In the Eye of the Hurricane – Part I

Asana Mahatari
Jahn J. Kassl, Light Reading on May 30/31, 2013
first published in English on June 1, 2013 in

 Translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

the big time begins to fulfill itself, the long, long waiting ends now, the major life cycles of men and humanity are completed – out of lead gold is forged; until now carelessly lying stones on the roadside get a new cut and recognize themselves as precious, and are ubiquitously recognized as diamonds.

What I am saying is that the lack of consciousness of humanity comes these days to an end, the process of becoming truly conscious of humanity has fully unfolded. Today (May 30), as we have met together in the light of transformation, today, as you all, who attend this light reading, whether here locally or in your Now-time, where you perform your service to this world, in other words, wherever and whenever you are, you, who partake of this transformation experience, you shall – so your heart desires to see full of devotion and joy the light of God – behold the light of God, today, and not tomorrow!

And today we put the last capstone before the darkness completely disappears from this reality, before this hologram of the 5th dimension permeates all levels of your existence, before it is light everywhere in the universe that surrounds you. Today, we want to highlight the “big scene” of change and the “grand finale” of change and consider them in the light of God, so that every care dissipates and the joy can encompass your hearts, then this is mainly what the light warriors lack so much at this time.

The joy, the humor and the lightness were lost in many light warriors and these must now be recuperated, for verily: The more joy you can create, the stronger your energy field of love, and the more humorous you accept the winds of change – the many transformations and adjustments  – the easier and more relaxed you will now experience the following miracles.

Each transformation work loses its severity and becomes easy, as long as you accomplish it with joy and not with the feeling, you must finish it at any price because of your ascension. The result of a transformation, the way it unfolds, is always one and the same, the way how you come to this result, however decides about the way you feel throughout this process.

Especially the psychic tortures, the emotional and spiritual stress that many light warriors personally create should be put aside, while still pursuing with mindfulness and concentration the way into the light, which means to dedicate oneself solely to God. The changes of your body are very often associated with pain, although this can be limited to a certain degree, but it is impossible to fully eliminate the physical pain during the transformation and preparations for the adoption of the light body

Therefore, it is important to focus one’s mind on the joy and happiness, then only in this way will you create a suitable environment for your growth and you can never descend into dark thoughts. Transformation, as long as it is done with joy and humor, is an easy walk through lush green meadows, and has nothing to do with a tedious journey through parched desert landscapes.

The last few meters, the final steps of the now incipient transformation of humanity that ascends to the 5D can be your easiest, if you so choose. Or you may decide to put on the lead boots of the old-time because you falsely believe that the final steps must be difficult as to match the expected immeasurable reward, because you (still) believe, you have to earn the kingdom of heaven, since you still fear the fact that the heavenly kingdom can only be acquired by the grace of God.

You should now resolve all the issues in yourselves that trigger a false subservience to hierarchy and hierarchical structures. Because to these images much discomfort is attached that the change triggers in you. And what is true of earthly hierarchies, is even more true for the heavenly hierarchies, for you are Gods in human form. For you are part of what your hurt human consciousness rejects, you are part of the celestial hierarchies. However, these hierarchies fulfill an entirely different purpose and have a completely different meaning than the structures used to maintain power on earth.

The devotion of the people towards the present-day authorities is part of the collective fear pattern that is now dissolving in all realms and is part of a not yet mastered illusion, namely, that ruler and slave, victim and offender can be regarded separately, rather than perceiving them as two aspects of the same coin (dialectics).

Of course this does not mean that you should succumb to this state as an actual “victim”,  as a willing lamb that is being led to slaughter. No, this perspective means in the first place that you should thereby recognize the relationships and the big picture. That you should expand your awareness in this way and that you should, by yourself and with the help of this inner force, enable yourselves to resort to necessary and decisive action. Self-empowerment is always possible when it is based on knowledge and can not be done without this!

The light planes of Being require the hierarchies, so that an entity is appreciated by his tasks within the infinite fabric of creation. The levels of the old earth abused the hierarchical structures, so that a few were able to enrich themselves with the help of the laws, they established for the others and above which they always raised themselves. Thus an exact reverse of the original understanding of the divine hierarchy was realized on the earth.

