The Fall of the Titans

channelled by Jahn J Kassl first on July 19, 2012

and updated on November 14, 2013
first published on November 15, 2013 in

Translated by Georgi Stankov

Note: This timeless message is of utmost importance because it informs us for the first time that all the dark forces are now not only banished from this earth, but also from all universes and will have a miserable existence among themselves in the future. In this massive cleansing process, the Earth, being the most toxic of all 3D planets that also ascend now, seems to play a central role. This means in plain language that the “3D earth of the dogs” and possibly some lower 4D earths will leave this universe forever and will have no more any connection to the new 5D Earth as well as to the balanced 4D Earth. This explains the current total frustration of the dark forces and their desperate attempts to get hold of any soul fragments. Personally, I find this announcement very remarkable, because I have nowhere read or heard about this in this clarity.


Blessed are you sons of men, for your work in the garden of Eden is progressing very well. You are required and you are often on the edge of your powers! Rely on it, you will be always uplifted, recovered and supplied with plenty of light, so that you can go further and further until your orders are fulfilled.

I am the way and the life of God’s eternal source of all life,


Universes are rebuilt and given a new structure. Galaxies are transformed and gain a new expansion, and Mother Earth is in this transformation process the center of this and all worlds. Therefore have faith, because all the attention from the light is now given to you – you are truly helped,by billions of light forces from all corners of this creation.

The fall of the titans has begun – and this in all universes and at all levels, which formerly belonged to the dark world. Agreements and contracts are closed, arrangements are made, and the Galactic, as well as the Universal Federation of Light will very soon unite the whole creation under their banner of light, because the forces of darkness are entitled to get a new level for their existence and will be banished from all the previous levels or will be simply extinguished.

This also affects Gaia, TERRA xx27, the planet of the human race and the planet of love. This work is progressing well. It is important that you, children of men, now endure – until the end of time, until the last day of this unique era.

1) Keep your environment clean!
2) Leave the level of half-measures!
3) Give up everything that weakens you: situations, people and things!
4 ) Stay constantly connected to the primal source of all Being.
5 ) Trust in God.

Mankind is given everything, be ready to receive. The grace of God is given to you. Take it in reception and know what a unique gift this is. Honor the life and be the love. The conversion of all worlds proceeds until everything is returned to the original order of creation.




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