The Naked Truth

by Georgi Stankov, Dorie Bowlin and April Bender, December 28, 2012

My Message to the PAT

by Georgi Stankov

Although I decided to stop editing this website, the dramatic developments yesterday compelled me to change my mind. It is my utmost obligation and duty to inform the PAT about the truth and the real energetic situation on the earth, even when the news is not favourable.

As I said in my last announcement and in previous publications, I gave my utmost as the nexus between the source and humanity through the unity field of the PAT to transmit these huge energies that opened the last portal on Dec. 21. To my personal impression and energetic experience, we were supposed to ascend before this date, around Dec 19-20 and then we tried it one more time on Dec 23 as to fulfill the prophecy of the Second Coming of Christ like a thief in the night. Both times we failed to ascend the masses, although we did a superb job and this brought me on the brink of almost total physical annihilation. The same holds true for many other members of the PAT, such as Jerry and his wife, who was so severely hit that she had to be operated due to bowel constriction and is now in the ICU.

Yesterday was another heavy day with a very nasty cleansing wave for me when much human dross was released. Since early morning I got the information from my HS that our ascension has been postponed. I immediately checked this information with Dorie and April and you can read the confirmation below in detail.

I decided to publish this information, even though it may break your hearts because it is still infinitely better to know the naked truth than to believe the bullshit that all channeling sources are currently distributing as their astral propaganda. Let me be clear on this issue.

We have not ascended and we are still in this 3d reality, even though our fields are vibrating at the 5th and higher dimensions. Humanity cannot progress within the narrow 3d-spectrum of this holographic model, but needs a qualitative leap to a higher dimension. This is what ascension is all about. Humans can only change their minds internally with the help of their souls and thus prepare for the shift.

But is illusory to believe that external changes will lead to ascension. They can only help change the collective human mindset and thus prepare the energetic foundation for collective ascension. Everything else is esoteric trash and you should not succumb to such weird propaganda from dubious sources who only want to gain influence on humanity for whatever reasons. This is not the path that the PAT should follow

Second, there is nothing wrong we have done that explains why we have not ascended. This is the usual human crap of wrong causality in the present-day duality. Quite on the contrary – we are too successful in transmitting the energies of the source, so that we are now hostages of our success. Without our presence on this toxic planet and our inhuman effort to raise the frequencies of Gaia and its even more toxic human population, nothing would have happened at all.

We did transmit the necessary energies successfully to humanity on Dec 21, but humanity did not respond adequately and was not ready to ascend. It is as simple as that and any other explanations are bullshit, as I told two days ago to this confused entity Divsy, who is only meddling in the PAT affairs without being a member of it and is not participating in the cleansing activities that devastate our health. This also holds true for a small number of other peripheral readers who have nothing to do with the mission of the PAT, but feel chosen to give us stupid advices from their narrow minded 3d-point of view.  This is my general response to these people as they are not worth to be addressed individually by myself. They must find their own way to ascension or perdition, and I have no personal responsibilities for them whatsoever.

But the PAT has the universal responsibility for billions of souls on this planet and “here is the rub”, to quote Shakespeare. When we were ready to ascend twice before and after  Dec 21, we could have taken only a few of them to earth A and this would have meant the total perdition of several billion souls who have actually reached the threshold to enter a further spiritual evolution at a higher dimension, but ultimately failed to wake up during this incarnation. This also holds true for many light workers and star seeds.

The problem is that they will not get a second chance for the next 26 000 years if they do not make it now and this is the reason why we decided to wait a little bit longer and make the transition in a more gentle way as to help the masses reach their threshold of ascension on their own. We cannot simply heave them to a higher dimension, if they have not reached the inner mental and spiritual level to participate in this transformation. And we had to sacrifice ourselves one more time. This is not new to me and to you. As I describe below in a letter to April, I did this sacrifice already several times in the past.

I must be very clear on this issue as the least thing we now need is a mental and emotional confusion. You may decide to be depressed and even frustrated and I have full understanding for this reaction, but please try to keep your minds clear and your faith in your abilities and excellent work as ascended masters intact, while still dwelling in a physical vessel. And please do not inundate me with your immediate comments on this unfavourable information as it will not help anybody. Sip it first into your minds and then we can discuss it calmly in the coming days.

