Energy Report of the PAT – April 23, 2017

Dear Georgi,

I read in earnest your most recent summation concerning the coming “Shock and Awe” wave from the Central Sun after what was a relatively peaceful night of sleep for the first time in the last week. The MSM, in their usual display of obfuscation as shown by their reporting of last night had all the earmarks of either not knowing what could possibly trigger such a simultaneous shutdown in three of the largest metropolitan centers across a continent spanning some 3000 miles or retreating to the broad swipe of an exercise in embellishing the non-essential by alluding to this malfunction as a symptom of an aging and neglected US Infrastructure.

For those who chafe at the fact that this might be the result of a cosmic energetic flux of stupendous magnitude operating at velocities of millions of miles per hour and in volumes of millions of tons of charged particles history proves otherwise. As every astronomer who also studies the history of solar physics and its effect on the earth knows, an event subsequently termed the Carrington Effect actually was visited upon this planet over a century ago. It was a world-wide phenomena that extended the normal polar auroras well into the tropics. From Wikipedia, The Solar storm of 1859—known as the Carrington Event[1]—was a powerful geomagnetic solar storm during solar cycle 10 (1855–1867). A solar coronal mass ejection hit Earth’s magnetosphere and induced one of the largest geomagnetic storms on record, September 1–2, 1859. The associated “white light flare” in the solar photosphere was observed and recorded by English astronomers Richard C. Carrington (1826–1875) and Richard Hodgson (1804–1872). This particular event occurred at a time that the earth’s magnetosphere or protective shield was known to be at full strength which is generally perceived not the case today.

Studies have shown that a solar storm of this magnitude occurring today would likely cause more widespread problems for a modern and technology-dependent society. If a Carrington size storm were to penetrate the weakening magnetosphere of earth today, our internet, wireless and captive industrial infrastructure would essentially stop. Satellites, Utility power centers and the like would be overwhelmed. That is a fact.

The timing of this cosmic event should not be overlooked as the world celebrates, “Earth Day” today, perhaps the only commonly recognized day among the nation- states making up this ‘civilization ‘ and I use that characterization liberally to the extreme. Perhaps, the Higher Realms wished to make known the extent to which this indifference to essential spiritual truths is now ending. Humanity, in all its hubris and consequent abandonment as caretakers and spiritual stewards for the very living, conscious planet that nourishes their very existence stands on the precipice of what paleontologists term an “Extinction Level Event.” Two hundred individual plant and animal species go extinct every day. The Amazon Rain Forest known as the lungs of the earth are currently being bulldozed for monoculture palm oil and beef farms utilization while the nations of the earth according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and their innovative and published ” Doomsday Clock” has the human condition at roughly 2 1/2 minutes before midnight or what was approximated during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Well well, it is a fine fix this most spiritually-deficited species who considers their world to be at the apex of human achievement has gotten themselves into. In the final analysis, the readers of the Axiomatic, Gnostic and Spiritual Truths that are discussed, presented and made available for free to discerning persons worldwide at would do well to consider what is manifestly obvious….

the Countdown to Ascension has begun.

Georgi, for those who are unable to comprehend the immensity of such forces, I have included two pics portraying the relative size of the Sun and Earth from a circumference perspective in addition to the magnitude of what a solar flare comprises when unleashed against earth.

With light and love,


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Hi George!

Guess who?? It’s been awhile. .  .in 3D that is..  .when I read your message today that you haven’t been getting much e-mail lately from us, I decided to drop by. .you know that we still love you!. . ♥

You will never guess who is behind the “surreal “power outages ?. . since the Spring Equinox I’ve been powering up. . Kali and Durga have turned up the amps .  .I always loved the Supernova idea, so I offered myself up. . we decided to blow up satellites to shake things up. .we had some great results last week. . blew up Berkeley and Oakland’s power. . then turned it up to SF, LA and NY yesterday .. who knows how far we might go!

I have been relentlessly blasted with ascension codes from the central sun, and am completely incinerated at night. . as you know,, the energies are escalating.  so I am feeling that my dreadful 3D existence may finally be over. . I can hardly write this as I am so disconnected from 3D and can barely function. . but I know that you understand as we have all been working so hard in the higher dimensions at night to complete this mission impossible.  I wanted to connect with you once more in 3D. . feels like our time has finally arrived. . .see you soon!




