PAT Report – 2021: The Year of Ascension

Riding the Waves, March 18, 2021

“I am personally on a huge ascension spiral and the intensity and the height of the vibrations have reached an unprecedented peak in my whole career as the human nexus to the Source for more than a quarter of a century”.

I could not agree more, George. My whole body is humming like a crystal. At times almost paralyzing me. I fell asleep suddenly for three hours in the middle of the day and only woke up then by the telephone. The energy is still not moving completely freely and causes hot burning sensations in my feet and other areas. My nervous system is so stimulated and raw. But that will change and when it does flow completely unimpeded “it’s off to the races”.

I agree with you, the HR will use us and the energies of the equinox to further propel the masses. Years ago I would have been elated and disappointed that ascension did not manifest as I expected it to, but now after so many years, it is rather a ho hum. For some reason, I don’t give a tinker’s damn if it is delayed until after equinox or until 2525.

Isn’t that odd, the greatest event that could possibly occur and us in the center of it all and all I can do is Ho hum. Keep on keeping on.



Dear Jerry,

well, the veteran of the ascension process has spoken and it is so. Although I understand your point and fully concur with you, in the sense that we have gone through so many challenges and pain to heave Gaia and humanity to the current high-vibrationally level to make the shift, that it does not matter when this will exactly happen, I strongly hope we do not need to wait till 2025. I leave this later date to the others who are barely beginning to awaken.

Old chap, let us hope we will meet soon in the higher dimensions, wherever it might be – 5D, 6D, 7D, or higher – and then we will know what is for us to do or not to do and simply enjoy the effortlessness and omnipotence of the higher realms as beings of pure energy and light.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

it seems that I now encounter a lot of old friends from the HR as Walk-ins. Just today I went to pick up something at a nearby pharmacy and spoke to this woman who worked there. Immediately, as I began to talk to her, a wave of the most beautiful energy washed over me and I stood there for a while whilst trying to comprehend what just happened. I really didn’t want to leave, wanting to talk to her a bit more but I had to go. It was really amazing. This happened a few times prior to this but this was the most beautiful experience by far. I can see that the Walk-ins did their job pretty well and now the essence of these magnificent souls is radiating like a bright star.

Also, just yesterday I was so fed up and frustrated by the repetitive stupidity that my parents, unfortunately, perpetuate every day with reading the news out loud that I simply had enough and tried to encounter them one more time with the impeccable scientific argumentation coupled with transcendental knowledge, hoping that this would somehow help them see things in a different way. Well, the vibrations of the highest truth that began to emanate from my heart chakra absolutely skyrocketed and tore down their firewalls made of lies and they were a bit stunned for a few seconds, then began to ask about the transformation and things related to it. They opened their eyes for a moment but were so shocked that they close immediately after. But just this was sufficient to see how powerful we are and once we regain our power after transfiguration and appearance as ascended masters, there will be absolutely nothing that can resist the TRUTH and any dark obstacle will burn like a vampire exposed to the Sun.

I’m also very happy to announce that the guy I told you earlier about, who runs the Czech site exposing the scamdemic and the cabal got back to me and decided to publish the translated version of your article, which is great! Hopefully, many people will flood your website after he’s going to publish it.

Much love.

With regards,

J. Fleischman


Dear Pepe,

these are very important observations that reveal more than dozens of channeled messages. Thank you for sharing them with me. I make similar experiences here but on a smaller scale as I do not have so much contact with the Italians, but they also seem to open as today in the barber’s shop when I challenged them with a few truths and I think they were shocked that they had to agree with me. Most people do not realize what is happening with them and they will open and close before the real breakthrough will come. But we are heading with great speed towards this pivotal moment and there has been nothing like that before on this planet.

Let us see what this month will bring.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I’m always more than happy to share my observations with you. We can literally see the results of our hard work. It is indeed looking very promising.

