The Great Deception

by Georgi Stankov, January 2, 2012

Now that December 21 belongs to the past and heaven failed to deliver to its promises. the time of the Great Deceptions has commenced. This state of mind, to which most light workers have succumbed, is arduously forged by all kinds of trash channels who currently want to convince this small “enlightened” community of lost souls that they have allegedly ascended to the 5th dimension. Nothing is further from the truth! One must be really brain amputated to believe such fairly tales, as not only I, but also Dorie’s HS reaffirms:

“And then there are those who “promote” ascension as if it has already occurred, in order to keep their popularity in 3d reality by shoving peace and love down everyone else’s throats, while they refuse to acknowledge the ‘true” reality. They still use their propaganda machines to convince everyone that 3d is now 5d, which is the most absurd thing and the farthest thing from the truth.

YOU (the PAT and not all other light workers) are in 5d, however the reality in which your vessel resides is still experiencing 3d and that is where your conundrum lies. So you ask, how do you continue to live in both worlds?

Will humanity change enough with the light energy that is hitting the planet right now? No, not in a 3rd dimensional reality. 3d reality was created to experience duality, and the only way to change that is to rise above it, not change within it (This is what I have always said, George)”

Indeed, the opening of the last portal due to the massive effort and sacrifice of the PAT allowed for the entrance of high frequency energy from the Source, which some define as “Christed” or “unity consciousness“. Name it whatever you wish, it is only energy and nothing else.

But, and this is a big “BUT“, we are still trapped in this 3d-reality of duality and nothing substantial has changed so far. One must have eradicated his common sense to sustain that we have entered the New Age of the 5th dimension. We may be “ante porta”, but we are not there yet. Nothing dramatic has occurred, except beaming humanity with increasing amounts of higher dimensional energies. This is nothing new to the PAT, who is doing this job since many years unconsciously or invisibly and since August last year in a coordinated, conscious and collective manner.

I have personally been experiencing these energies without a pause since 1999 and have found nothing particularly exciting or hilarious about this process, quite on the contrary. This process was accompanied most of the time by inhuman pains and suffering. And when some idiots write to me that it is my fault as I have not developed the adequate spiritual attitude, then I am inclined to shout back. “Shut up your mouth and be happy that I am here to save your rotten, slumbering souls.”

To quote a German pan of words that cannot be translated in English – “Imagination (Einbilding) is often mistaken for Education (Bildung)” by many people. The light worker community relies in these days entirely upon their irrational imagination and lacks any true spiritual education. And it will remain so till they are heaved by the PAT to the 5th dimension and substitute their carbon-based brains of very limited intelligence and lack of any elementary logical thinking with the expanded awareness of their crystalline brains and novel light body perceptions. As long as this event has not occurred, we will have the same charade on this planet that is running since the fall of Atlantis.

It is indeed amazing why none of these channeling and other sources discusses what social and mental changes should take place in the short interim time till the next ascension test run. Let me present the facts as they really are, before new weird ideas begin to sprout on the fruitful soil of human confusion and completely obfuscate the true reality. This is how this debased human society has been created in the first place on this extremely toxic planet.

As it is known to all true PAT members, my energy field is the nexus (direct connection) between the source and the unity field of the PAT. The unity field of the PAT is the main driving force that has created and sustains the web of light, which encompasses the portion of humanity that has qualified for ascension and is slowly separating from the rest of this 3d-world since last September. This was the slow beginning of the ID split that can only be accomplished when the PAT supernova will be finally detonated. Everything else that is currently said about this process – and it is remarkable that all the other light  workers do not even have the faintest idea as to how and who is actually driving the ascension process on this planet – is pure idiocy.