Now I have designed a new strategy for the interim time, which I have already announced in my previous publication. I must ascend as soon as possible and start popularizing the new theory of the Universal Law. That is why this theory was developed by myself in a close cooperation with the source in the first place, but had to be put on the back burner for a long time as the scientists’ minds were irreparably shut down.

With the influx of the new source energies, I hope now that I will be more successful in convincing the scientists to adopt the new theory of the Universal Law, which will be the “Theory of the New Age“. If I manage to win the scientific community to join us, we have won the whole humanity and then there will be no mental barriers to hinder mass ascension. Hence the higher realms must use very effectively the interim time of “stasis”, as they call it, to promote my new theory.

And this can only happen if I demonstrate personally the practical consequences of my theory in terms of bio-physics – that we are all creator beings and our true nature is that of ascended masters. This should be a sufficient impulse for most scientists to dedicate themselves to the study of the new theory. For this reason I must ascend as soon as possible and show up in front of humanity. I must demonstrate personally the practical implications of the Theory of Creation of the New Age. In other words, some miracles are necessary to convince the mired minds of the present-day scientists in the Universal Law of Cosmic Creation.

Heaven can do without a single person like me on the ground, if the PAT decides to take over some of my energetic duties and responsibilities as the nexus between the Source and its unity field. This will not lead to a greater energetic burden for you, as the new energies are now more harmonious and better to cope with. But my appearance as an ascended master will booster the morale of the PAT and will dramatically improve its social position overnight, so that you will be fully involved in the long awaited social transformation of the human civilisation and will not notice how the time will pass, till all of you will be able to ascend in the very near future.

If there is one certainty, it is that it cannot go on like this for ever without massive transformations at the social, economic and intellectual level. The current stasis does not lead to ascension. This is known to the higher realms and it is only a matter of fine-tuned calibration before they make the next move, most probably using me as the joker (the wild card) in the game.

This has always been the initial intent of my activity as a scientist and discoverer of the Universal Law. My current function as the captain of the PAT was actually an interim occupation to bridge the time, until the circumstances are ripe for my pristine mission, as the Elohim have also confirmed. We must now make the best out of this dire situation.


December 22, 2012

Dear Georgi,

OK, here is the message from HS. It really doesn’t give us any new information, but a confirmation to hang in there, as all is happening as it should. If you decide to share this, cool, if not, no worries. I’m sorry I could not get more for you, but it was damn difficult to get what I got.

I do have to personally say that I’m finding it difficult, if not down right impossible to feel let down or disappointed yet. And trust me, yes, those doubt do creep in from time to time, but for some reason I strongly feel that we are still in the midst of this most grand Redemptive Mystery, and that it is simply not over yet and even premature to call it a failure. Now in 3 days time, if nothing else has materialized, then maybe we can safely say something is wrong, off, or a failure, but right now, I sense we are very much still in the game.

Much love and appreciation to you Georgi, and again, I would completely understand if you quit publishing for now. For all that’s left to do is surrender to the WILL of the Creator and the overall process, and at the same time, remember the Promise/the Covenant that was made with us. As the Creator must know the devastation it would cause to break the covenant with his children of light.

Much love, light, gratitude, and a great big hug!



HS Message 12-22-12

HS: I sense you have questions, especially around not physically ascending on 12/21 as you had hoped. Please know that this process is still very much ongoing. Let me explain. Back on 12:12:12, 5D energies were fully unleashed onto your 3D world. Many of you felt this wonderful energy flowing in, as you shared many wonderful descriptions and experiences of this energy with each other.

These energies are allowed to flow in, in order to overlap the current 3D energies, and to begin to “stimulate” all things on a cellular/atomic level. Literally, these are excited, into transformation and/or expanded awareness. Now this is no big secret, as this is really how higher energies have been infused into your 3D world incrementally, throughout the last several years. But these are the final energies we are talking about here, leading to the final ID/timeline split.

Now these 5D energies must fully immerse, blend, mix in with your current world, squeezing out what no longer serves the whole for its release. This helps to explain the bi-polar behavior of your society in these last days. Some are doing their best to integrate these energies, and others are of course, struggling mightily with them.

