Our Timeline Travels as Logos-Gods

Georgi Stankov and Carla Thompson, July 12, 2014

A Chronicle of the Events – Our Temporal Transition as Logos-Gods to a Lower, Very Dark 4D Timeline on June 14th to Eliminate a heinous Gang of Archons That Were About to Unleash a New Nuclear Third World War
by Georgi Stankov

This article exemplifies our new existence as multidimensional Logos-Gods who not only create new 4D holograms and mother planets, but also successfully eliminate all archons on lower timelines and prevent the occurrence of devastating nuclear world wars. This topic is also discussed in a special article on the interview of the US journalist Paul Craig Roberts with Voice of Russia. 

On June the 17th, the Elohim sent a message to Carla after we mused about our experiences in the last few days. We always obtain information from them after a major action has been completed and the result is available.

At first we could not make any sense out of our experiences during the second week of June. Also, I felt unusually separated from my HS. We both were plagued by doubts, exhaustion and depression and could not explain how it is possible after we have experienced such blissful energies before that. We had the feeling that ascension would not take place and that everything was postponed one more time to an uncertain future date. In short, we went through hell during this week and did not know the reason for that – until June the 17th, when the Elohim came to us and explained everything.

It started when we were sitting in the afternoon on the balcony and enjoyed the nice weather. I have to say that on Friday, June 13th, the weather forecast for Vancouver announced bad weather – rain and low temperatures for the whole week until June 21. However, we have since Sunday, June 15th, very warm summer weather with a lot of sunshine, after in the night of Sunday a violent storm with thunder and rain came and the clouds were swept away in the morning. I checked the next day the weather forecast again and this time only sunny days were predicted for this whole week, which so far seems to hold true.

On June 13th, we at once experienced a sudden onset of winter, after the whole previous week we enjoyed sunny and warm weather. This change in the weather pattern was so strong and unexpected that we both immediately started thinking that it was a new shift to a new timeline.

While we discussed these enormous and unusual weather fluctuations with Carla on the balcony, she suddenly said to me: “We were on a lower timeline in the last few days and therefore the bad weather that came at once. My HS has just told me.

Like a flash I got the confirmation from my soul, “You’re absolutely right. That explains everything we have experienced so far, we always think that we ascend to higher timelines and have ruled out the possibility that we may also switch onto lower timelines for a while. This is very exciting and you really should get a message from the Elohim, which will explain to us this recent experience. 

This conversation was preceded by all the events that I shall now describe. The core information is given in advance for a better understanding of everything that has happened with us.

We were brought since June 11th to a lower 4D hologram (timeline), where a particularly nasty clique of stubborn, heinous archons has been entrenched and was about to instigate a third nuclear world war.

Obviously, the ascended masters from the higher areas could not prevent this plan and they needed us as incarnated masters and Logos-Gods within the matrix to avert this devastating war by eliminating these dark archons from this timeline in one final major battle.

We were, so to speak, chosen by the higher realms to perform this suicidal mission as a kind of “Time Bandits” in this lower 4D hologram, so as to get rid of this dark pack and to prevent a nuclear third world war there, which was just about to break out and to destroy fully this timeline. However, it is not intended to allow a thermo-nuclear third world war on all the upper 4D holograms / timelines of Gaia, as it will damage the space-time continuum substantially and may possibly prevent the ascension. On the other hand, humanity on this timeline could not free themselves from this dire destiny and so heaven needed powerful light warriors and Logos-Gods like us to import from outside as to prevent this negative scenario.

Of course, this story raises a number of questions that I can only answer in an incomplete manner. The last message of Sanat Kumara channelled by Jahn on June 17th (yet to be published) also helped me in this respect. Obviously, we, Carla, myself and most light warriors of the first and last hours, are manifested on all these timelines as soul essences, sometimes more, sometimes less pronounced.

In our case, we know very well that all our incarnated soul fragments have already been retrieved from all other timelines and have merged with us and our monads. This happened last year in Lofer when we ascended, but we are still involved as energetic manifestations in all holograms of Gaia, because we also create them as Logos-Gods, together with all other active light warriors of the first and last hours.

We have also co-created the new crystalline grid of Gaia, which is firmly connected with the source through our fields and an indispensable prerequisite for the ascension. Even if these manifestations of our souls on these lower parallel timelines are very powerful and represent enormous pillars of light that are directly connected to the Central Sun, via our sun, and thus are the only important source of energy for the remaining dark archons at such timelines, as Kumara also confirmed in his latest message to Jahn, these manifestations are not powerful enough as our fields on this highest hologram, which contains our combined soul essence and has largely merged with the 5D and 6D due to its enhanced light quotient.