As the captain of the  PAT and nexus to the Source, I was physically fully engaged in all major ascension test runs (more than six) in the course of the last year. Let me confirm one more time that humanity and Gaia had a fair chance to ascend around Dec 21, but ultimately heaven failed to achieve its highly propagated goal. Although much has been achieved, mainly by the PAT and much less so by all the big mouths in the LW community who merely demonstrate their inherent arrogance, Dec 21 was indeed a big failure for humanity and the higher realms, except for the PAT. Anything else that has been said so far stems from a complete lack of critical assessment. The only group that out-performed was again the PAT and I personally was put almost on the verge of physical annihilation, trying to achieve like Hercules the long desired mass ascension.

As usually, most of the ascension candidates were not ready for ascension on Dec 21 because their souls were not able to prepare their incarnated personalities for this event, notwithstanding our inhuman efforts to help them in the course of the last year. This is nothing new to us and this has been the perennial cause for all delays we have experienced so far. That is why I repeat again and again that we are the pitiful hostages of humanity, because our immense success makes it impossible for heaven to substitute us with other souls and let us leave this dire reality, with which we are no longer compatible.

Without our presence on the ground nothing would have been achieved at all on this toxic planet and it would have been extinguished long time ago. Notwithstanding all the logorhea of empty words on the part of the blind New Age community, they would still have lived in their dark duality and would have had no chance of ascension or even entering the current more favourable energetic conditions without us, the PAT. It is a remarkable fact, and a disgrace at the same time, that none of them has so far grasped the role of the PAT as the only true wayshowers of humanity and the driving force behind their ascension. You must only read the leading esoteric websites to realize how many idiots claim that they have already ascended and have discovered to be the “true wayshowers”, thus further inflating their already incommensurable egos that hold them trapped in this toxic reality just as Prometheus was bound to a rock in the Atlas mountain.

Here are the naked facts. Since the opening of the major portal 11.11.12 when most dark archons were finally contained and extradited from the astral plane of this planet by the PAT after waging fierce battles throughout the whole year, whose collateral damages for our health and psyche have been widely discussed on this website, I was thrown in the most devastating and debilitating period of ascension preparation in my whole carrier as the chief cleanser of human dross since the early 90s.

None of this experience is discussed by any esoteric source so far because all light workers are not participating in this unique mission and because their faint hearts would not have coped with the naked truth. Most of them were deliberately spared from the darkest facts on this planet as they would have otherwise not achieved the minimal requirements for ascension due to their huge, deeply ingrained fears.

Let me underline this conclusion with some recent statements from two channeling ladies, whom I couch from the higher realms, but who are too stubborn to even grasp the truth when it is disclosed by myself as an incarnated entity because of their hugely inflated spiritual high-esteem, being the most common vice among all New Agers today. The first one is Sue, which showed a remarkable cowardice when she first channeled false information from the Arcturians for us prior to the opening of the portal 11.11.11. This kind of deception is very common with most excarnated sources as April’s HS has confirmed in her last message:

” Why the perceived deceit by the higher realms surrounding physical ascension, the need for specific vibrations and frequencies to be reached at crucial thresholds by the PAT in order to even properly introduce these higher energies to your world. Your dreams, your motivations, your scenarios were therefore used as fuel, as the “image” to hold in order to resonate at the proper vibration/ frequency to receive and anchor the energies for all at each passing threshold/portal activation.

Let me recall that at that time I was approached by the Arcturians themselves without my explicit desire, who urged me to promote the idea of the PAT ascension at the stargate 11.11.11 only to stipulate the tradition of insidious deception by our HS. This treacherous policy prompted later the publication of my article on “The Sarcasm of our Souls“. When it became evident to me one week before 11.11.11 that we were cheated by the Arcturians, I only asked Sue to check and validate or discard this information, so that I can inform you in due time. Instead of committing herself to the search of the ultimate truth, Sue cowardly disappeared from the scene and after two-three weeks of conspicuous absence started to throw mud at the PAT, condemning us as dark entities. How complacent!

