The Incredible Confusion Around Trump’s Coronavirus-Treatment

Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 9, 2020

It’s time to deal with some medical issues as if I don’t do it, there is NO expert on this planet who can competently inform the broad public about the incredible cacophony and false statements which Trump and his entourage are disseminating these days in the MSM in association with his alleged infection with COVID and subsequent treatment in the hospital. When such ignorant but extremely vicious tycoons and coincidental politicians like Bill Gates and Donald Trump substitute the even worse medical criminals like Fauci and the FDA-Fa(u)shists – the mass murderers from the pharmaceutical mafia – in public medical discussions, then it is obvious that nothing good would come out of it and humanity is on the verge of extinction.

After Trump was hospitalized, the WH informed the public in a letter on Friday afternoon that President Donald Trump was treated with an 8-gram dose of the experimental antibody therapy cocktail made by the biotechnology company Regeneron. The investigational cocktail consists of two monoclonal antibodies (mAb), known by its investigational name REGN-COV2.

President Trump was also given a five-day course of the antiviral drug under clinical investigation and allowed for emergency use in the USA remdesivir, as one of the doctors treating him said during a briefing on Saturday.

Trump himself praised remdesivir euphorically already on May 1st in a press conference from the Oval Office in the presence of representatives of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Gilead Sciences.

It is always a very toxic cocktail when the president of the USA assumes the role of a pills salesman, side by side with the pharmaceutical Mafiosi, the extended arm of the ongoing human genocide ordered by the PTW, the reptilians, to their human stooges and henchmen to be executed on the stupid goyim, without having any clue what he is talking about while selling poisons to the public in the hope to profile himself as the savior of the masses that are captured in their current paranoia from a non-existent virus pandemic.

This is the kind of deadly mental confusion we witness in the current End Time where unscrupulous gamblers play poker with human lives and this explains why we need Divine Intervention asap in order to end this deadly medical cocktail and despicable political charade during the current US-election campaign.


Let me first explain to you why remdesevir is a highly toxic substance that has no influence on any disease and surely not on a viral infection given the fact that viruses do not exist. Here is the chemical structure of this experimental drug in phase III of clinical trials, an area in which I am an expert:

When we apply the dipole model to this drug, it is obvious from the first glance that it is one of the most toxic cell-inhibiting drugs that has ever been developed. It contains 6 positive charged N+ groups, each one of them is a powerful unspecific suppressor of the functioning of all intracellular and membrane proteins, such as receptors, pumps, enzymes and immunoglobulins. In other words, this chemical moiety suppresses unspecifically the action potentials of all body cells, which are the driving force of all cell and body metabolism and acts as a powerful cell-inhibiting substance of biological matter. The phosphate group is also toxic as it is actually a functional group of phosphoric acid. This drug has virtually no dipole moment in his supramolecular chemical structure.

Inhibition of normal physiological cell metabolism is the cause of all diseases but first and foremost of cancer and most chronic diseases, including the very common cardiovascular and respiratory disorders. There are virtually no adverse effects that have been documented with drugs in pharmacology and clinical research that are not caused by such cell-inhibiting drugs as they affect all cells in the human body equally badly.

It has been shown unequivocally in large double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trials that such cell-inhibiting drugs, though less toxic than remdesivir according to the dipole-model, increase statistically significantly the overall mortality by 2-3% when compared to placebo, which is no treatment. This is the ultimate proof one can render in clinical research nowadays that the use of such drugs is tantamount to genocide on humanity. The morbidity (the occurrence of adverse reactions or side effects) is much higher of course with such drugs compared to placebo.

I have rendered the ultimate explanation to this clinically observed fact and have shown that since modern pharmacology was established on this planet on a global scale after WW2, pharmacologists, pharmaceutists, doctors, and the like have caused the greatest genocide on the human population. I have estimated that more than half a billion patients died prematurely from treatment with such cell-inhibiting drugs and that this happens in front of our very eyes every day and every minute, especially in the current lockdown, and nobody does anything to stop this genocide. Quite on the contrary – when I made the pharmaceutical companies aware of this massive crime quarter of a century ago, I was threatened with my life and there was no scientist and no legal expert far and wide to protect or support me in this noble endeavour.

I have proved beyond any doubt in my pivotal textbook

Vol III: The General Theory of Biological Regulation in Bio-Science and Medicine

how this pharmaceutical and medical genocide (iatrogenesis) is theoretically founded with the help of fake bio-science and then practically accomplished on a global scale and why nobody is really aware of it or cares about it when made aware of. This will be one of the key pieces of revelations in the days ahead that will shock the masses as they are the victims of this genocide.