This means that we are present on all these lower timelines, but we do not have the same creative power as here, where we promote the ascension process significantly from the fulcrum of our combined soul essence. This preliminary introduction explains the decision of our souls and the higher realms to send us to this problematic, very dark, lower timeline, in order to carry out our rescue mission as incarnated Elohim and Logos-Gods in a direct manner as human incarnates, endowed with a full soul power from the Source.

Of course, this approach raises a number of teleological questions, for instance, such as with whom “Jahn” did I communicate during this time and whether he remembers all the facts that we have exchanged during our daily correspondence in the course of this week. The same is true for family members with whom we were in contact. Not that these issues would be of relevance, since they arise from the narrow perspective of a deterministic, linearly thinking human mind, that is overburdened by this multi-dimensional action. But we cannot, and should not, completely dismiss such questions, as they contribute to a better understanding of the energetic events behind the veil that shape the destiny of Gaia and humanity in the current End Times, even if they cannot be fully answered.

Well, this is what we learned from the Elohim:

As previously reported (to Jahn), we merged on June the 10th our fields with that of Gaia. This was the last day, in which we experienced such blissful 5D and 6D energies.

Now the Elohim told us that this merging of our energies was absolutely necessary, so that we could return unscathed from this lower, very dark hologram, because this is a unique, in this form yet not tried action, which was, however, essential to ensure that the ascension process can take place on all timelines in a harmonious manner. Since there was no other alternative, because the forces of light from the higher dimensions were powerless to eliminate the dark cabal and archons on this particular lower 4D timeline, we had to first declare our willingness at the soul level to perform this suicidal mission on the ground.

After that we were carefully prepared for our descent on this lower timeline by being beamed with dense, low-frequency patterns of enslavement and oppression, as predominantly present there. Since the higher realms did not want to do this negative adaptation at our home, which is fully integrated into the 6D, we drove the next day, June 11th to White Rock to meet our friend Julia there. She asked us to visit her new workplace, a bookstore for esoteric literature and small items, where she is giving spiritual readings.

When we entered this shop, we were confronted with such oppressive, dense and low-frequency energetic patterns, that I immediately left the store as I could not bear them, while Carla stayed there longer because she wanted to tell Julia how she sensed the energies there. Then we went for a walk along the coast and I was so depressed as never before for no apparent reason. Carla felt similarly low this day.

After that our hard days began. According to the Elohim, we were really “beamed” with low-frequency, dense patterns by our souls, so that we could adjust to the lower frequencies of this problem-hologram and be able to persevere there for a short period of time without being devastated by the dark archons, as it will be shown below. I led this low-frequency, but very intensive energies back to my massive cleansing of collective human dross during the full moon portal on June 13th, as is the case with me during all major portals. This time the energies were indeed of unprecedented intensity, according to other sources and now also confirmed by the Elohim.

According to the Elohim, the source needed these powerful energies of the full moon portal to prepare us for our mission. I experienced the full moon portal subjectively as a period of massive cleansing activity, with inter-counseling of souls, as I have often exercised it in the past. However, this time I was unusually depressed and exhausted.

It is also important to note that I very carefully followed during this time the political developments in Ukraine, Iraq and around the globe and had the impression that a third world war was inevitable, a fact that surprised me a lot as I previously supported the view that this upper timeline will not experience a nuclear third world war due to our full soul presence here and its subsequent very high light quotient. This latest assessment on my part was shared by other experts, such as Paul Craig Roberts. Only that I was at that time already attuned to this lower 4D timeline by my soul, and not to this highest timeline, on which we now dwell.

This fact is particularly important to emphasize, as we may very well perceive negative scenarios on lower timelines that are just as real, even if they do not materialize here on this highest timeline. However, this does not mean that we are wrong, only that there are infinite possible alternatives in the current End Time.

While we as multidimensional beings are dealing with such scenarios on lower timelines and process them mentally and emotionally, we already improve the initial situation and the outcome because we are present in these parallel holograms as energetic manifestations and influence them decisively. However, this was not enough for this particularly dark hologram, where Carla and I were sent.

On the night of June the 14th, we were then brought to this lower problematic 4D timeline. The day before, the weather suddenly deteriorated. We saw neither the full moon, nor the sun and it seemed to us, as if we were again in the winter. As the Elohim told us later, this action was absolutely necessary to throttle the light intensity of our fields. The higher realms of light dimmed the Sun and the Central Sun, with which we are directly connected, and in this way hid successfully the true intensity and power of our energy fields, just as a dimmer reduces the luminosity of a lamp.