An entirely different approach. Hence understand this now and bear it with humor, because one thing is for sure: The time of slavery is irrevocably coming to an end, whether you are perpetrators or victims nowadays! The two sides of the coin are melted because the Dark breaks away and because the time, when the light no longer casts any shadow, has already commenced.

Now, you will go directly into your celestial mansions and as you get handed out the last keys of transformation, the world will begin to change in front of your eyes and in your hearts.

In the messages that have been transmitted to Jahn in recent weeks, it becomes cogent that not a single stone will remain unmoved, and that the world has already changed, not that it will begin to change in the distant future. In the coming weeks everything that was predicted to you will escalate and will be revealed to you on the plane of the Earth that is still defined through time and space.

The big blunders will present themselves like a thief who shuns the sunlight and will dissolve in the face of God. Mankind is free, and all, who have chosen this, will also experience it now in this existence.

The great cycle, which the people have chosen to begin with, now finds a new expansion in being, just as this world and this creation find a new expansion in the infinity of creation. People’s awareness will be extended again, until they get a good way closer to the realities and possibilities of creation.

Even when a large life cycle, the life cycle of humanity is now coming to an end and a new one begins, the infinity of creation is defined by the spiral structure that is expanding into infinity. And it is time for you to once again look upon your previous view of the world through the magnifying glass, or better yet, observe it with a telescope, because even Copernicus was only following the track of reality, staying closer to it than most people of his time, but the full extent of the truth remained also closed to him.

The sun is neither the center of this galaxy, nor the measure of all things. The sun that you know and perceive in the sky rotates itself around a much larger star from the center of this galaxy and in this spiral pathway the earth revolves, and the planets revolve together with the sun around the Central Sun of this universe. So all of you are part of something far bigger. And were the earth until a few centuries for many people a slice, so that the end of the world beyond the horizon perspired alarming proportions, it is now the limited view of your galaxy that your planetary system revolves in a circular (rather than elliptical) arrangement the key obstacle to see further and beyond this next horizon.

This earth orbits in a spiral way into infinitely long elliptical rings around the Central Sun and, with each circle it gets closer to the Central Sun, the consciousness of the planet and all life on it increases. Vibration and light increase, the closer an organism comes to the primal source of all being.

And the ascension of a part of mankind to the fifth dimension of being and beyond, which is in full sway now, is an ascension of these beings first to the Central Sun of this creation and afterwards – depending on the job – in other realms of God’s infinity.

This knowledge is now given to you, so that your awareness widens and you can claim your divine force field in a complete manner. Because once a person experiences himself as part of something big, as part of an immense greatness, also the body, mind and soul experience a new extension and this makes you overcome all boundaries and reach beyond. All data, collected by the dark forces about extraterrestrial life, were hidden from you for this reason, and were declared as “top secret” files.

Once a person realizes that he is part of a universal Whole, that he is constantly surrounded by his light siblings from Being, he is no longer impressed by the fear mongering methods of the dark forces.

This awakening was therefore prevented as long as possible – for a time being with success – but this phase is, of course, long gone. Think the world anew, think your relationships anew, think yourselves anew – and “anew” means: Begin to perceive yourselves as truly limitless beings. The alchemical process that forms humans into masters, is that man no longer perceives himself as a wayside stone, but as a polished gem in the middle of the path – as the path itself.

Through the processes of transformation and purifications, the “lead of everyday life”, has become the “gold of a Creator-God” – which means that you have arrived in the Golden Epoch of human history. And about this and what should be observed until then, I will speak to you on the day of 31.5. 2013  – the day of unconditional integration of your conscious ascension into the 5th dimension of all life.

I am the Life. A great peace is expanding over this humanity who has chosen the light and who allow to be guided with joy through the last days of the old humanity. You have awakened. And relaxed as never before, you shall now commence with the work on this new world.

I am

(End of transmission, 18.30 pm, continues on 31.05.2013, at 18.00 pm)


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