Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy -Ebook

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 06, 2019


Translated from the German book:

Gnostische Tradition der abendländischen Philosophie, 2004

into English by the author


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 Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy

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Short Summary

This second book on Human Gnosis, written in 2004, is a prolongation of this infinite theme and commences with a pivotal historical overview of Western philosophy, with which my previous book “New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”, 2000/2001 actually ends – with the Crisis of Philosophy in our Modern Time.

In a critical survey of modern Western philosophy, I explain the emergence of this cognitive crisis from a historical perspective. The major elements of this crisis are already discussed in the summary of the first book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“.

I describe very precisely how Western philosophy rejected its long-established Gnostic tradition since Antiquity in the late 19th and the early 20th century and substituted the transcendence of Classical Metaphysics with the narrow-mindedness of scientific empiricism, which was now called neo-positivism in philosophy. The book explains how this crucial decision in the realm of abstract human thinking has led to the current profound agnosticism of both, philosophy and science. This presentation is unique insofar, as it also furnishes the solution as to how any lost human being can leave the road of cognitive perdition and find the way back to the unity of all human knowledge, which is at the same time the unification of man with his soul.

All the major gnostic and cognitive problems, which neither the old Metaphysics nor modern scientific empiricism, respectively neo-positivism, could solve in the past, are comprehensively resolved in this book. My argumentation is solidly grounded in the new General Theory of the Universal Law, as it has been developed in many scientific books, published on this website.

The validity of this novel theory and its inherent ability to tackle any philosophical or practical problem, no matter how difficult it is, which has tormented generations of Western thinkers in the past, is clearly demonstrated in this fundamental philosophical work. This evidence must elate the spirit of any competent, philosophically oriented reader, who might have given up on finding any answers to his poignant questions about the eschatology of human existence.

This topic will soon be at the centre of all human interest, as the process of Ascension of humanity to the 5th dimension will reveal all these questions, which are now buried under the veil of total collective forgetfulness. The fundamental question, which any sentient human being ought to ask himself nowadays, is:

“Who am I really as a human being – a humble biological species, a random product of unpredictable biological evolution, or a powerful multidimensional being, which will soon acquire the abilities, which philosophy and religion have only attributed to God in the past?” (read also here)

The concept of God has been, namely, at the core of any true philosophy, especially in Western Christian civilisation, since the inception of this culture.

This book contributes to the total awakening of humanity to the true reality of human existence, which is an indispensable prerequisite to preparing for the Ascension.

This does not mean, however,  that humans must understand this book in order to ascend. Many entities will qualify for Ascension without having heard anything about philosophy during their present incarnation. But the level of spiritual evolution of humanity prior to Ascension in the current End Time will determine to a great extent how high the people will ascend very soon and Gnosis as philosophy is at the core of all spiritual evolution.

Contrary to the current 3D-space-time of existence on earth, where all incarnated entities have the same common experience in consensual reality, although they come from different dimensions (which is, by the way, a unique case in the whole multiverse), these differences in the individual evolution of the human souls will result after Ascension in highly different multidimensional experiences. It is very important to observe at this place that the next incarnation cycle of all human souls after our Ascension will last for another 2000 earthly years, which is equivalent to the duration of the Aquarius Age, which has just commenced, although linear time does not exist in the 5th dimension. This statement applies to the numerous upper 4D earths that will be schools for many new souls who will have the possibility to end their incarnation with the ascension to 5D during the Aquarius Age.

Most human beings tend to regard philosophical disquisitions as an aspect of superfluous intellectual leisure without any practical relevance. Such entities will experience their greatest surprise when we, the way-showers of this humanity, ascend to the 5th dimension. Then they will find out that they will only have a chance to ascend if they change this negative mindset with respect to philosophical thinking, which is entirely gnostic thinking that comes directly from the soul. All knowledge comes ultimately from the soul and is thus Gnosis.

Multidimensional experience is inevitably of philosophical, gnostic nature because this is the only way to transcend the personality structure of the incarnated human being, which will continue to exist in the 5th dimension, although it will be much more expanded and free of present-day fear-based patterns that preclude any abstract philosophical inclination. The latter is inevitably associated with the greatest possible expansion of human awareness, which is the only criterion for the spiritual evolution of the incarnated personality. Expansion of human awareness can only be achieved when the entity experiences, overcomes and transcends his human fears. This is the cleansing function of the Light Body Process (LBP) in the current End Time.

This discussion on human philosophy and Gnosis is at the same time an introduction to the second part of the book, which deals with the various aspects of Individual Gnosis – namely, how the incarnated personality can establish direct and intimate contact with her Higher Self, the I AM Presence, and how the latter manifests itself in a multitudinous manner in the 3D-reality and determines the destiny of the incarnated human personality. I describe many different situations and important political events, which have been key moments on my lifelong path to greater cognition. This allows the reader to gain unique insights into the intricate interrelationship between the soul and the incarnated personality, which the reader may search in vain in any spiritual book of relevance, beginning with Augustine’s Confessions.

This holds true in particular for the immense download of scientific information from the Source, the Divine Mind of the PanCreator, which I received between 1993 and 1999 and led to the discovery of the Universal Law. This information exchange with Godhead was followed by further immense downloads of gnostic information that last to the present day. Although this part of my communication with Source as an Elohim soul is not directly a subject of this book, it flows into all my formulations and comments, with which I actualized this second part of the book in order to put it in line with the incredible energetic experiences which I was blessed to make after 2004, and in particular since 2011, when I accepted my mission as the captain of the Planetary Ascension Team, the PAT.

Part III deals with human language as a medium of all knowledge and as a limit to human cognition. This approach is so innovative and unexpected that it eradicates with one fell swoop all obscure linguistic theories that contaminate the minds of millions of students of social sciences and literature worldwide.

This book is thus a “must” for any true seeker and way-shower on this planet on his way to the 5th dimension. And make no mistake – the time to the Ascension is now very short, and there is so much more to be learned by all humans.

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 5th, 2019, Italy


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