In her last message Sue, who has never been famous for her good memory as all other channeling ladies, channels namely the following important information that should be the departing point for all self-proclaimed gurus of the New Age to begin with the reevaluation of their petty stature:

“The underbelly of your world is still tainted with darkness and driven by unseen forces. However, you have ascended beyond the tentacles of that reality. You know this is true because whereas once your inner self felt a constant state of alarm, you now feel an inner safety. The years of 1996 to 2003 were the darkest times since the fall of Atlantis.

These times were even darker than your World Wars because these were times when your entire planet was on the edge of complete domination and/or destruction. That reality still exists, but at a much lower frequency. However, the lower versions of “life on planet Earth” are beginning to close. The area of Cosmic Space in which Earth is now traveling is too intense for those frequencies of reality. Hence, they are beginning to cease to exist(due to the exclusive cleansing efforts of the PAT).

Those of you who have been awake to the Truth for the last decades of extreme darkness, sought solace in your outer world because when you went inside to view life, you found fear and darkness. Hence, you often focused on your outer life of finding good jobs, nice houses and lot of toys to distract you from the fear you found within (This is a very good explanation why most LW failed to awaken and do their job for what they came here on the earth as this has been widely discussed on our website, George).

This inner fear was NOT a sign of your personal depression or mental illness. This fear was a true perception of how your world was in great battle with the forces of Service to SELF. However, if you consciously realized that your inner feelings stemmed from such a frightening truth, your resulting depression and anxiety could diminish whatever determination you had to carry on (This is what the PAT members did in their crystal clear honesty and overcome their inner depression as to save humanity, contrary to most other mired LW, such as Sue, Elizabeth, Ute or Steve Beckow, to name a few of them.).

Unknown wars were being fought inside of Gaia’s body. Auspiciously, the Lemurians resonate to their fifth dimensional expressions and could balance the darkness with the great light of their inner cities. Fortunately, now most of the dark ones have been defeated (due to the courage and perseverance of the PAT who fought the most fierce battles with the dark archons in full knowledge of their existence, George). Also, Earth is still intact, which is largely due to the service dwellers (in particular to the PAT), who held the Light of higher consciousness for Gaia through Her darkest nights.

Your choice to not consciously know what was happening was a good tactic, as it greatly diminished your fear (but also disabled most LW to follow diligently the path of ascension. This is the reason why we failed to ascend them on Dec 18 and Dec 23, 2012, George). However, you paid the price of depression and anxiety, which appeared to be unfounded. We wish to remind you again that your fears were, indeed, true. As Gaia moves into higher frequencies of reality more of these facts will come into the light of day. “

What does this exceptionally honest message from the Arcturians, channelled by a woman, who has never displayed a dispassionate affinity for personal honesty and ultimate truth, tells us at the beginning of these auspicious times, which were only possible because of the magnificent achievements of the PAT to open all the major portals since 11.11.11?  That most light workers were deliberately kept in ignorance as to the real despicable situation on the earth and why most of them still dwell in this state of convenient mental blindness.

The reason for the current abysmal situation, still waiting for true Revelations, is that these incarnated personalities are still not strong enough to be confronted with the ample truth and to start fighting this extreme darkness that still lingers in their hearts and minds with an open mind, brave heart and a clear insight. I remember how many of them were indignant at the beginning of the edition of this website when I mentioned that the earth is a very toxic planet, thus only displaying their fear and reluctance to perceive the dark reality as it is.

The second lady is Elizabeth who also channels. When she first established contact with me, I spontaneously advised her not to succumb to the tradition of rosy, fluffy channeling messages, which most other mediums produce like a muddy current on a daily basis and to begin to ask the hard questions to her higher self as our ladies Dorie and April have always done. And that even in this case she may still not be sure if she will not be lulled into another euphemistic deception by her HS. She did not respond at that time to my advise, but she must have obviously neglected it or wrongly interpreted. Then when a member of the PAT asked me to comment on one of her previous messages, which was extremely tainted by her human fears and sent the wrong information, I did this by explaining Elizabeth’s distorted message with her still unprocessed existential fears.

