The Elohim: The 12 Twin Flames Pairs of the PAT and Their Role in the Ascension 2021

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 19, 2021

The Elohim told us in 2013 that there are 12 twin flames pairs in the PAT and that they would come together at the appropriate time as they will be instrumental for the triggering of the final Ascension /Shift of Gaia and humanity. Then in 2015, the Elohim gave us a comprehensive message where they elaborated in more detail what this all entails. I will publish this messsage below.

I had totally forgotten about this information as I was not particularly interested in twin flames. At that time I was already together with my dual soul Carla. She called herself Amora much later.

However, yesterday my HS and my guides made me in a very powerful manner aware of this information and urged me to publish it one more time to inform the PAT, precisely the 12 twin flames pairs, that their time to come together and merge their fields as to trigger the PAT Supernova of Ascension has arrived.

Please, observe that there are PAT members on this planet that neither know anything about the PAT nor about my website, nor that they are doing this important light work. I have discussed this aspect many times in the past. However, I am now being approached increasingly by new readers and some of them may belong to these 12 twin flames pairs.

There will be very soon such Sacred Unions of twin flames belonging to the PAT, about which the Elohim speak below, and I am sure that we will soon learn about some of them.

And here is the Elohim message from 2015 one more time:


The Elohim: The 12 Twin Flames of the PAT

Carla Thompson, December 3, 2015

Greetings, we are the Elohim!

We greet you at this moment with compassion for your deep desire to seek union with what has been described as the “Twin Flame“.  The language of this label is extremely limiting and it has taken on a mystical role for those who find themselves lonely and seeking companionship for the journey through incarnation.

First, we must stress that this period of ascension means only one thing:  It is the awakening of the individuated expressions to themselves, first and foremost; It means the awakening to your own Self; for to seek a “twin soul”  before awakening to the Self is an error in discernment and demonstrates a paramount disregard for one’s own expansion and the intimate understanding of one’s own Soul.  

The ultimate objective of your personal incarnation at this time is to achieve fully the intimate experience of your own I AM presence; the knowing of your Self and the embracing of your Self within the context of the Wholeness of All-That-Is. This step is the foundational step that must be completed before one seeks union with another soul.

(Here the Elohim anticipate the activation of the threefold flame of life, and the descent of the soul in the physical bodies of all ascension candidates this year, also known as the “I AM Presence” after St. Germain’s teachings. This will happen when all ascension candidates go through their soul catharsis, which has already commenced for many of them and will explode after the current spring equinox portal. The latter has fully opened yesterday and today we experience massive downloads of source energies that promise the manifestation of tangible results very soon. NB, George)

Every incarnate on this planet at this moment has come from the Lemuria~Atlantis epoch.  This means that sometimes individuals may feel “connected” in some manner to another individual, but this is only a soul-mate connection.  And within the meaning of this explanation there follows the karmic imperative.

As the karmic imperative no longer applies to this current reality, soul-mate alignment for karmic resolution is no longer valid.

Therefore there is only really one imperative now and that is the full achievement of one’s own soul alignment, the alignment with one’s soul essence or ones Higher Self to the physical body/mind/spirit system.  This must be done prior to the encounter with one’s twin flame, so that this connection may be achieved with little effort and easy integration, and this is no small task.  

Let us share this thought with a deep affection for all of you as incarnates:  The source of much pain and suffering within your reality almost always arises from the miscreation of the human mind.  The mental body – a part of which includes the mind – can create all manner of illusion within the emotional bodies’ constructs of what the “perfect reality” may be perceived to really be.  

The purpose of the re-union of the twin souls at this time is simply to magnify their own personal efforts, and their own successes, during this ascension expansion.  When they are in energetic union and full harmony, each to the other, their contribution to the ascension process is magnified many times over, including on the multi-dimensional platform

There are twelve pairs within what is considered the PAT group and while they are distributed in a wide geographical area, the recognition of each other shall come to the forefront, if that is meant to be. If they are seeking the twin-soul experience, they will recognize in each other that familiarity with their own over-souls, that indeed, there will be a knowing that they have fully integrated their I AM presences and that they are now ready for the ultimate Sacred Union, the energetic unification each to the other AND into the ONE

There is a keen excitement in this sacred connection as they will both know that it is an opportunity to expand not only their own levels of consciousness but also their levels of service for the higher good of all.

The power of this sacred return to wholeness as a pair of Souls holding the same essence, the same energetic frequency, opens the door for a magnificent expansion, not only within their own fields but also within the energetic fields of your Gaia.  This also means that because they have come together, their power to act effectively multi-dimensionally expands exponentially.

We send you our love and we wish you to know that we are always with you.

We are the Elohim.


What is the Difference Between Dual Souls and Twin Flames?


I am wondering what is the difference between a dual soul and a twin flame? You always mention this term when talking about Amora?

Gaspard Deleplanque


Dual souls are two separate souls with the same soul essence belonging to different soul families of approx. 1000 souls. Each soul has in the HR a dual soul.

Twin flames belong to one and the same soul and represent the female and male energies. A soul very rarely incarnates with the male and female pole at the same time. Normally when the soul incarnates as a man, the twin flame as female remains in the higher realms in the excarnated state and vice versa. Now in this last phase of the ascension process, some souls have incarnated at the same time as a man and a woman, as male and female energies, to achieve the greatest possible effect when they merge their energies in the incarnated state as the Elohim explain.



But how can they have the same soul essence and be separate at the same time? \



Because when the souls are disseminated from the TAO in a soul family, each soul in one family of approx. 1000 souls has a unique essence and there are no two alike. For that reason, a soul from another soul family is disseminated with the same soul essence so that these two souls are together in the HR and do not feel alone. Every soul has a dual soul but they never meet in an incarnated state. Carla and I are an exception as we had a mission to fulfill.


Okay! Thanks for clarifying!

Gaspard Deleplanque

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