After a bit of time, these potent Christ consciousness energies from the Great Central Sun are fully available and overlaid.

This brings us to 12:21:12, which was the peaking of this process. You felt the FINAL, intense surge of this energy from the Great Central Sun coming in yesterday (which actually began a few days ago), and did a fabulous job at anchoring this most intense energy. Now today, the 12:22:12, brings humanity to a mini, self-review moment, if you will. This Christ consciousness energy has now been anchored, and is working its magic within you (the PAT) and within humanity at large. The PAT was needed to attend to the full anchoring of these energies first, as with every portal opening, and in this instance, the anchoring also finalized/activated the rainbow bridge for crossing. Now the dimensions and their corresponding energies can shortly begin their FINAL ASCENT/SEPARATION.

Regarding the PAT, today many of you are finding yourselves lovingly cocooned in these dreamy and uplifting energies. You should also be able to sense that you are currently moving into a new “space,” similarly to how you experienced this when the PAT moved into the 4D holding chamber a couple months ago. However, some mild to severe physical discomfort or just plain odd symptoms are being experienced as well, which is completely normal as your body begins its final ascent/dissolving from 3D, as the 5D energies begin to gather and lift all those whose vibration was high enough to be stimulated/excited in this way by the incoming energies (those woven into the web of light). So do not be surprised if you’re also experiencing a bittersweet sense of goodbye to this plane, accompanied by an outpouring of love from your hearts.

Prior to the actual separation/ID split will come a moment of “no-time.” And this is coming within the next day or two of your linear earth time and is adding to your sense of dreaminess. It is within or at the onset of this moment of “no-time” that you will ascend, and cause the final separation/ID split or you could say the movement/reordering of earth into a new dimensional time cell, lifting all those within the web of light with you (?) This is also why you are feeling dreamy, cocooned, almost like you’re in a self-contained launch pod.

So let me clarify: as of today the 5D energies are still fully immersing/saturating themselves into your 3D world. However, they have already been sufficiently anchored by the PAT and have saturated to the amount that the PAT needed to begin their separation/physical ascension process. This includes the first-wavers only.

Once the 5D energies have fully saturated themselves upon the earth, within the human energy system (excluding the PAT as you were filled first), humanity and earth in general will reach a moment of “no-time,” and then the final separation, triggered by the PAT supernova will take place.

So keep the faith my dear April, as the 21st was simply the opening ceremony to this long awaited conclusion. And even after the re-ordering of all into the new 5th dimensional time cell, there is still time for others to awaken and cross the rainbow bridge as well to the new earth. Many of the masses transitioning to 5D will need some time to understand that they’ve awakened elsewhere, but you (the PAT) will know.

So hang on to your hats, and even if it’s happening differently than you could have possibly imagined, know that it IS happening. Just remember, the change/ ascension/ transition happens internally first. The externalization/physical manifestation of this change/transition follows last, and many mistakenly look for this evidence first. As long as you keep your attention on what is happening to you internally, you will not despair, and instead rejoice in the new reality that awaits you, and WILL manifest for you.

You are nearing the end of this grand process/mission and we all stand in complete admiration and awe of you. Keep pushing through and we shall see you all on the other side shortly.


Dear April,

thank you very  much for your effort to write down this message. Essentially it confirms that it will take some more, unspecified time till we see some tangible results and this is what I define as another full-fledged delayWe may still be on the ground next year from what I guess and this will be a full catastrophe for the morale of the whole light worker community. If they knew that it will take some more time, and this must have been evident since 12.12 and even much earlier, then they should not have enticed false expectations for this day.

It is not only about us, but the whole light worker community is in a total disarray. Besides the description of your HS about the nice energies before 12.21 are not shared by myself – quite on the contrary. I have never been battered so severely as since Nov 24, and it goes on like this today when I feel physically still fully depleted and in a state of fever all the time. These are all the classical symptoms of another failed ascension effort.

I did not say that Heaven will not eventually come to a conclusion, as it will be now difficult to make much more mistakes than in the past to jeopardize the whole project, after we have done the most inhuman effort to save humanity. But the information policy of the higher realms has been a total fiasco and this is the reason why I have decided to stop editing this website, which is now full of unfulfilled promises and I have to take the personal responsibility for this.