This lady was so infuriated about my fair and objective analysis that she immediately wrote to me and forbid me to publish links to her messages on our website, only because I had dared to suggest that she may still not be free of basic human fears. Now in her last message she writes in her introduction.

Note to Readers: This message came after a long hiatus (This hiatus was caused by my critical comments as discussed above). It took me getting back to my center and releasing all expectations and all fear. It also took me getting out of my own way, listening within and feeling the grins of my guides.

Elizabeth thus frankly admits that she has been ravaged by existential fears in the last days, which is nothing to be ashamed of or be angry at when other people address this same issue to help her. She also confirms that she has been an object of grins from her guides, which are champions of unconditional truth, even when they cheat us with their messages all the time.

This is a remarkable progress in the right direction. However when I mentioned earlier that she still had fears to process before she would be able to gain a clearer view of the current situation, she became so infuriated all of a sudden and promptly resorted to the usual dualistic strategy of manipulating other humans and putting them under psychological pressure, e.g. by forbidding me to put links or comments on her channelings. Thus Elizabeth readily forgot that none of this information is her own and that everything is One. Fears always lead to a distorted point of view, which is the old idea of separation. Hopefully she will continue on the road of uncompromising honesty and contact me to discuss and reevaluate her past inadequate behaviour.
I have given you these two examples from the last few days just to illustrate how far behind most light workers still are in their spiritual evolution and how deep-seated their self indulgence is in their unfounded imagination that they might have already ascended to the 5th dimension or that they could possibly bring this dimension to the present 3d-duality as Elizabeth wrongly suggests in her previous message. Or even that they might have already overcome their ego-mind which is the most preposterous statement of all. This is wishful thinking and nothing else. It will take another several hundred years to eliminate this kind of ego-mind in the 5th dimension, long after we, the PAT, have returned to the source as this reliable channel confirms:

Since 11.11.12. I have been on the front line of ascension and have experienced the most powerful and battering waves that swept relentlessly through my energy field. Since then I have suffered under the most severe acute and chronic ascension symptoms as documented in our discussions during this time. I do not complain, I only put the facts in their correct perspective.

Now, I will give you the latest information which I got retrospectively from my HS about our heroic efforts to ascend Gaia and humanity around Dec 21 and why heaven and humanity failed one more time, notwithstanding our sacrifice like the Thermopylae fighters who opposed the huge Persian army and saved the western, ancient civilisation from its annihilation.

On Dec 18  we, the PAT, decided to ascend Gaia and humanity three days earlier than announced as to fulfill the prophecy that the “Second Coming of Christ” will be like “the thief in the night“. We achieved 95% of the intensity necessary to reach the threshold of mass ascension and had to postpone it as this would have led to significant energetic instabilities and perturbations as is the case with all non-linear energetic processes when they are displaced from their equilibrium. This would have endangered the establishment of the new earth A. The reason for this suboptimal result was again the unpreparedness of the ascension candidates to adequately respond to the energetic impulse we sent them from the source through the web of light, which is exclusively fueled through the unity field of the PAT.

As long as one has not made an ascension test run, one cannot know the final result in advance. This is the reason why it is impossible to make any conclusive prognosis on the actual date of ascension. When it comes, we will know it however as the PAT is still the driving force behind this process. Since Nov 11 till Dec 18 I did not have a single day when I was not heavily hit by at least one nasty wave, thus paving the way for mass ascension. I continued publishing regularly on this website only with the miraculous help of the highest dimensions that kept my spirit still functioning in this battered physical body.

On Dec 19 the intensity of these inhuman waves, coming from the source, increased significantly one more time and since then it became a fierce battle for my naked physical survival. That is why I wrote on Dec 22  (and published the next day) that according to my personal experience with these waves, being the Nexus to the source, we must have actually ascended on that date:

I have no explanation at present why this powerful energy surge, under which I personally suffered so much, did not lead to ascension as believed by all PAT members and did not produce all the transformations and results that were expected by all light workers, and also announced by all competent esoteric and other sources from the higher dimensions.