It’s funny that you mention barbershops as they’re closed in here for quite some time now and there’s no way to get a haircut. I decided to grow long hair last year in January as I felt it was a good idea. They’ve thinned considerably in the last years and I’m not quite sure if this is due to the LBP or anything else. Well, that’s of secondary importance as I identify with my biological body less and less…

Much love



Oh, Georgi,

A tornado would be mild when compared to what I’m going through. I am, literally, barely able to function. I went into Seattle yesterday (Tues.) to see my chiropractor to see if I could get any relief. I began getting dizzy there as the energies were intensifying. After my session, I immediately got out of town since it is very difficult for me to be in the land of the zombies. I drove north to Burlington to pick up some groceries. While in the store I was on the receiving end of a verbal attack regarding a mask. I must say I returned their ugly energy back at them with an energetic equal. Turn the other cheek my a$$. I’m done with the b.s. So it goes. This is a momentous time is a classic understatement.

Take care, Jim


Dear George,

I just read your today’s article and I fully agree with your assessment that the Shift was actually already done, this your quote from that article really was telling it as I also do feel it: ” Please do not forget that we all have ascended a long time ago and are here with our last soul fragments.”

For some time, few last months more intensely than before I feel it like I am less and less here, like what is left here in this timeline is only a small part of my conscience, just barely enough to keep me functioning, but with inner feeling left that is not for a long time. Recently I was driving to my parents country house to pick them up, a road which should be very familiar to me as in recent past I would drive it at least 2 times in a month, if not even more frequent, but this time around I felt it as if I almost do not know the road, it was barely familiar, fortunately, I knew where I need to turn to reach my parents.

Not the first time that I felt as I do not belong here anymore, but recently, that knowing is also coming with a notion that my work here is almost done and that very soon I will be joined again with my galactic family.

Interestingly enough, I was surprised to see that you introduced the Sophia Love message from yesterday, the one which I also stumbled upon yesterday, as I stopped following her for some time, synchronicity in a work.

Also, the Arcturian message from today is another synchronicity as yesterday I asked that question telepathically in a full energy outburst, it seems that somebody heard it, I was even apologizing yesterday to that energy outburst as it was done in almost rage fashion, but I believe our friends are aware of our discontent at the moment.

I share the thoughts which Tanya Arabadzhi express in the email to You recently, which You published in that article, actually, I almost sent one email to You afterward, to express my sentiments on the matter, did not, but did this time around

Sorry for the possible numerous spelling and grammar errors in this emal, writing this on the mobile phone does not help either.

Love and Light to You,

Perica from Croatia


Dear Perica,

you have perfectly described the current situation and I cannot agree any more. Now we must await what will happen this month as everything has been said. By the way, the vibrations are so high that my computer freezes all the time and I can barely write an email.

With love and light




As expected the energies are radical, like the snowball down the hill, faster and growing exponentially.  The anxiety level here is so high it’s hard to do anything but hold on. The expectation being dashed on the rocks of reality will blast like the rocket the ascension to the new creation. I still stand and hold the tip of the spear. I have noticed that this body has been, at times, floating apart like sand in the wind, many blue and white spheres hanging about. Hope you have a grand day today.

Michael, USA


Dear Michael,

I feel the same way and the energies are actually very pleasant these last days, but also very exhausting. If you have read my latest report, you know what I expect. Hold on, we have already arrived.



Good day George.

I trust that all is well and I really mean that because you are floating above all the dross, as are so many now.

It seems so long since just the twelfth yet it also seems as if time no longer matters somehow.

Things seem effortless and fluid.  I feel jovial and loving, kinder, more tolerant and forgiving.  Less furious and accusatory, at the sleepers and even with the psychopaths.  They are both parasitic in ways where we can see their desperation at the notion of losing their host.  They do what all parasites do….try to stay alive at all costs, but the universe is in the process of a long, deep parasite cleanse that will eventually be successful, as nature always is in the end!

I feel ready and calm.  Armed with a whole sh#tload of NO…which is all we truly need insofar as vampire repellant is concerned.

I have warned and informed as much as I care to now and am in observer mode.

When I go out around people I say…  I think people are finally getting that this is not meant to ever end and it’s up to us to stop complying with everything.  Then it will be over.

Other than that, I am done. My frantic mind has left the building.

Looking forward to the worldwide freedom gatherings on March 20.  They fear our collective intentions and I love it.