I must now draw a clear line and besides I also need time to recover from the ravaging waves in the last months. I have said to my HS that I will no longer participate in any energetic actions of the universe any more and will only wait for my ascension with as little effort and personal engagement as possible.

I ascended in 2009 and again in 2010 and both times I had to return back as to help humanity. At the second harmonic convergence in July 2010  it was found that only 6000 people had ascended individually, myself being one of the first ones and probably the only still living incarnated entity on the ground. Then we, the ascended masters, decided to run the whole LBP one more time for the slumbering star seeds in an accelerated fashion, so that they can follow us and progress. otherwise there would have been no mass ascension on the earth A. This same repetition of a series of delays occurred at 11.11.11, then in March 22, 2012  when we decided to introduce the three-earth-scenario, and then more than five times in the following months of 2012, when we could have easily ascended and each time we were cheated by our HS. Enough is enough!

I will stay however in personal contact with you.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

You speak nothing but the truth my friend, and I can feel your anguish through your words. This is the conundrum isn’t it? Can we believe anything the higher realms have told us? I’ve been back and forth on this issue myself, and yet still this remains unresolved. It cannot be possible that all this was just a group psychosis.

I am optimistic only because of the wonderful experiences of these energies, and feeling each of the waves as they’ve come in, but at the end of the day, or as in this case the final portal, we still have no certainty or clarity or resolution on the situation, despite what we’ve been told, and have experienced. It is truly frustrating indeed, bordering on heartbreaking.

I personally have vowed to not let the doubt, frustration back in until a few more days have passed. Because once I do this, it will destroy me. Luckily, so far, this hasn’t been difficult because the energies are so uplifting. But once this wave is over, if nothing changes, I will simply die inside, my light extinguished. Not to sound overly dramatic, but it’s the sad truth.

I did very much like your letter to the Pat and would recommend you post it, as others have been asking about you. You wrote it beautifully and it still leaves the door open without being too demoralizing.

But yes please, let’s keep in touch Georgi. I’ve treasured our correspondence throughout the year and would still love to know how you’re doing.

Much love and light always,



Dear April,

it has nothing to do with anguish but with correct information policy. This date has been around for years through this faked Mayan calender and everybody has been repeating it like a parrot. But this situation creates expectations and unfulfilled expectations create disappointments.

I can no longer be disappointed as I know how far I have reached and my indignation is not about me. But the higher realms should have either resorted to a proper information policy through their numerous channelings that would not sabotage our efforts to enlighten humanity on the ground  or simply stop channeling.

I decided once in the 90s not to listen to any channelings and had keep this promise for more than 12 years, but then had to reverse my policy as the people on this website wanted constantly new information like from the tabloids. I believed that by expressing our firm wish that we  do not want to be cheated by our HS, this will not happen. But it happened many times, actually all the time and this has made me pissed off, in the first place about myself, because I let myself being involved in this false information policy from the HS against my better inner knowledge.

You only need to read the latest message of CA after Dec 21

and after it had failed to predict correctly what will happen on this date as to get sick.

The members of the PAT are already real ascended masters and they no longer need my support and this website. Besides it is only a  matter of days compared to the years of waiting for most of them till we leave this rotten planet.



December 27, 2012

Dear April,

my negative opinion on Steve Beckow is no secret and I have openly expressed and founded it in a number of articles in the past. But he has improved a lot in the last days and weeks and his latest open and very critical discussion with AA Michael proves this trend:

I would like you to read it very carefully and if you wish, follow Steve’s path and start asking some critical questions to your channeling source. It is only about you – I have no problem with the perennial cheating of excarnated sources. I have not seen anything else in the last 20 years.

But one should still continue asking these sources why they are cheating their mediums and their readers all the time, even after they have been proven to be liars. This is still an unresolved issue. Don’t take my advise however too seriously, but only in case you are interested in the ultimate truth. Most people are not, and they still survive, most of them even better than the true searchers of the truth.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for forwarding Steve’s message along. Yes, strange days indeed when I find myself getting some good ideas from Steve, but as you point out, they are good. I especially liked his question regarding ascension, and how he asked AA Michael to clarify the beginning, middle, and end of the ascension process to better clarify where we all are now in relation to it. There were other such tidbits I picked up as well. I had noticed his last few messages were actually really well done, as some of my friends had forwarded them to me for my opinion, but I hadn’t seen this one yet.

