2021 – The Year of Ascension

We Are Ascending in Every Moment

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 17, 2021


This is a short message to the PAT to reaffirm that we are ascending now big time. Essentially, there are two strings of events. The light warriors of the first and the last hour, the PAT, will ascend this year. The others, the overwhelming majority of humanity will awaken this year and enter the LBP fully. Their threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul will be fully activated with the Shift and they will begin their true awakening with a soul catharsis, which I am installing energetically with full force for more than 2 years now and very intensely in the last 6 months as reported on numerous occasions. Hence the Shift for the masses will be our ascension and final transfiguration, it is important to distinguish the two processes, which most new agers do not understand.

Almost all messages and reports you can find now on the Internet address the second group which includes the vast majority of humanity. The tiny group of ascended masters, like us, waiting for the Shift and the final transfiguration know where they stand and do not need any messages. It is as simple as that.

I am personally on a huge ascension spiral and the intensity and the height of the vibrations have reached an unprecedented peak in my whole career as the human nexus to the Source for more than a quarter of a century. I had in the last 3 days two major ascension test runs with spectacular results which were also witnessed and experienced by other members of the PAT. But you will understand why I cannot give you any details here. I am following the advice of St. Germain to keep the magic of the creation act secret so that nobody can infringe on the alchemical reaction and eventually alter it with ulterior motives and intentions. When the manifestation has arrived, anybody can see it and admire it.

And this holds true for the ascension process that is now leading to the global shift of humanity and our final transfiguration from a carbon-based body into a crystalline light body. Please do not forget that we all have ascended a long time ago and are here with our last soul fragments. Most of our fragments are already active in the higher dimensions, at least from the 5D to the 7D. A fragment of mine ascended in January 2019 to the 9th dimension and I experienced this deeply moving event in full consciousness, This was subsequently confirmed by the Elohim.

Given the intensity of the waves that are now sweeping over me and surely also over you like tornadoes, I am reckoning with a high degree of probability that the Shift will happen this month, however not during the spring equinox as I was told by my HS yesterday. The Higher Realms will exploit the energies of this powerful portal and the unavoidable disappointment of the lightworkers who are expecting something to happen on this date and will then utilize these emotions of longing and frustration as fuel for the shift by the end of March.

Human frustration and depression are the optimal emotional energy to dismantle the human ego and enable the descend of the soul in the threefold flame of life – the descent of the I AM Presence. This is the only way how human ascension can take place and it is the absolute prerequisite for any true revelations which can only happen from the higher vantage point of view of the soul as the human ego was the actual perpetrator of all crimes on this planet and the guardian of these crimes as secrets. The dark ones with their crimes were thus only the external mirror image of this perennial deceit of the human ego.

This is my educated guess for now and it is as close as anyone can get.

What is happening now is that all human bodies whose dark soul fragments will not ascend in 2021 and need to go through another very long and painful incarnation cycle are leaving or have already left these ascending timelines and their corresponding human bodies. We are now wtinessing a massive influx of old and highly evolved souls as walk-ins. This very dynamic process will manifest as mass awakenings in the coming days, before and especially after the shift. These are the new souls that will experience and harness the soul catharsis as the previous dark souls in these human bodies will be overwhelmed and the whole planetary ascension process – jeopardized.

In the following, I am publishing the latest message from Sophia Love I received today, which aligns very well with what I personally experience and know is happening currently on this earth. I discussed this scenario yesterday already with a few PAT members in emails:

Our Ascension Event

Sophia Love, March 17, 2021


It is the One.

Nothing but your/the Ascension takes precedence now. For all of your aspects, every one of your timelines and “dimensions”. All eyes, hearts and energetic impulses are focused right here, right now, on this very moment which you are creating now. This life. Your life in 2021.

For this is the most glorious culmination of collective love, an outpouring of generational, universal intent – a brilliant force of cosmic light.

This moment is unique. The build-up to its eventual completion is something not before seen. For the Dark have done their part, and so completely, and in such a spectacular display of stubborn refusal to submit, that this time is unlike any other in dramatic expression, violent display, and absolute breathtaking conviction of role. Each pair of shoes firmly embedded in their chosen spot in the sand. The reveal is poised to be spectacular.

For this is a performance really. While it continues, you are focused on good guys and bad guys, rescues and heroes, hurts and triumphs, sinners and saints. At its completion, the masks and costumes come off. The real source and identity of each player in full reveal.

You are not dealing with only humans, but mostly humans. There are identities that will surprise you. There are still, and at this late date, actors and roles and reveals that will shock you. “Shock” meaning that you’ll find them to be completely unexpected.

For this has been the most magnificent performance, conducted by Masters. These Masters surround you now. It will ask you to look around today and see that. It will ask you to look beyond the mask.

One of the more challenging and even difficult components of full awareness will soon be apparent. It all gets swept up in Oneness. It is then that, while still playing the part, the human role you embody now, you will look around and realize that those you have hated, vilified, honored and praised, are absolutely cut from One cloth.

They spring from One Source. It is the same Source you are. You are One.

Once you are able to take the perspective of willing participant rather than victim, you will begin to realize the full range of your being.

These are words that perhaps sound hollow to your human ears. You live right now in a world gone mad, and as part of an oppressed slave race. Yes, this is your current role.

It is not your only role, nor has it been always on the side of the light. You have participated at every level and all sides.

As a Master, you have committed yourself to excellence.

The exquisite result of your efforts waits for you right now. It peeks around the corner, its brilliance unable to be contained or diminished by the Dark.

For you are the Masters of the Universe, putting on right now a magnificent performance for us all. For us all, as One.

You volunteered for this final act and were chosen for this final act. It is the “Superbowl” of Ascension Events and its players are in top form and ready.

Imagine the store of energy that builds for this culmination.

Thousands of years of oppression and frustration and suppression. The Massive Force of your emotions thus propel this Ascension Event.

Do you see?

Do you see why this moment, even this moment, is created by you?

It has always been you.

The pain, the glory and the decision to finally bring it to a close is all yours.

Dear, dear precious human. This life in shackles that you are seeing and breaking out of now, is merely one of many, many, many experiences. Experiences you’ve completed to gain perspective, and to perfect love. Throughout them all, you’ve built muscle and honed technique, delving deep into each nuance possible.

All so that you would know, without separation, what it is to be alive.

You’ve played your roles with gusto and still do today. As immersion feeds you with knowledge and sensitivity.

You are Masters, perfecting your craft.

You are here to create worlds.

That is all.


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