Nowa Transcendentalna Kosmologia Prawa Uniwersalnego

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 18 styczeń, 2020

oryginalna angielska wersja

przetłumaczone na język polski przez Piotr Zyśk


Wprowadzenie – Zdemaskowanie Współczesnej Kosmologii jako Fałszywej Nauki w Świetle Prawa Uniwersalnego

Gaja i ludzkość znajduje się na skraju podniesienia do 5D i wyższych wymiarów, gdzie ludzie nabędą całkowicie nowy kosmologiczny światopogląd. Spojrzenie to będzie wielowymiarowe i nie jest to nawet możliwe, żeby opisać to używając ludzkiego języka, który jest linearny i nieodpowiedni, żeby uchwycić jednoczesność natury Wszystkiego-CO-Jest. W procesie tej bezprecedensowej ekspansji ludzkiej świadomości obecna kosmologia zostanie zrestrukturyzowana za jednym zamachem, tak jak stało się to z poprzednimi fałszywymi kosmologicznymi ideami, takimi jak Ptolemejski System Geocentryczny. Zostanie ona zastąpiona nową Transcendentalną Kosmologią Prawa Uniwersalnego.

Jednakże, nie trzeba czekać na nastąpienie planetarnego i indywidualnego podniesienia, żeby odrzucić aktualną kosmologię jako fałszywą naukę, ponieważ fakt ten jest już oczywisty każdej logicznie myślącej osobie, nawet jeśli nie ma głębokiej wiedzy fizycznej. Nawet czołowi kosmologowie naszych czasów zaczynają  tracić wiarę w wiarygodność swojej nauki, co omówię poniżej. Wielu astronomów obserwuje nowe niewytłumaczalne zjawiska na niebie, takie jak zniknięcie wielu gwiazd w ciągu kilku ostatnich lat, czego nie potrafią wytłumaczyć za pomocą skromnych teoretycznych środków astronomii i kosmologii. Jest to przywilej prawdziwych gnostycznych myślicieli i astronomów, jak również to, żeby przedstawić całościowe wyjaśnienie swoich nowych zdumiewających obserwacji ogromnych zmian w konstelacjach gwiazd jak zostało to ostatnio uczynione we wzorowy sposób przez naszego brata z PAT, Patricka Amoroso:

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What Do “Planck’s Parameters of the Big Bang“ Really Mean?

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 24, 2020

When we extrapolate the hypothetical expansion of the universe in the past, we inevitably reach a point where the universe must be presented as a “space singularity“. This state of the universe is called “big bang“ in the standard model of current cosmology, which is different from the standard model in physics. In this space-less state, matter (energy) is believed to have been a homogeneous entity of extremely high density and temperature (see Volume II, chapter 9.8). Cosmologists postulate in an a priori manner that during this initial phase of universal genesis only three natural constants have remained unchanged: the speed of light c, the gravitational constant G and Planck’s constant h (the basic photon). Modern cosmology gives no explanation for this subjective preference.

We have already met a similar concept to the “big bang“ in classical mechanics – the mass point. While the mass point is an abstraction (object of thought) of real objects within geometry obtained by means of integration, the big bang is a mathematical abstraction of the Whole. The prerequisite for this assumption is that space is empty and homogeneous. This error is introduced in cosmology through Einstein’s theory of relativity, but it goes back to Newton’s empty Euclidean space of classical mechanics, which Einstein failed to revise:

Read:  The Space-Time Concept of the Special and General Theory of Relativity

The End of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – It Is Applied Statistics For the Space-Time of the Physical World

The standard model of cosmology results from physics’ genetic failure to define the Primary Term of human consciousness = the Whole from an epistemological point of view as this is done in the Axiomatics of the Universal Law, upon which all human thinking should be based. Although the “big bang“ is an object of thought and never existed, cosmologists earnestly believe that they can mathematically describe this condition by the so-called „Planck’s parameters“. This name stems from Planck’s equation, which is used for the derivation of these quantities. Since Planck’s name was attributed to these parameters after his death, it is highly unlikely that he would have consented or would have been happy that his name is associated with such flawed concepts.

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Why the “Big Bang” Is a Science Fiction

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 22, 2020

From the article “Big Bang theory wrong? Star older than Universe discovered – threat of ‘scientific crisis’”; see also child-mother paradox.