The reason for this was that we could only attract these dark archons, if our light is throttled, because otherwise they could not bear our extremely high light quotient and would not have approached us. This information is very important because it puts an end to my original assumption that we are no longer susceptible for dark forces. This realization made me very sad these last days, because I indeed assumed that we have now risen so high in our frequencies, that we are no longer accessible to dark attacks.

This assumption is generally accurate for us and for all the ascending ones, but not in our specific case, when our souls have explicitly approved that our frequencies should be deliberately lowered as to enter a lower 4D timeline. This fact illustrates how complex the whole energetic process of ascension is and that it is not just “black and white”, or “dark and light” as conveyed in many messages in a rather simplistic manner.

On the night of June the 14th, I experienced vividly a MPR on a lower 4D timeline in Downtown Vancouver and how this city was destroyed by the floods. The Elohim confirmed that this MPR was actually on a very close parallel hologram to the said dark timeline, where we were sent during this night and that I have given, according to my soul contract, the consent to experience this MPR personally. Carla visited another 4D hologram on the same night, where there was a huge tempest.

Four days later I visited North Vancouver  and recognized immediately the point of view on the coast, from which I observed the destruction of the high houses in Downtown by the huge 300-400 meter high tsunami wave coming from the ocean, before I was moved to a higher, safer timeline. This evidence confirmed one more time the validity of my experience in the night of June 14.

Thus we had fully arrived on this particular timeline, where the worst and most resistant archons had set up and wanted at all costs to instigate a nuclear third world war. With this descent to a lower timeline, life became very uncomfortable for us.

The next two days were a veritable hell. We were surrounded by those dark archons immediately, as they regarded us as their new welcome “light fodder” – our powerful, but subdued energy fields – and seemed to enjoy this sudden heavenly present. We were irradiated all the time with negative emotional and mental patterns from the astral plane that had a devastating impact on our psyche and mind. Even though I have had similar episodes of dark influence in the past and assessed the situation correctly, my will was so weak that I did not respond at first to this insidious irradiation and contained it with an effective cleansing procedure or invocation.

In retrospect, I was angry about my inactivity, but in reality it was all planned in this way by our souls, just to lure the dark archons in our vicinity. This was not very difficult, as these vampires were already starved, because luminous, high frequency energies were very sparse on this timeline. We were, so to speak, first cast as bait to these dark archons in order to be devoured and they already feasted themselves on this sumptuous meal.

On Sunday the 15th, I was alone all day long at home because Carla had to pick up her son and his friend from the airport and was engaged to bring order in the town house, where they live. I felt very miserable, because the exposure to negative energies, which I experienced on this day, reached an unprecedented peak. I cherished many unpleasant, dark thoughts and wondered myself, where they came from, because they obviously did not come from me or my HS.

Then, I went for a walk in the evening to cheer me up a bit and decided on the same evening to make an invocation as to clean my fields. Carla came back late in the evening and was herself very exhausted and unusually irritated, which made no sense, as she ought to be very happy about the arrival of her son.

The night of June the 16th (Monday) was a nightmare for both of us and when we woke up and our bodies ached all over, we knew that something was not right with the energies around us.

Then at breakfast there was a trivial, short dispute between Carla and myself, which obviously had no foundation for both of us, but still felt very serious at this moment. We could not recognize ourselves. Carla then observed all of a sudden that we are heavily influenced by dark forces that flocked around us.

Of course,” I responded immediately, “I had to know this really because I made last night already an invocation, but it does not seem to have helped much. We are irradiated from the astral plane by the dark archons, because I have experienced this type of negative influence several times in the past and it felt the same way. ”

Carla looked around and then said, “I see whole swaths of dark energy residing here in the apartment, no, I see a dozen of archons that are here and grin about our dispute.”

OK,” I said, “I will immediately apply my very effective method of fighting and expulsion of dark archons and you will make your invocation”.

It is important to mention at this point that St. Germain had appeared to Carla in the morning and had drawn her attention to this specific invocation. While she read this invocation aloud, I collected my forces and then I asked specifically, and in general, all the forces of light, starting with my soul, soul family, monad, all causal worlds, all the angels and archangels and so on up to the source, to help me in my fight, then I decreed this three times in the name of the source, whose representative I am here on earth, and then I pulled out my lightsaber and began wildly to swing it in all directions like a dervish who is turning around like a whirligig and to stab it loudly into the hearts of all the archons that surrounded me.

I create in this way a powerful vortex around me, which no one can resist, I’ve tried it successfully also on dark people. As usual in such moments, I was flooded with an enormous energy from the source and got goose bumps. Then I knew at once that this operation was planned by our HS in this manner and that everything was fine.