My father-in-law took the first jab 2 days ago.  The first one I know personally.  Oh, the humanity.

Love from the realm above? next to?  in?  Nova Scotia.


PS: Your report and Sophia’s are the same as mine!!  Albeit much more poetic and lyrical in delivery…  hahahaha. I love the smell of confirmation in the evening!


Dear Gina,

this time ascension is happening in real-time and we will see the inevitable results we have been waiting for so long very soon. From the perspective of the Now, it does not matter which day precisely. It is obvious that this insanity cannot go forever and that there is no return to normalcy as I tried to explain to the stunned Italian barber yesterday, while he was cutting my hair.

People are so depressed and have lost all their faith that they will embrace immediately our new visions if they promise a better future. When I mentioned to the barber that here in San Bartolomeo, there will be soon a world healing centre, and a new beautiful world is coming soon, I truly challenged the credulousness of this simple man, but he didn’t discard my vision as these people have nothing in the current COVID hoax depression. He was only wondering where all these healers would come from as he couldn’t see any among his countrymen, and rightly so. I laughed and told him: “Well, this is the big surprise. Be ready to experience big surprises this year”, and somehow this man became more allegro (cheerful). There was suddenly more light in the small barber’s shop.

This is how we are now disseminating our light and soon it will overshine the current dark insanity.

With love and light



Dear George,

I was glad to finally see a message from you today.  Just last night I looked up the time when Hawaii would experience the equinox hoping that may be the day.  So there was disappointment that you had received a message discounting that time.  What did please me was the mention that negative emotion could be used in a positive way as fuel for what we are anxiously awaiting.  I have had three children and I can tell you that these passing weeks feel like the countdown to childbirth which is a miserable time, and I do not feel joyful and carefree.  I am struggling each day to find the light, and my physical environment is reflecting the same as these islands have been put through a week and a half of hellish weather.

I was listening to a video today and I was reminded (if the story is true) of the story of 9-11 where the Fed chairman was supposed to have announced the release of NESARA funds at 10 am 9/11.  Instead, we got the disaster.  This story was mentioned because it was used as an example of a possible delay in announcing QFS; meaning the most secretive methods must be used to deflect dark interference from happening again.  There is also the story circulating that at the time of QFS (quantum finance system) announcement the Event happens immediately after.  That part I couldn’t comprehend until today.  So, I’m wondering if the announcement and the Shift have to coincide in order to create a safe transition?  Is this part of the Divine plan?  Any thoughts to that theory?

You seem to enjoy the channelings of Sophia Love.  I, too, have been reading her messages but was never impressed because they never told me anything I didn’t already surmise for myself.  This latest one had more depth.  The person I look forward to, though, is a woman from France named, Monique Mathieu.  This is a quote from the beginning of the year that I thought was interesting and I will include the link for her English translations.

“What will 2021 be like? A great surprise awaits humanity in two ways!

“They are showing me an immense storm, I hear a terrible noise, then all of a sudden, the sun begins to appear and to grow and grow more…the storm passes, the sound diminishes more and more. The Sun becomes sparkling in splendor, beauty and Light.”  

This may describe what the Shift could resemble.  Regardless, here is her link for this channeling:  This is the link for her other channellings:

Aloha and I hope you are well with the challenges occurring.

Marie Housel, Hawaii


Dear Marie,

the energetic waves that are now flooding earth and humanity in preparation for the shift are the driving force of all change and everything that will occur as a result of them will be of a second character. There is no doubt that when this event happens, all hell will break loose and first and foremost many revelations. This will take place simultaneously.

However, all these naive people who truly believe that the change will come from the US military and some US patriots who are so dumbed down that they cannot develop a proper idea and only babble like this idiot Juan O’Savage, and are hoping for the arrival of Nesara and Gesara that have always been CIA psyops for decades to mire the stupid and gullible new agers, then I cannot help them. It is also the typical idiocy of such uneducated humans, mainly Americans and Brits, to believe that they can use modern words such as “quantum finance reset” and all of a sudden miracles can happen.

Let us face it – all their forecasts have miserably failed so far and I explained the reason already in January when I discarded this deficient scenario as Logos God. Go and read my articles from that time.