“The theory of the Big Bang is just marketing”

Prof. Dr. Robert B. Laughlin, Nobel Prize winner for physics in an interview 

with the leading German journal DER SPIEGEL

In the previous article I have proved in a comprehensive manner why modern cosmology is an entirely false categorical system of human scientific knowledge. It is the most recent physical discipline in the history of human science and emerged as an independent discipline less than a century ago. Since it initially evolved from physics, precisely from the general theory of relativity, while dealing with the rapidly accumulating experimental data coming from astronomy, it includes all the theoretical and epistemological blunders which these sciences had adopted in the past.

Most of the theoretical blunders that vitiate present-day cosmology stem from physics as astronomy has failed up to the present day to establish a rigid theoretical system with which to structure its most heterogeneous data and thus accepts uncritically and without any reflection the mathematical models that cosmology has  imposed on it. The reason for that is that most astronomers are poor mathematicians and do not understand the enormous complexity of the current established cosmological models, such as the inflation theory. At the same time most cosmologists are mere mathematicians and have a very poor knowledge on physics, so that they have no idea on what real physical phenomena they apply their pure mathematical models.

There is such a profound disconnect between the unyielding mathematical efforts of present-day cosmologists and what is considered acceptable in physics nowadays that it is impossible for me to understand how it was possible that such weird hypotheses as the inflation hypothesis could gain such a popularity and acceptance among scientists even when their sciences can be rightly defined as “fake science“. I have already discussed this troublesome theoretical deficiency of modern cosmology with respect to the recently published doctor thesis of David Hawking

On Hawking and All Representatives of Modern Fake Science,

which created an immense hype in the mass media, however, without any critical assessment of his actual scientific achievements, which are none.

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The New Transcendental Cosmology of the Universal Law

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 18, 2020











Introduction – Modern Cosmology Exposed as False Science in the Light of the Universal Law

Gaia and humanity are on the verge of ascension to the 5D and higher dimensions, where humans will acquire a completely new cosmological worldview. This view will be multidimensional and therefore it is not even possible to describe it in human language which is linear and inadequate to grasp the simultaneous nature of All-That-Is. In the process of this unprecedented expansion of human awareness the current cosmology will be overhauled with one fell-swoop as this has happened with older false cosmological ideas such as the Ptolemaic geocentric system. It will be replaced with the new Transcendental Cosmology of the Universal Law.

However, one does not need to wait for the planetary and individual ascension to happen in order to reject present-day cosmology as fake science as this fact is already obvious to any logically thinking person, even when he has no deep knowledge in physics. Even the leading cosmologists of our time are beginning to lose faith in the credibility of their science as I shall discuss below. Many astronomers observe new inexplicable phenomena in the sky, such as the disappearance of many stars in the last few years which they cannot explain with the modest theoretical means of astronomy and cosmology. It is the privilege of true gnostic thinkers and astronomers to be also in the position to render an all-encompassing explanation of their new astounding observations of massive changes in star constellations as this was recently done in an exemplary manner by our PAT brother Patrick Amoroso:

A Scientific and Gnostic Assessment of the Multiverse by a Light Warrior

Here I shall publish a revised article on the new transcendental cosmology in the light of the Universal Law which appeared in several chapters in the book “An Easy Propaedeutics Into the New Physical and Mathematical Science of the Universal Law” in 2017. I will expose cosmology as false (fake) science from top to bottom and will illustrate in this way how the totally distorted ideas of cosmologists currently shape the agnostic pseudo-scientific view of humanity with regard to the macro-cosmos – the Multiverse. Needless to say that the same wrong ideas can be also found for the micro-cosmos in modern quantum physics.

In this way I am following the latest tradition of exposing all current scientific disciplines as absolutely wrong categorical systems of human knowledge that only deepen the agnostic separation of humanity from their souls and the Source as initiated by a series of articles recently written by Otfried Weise, Patrick Amoroso and myself and published on this website (use the log function). This topic will become very soon central to a broader discussion worldwide that will shake the cognitive foundations and the self-perception of the entire humanity about who we truly are.