I saw with my third eye, how all dark archons were swept away by my light tornado and immediately left this timeline and universe. All of a sudden it was light again in the apartment and I could breathe again. Carla confirmed to me that the dark archons were gone. I was totally exhausted after this fight, as if I had run the marathon and had to lie down and rest for a quarter of an hour.

After that I felt immeasurably better at once. Carla had gone to her sons and I could sleep a little. When I woke up, I had returned again on the old upper most timeline and I knew this immediately. Carla came back a little later and was also very tired and had to lie down to sleep. When she woke up, she had also returned to the old highest timeline. “Mission accomplished!

The Elohim then told us in their message of June 17th that we were brought back to our original timeline during our first sleep after the expulsion of the dark archons on the lower 4D timeline. They confirmed to us also what I had seen, namely, that we had pulverized these dark archons and they have been wiped out forever. Some of them have gone to lower 3D earths.

Thus our rescue operation was a full success. The dark archons were mired by our damped energy fields and thought they were already victorious over us, especially when we started arguing in the morning. But this was all a planned deception of the higher realms, then at the right moment, when we were aware of the danger, the whole energy power of the source was released through our fields and directed onto these archons, who were in this way immediately annihilated or expelled from this timeline.

I myself felt immediately a huge relief and a distinct feeling of triumph, although the true background of this story was not known to me at this time. But I said to Carla that this had by no means been a personal attack on us, but a clean-up of global importance as has often been the case in the past, possibly the last battle before our ascension. This assessment was true, but I did not know that we have won this battle on a lower timeline.

Sunday, the whole day I was in an almost euphoric mood and in the evening Carla’s boys and their friend came to us for a dinner. It was a very successful evening, in full contrast to our negative experiences during the last few days. The positive sentiment also held on Monday and thus the Elohim could come to us in the afternoon and tell Carla about what has happened to us these days. Suddenly all our experiences and events fitted into their proper place.

Since then, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of invincibility, and I know that we not only have ascended, but also that the last significant hurdle on the way to this end has been removed for humanity and that from now on we can achieve anything we wish. It only remains to be mentioned that Carla’s body coped with this transfer through the parallel realities in a worse manner than myself and she was still very tired afterwards, but she recovered very quickly.

Below is the message of the Elohim on our transfer to a lower 4D timeline in order to eliminate a heinous group of dark archons that had enslaved humanity there and was about to unleash a devastating nuclear third world war.

The Elohim Message of June 17th on Our Timeline Travels

Greetings to you in this loving moment, now at the highest of the highest level of light upon this Gaia, this hologram. We are the Elohim!

Many circumstances occurred which led to the demise of a most strong pocket of dark ones, the most undesirable of the undesirables. You have set their fate, once again, to one of complete and utter rejection.

We confirm that you have unconsciously been re-allocated to a lower timeline over the recent days. This action was agreed to at the soul level, in order to purge a significant pocket of malevolent energies/ archons from their stronghold at a lower timeline-expression.

Your removal to this level of expression was agreed to and necessitated a quick and precise re-location. In preparation for this relocation, it was necessary to expose you to heavy, dense, forceful energies of negativity and exploitation, prior to your re-location [occurred during our visit to White Rock].

A dimming light of the sun, from your sun, an increase in cold wintry weather, and sudden interactions in tense discussions all around, on a personal level, as well as on the global political scale, were all markers of this shift. You have remarked over these days, how it may even be possible that a world war could erupt, based upon the irrational behaviour of western leaders against the only leader on the side of the light [Putin].

Your insurgence into the lower timeline was necessary to flood the expression with the highest level of light that you both carry.

Upon your arrival, in dream state, you experienced the magnetic pole reversal [Georgi, the tsunami in Vancouver, and me, the hurricane] each to your own soul requirement. This level was not the level/timeline, where the dark entities existed, but on a nearby timeline, a very nearby timeline, where from the enclave, the last bastion of the dark archons held their stronghold, it is suddenly penetrated by your dim lights, your lighted Beings were dimmed in wattage, in a deliberate manner, so as to draw the last archons in.

The argument between each other (June 16) weakened your energies, drawing them nearer to you, as observed in the ceiling with your third eye, until the sudden shared realization that you both had been transgressed and therefore the final stage was set in progress with full-fledged bilateral decrees and invocations for the final release of your divine power and pure white light, in a sudden blast removing all entities of this lower timeline to their own re-evolution course, on a renewed path.

You were returned to your correct timeline during your next sleep time.

