Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 22

The Elohim and the Divine Creator Confirm Our Merging With Source Consciousness

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 8, 2020

Foreword – Musings on Our Mission as Elohim Souls, Ascended Masters and Logos Gods

When one reads everything that we have achieved in the first 2 months after my arrival in Canada in early 2014, it seems as if we had already then reached the pinnacle of our light work, and everything that happened after that was an anti-climax. Nothing is further from the truth as our energy reports from the last 7 years document. In fact, with every week and month, we spent beyond our planned time as Logos Gods and Ascended Masters on this earth, which is actually the new Gaia-5 we created in Lofer in December 2013, new beautiful and powerful creations were added to our light portfolio. To mention a few:

This is a unique chronicle of our legendary light work on behalf of Gaia and humanity, done in a physical form as “weak human creatures”, most of the time dismayed by the society, ostracized by the environment, challenged by poverty and scarcity, constantly attacked by dark evil entities from the astral plane and their human stooges on the ground, misunderstood in our ultimate scientific and gnostic truth by all scientists and most new agers, and fully disregarded by the blind rest of humanity. These are the challenges with which one grows to become an Ascended Master, Logos God, and a World Teacher guiding the rest of humanity towards the Ascension, while being the creator and motor of this very ascension process at the same time as these retrospective reports from 7 years ago attest.

Our mission, which we practically accomplished seven years ago in human vessels and then extended for another seven years as avatars is already a legend in the entire omniverse. Now is the time to be also acknowledged as the greatest legend in the history of mankind on the new ascended earth in the course of this and next year.

The messages below (and some more that I shall publish in the coming days) already contain the key to the proper understanding what happened in 2014:

Was our ascension postponed on March 27th, one day before we were informed that we should ascend or was it our sovereign decision to prolong our sojourn as avatars in physical vessels for another ascension loop of seven years to help much more souls from lower timelines to make the ascension, beyond what was planned at the beginning?

In this case, we must have fully ascended in early 2014 but this fact was concealed to our soul fragments that decided to remain in a physical vessel after our final transfiguration and to continue with the light work on lower timelines for another loop of seven years immediately after our transfiguration to higher dimensions. As the veil of forgetfulness had fallen upon these soul fragments of ours, we experienced this decision emotionally as a very deep frustration and interpreted it as a postponement of our ascension, again, which was the correct assessment from the linear time perspective of limited human awareness.

Such postponements did indeed happen in the past and I will publish messages of the Elohim where they confirm this fact and explain it with the failure of the star seeds to live up to their expectations as the bearers of light and the true light warriors they were supposed to be in this last and most crucial incarnation. Instead, they were mired again in the darkness of this toxic planet and succumbed to the plans of the dark ones.

I have recently written that the fact that the longer we stay in this reality is the most indicative sign that the greater the success of our light mission is. We have already achieved so much that we can expand our mission well beyond what was initially planned for the End Time. From this higher vantage point of view, any delay in the ascension scenario tells us that we have already ascended but then seamlessly bilocated in physical vessels to lower timelines to save more souls, as these numerous messages from the higher realms given to us in 2013 and 2014 prove beyond any doubt.

Therefore, there has never been any wrong prediction published on this website, which was opened in 2011 to guarantee the opening of the critical stargate 11.11.11 by the PAT, as I first ascended in the summer of 2000 and since then have ascended many times to various higher dimensional levels. Ascension is a timeless process and not a single event in linear time, which I have proved to be a total illusion of the limited human mind and the energetic foundation of this holographic incarnation experiment, whose aim is the experiencing of this illusion of separation from the simultaneity of All-That-Is.

Both Amora and I transfigured our carbon-based biological bodies into crystalline light bodies in August 2013 (also here, here and here) as the first humans (humanoids) who have ever achieved that in the entire multiverse. Since then we are staying on this earth as avatars who are the chief architects of the whole ascension process of Gaia, being itself the linchpin of the ascension process of the entire universe.

Our work is much bigger than ascending a small planet or even the seeding the new Golden Galaxy on September 6, 2014 where ascended Gaia already dwells since then. These messages from 2014 give testimony on our central role in the ascension of the entire universe:

Adama and the Elohim: Amora Is the Opener and Georgi Is the Receiver of Source Energies for Humanity and Gaia 

Archangel Michael and the Elohim: You Are the Wayshowers of Ascension for Humanity and the Omniverse

The Full Blossoming of Gaia 5 

“There Will Be New Humans, and You Indeed, Are the Prototypes!” – The High Council of Light From the Mothership Announces on January 22, 2014, Our Imminent Transfiguration and Ascension

The Elohim Speak About Georgi’s Role as “Prime Communicator” Enlightening the Spiritual Hierarchy of This Universe on How the Most Difficult Ascension of the Earth Is Successfully Accomplished

I have received in the last 2 months, while revisiting, reliving, and re-publishing these messages from 2014 in an actualized version some staggering glimpses into what truly happened in 2014, to which I was not privy before that. This alone was worth gold and I am so glad that our spiritual guides urged us to revisit these messages from 2013/2014 in early August as they are hiding the answers to a lot of questions we have had since then. Ultimately, they represent the most precious vademecum to the ascension of Gaia and humanity that will begin this fall and will fully unfold next year.