Then came Dec 23 when we made one second heroic attempt to heave Gaia and humanity, while still being within the optimal frame of cosmic alignment with the Great Central sun and the photon belt. On that day I almost died, which was the less optimal solution as physical death would have been a real liberation for myself from this tormenting reality. The uniquely powerful cc-wave, which always indicates a massive download of pure source energy into my field and that of Gaia, began in the night prior to Dec 23  and peaked throughout the whole day and during the next night. This was the reason why I decided that I will not be able to edit this website any longer.

Till now my body has not fully recovered from this terrible ordeal on behalf of humanity, which I have only accepted because I hoped that the PAT will also ascend on that day. While I still feel fully responsible for the PAT, my dedication to humanity has reached its zero point – this is my honest assessment of my current motivation as an incarnated ascended master. Too much is enough even for an ascended master like myself as long as I must still dwell in a humble physical vessel!

One can imagine the disappointment that I should have experienced after such a futile  Tantalus effort, precisely because of our unconditional sacrifice for humanity. However I did not experience any disappointment at all, as I was simply physically too exhausted to have any emotions.

And this is true not only for me, but for many members of the PAT, who also suffered like me and are now in dire health conditions, in hospitals, while their physical bodies are almost fully dysfunctional.  You do not read anything about these human sufferings, caused by the inability of the higher realms to awaken their souls on the ground and to prepare them for ascension in due time.

During the second ascension test run, we achieved almost 98% of the necessary intensity to trigger the PAT supernova and ascend Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension. But the last two percents were again the decisive ones that tipped the weigh scale against ascension. The plan of the higher realms and the Source to ascend this small toxic panet and its even more toxic human population failed badly one more time. Now the higher realms are clueless as to how they should proceed and I, being an open channel, feel their confusion and disarray in a most painful manner since Dec 23. These are the naked facts as Dorie’s HS also confirmed:

“It was the plan for ascension to occur BEFORE the “appointed date” or even the day after, and you knew this, you felt the energies in your body (I felt this failed ascension test run very badly on Dec 17-18 and I reported on this, George). But the attempts were not successful, even though your downloads were successful…

And now the higher realms are scrambling once again to find a viable solution to a most serious set of circumstances in which our “selves” on the ground can remain on the ground, while still in stasis, without causing even more stress on the physical and mental bodies. The New Earth is not ready… How LONG, HOW LONG will it take, you continue to ask us, and we know that this is a very important question, but we have no answer for you. The only thing we can do now is assist you in finding a way to remain in between 2 worlds, while the energies become optimal again for another try. We are so sorry. We know how disappointed you are  “

This is the naked truth and any other considerations are bullshit. Now we are in the unfavourable situation, where the higher realms do not have the faintest idea how they should proceed in the coming days and when they should try another ascension test run. The dire reality is that Gaia and humanity have left the optimal condition of cosmic alignments and with each day that passes, we are in a worse situation than before to trigger the final ascension as we are leaving the point in time of cosmic alignment with the Great Central sun and the most conducive range within the photon belt. This would say that we, the PAT, shall need to transmit even more energy than before to do the same job in the future.

During the last two ascension test runs, we over-performed as to achieve mass ascension and after humanity and the higher realms failed to deliver their part to the equation, we were thrown into the abyss of almost total physical destruction. None of this has been recognized, albeit discussed by all channeling sources and this is what I call the “Greatest Deception” of all times by the forces of light – our HS –  when truth should have been the only trump.

And all light workers, be they Sue, Elizabeth or Ute, are accomplices in this heavenly deception because of their stupidity or inability to be the searchers of ultimate truth. They are still dominated by their unprocessed fears and need a lot more painful education to ascend at our expense. It is not enough to channel rosy, fluffy messages from obscure sources with a rampant promiscuity as to qualify for ascension. This should be cogent to all channeling ladies and their readers, and they could indeed learn a lot from Dorie and April in this respect.

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