With regard to the merging of your fields with Gaia previously, this act was necessary to finalize this connection to Gaia, by anchoring your light bodies with Gaia, prior to departing the highest timeline. This ensured correct coding for a safe and assured return.

It is true that you are truly multi-dimensional beings even across timelines.  

The scourge has been relieved of duty!

We love you and honour your on-going commitment to this ascension.

We are the Elohim.


I informed Jahn J Kassl daily on our timeline travels as presented above. On June 21, 2014 he received a remarkable message from Sanat Kumara, current Logos of these worlds, that fully confirmed our multidimensional experience. Because of the importance of the information, I am adding below this message in the English translation of Franz.


Space-Time Travelers

Sanat Kumara
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 21, 2014


translated by Franz


Beloved Ones,

At this time the ascending ones are being initiated into new experiences of space-time displacements. In the dream state and in the wakeful state dispensations and experiences reach you, which are not of this world.

Meaning that the light warriors, who are now keeping ready for their rapture, visit different space-time levels in a very short time, pass through them or stay there for a certain period of time in order to fulfill specific assignments.


Indications for it are that during a single day extreme dislocations and perceptions of energy qualities occur. From one instance to the next the “energetic conditions”, the “weather” in a sense change. You experience the light-filled reality of the fifth dimension, in order shortly thereafter – without your conscious involvement – to slide onto the 3D level.

Uncomfortable 3D encounters, coming out of nowhere and disappearing as quickly or situations, which displace you from a love vibration, in an unexplainable manner, to a loveless vibrational condition, are indications for it.

Also the changes in your surroundings become increasingly significant. Foremost at this time it can be read from the weather and sky phenomena, from bright sunshine and a blue sky to the sudden radical change in weather – all in a very short time and coming out of nowhere. This also happens similarly in the dream state. Thereby the Light penetrates your dreams, and then you wake up again from a bleak nightmare reality of a low vibrating level.


These facts indicate that the holographic levels and worlds penetrate each other and go over into a “fluid condition”. Even though the worlds are sealed one after the other, the overlaps of worlds increases; a paradox that is based on the fact that the light warriors of the first and last hours according to their assignments have begun to expand the light of their multidimensional Being in different worlds. These are assignments, which do not wait until after your ascension, but those, which already now you have devoted yourself to.

In addition due to the creation of 4D Mother Planets, space-time travels are necessary in order to support this process, especially as some light warriors of the first and last hours function as Logos of these new worlds.

These facts, whereby the reality of Now, the “simultaneity of all life” is experienced more and more consciously, brings with it the dissolution of the actual reality, which many light warriors of this time in a sometimes unbearable manner are exposed to – until the point is reached, when this level “shatters”.

It is important to understand that the illusion of this level remains intact until the last day in time. Thereby the “shadow players of this level” go all out until the last day. A return is impossible, because they sunk their teeth into the recapture of this planet, and can no longer and will not cease from this “bite numbness”.

Perfect Illusion & Phenomena

Thereby the light warriors of the first and last hours find themselves in a nearly perfect illusion, in the “imprisonment of the matrix”, which de facto no longer exists for you, because each ascending one has attained the inner liberation a long time ago. In conclusion the pointer is given that the upheavals of this space-time level condense and that the process of the erosion of this Orion-society continues rapidly.

In the meantime the boundaries between the worlds become more fluid for the light warriors, until they are completely transparent. The veil becomes more transparent and in the meantime the phenomena in space-time increase for human Beings,space-time travels gain in significance and these already characterize daily life of many conscious human Beings.

You become invisible, because you are in a different space-time, you lose objects or misplace things, in order to find them shortly thereafter in their familiar location; because you have changed the space-time level (This is what happened with us during this time, note George).

You meet light-filled and wonderful human Beings and an instant later you encounter a flood of dark and unresolved energies, human Beings, who have recognized nothing and have understood little; you dip into the dark levels of the world – everything nearly simultaneously, in the wake state and during a single day.

You carry out battles and you prevail, you create worlds and you bring the Light – all at the same time and in the Now, because your multidimensional Being expands and because you begin to be consciously aware of this experience on this level.

Additional phenomena are: the stand still of time or the rapid passing of time, changes in the surroundings, meaning, places, which are very familiar to you, suddenly look different and/or feel differently; human Beings, which you believed to know quite well, suddenly behave differently and nothing seems to remind you of their so far familiar demeanor.

In total, these dramatic and exciting facts mark the last days for ascending human Beings of this space-time level – before you return into the Light as fully awakened Creator Gods. The farewell from this and the arrival in the other world occur in the Now.

The space-time-less Being begins.

In infinite Love


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