I had sort of decided to not channel for awhile and instead just write a lot of reflective pieces since that’s the space I’ve been in lately and even I haven’t been all that pleased with my own messages lately, but after reading your note and Steve’s message, I am curious and intrigued to try again with a more comprehensive line of questioning. Thank you again Georgi for thinking of me when you came across this as I was feeling kind of “stuck” in regards to channeling.

I hope you are feeling better today. I know it’s been so challenging for you and I am sorry that my last message didn’t provide any helpful or relevant information. I was really glad though to see Carla’s wonderful messages come through. We needed that clarity.  I just really hope you start to feel better soon.

Much love and light,


Dear April,

I am glad that Steve Beckow’s discussion with AA Michael has provided you with some clarity about the current situation. I must admit that it helped me also a little bit, especially as it confirmed my initial assessment of another aborted ascension test run on Dec 21 when we tried the impossible – to ascend many humans who were not ready yet. I know this each time, as I have the typical symptoms, leading to almost a complete physical destruction after a  test run abortion and I do not need external, oral explanations and confirmations.

But what I sensed today is that the whole ascension process may be postponed much  longer than we have feared in our worst expectations and this is indeed a very bad news. I also got this information one more time confirmed by AA Michael, while reading between the lines in his discussion with Steve.

I feel for the first time compassion for him, as he is in the same mess as we all are. I could not believe that heaven would be so stupid and insensitive as not to deliver to its promises and thus duped the small light workers community and leave them in a total disarray. This is the biggest catastrophe of all, and I have hoped sincerely that heaven will do anything to avoid this dire situation. Obviously I have over-estimated heaven.

I published this message from the Elohim only because it did not contain any forecasts, but only a sound analysis/evaluation of the new theory  of the Universal Law.

Let us hope that my today’s premonition may not come true, but I am afraid that it is true.



Dear Georgi,

I agree, Beckow’s message from AA Michael was a little disheartening. I waited a couple of hours, mulled it over, and decided to check in with AA Michael myself. From what I’m getting, yes, Steve’s message resonates fully.

This time, while taking down the information, I sat completely open and just let it come forth stream of consciousness style, instead of trying to put it into a narrative right off the bat. The result is a lot of bulleted items/information that is purely in random order, that I still need to go back and develop further with AA Michael. But before doing this I thought I’d run the initial points by you to see if you think it’s even worth the additional time for me to do this. I find the information both uplifting and disheartening at the same time, but will be curious to see what you think.

Much love and light,



AA Michael Draft Update

– The next few months is a time for filling your positions, and for you to grow/ reawaken into your new ones – fully.

– You are the majestic pillars of light holding all frequency and vibrations together in harmony through the anchoring of the Christ consciousness energies. Without you the PAT, there would have been little hope for humanity to spiral up. VERY LITTLE. But now, thanks to your efforts, a new course has been charted, and the boats are out to sea.

– Now is the time to begin your true work, though with a small window of time allotted for you to experiment, learn, and grow quickly into the remembrance required, this is why it is important for you to take the risk and make yourselves and your work visible again, for this time we guarantee it will be much better received by the masses. For it is indeed time for you to shine with the light of a thousand suns, to make your subtle at first, but soon to be grand entrance onto the world stage. For you must realize the momentum, the energies, are now fully with you. They will carry you far and carry you quick.

– You are now on timeline A/B
– Acclimation of self and the masses to A/B
– Acclimation to your new crystalline bodies of light, which are still coming online

– On this timeline Mother Earth must experience a healing, a reconciliation with all beings/creatures that inhabit her, to a large extent, for on timeline A, the world begins healed/reconciled/anew. And of course A/B is a stepping stone to A, and therefore reality will/must mirror this.

– Encourage you to step up and out again as “openings” for you to shine will be occurring, watch and be attentive to them, this in fact is what will help you attain the new recruits so to speak to fill your soon to be vacant shoes.

