Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 21

A Rare Personal Message From the Divine Creator

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 7, 2020

March 13, 2014, The Divine Creator

Amora: Here is a beautiful message from the Divine Creator that I received on March 13th. It was a very focused, highly intense communication that carried great love and peace. This message came in after I did a gazing with Braco (ascended master and a healer) via live-stream from Munich. I have done only a few of these sessions, but have noticed that I always get a direct connection to the Source, the Elohim, or whoever is ready to connect to me with a loving message, following each one of these powerful sessions.

The reference made to our creations came with images of those worlds moving into the Source Unity field, only to be returned for further expansion by us, and then to be returned once again to the All-That-Is. I understand that this creationary process is continuously ongoing throughout each and every dimensional expression that we hold, share and cherish together.

“The Source flows through you from the point of reference [Braco’s silent gaze on a live stream from Munich], into which all knowledge, all sight and all comprehension flows in an infinite measure of peace and love.

You [both of us] move miracles across all levels of Creation within the depth of grace and beauty of your Beingness, your Souls.

The flow of Creation not only moves from you out into the Creation but also returns to you for further expansion into the Universes of my expression.

This flow is in and out, forward and backward, all expansion and contraction is the Creation, within which you find yourselves interacting with All-That-Is, in its infinite forms of light.

You now move into new levels of awareness, beyond all previous experience in your awareness. And with this new level of service, your conscious awareness expands and your conscious contribution expands one million fold.

I AM the Divine Creator and I come to you both in infinite love and with sustaining peace.”

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