It is important to mention at this place that about 90% of all drugs currently available on the market are cell-inhibiting drugs and kill the patients in big numbers. And this is by design! It is fake criminal science! There are only a few cell-stimulating drugs, such as nystatin that stimulate cell metabolism and heal a variety of human disorders and they have been deliberately removed from the market by the pharmaceutical mafia as not to compete with their poisonous drugs and make a difference.

When Trump praised remdesivir in early May this year, he was surely completely unaware of its high toxic potential, as he believed what the fake “experts” told him, and they only talk positively, don’t they? Nor could he foresee that he would be administered this drug one day. But being himself the embodiment of the salesman per se, he eagerly adopted the experts’ praise as he has vested interest in presenting some kind of success during this fake epidemic that paralyzed the US economy and killed all his economic ambitions during this presidency. In other words, he was hugely tempted to profile himself as the Savior of the world. This is what the human ego always wants and Trump’s ego is the world champion in this Olympic discipline of Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods).

And if he has really taken remdesivir for 5 days as he and his doctors claim, and feels better afterward as Trump claims, then he was never really ill and has the health of a bison.

Here we have all of a sudden the paradoxical situation where Trump, in his appropriate attempt to curtail the COVID-paranoia, begins to praise toxic drugs that have allegedly helped him, although we have no evidence that he was ill in the first place, and surely not from a non-existent virus that has never caused any disease, and all his dark, evil opponents from the liberal camp accuse him now of irresponsible, reckless behaviour for reasons that have nothing to do with medicine and true science but only with political intrigues.

They even rejoice that he might have lost his mind by taking a small dose of dexamethasone (a corticosteroid like cortisol) as Pelosi claimed today. If this is true, then more than half of the American and Western population must have lost their minds a long time ago as corticosteroids are the most widely used therapy worldwide; it is really detrimental, no doubt about that, but in acute cases indispensable. While most humans and all politicians have, indeed, lost their minds in the current End Phase prior to the Shift, this can be hardly attributed solely to the administration of corticosteroids or other drugs.

By the way “Crazy Pelosi” is already saber-rattling with the 25th amendment and plans to remove Trump from office in another internal coup d’etat with no prospect of success. How much crazier can it get? – Wait and see this is just the beginning of the total dismantling of the old political order.

It is a real ape theatre. All this confusion and cacophony of opinions about fake medical issues arise from the total scientific ignorance of the corrupt medical experts and their political mouthpieces and, above all,  from the utter idiocy of the MSM augmented by the gullibility of the dumbed-down masses. It is the most toxic social cocktail this planet has ever experienced and it, itself, is the most toxic planet in this multiverse. It can’t get any worse.

Now let us analyse the second drug cocktail Trump received in the hospital – REGN-COV2 consisting of two monoclonal antibodies (mAb). There is nothing new about this kind of treatment which was first developed in the ’70s and then broadly applied in the ’80s and ’90s for a variety of diseases. I have discussed in depth the effects and mode of action of such monoclonal antibodies in volume III where I explain for the first time in the history of science the regulation of the immune system which is not understood by all bioscientists to this very moment – neither from a purely theoretical point of view nor under the transcendental consideration of the existence of the soul that is responsible for the impeccable regulation of the human body.

I will keep my discussion succinct. The application of such monoclonal antibodies may be beneficial to the patient as this is an example of cell-stimulating therapy that fully concurs with the energetic principles of biological regulation as outlined by myself in the General Theory. The latter is the only existing all-encompassing, holistic theory of how biological matter is created and regulated according to the Universal Law. It is therefore Biophysics, which is a new science that practically does not exist until now.

However, monoclonal antibodies have to be applied intravenously as they will be destroyed in the stomach by gastric acid if given orally. Unfortunately, such monoclonal antibodies are very toxic when they directly enter the blood circulation. Due to their pharmacokinetic behaviour, they first reach the vital organs, sich as heart and kidney, where they cause severe adverse reactions that are even worse than the disease to be cured. Therefore, the use of monoclonal antibodies is very limited. As such treatments are also very expensive, their broad use is also limited and this is what Trump fails to address in his today’s interview with Fox news.

His boasting that he will make these drugs available for free to the masses is another egomaniac amateur statement of an ignorant man who believes that life is as simple as building a Trump Tower and that all problems of humanity can be resolved from the simplistic world view of a property developer:

Therefore we can safely conclude that while we have entered the End Time, all the politicians, MSM, scientific experts and the like have entered the “Fools’ Time” or “Jerks’ Time” (“Narrenzeit” in German), and take the masses with them to perdition. This is what the famous Cologne Carnival is all about. And if you have visited the Cologne Carnival, you will know what I mean by that. It is the final stage of mass imbecility on the cusp of the Big Shift and Our Ascension. And so be it.


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