега свобода и просперитет:

1) Квантови интелигентни антигравитационни превозни средства за лесно индивидуално или групово транспортиране до всяка точка на Земята. Тези превозни средства ще се основават на свободната фотонна енергия в съответствие с новата наука на УЗ. С тези превозни средства всички граници и законови ограничения на сегашните национални държави (напр. паспорти) ще бъдат премахнати завинаги. Хората ще могат свободно да летят като птици.

2) Защитена от душата Астрална карта за всеки, която ще осигурява неограничени ресурси на всеки човек според духовните му нужди, определени от душата му. Тази нова технология ще премахне с един замах всички сегашни механизми за контрол, всички измами, корупция, потисничество, несправедливост, неравенство и манипулации, основани на сегашната парична система на Орион.

3) Многобройни други усъвършенствани технологии, които ще се основават на свободната фотонна енергия, антигравитацията и други нови по-високоизмерни форми на обмен на енергия, ще осигурят безкрайно изобилие и свобода за всички хора завинаги (Златен век на човечеството).


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Divine Constitution of the Universal Law For Ascending Humanity- 宇宙法则之神圣宪法

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 18 August 2022




— DC 认为人类是不朽的,无限的,独立的,自由的,具有自主权的, 存在于无限维度和实相当中的创造者。不仅仅是在地球上,这里只是他们人类灵魂一个具体化身的体验。从人类的灵魂支点到化身个体的人智, 他们始终有意识或无意识地在创造。

— 因此,所有人为的机构组织,权威,社会活动的形式声称对人类个体与其灵魂间内在创造性的对话以及思想的交流具有优先,甚至垄断的解释权的话,他们将因无法遵守DC 而立即和永久地被废除。因为他们触犯了UL灵性真知和科学所阐述的宇宙创造之原则。


— 遵上所述,所有的宗教组织将被全部废除

— 目前的伪科学,各类哲学以及灵性教导由于无法理解和接受UL将在人类遵守DC而发生的快速社会进化过程中逐渐淘汰。

— UL新科学和灵性真知的新整体世界观将是唯一理解和解释万物皆是的本质以及我们真正是谁的认知指导。出自于源头,它是无限知识的一个开放系统,将在人类多维扬升过程中随着人类觉知的扩展而进化及发展。

— 它将是引用无限新高维技术的科学理论基础,将给人类带来无限的自由和繁荣。

— 一个国家或地区人口对神圣宪法的执行是该地区民众能够完全进入新的光之城并从那里扬升到更高维度的必要和先决条件。

— 只有通过全民公投选举引用神圣宪法的国家和人口才能自由地使用现有的新的高维技术,因为只有遵守神圣宪法才能阻止邪念滥用这些技术,人类历史已证明这点(比如亚特兰蒂斯时期以及当代人类历史)。

— 尤其是那些废除当前宪法并选举遵守神圣宪法的国家将立即获得自由使用以下基本技术的资格,从此将赋予该国家不可估量的自由和繁荣。





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Boží Ústava Univerzálního Zákona pro Vzestupující Lidstvo

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 18. Srpna 2022 


Boží Ústava Univerzálního Zákona

Tato ústava uznává a dodržuje axiomatické, vědecké a duchovní principy nové Vědy a Gnóze Univerzálního zákona (UZ) a jeho nekonečné aplikace v lidském životě, jak je vypracoval Georgi Alexandrov Stankov a jak jsou prezentovány na těchto webových stránkách.

Protože UZ je poznání Zdroje (Božství) vyjádřené lidským jazykem, nazývá se: Boží Ústava (BÚ) Univerzálního Zákona.

– BÚ uznává všechny lidi jako nesmrtelné, neomezené, nezávislé, svobodné a svrchované stvořitelské bytosti, které existují v nekonečných dimenzích a realitách, nejen na Zemi, která je specifickým inkarnačním experimentem jejich lidských duší. Lidé vždy tvoří z opěrného bodu své duše, vědomě či nevědomě do lidské mysli inkarnované osobnosti.