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The Blindness of the Historical Sciences

Otfried Weise, January 9, 2020

Original German version

Prophecies are considered imprecise and risky unless only approximate trends are given and no exact numbers. In contrast, the historically oriented sciences – history, archaeology, anthropology, earth history, etc. – claim to be able to provide relatively accurate data. After all, scientists and laymen alike assume that the past is, at least in principle, irrevocable, so to say “engraved in stone” in the archeological artifacts they dig out, apart from the errors due to incorrect classifications or inadequacies of measurement methods. Is this really the case?

Read: Illusion: We Don’t Perceive the World as It Is

First of all, let us look at the method of time measurement. It is based on the course of the sun and moon and leads to various calendar systems that seem to be compatible with each other. However, numerous articles and books are published again and again showing that the usual time calculation is anything but exact and that certain periods of history are skipped. This is particularly noticeable in the context of the history of man, which, pressed into a rigid corset, excludes everything that does not fit into the established doctrine. The books ”Forbidden Archeology: The Full Unabridged Edition: The Hidden History of the Human Race” by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson and ”Lexikon der verbotenen Geschichte: Verheimlichte Entdeckungen von A bis Z” by Luc Bürgin are representative in this respect.

If one follows the division of prehistory and early history into Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and numerous subdivisions, then the Egyptian pyramids must have been built with copper and bronze tools (here) …

If one writes into Google search: ”Forbidden archaeology, what is science hiding” you get more than 2 million entries … for ”forbidden archaeology” one gets 4.55 million entries…

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Virgin Birth – Human Symbolism of the Primordial Feminine Energies of Creation (Video)

Otfried Weise, January 1, 2019

We are about to ascend to the new earth (5D to 7D) anytime soon. With this transfiguration we shall overcome immediately the current separation of feminine and masculine energies manifested as biological gender. The new way of life in the higher realms will be androgynous, not in terms of true hermaphroditism but as a unification of the primordial feminine and secondary masculine energies of creation in the unity field and consciousness of the higher dimensions. The manifestation of the new crystalline light body as a feminine or masculine gestalt will thus only be an expression of aesthetic symbolism which we can choose at our discretion.

That is why this beautiful video created by Otfried is of such importance and actuality. Please observe that most of the photos in this video were made in the last several weeks during our visitations in Traunstein, Bavaria, Lofer and other places near-by in Tirol, Salzburg, Vienna, Austria and Czechia. The great variety of Virgin birth symbolism which all these churches and other remarkable architectonic buildings display shows how deeply embedded the feminine energies are in human tradition as religious and mundane symbols. – George

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Virgin Birth

An Intuitive Solution of a Mystery and Its Far-Reaching Consequences

Otfried Weise, December 27, 2019

Original German version

The birth of Jesus by a virgin impregnated by the Holy Spirit is told in Matthew 1,18-25 and Luke 1:26-35. This was adopted as a dogmatic mystery in the Catholic Church.

In the Koran Jesus is called Isa bin Maryam (‘Jesus, Son of Mary’) and his divine origin is rejected. On the other hand, the virginity of Mary is taken over and emphasized (Sura 19:17-21).

Since this virgin birth, also called parthenogenesis, is considered difficult or even impossible for higher mammals and marsupials according to the present state of biological knowledge, there have always been considerations and speculations as to how such a process took place; it has been placed into the realm of fantasy by a lot of people.

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Die violette Flamme der Transformation – Wissenschaft und Alchemie

Amora, 24. Dezember 2019

übersetzt ins Deutsche von Otfried Weise

Image result for images of violet sky"

Wissenschaft: Eine Botschaft von den Elohim 

“Aus den Reichen des Lichts, der Quelle der ersten Ursache der Schöpfung, enthüllen wir die Violette Flamme, welche unendliche Kraft der Transformation in sich birgt. Sie ist ewig, allumfassend und sie ist in ihrer vollen Kraft angekommen, um alle Wesen des Lichts und Lebens während dieser glücksverheißenden Zeit der Verbreitung des Lichts, dem Großen Portal der Sonnenwende, und darüber hinaus zu überfluten. 

Die Violette Flamme ist hier, um eine große Transformation auf der Erdenebene zu erschaffen, und jede der Realitäten innerhalb dieser Existenzebene erfährt eine tiefe und dramatische Veränderung. Es ist zweifellos der größte Augenblick in eurer kollektiven Geschichte, in dem das Violette Feuer begonnen hat, Alles vor ihm zu transformieren. 

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