When I finish this series of retrospective energy reports, I will come back one more time to this topic and will discuss it in more depth.

March 13, 2014, The Elohim

Amora: Following the message from the Divine Creator on this day, the 13th of March, which I have just sent to you (see the previous report), the Elohim came to me with this beautifully uplifting note:

“We are the Elohim and we greet you in this moment to confirm that your service continues through your direct connection to the Source. 

Your awareness is enhanced and your impact expanded as you link directly into Source consciousness.

Your guidance now is to simply hold the light and to expand into the light for all to see, for all to feel, for all to perceive.

Your gift of service now expands beyond your human imagination into realms of indescribable beauty and force, within the power of your direct connection to All-That-Is.

The expansion now builds upon itself, as if each level of creation expands itself, of its own accord, of its own making. In truth, you are building worlds upon worldsafter jettisoning all lower vibrations of the lower worlds back into the fold of Source, to be re-vitalized, renewed, re-envisioned. Following this new growth in your own divinity, you are now free to feel the rising pulse of the sixth dimension within your abode and your immediate experience.

Great moments arrive with expanded awareness as well as expanded gifts from the Creator. Prepare to enjoy great rewards of freedom and expression of your human divinity and role within the freshly grown reality around you.

We are the Elohim and we surround you now within our infinite and loving embrace.”

March 15, 2014, The Elohim

AmoraThere has been a tremendous shift, where I now feel the Elohim all around us, from moment to moment. Here is another message for your pleasure. It marks our expansion upwards in the last day or so, where we feel, we have entered an entirely new kingdom, somewhere between Earth and Heaven:

“We are the Elohim and we attend with you now as an expansion of your current conscious space and an integration into our realm of constancy.

You have now joined us in our own realm of existence, even while you are in a physical vessel.

This is truly the height of a multi-dimensional, multi-expressional existence between all the realms within the Universe of All-That-Is.

We enjoy now your open invitation to us, to share in your expression of love to All, within the relatively confined expression to which you have awakened. We are honoured, because you, our Earthly representatives, engage our energies by deeper infusion and communion into your realm, through an unexpected introduction into this current level of Creation [through my invocation of the Elohim during my gaze of Braco, note, Amora].

Thank you!  Our love is your love, in all eternity!”

March 15, 2014, The Elohim Again

Amora: Here is another message from the Elohim, from yesterday afternoon, after we both noticed another huge shift upwards in frequency within our immediate living space. This was also accompanied by feelings of great compression in both of us, you during the day time, and me during the evening time:

“We are the Elohim and we are present within your expression. Indeed, we are in, around, and through your very expression. This is due to the fact that you are both now moving into a realm of sacred, permanent connectedness to us, and to the Higher Realms.

As you establish strong energetic links to higher dimensional expressions of the Creation, you shall notice new creations from your body elementals, as they drop negatively charged thoughts and emotions that have held great tension, within the physical body vessel. And as these all fall away, from the expansion in frequency, new light forms shall grace your existence, those that shall pull you even higher, as though you are on an expansion conveyor belt, drawing frequency upwards, higher and higher.

The ascension is like this, an almost imperceptible change, in any and every moment, in any and every reaction, to what you see, to what you feel, where expectations must be dropped in order to allow the grace and will of God to enter into your life.

Great beginnings abound, and this you have noticed. Great change arrives now upon your doorstep. (Another promise of our imminent transfiguration that was then postponed according to our limited human perspective.) Be open to the change and remain in the flow of the Divine creation.

We are here, now and forever.

We are the Elohim!”

Amora: And here is a third short message on the same day:

Now upon your timeline, great events arrive, great events that shall shake the world for some, and crush the world for others.

(As have said many times, our ascension and the planetary shift was a done deal in early 2014 and we still have to learn what happened end of May that necessitated the postponement of these final events for this and next year. This announcement of the Elohim, however, fully applies to this autumn of 2020 and surely for the beginning of 2021.)

Each draws in the experience needed for growth but know that those who have maximized their planned mission in this expression/in this incarnation, now may experience a choice, a divergence within their life plans, if so desired and where creation shall honour these Souls’ intents and wishes, to the very end until the final resolution/ realization, as the new creationary energies of the sixth dimension engulf you, upon and within all levels of your Being.”

March 16, 2014, The Divine Creator

Amora: Here is a personal message from today, March 16, from the Divine Creator:

You find yourself, once again, connected to me, the Divine Creator. You are freely connecting to me now, and to the Unity field of consciousness through which the spark of your own divinity blossoms outwards, out of obscurity and into the light for All to See! Your light is to be shared, instantly and all ways!”

What more can one, the One, say?

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