The Repetitive Monkey in Every Human

A Cosmotic Point of View

channelled by Morgana Morgaine, April 22, 2017

I wished there were more channelings of this kind. – George

New sources are ripe to help you with the shift, but you must imaginate, animate, illuminate, demonstrate and elevate your world view into an upgraded high frequency dimensional shift….

Downloads from the Universe come in countless forms, attributed to many sources who are really all shades of the same cosmotic voice giving us information from what often seems like many points along the swirling labyrinths of galaxies and star streams throughout the Universe.

As we travel the circuitous, looking both ‘up and out’, we perceive informational gifts generously designed to reach the understanding of a diverse population of human wireless receivers.

Let’s also be aware that the cosmos has a sense of humor…it could not be otherwise since humor is a powerful energetic that influences human consciousness, using a deliberate pathway to open and relax us, allowing us to embrace the wireless receiver and transmitter that we are.

The “cosmotic” voice sometimes speaks to us without the etiquette of laborious human niceties. Sometimes, it impresses messages upon our suggestible receptive minds using humor or challenge or an upside down and backwards ‘scramble’ so that we leave familiar ruts of belief.

The transmissions often arrive as a kind of spiritual theater adapted to an otherwise easily bored 3D/matrix human mind. I suspect that I am not alone in either my attachment to humor or inhabiting a mind that begs to be entertained along with the messages coming through.

In the spirit of spiritual theater, here is a recent “share” that came through to help us keep pace with what is required of us in the 3D to 5D shift.

“Get off the stage”, a cosmotic voice declared.

Who, who get off the stage?” I asked.

“Humans”, the voice shot back.

YOU, the collective you, are theater at its most repetitive.

Funny how you make yourselves the center of everything: story, romance, spiritual breakthroughs, therapy sessions, traffic controllers of the non-human spheres and even politics, humans leading humans or more likely controlling humans.

It’s repetitive on all counts.

You imagine yourselves as the big ‘I’ and it is fracturing everything. Your point of view is YOU and… the bigger picture of ‘us’, no longer find it amusing.

Humans seem out of ideas, out of solutions and out of plausible explanations for how you live and why you ‘doo doo’ on what you do.

You see yourselves as innovative, making great strides and yet, any story of humans is simply repetitive…you don’t like to think this may be true, being a species who loves the “I gotta be me” point of view… but it is.

Examples? Well, here ya go:

The big stories are always war stories; older men of privilege and rank recruit much younger baby men of little rank to be fodder, fight and die,


Romance is mostly drama and emotional games and prescribed scripts written on the backs of charm and seduction,


And money? Money does grow on trees, privileged trees in privileged circles making more money to grow on more privileged trees,


Health too fares better with the privileged and disease and lack fare best with the poor,


Human thinking just may be over-rated. What you believe to be “original or special” is really the product of empty brain corridors that simply replicate, duplicate, repudiate, indoctrinate, regurgitate and hyperbolate,


The wheels on the bus do indeed go round and round
Round and round
Round and round
The wheels on the bus go round and round,


A fresh original point of view is genuinely needed. You need it and god knows the planet needs it.

This leads us to our growing distaste for the human point of view about well, almost everything and… our one singular focus which is to help you become… a new you.

How did we arrive at this?, you ask.


Humans are obsessively smitten with themselves and their point of view on every imaginable topic and problem. Your voices are fond of spewing the historical and spiritual and scientific assumed brilliance of YOUR species.

Well, enough, enough of this stuff. You have prattled and preened until nothing’s as it seems and the cosmotic point of view has had enough.

Move on. Look up and out, we say.

New sources are ripe to help you with the shift, but you must imaginate, animate, innovate, illuminate, demonstrate, elevate, and resonate your world view into an upgraded high frequency production.

And… your well-trained world of replicate, duplicate, regurgitate, indoctrinate, hyperbolate and….pontificate has lost the thread, sort of like the Shakers or dinosaurs or cro-magnon bipeds, all irrelevant and now extinct.

Now you may think this is a harsh indictment or a rebellious heresy and you would be right, in part, But, good news lurks.

You are at the bottom rung and as they say, only “up and out” will change the frame… of mind, that is.

Human point of view requires a change of verb, so to speak and that’s a liberating thought. You can change the script, you can change the lyrics, and you can change your point of view.

You can change the forms: ‘rap it’, if you like: forget replicate and instead imaginate, forget indoctrinate and instead resonate, forget regurgitate and instead generate, innovate, elevate, illuminate, distillate, and demonstrate!

It is the new currency.

Make it move, make it tactile, make it a lightning strike of inspiration, awakening the very forces of human “nature”.

Make it more than ideas, actualize everything into its energy signature, movement, that is.

Realize that all “isms” and repetitions of what constitutes reality are simply crowded boxcars filled with thought-forms that clog the circuitry.

Aren’t you tired of the matrix muddled-mind?

Realize that everything is a transmission, everything. You can elevate yours by morphing every life choice and decision into high frequency transmissions. Be “guided” by this.

“Verb-shift” out of inertia and impotence and into a “create and animate” state of higher mind; alter perceptions beyond 3D limitations.

Practice into this 5D gateway.

We suggest you no longer OBSERVE the show….Be the show.

Be at play… Be at play…. Be at play…. the unified field is that!

The cosmotic point of view suggests to you that you go humble’, bow more often.

It too is a gateway.

Take off your shoes, lie face down on the earth, spread-eagle your arms, know you lie on holy ground”. Feel it, it too is a gateway.

Here’s help:  “you let go more often, then we become visible more often… you listen, we offer… you follow, we join… it’s all energetics, this dimensional shift.

Before you know it, your overly used personal point of view deflates its pompous presumptive self and “THE WE” takes over as a very, very attractive point of view from which great shifts escalate, illuminate, and ultimately create, a new human in the cosmic neighborhood.

Blessings in the spirit of all seriousness sideways, upside down, and backwards.

The Cosmotics.

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