People should first begin to think and understand what is the nature of money and then they may begin creating their own emission banks at the local level and introduce the new Astral currency, Nobody hinders them, but waiting for the change to come on a plate from obscure forces still hiding in the dark seems to be easier for such lazy people and these are the ones that will not do well when the shift comes and the people will be forced to become creative for the first time in their lives and take their destiny in their hands.

With love and light



Good day Georgi,

Yesterday evening (Tuesday) I felt a totally new energy coming in and my usual +/- subtle head-fog was cleared and I could think clearly. I also felt very upbeat and fully motivated about my artistic projects I’ve been working on lately. It feels like something was cluttering me on some level and for a long time but it lifted yesterday and I could feel it as clear as day. :o)

In my last email, I wrote you that I felt very inspired to work on my projects despite the not-so-good news about my dad. Well, I just realized that this new energy has been seeping-in on me as a couple of days ago I woke-up, after a good night of sleep (finally!) with a new idea for a project I’ve been working on and off since late 2015 / early 2016. That project had been moving very slowly as I always felt there was something missing about it despite me having tons of material for it.

So, on that morning a few days ago, I was laying in bed as I had just woken up, and I was not thinking about anything in particular, and that new idea just popped in my head out of nowhere. It turns out that, that new idea is the perfect angle of approach for that old project! It’s the missing link I needed!!!

After realizing all this I remembered that a few years ago I wrote you that I don’t always feel the energetic waves right off the bat like you and certain other PAT members. I seem to be a little bit further behind and not on the front line like you. It seems that is what happened these past couple of days. I did not feel the bliss you reported, but a little later on I felt something shifting in me very clearly, and it led to the positive results I just described.

It’s funny, I remember that in a recent channeling Aurore Roegiers said that the current energies were conducive to receiving great ideas out of nowhere for new projects and stuff like that. Bingo!

Anyhow, it feels like the spring equinox portal energies have started and they might have been boosted by that 5D Earth energy you reported a few days ago.

So voilà for my energetic update.

I had the feeling you were being hit hard by a wave, and I just saw your new report…

Well, we can say that things are energetically moving !!!

Onward and upwards !!!!!!!

Take care Georgi,

Nic,  Montreal, Canada


Dear Nic,

you are addressing a central aspect of the impending shift/ ascension and the transition of humanity to the new earth. This can only happen because very soon there will be an explosion of creativity driven by the powerful inspirations coming from the new souls (mainly walk-ins) that are descending now into the threefold flame of life in all ascending candidates, which is actually the descent of the I AM Presence in human flesh. The I AM Presence is a pure creative force.

Creativity is the most neglected aspect of human existence currently in the new age scene, where the people have resorted to brainless repetition and plagiarism of meaningless esoteric topi and even more so in the rest of humanity. When one makes a closer analysis of the history of arts, literature, and science as I am doing now for decades, one must inevitably come to the conclusion that everything humanity has created so far to establish itself as a 3D civilization has been very limited creativity of prison-inmates who very quickly reach the ceiling of the allowed by the former evil rules from the Orion /Reptilian empire.

This huge deficiency in creative potential in the past has not only reduced humanity to a slave race but has also obscured their view of what true creativity is and why it can only thrive on the solid foundation of true freedom. This is what we are now introducing on the earth. that is why it is no coincidence that this second powerful Renaissance can only begin in the country where the first Renaissance flourished and transformed medieval humanity to the current modern society – Italy.

The new Renaissance of creativity will exceed anything this mankind has ever seen – from new inventions and technologies to new forms of arts, social life, and human interactions. This all will be based on the new holistic view on the new theory and gnosis of the Universal Law which is the cornucopia of infinite abundance for humanity. This is the new spiritual paradigm we anchored in Italy, Rome in November 2018.

Therefore, embrace your expanding creativity these days, and show humanity what is possible also for them. It will be the new normal of a new humanity that reinvents itself and thus evolves to a transgalactic civilisation with infinite possibilities for further expansion. We are the only creators to do this, nobody will do it for us.

With love and light



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