Dear Fiona,

I am glad to hear from you again and I do believe that these outages are the result of our light work together with the legions of angels and light beings that now surround us.

With love and light



I think they are naming these particles just to spite you.

BTW – the energy this week until today was fucking brutal.

Eric, Canada


Of course there are infinite particles and it only depends on how much energy you introduce in the accelerator as to which particles you will create and register – conservation of energy.



Lieber Georgi,

ich möchte dir nur kurz berichten, dass ich in meiner gestrigen Meditation “bombardiert” wurde mit Energiestößen in – quantitativ – noch nie so da gewesener Form und – qualitativ – in annähernd so heftiger Form, wie ich es zweimal im Jahr 2012 erlebt habe.

Als es mit den “Stromstößen” begann, bekam ich auch den Rat übermittelt, mich in die halbliegende Position zu begeben, da ich die Energien dann besser verdauen könne.

Meine körperlichen Grenzen schienen sich aufzulösen und ich konnte mein Ich nicht mehr lokalisieren. ;-) Sehr angenehmer Zustand.

Dazu bekam ich die Botschaft, dass diese Übertragungen weitergehen werden, sich akkumulieren und irgendwann die Grenze zum ID Shift erreicht haben werden. Und ich solle dieses Erlebnis als Generalprobe ansehen.

Ich bin voll des guten Mutes.

Dir und Carla alles Liebe und Gute

Renate, Deutschland

Dear Georgi,

I would just like to briefly tell you that I was “bombarded” in my yesterday’s meditation with energy bouts in – quantitatively – unprecedented form and – qualitatively – in nearly as violent form as I have experienced it twice in the year 2012.

When it started with the “current surges”, I also got the advice to go into the half-lying position, as I could digest the energies better in this way.

My physical boundaries seemed to dissolve, and I could no longer locate my self. A very pleasant condition.

For this I got the message that these transmissions will continue, accumulate and eventually have reached the threshold to the ID shift. And I should look at this experience as a dress rehearsal.

I am in good spirits.

You and Carla all love and the best

Renate, Germany


Dear George:

It is as you are experiencing and describing it.Same intense energy began before dawn today. Some nights I am literally pulled from deep sleep and sent into meditative/ receptive posture for absorption, I am sure.

The outages struck me as significant as well, even though they were “dismissed” or disguised by media as the product of an old power grid.  Actually, the old power grid is caput but not in the way they imagine.

There is a new or perhaps ancient power grid that I now feel plugged into.  Not because I am trying but because it is time for it to activate.  Couldn’t stop it if I tried.

Love Malechite


Anti-science and insidious Orion invention

Let us count the ways of their errors…

Radiocarbon dating —–WRONG!

Speed of Light —–WRONG!

Scientific consensus? Which is it? Contracting Earth v. Continental Drift v. Plate Tectonics….hmmm let’s see what the peanut gallery has to say today!

Scientific truth indeed!

Peace & Light,



Dear Georgi,

Hope all is well with you and the family. How is Carla’s mother settling in?

I’m at a point in my life that change is everywhere and it’s massive. I’m about to be made redundant from my current job to which I’m really looking forward to. Everything is making me sick and tired of listening and seeing such appalling behaviours. Time for a major change as I dreamt once that I was looking for somewhere to stay with the children and we where dragging our suitcases around. What keeps me sane are your articles, they always bring me back to why I’m here when I start to despair.

I just wanted to run this past you as the past few months have been quite interesting. I seem to be getting up during the night, go to the toilet and return to my bed with a big bang. I’m so heavy I can’t move. I slip back into dream mode and at the same time they’re not fully dreams. They involve beings who are assisting me in moving forward with what some call the event. Although they are of all sorts of types, humanoids and some almost fish like, among other beings. I know these beings as we’re always saying jokes and synchronising out thoughts and movements with each other. I’m remembering more and more my true self.

Remember the photographs I took over Tower Bridge on Trump’s inauguration day? Well, just this week I dreamt of a huge puffy cloud in the distance and there were the same white rays plummeting from the sky like fireworks. The white light energy balls would turn into the most amazing colour orb like designs of flowers, swirls and all sorts of beautiful things that I can’t explain. It was an amazing show! Nothing I have experienced before in this lifetime, obviously.