– Proto všechny lidské instituce, autority a formy společenského života, které si nárokují přednost nebo dokonce monopol na výklad stvořitelského dialogu a výměny myšlenek mezi inkarnovaným jedincem a jeho duší, budou s přijetím BÚ okamžitě a navždy zrušeny, protože porušují principy Univerzálního Stvoření, jak jsou prezentovány ve Vědě a Gnózi UZ.

– To zahrnuje okamžité zrušení národního státu se všemi jeho právními, vládními, správními, finančními, ekonomickými, zdravotnickými, vzdělávacími a dalšími kolektivními formami správy.

– Ze stejného důvodu budou zrušena také všechna institucionální náboženství.

– Současná falešná věda a všechny filosofické a duchovní nauky, které nepochopily a neuznaly UZ nakonec přestanou existovat v rámci rychlého pokroku společenské evoluce lidstva s přijetím UZ.

– Nový holistický pohled na svět nové Vědy a Gnóze UZ bude jediným poznávacím vodítkem, jak chápat a interpretovat Přirozenost Všeho-Co-Jest a to, kým skutečně jsme. Pochází ze Zdroje, je otevřeným systémem nekonečného poznání a bude se vyvíjet a rozšiřovat s rozšiřováním vědomí lidstva během jeho procesu vzestupu v rámci všech dimenzí.

– Bude také vědeckým teoretickým základem pro zavedení nekonečných nových technologií vyšších dimenzí, které přinesou neomezenou svobodu a prosperitu všem lidem.

– Zavedení BÚ obyvatelstvem dané země nebo geografické oblasti je nezbytným předpokladem pro to, aby lidé měli plný přístup do nových světelných měst a mohli odtud vzestoupit do vyšších dimenzí.

– Pouze země a obyvatelstvo, které se v referendu vyslovily pro zavedení BÚ, budou mít volný přístup k již existujícím novým technologiím vyšších dimenzí, protože přijetí BÚ zabraňuje jakémukoli zneužití těchto technologií k temným účelům, jak se to stalo v minulé historii lidstva (např. v Atlantidě a také v historii tohoto lidstva).

– Jen země a národy, které zruší své současné ústavy a odhlasují novou BÚ, získají okamžitý volný přístup k následujícím základním technologiím, které jim propůjčí dosud nepoznanou svobodu a prosperitu:

1) Kvantová inteligentní antigravitační vozidla pro snadnou individuální nebo skupinovou přepravu na jakékoli místo na Zemi. Tato vozidla budou založena na volné fotonové energii podle nové vědy UZ. S těmito vozidly budou navždy zrušeny všechny hranice a právní omezení současných národních států (např. pasy). Lidé budou moci volně létat jako ptáci

2) Duší-chráněná Astrální karta pro každého, která bude poskytovat neomezené zdroje každému jednotlivci podle jeho duchovních potřeb určených jeho duší. Tato nová technologie jedním rázem zruší všechny současné kontrolní mechanismy, všechny podvody, korupci, útlak, nespravedlnost, nerovnost a manipulaci založené na současném Orionském měnovém systému.

3) Četné další pokročilé technologie, které budou založeny na volné fotonové energii, antigravitaci a dalších nových formách výměny energie ve vyšších dimenzích, poskytnou nekonečnou hojnost a svobodu pro všechny lidi navždy (Zlatý věk lidstva).


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Constitution Divine de la Loi Universelle pour l’Humanité Ascendante

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 18 août 2022


Constitution Divine de la Loi Universelle

Cette constitution reconnaît et respecte les principes axiomatiques, scientifiques et spirituels de la nouvelle Science et Gnose de la Loi Universelle (LU) et de ses applications infinies dans la vie humaine, tels que développés par Georgi Alexandrov Stankov et présentés sur ce site.

Puisque la LU est la connaissance de la Source (divinité) exprimée en langage humain, elle est appelée: La Constitution Divine (CD) de la Loi Universelle.

