by Georgi Stankov, December 23, 2012

The huge waves of inhuman intensity and vibrations that flowed through my energy field in the last days and opened the portal at Dec 21 have completely devastated my health and have brought my body to the brink of physical destruction. I feel now very ill and weak and suffer from numerous severe pains. I have no idea how long it will take to recover, if at all, and be able to reflect normally on what has happened on Dec 21.

I have no explanation at present why this powerful energy surge, under which I personally suffered so much, did not lead to ascension as believed by all PAT members and did not produce all the transformations and results that were expected by all light workers, and also announced by all competent esoteric and other sources from the higher dimensions.

I still have not given up hope that these long awaited events and changes will materialize with a certain time-lag in the coming days. My present inability to experience emotionally any disappointment or frustration, notwithstanding my very poor health, is a valid indication that the ascension process is not compromised and is still ongoing with full force. In addition comes the immense vibrations of my body and its continuous “etherisation” (crystallisation), which point to an imminent ascension as there is no longer any possibility for me to live under the current 3d-conditions.

I assume that this also holds true for most PAT members. No higher force would invest so much energy in such humble and dysfunctional physical systems as the human biological bodies without coming to a successful end, which is ascension. Therefore we should now simply wait what will happen in the coming days. There is nothing else we can do now, and human words have already lost their meaning.

The above statement was written on Dec 22.  In fact I told my HS yesterday that I no longer want to participate in general energetic actions on behalf of humanity, but only live through my ascension process and this night the higher realms sent me another huge wave and I woke up this morning with a very bad headache again.

There is no way to flee away from this perennial tortures as long as you are in a physical body and this was the main and only reason why I and most other members of the PAT are so eager to leave this place as we know that the moment we will ascend the pains will stop. This is a legitimate desire and has nothing to do with the stupid perceptions of enlightenment which other light workers, who have no LBP related pains, chew all the time.

This morning at 9.00 a.m. local time I was hit by another huge wave with skin burning, acute stomach and liver pains, while still suffering from the nightly headache and the severe broncho-pneumonitis with chronic coughing, in addition to my chronic back pain due to neuritis after my body was burnt by another huge wave in November. The energy build-up is simply inhuman in this final phase.

My HS told me today that the energy intensity will continue like this till the PAT supernova will be detonated and the ID split can take place. As my body field is the nexus between the source and the PAT, I am getting the bulk of the source energies. so that I am very much eager to see whether I will survive these relentless cosmic attacks physically. But then the only solution will be personal ascension.

It is superfluous to mention that Dec 21 was the initiation of the drama that must still reach its culmination and final resolution. As usual heaven is again in retard with regard to its initial announcements and Dec 21 was just the beginning of the end.

Given this dire perspective with regard to my ongoing physical sufferings, I will not be able to edit this website till my personal ascension. I am very confident that we will see very soon everything we have dreamt about, but it will not be accelerated through further publications and discussions on the Internet. Everyone of you must now go through the last phase of ascension alone as a true ascended master.

I will continue to respond to your emails as quickly as possible, depending on my physical condition, but please restrict your comments to the essentials of the ascension process and omit all irrelevant human dramas and the adjacent comments.

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