Putin and I met briefly two weeks ago and Killary seemed to want a few words, but couldn’t get them out. I also told the European parliament that I now managed them and warned them to listen, because if they didn’t there would be consequences for them. I’ve been so busy in the dream state lately that I can’t process all the information correctly when I wake up.

By the way, I can relate to your rant! On the ground it’s a mess and the more I observe the more I keep coming to the same conclusion when you say, ‘Such statements make me speechless as I poignantly realize what profound ignorance has befallen this underdeveloped species called homo (in)sapiens…I am really about to lose any hope that this insane species would ever come to true awareness and knowledge.’

I would like to know what you think about this blog that explains in part what you say in your warning signs article. This would explain why I’m dreaming of many different beings as ever before. There are some good times ahead, regardless of what’s happening around us, we have worked hard to achieve what we have currently achieved, the ball keeps rolling…

Love and light to all,



Dear Dalila,

I fully share your experience with the dreams in the night, which are no longer the old dreams humans used to know but heavy light work under immense pressure, which we also feel in a very pronounced physical manner. The body gets stiff from the energetic downloads in the night and one can barely move upon awakening. I need to make a massage on all my extremities and a hot and cold showers to make it movable again throughout the day.

Yesterday when I meditated I was connected to the collective conscious and felt very intensively the utter confusion and disappointment of the people. Those who supported Trump have lost any hope in him and do not know what to think, the entire matrix is in a state of total dissolution and nothing functions anymore. The desperation of the people is so thick in the air that one can cut it with a knife. Their minds seem also to be paralyzed and they cannot see any positive resolution.

The people need to go through this state of utter confusion (Verwirrung in German) before they can achieve a new clarity of the mind (Entwirrung, play upon words). This is how the soul works through the ego-mind by shutting it down so that it can be reset to  a new higher form of awareness. This is a very painful process, also described as the “dark night of the soul” and this collective darkness has now encompassed the ego-minds of all the people – those that will ascend and those that will descend.

Their refusal to think and speak in a logical and consistent way as I am admonishing all the time is now being presented in clear sight for them to see and they begin to understand how stupid and inadequate most of their thoughts and beliefs are and that all their suggestions and efforts based on past false thinking cannot help them find a resolution from the current social, political, economic and financial gridlock. This is the total crisis of the collective agnostic mindset based on compartmentalisation and lack of transcendental spiritual knowledge. This will continue so and will aggravate in the coming days and weeks before the breaking point is reached and the final ID shift can take place.

I checked this website and while it lists some facts that I also mention the whole approach and interpretation is full of fear. As this website is on black background I suspect that it is created by the dark secret services to promote fear as this is what they always do. It is a fact that since we eliminated the astral plane with all the archons and other dark entities last summer, there are no longer any attacks on us, the light warriors, and the dark secret services have also stopped harassing us, at least me, as they have no money anymore and are embroiled in their own uncertain survival.

When I put these facts together I am almost certain that this website is edited by agent prvocateurs of the dark secret services who pretend to be of the light. This is how they did it in the past when they put more effort to hide as light workers. In the last years though they were so frustrated that they lost this ability of chameleons. I know that as I have followed their pattern of behaviour for years.  I used to get up to 20 emails from such trolls each day and their attitude changed with the years. It became increasingly desperate and nastier and ended up in outright curses and abominable threats which only reflected their impotence. After that they stopped writing which happened last summer when we wrapped up the astral plane.

Let us see what the next days will bring after Trump has disappointed all his supporters in less than 100 days and nothing works so far for him. By the way we got information from our HS and the Elohim that all nuclear weapons in the West, and in particular in the USA, are now being dismantled by the higher realms or us as Logos Gods and that the military knows that and that is why they can only resort to empty threats. This explains why nothing followed after Trump threatened North Korea while the aircraft that was supposed to come to North Korea sailed in the opposite direction. What an embarrassment. Also there will be most probably no further strikes in Syria as the Russians say now and they must know it as they have already established a no-fly zone over Syria with their forrmidable air defense system.

It is very important to consider these facts as Trump and the USA will continue to bully the rest of the world until the people realize that the king is naked. Since spring equinox the service-to-self people are no longer allowed to harass and manipulate the service-to-other people and instead experience immediate karma whenever they commit a heinous act. This is how we now change this reality energetically before it is ready to ascend.

With love and light


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