– La CD reconnaît tous les humains comme des êtres créateurs immortels, illimités, indépendants, libres et souverains qui existent dans des dimensions et des réalités infinies, et pas seulement sur la terre, qui est une expérience d’incarnation spécifique de leurs âmes humaines. Les humains créent toujours à partir du point d’appui de leur âme, consciemment ou inconsciemment à l’esprit humain de la personnalité incarnée.

– Par conséquent, toutes les institutions, autorités et formes de vie sociale humaines qui revendiquent la priorité ou même le monopole de l’interprétation du dialogue créationnel et de l’échange d’idées entre l’individu incarné et son âme seront immédiatement et à jamais abolies avec l’adoption de la CD parce qu’elles enfreignent les principes de la Création Universelle tels que présentés dans la Science et la Gnose de la LU.

Cela inclut l’abolition immédiate de l’État national avec toutes ses formes de gouvernance collective, juridique, gouvernementale, administrative, financière, économique, sanitaire, éducative et autres.

– Pour la même raison, toutes les religions institutionnelles seront également abolies.

– La fausse science actuelle et tous les enseignements philosophiques et spirituels qui n’ont pas réussi à comprendre et à reconnaître la LU finiront par cesser d’exister dans le progrès rapide de l’évolution sociale de l’humanité avec l’adoption de la CD.

– La nouvelle vision holistique du monde de la nouvelle Science et Gnose de la LU sera la seule ligne directrice cognitive sur la façon de comprendre et d’interpréter la Nature de Tout-ce-qui-est et qui nous sommes vraiment. Venant de la Source, c’est un système ouvert de connaissances infinies qui évoluera et s’étendra avec l’expansion de la conscience de l’humanité au cours de son processus d’ascension à travers les dimensions.

– Il sera également la base théorique scientifique pour l’introduction d’une infinité de nouvelles technologies de dimensions supérieures qui apporteront une liberté et une prospérité illimitées à tous les humains.

– La mise en œuvre de la CD par la population d’un pays ou d’une région géographique est une condition préalable indispensable pour que les gens aient pleinement accès aux nouvelles cités de lumière et puissent s’élever de là vers des dimensions supérieures.

– Seuls les pays et les populations qui ont voté par référendum pour l’introduction du CD auront un libre accès aux nouvelles technologies de dimensions supérieures déjà existantes, car l’adoption du CD empêche toute utilisation abusive de ces technologies à des fins obscures, comme cela s’est produit dans l’histoire passée de l’humanité (par exemple en Atlantide et aussi dans l’histoire de cette humanité).

– En particulier, les pays qui abolissent leurs constitutions actuelles et votent pour la nouvelle CD acquerront un accès gratuit immédiat aux technologies de base suivantes qui leur conféreront une liberté et une prospérité inconnues jusqu’alors :

1) Véhicules anti-gravité intelligents quantiques pour un transport individuel ou collectif aisé vers n’importe quel endroit de la planète. Ces véhicules seront basés sur l’énergie photonique libre, conformément à la nouvelle science de la LU. Avec ces véhicules, toutes les frontières et les restrictions légales des États nationaux actuels (par exemple, les passeports) seront abolies pour toujours. Les gens seront libres de voler comme des oiseaux.

2) Une carte astrale protégée par l’âme pour tous qui fournira des ressources illimitées à chaque individu en fonction de ses besoins spirituels tels que déterminés par son âme. Cette nouvelle technologie abolira d’un seul coup tous les mécanismes de contrôle actuels, toute fraude, toute corruption, toute oppression, toute injustice, toute inégalité et toute manipulation basée sur le système monétaire actuel d’Orion.

3) De nombreuses autres technologies avancées, qui seront basées sur l’énergie photonique libre, l’antigravité et d’autres nouvelles formes d’échange d’énergie de dimension supérieure, fourniront une abondance et une liberté infinies à tous les humains pour toujours (Âge d’or de l’humanité).


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