– Why the perceived deceit by the higher realms surrounding physical ascension, the need for specific vibrations and frequencies to be reached at crucial thresholds by the PAT in order to even properly introduce these higher energies to your world. Your dreams, your motivations, your scenarios were therefore used as fuel, as the “image” to hold in order to resonate at the proper vibration/ frequency to receive and anchor the energies for all at each passing threshold/portal activation.

– The fact that humanity MUST be the ones to change their world. They will not have more conducive conditions in which to do so for a long, long, time.

– The PAT experiencing short sojourns into timeline A already. And this will only continue to deepen for you as time goes on until you are properly relieved, and can fully transition on if you so intend it.

– Remember we all live, have our being, and perceptions within the Universal Mind, therefore all is simply a play of shadow and light

– There is always the possibility of transitioning to timeline A sooner than the period of a few months, as mainly the issue is new recruits to fill your positions, and this depends largely upon the masses and what they will choose to experience as a result of integrating the Christ consciousness energies and operating from the overall vantage point of A/B (This is another false hope of the HS, George).

– There are those souls who have already sealed their fates on timeline B, and they therefore will begin to experience a degenerative reality that runs concurrently with and is viewable from A/B, but B has no power to effect A/BIt has been energetically sealed.

– There is a lot of work ahead of you, but it should be work of a more joyful nature. A true labor of love, freely expressed, as a gift to the world. You are ready for this. This is what you’ve been waiting for, even if you thought it would materialize differently. Step into it, OWN it, MASTER it. For those dealing with lingering physical ailments, know too that this will soon pass out of your experience – forever. Your health will begin to restore itself, in fact you are restoring your Self now, on every level, and so the pain, discomfort, and suffering shall too pass.


Dear April,

it is just as disheartening as I sensed it today and even more. The PAT will stay for another several months on the ground and will have to do the dirty cleansing work as before. And your HS has confirmed that we have been shamelessly cheated all the time to perform, give our utmost,  and then left behind squeezed like lemons.

The promises your HS  gives you for the coming months are very vague and I do not believe that anything will change feasibly on the ground for the PAT – the same pains and sufferings will continue, which I and the others feel now on a daily basis, even though I asked my HS to be released from the cleansing activities on behalf of humanity.

You have to decide whether you will work through this message one more time, as it is only for yourself. I cannot publish it as it will break the hearts of the PAT members, and in addition, I have already decided to close my website as I have no power anymore to manage the pain of the people. I must admit that for the first time in my life I am so depressed and disappointed after what I have done in my 61 years of hardship on this rotten planet that I must see now how I will survive these more days and months. Given my extremely high energy level, it may turn out to be impossible.

With love and light

I also sent Dorie’s message to April and below are her comments:

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for sharing Dorie’s latest message with me. Oh wow, can it get anymore disappointing/disheartening? It’s hard to know what all this means for us. It’s been damn difficult to straddle both worlds for as long as we have, and now we must continue to do the same? Dang it, this is so frustrating! I am however, very proud of Dorie for being able to get more of a raw truth out of her HS, but overall this is not a very motivating or inspirational message, nor was mine, to say the least. I do appreciate them cutting a lot of the BS fluff out of the messages and being more direct and honest about things, but this far down the road, where does the truth leave us?

Sadly, it all feels so…. utterly unfinished. I think I would like to revisit your scientific works, specifically all the Universal Laws to see if we can’t glean anymore clarity from them. Obviously with all the energetics that are in motion, they must complete themselves or reach a point of resolution at some point, correct? I mean otherwise it moves into entropy right?

And what is so aggravating is that I do feel these wonderful energies very acutely, as have many of my friends and relatives who aren’t normally paying attention to this sort of thing as they’ve commented. But nothing tangible has or is manifesting yet. Stasis, oh how I dislike this word. It always implies a period of coping without forward movement, or an incubation period – haven’t we lived through enough of these phases? And again, wouldn’t the slowing down of energies lead to entropy or are we talking about the incubation of something to soon be birthed anew? See this is where I need to revisit your Universal Laws. I just don’t understand how all this forward momentum can just come to a screeching halt/period of stasis. Maybe a fractional slowing but not a slowing to such a degree to lead to stasis. And if possible, where does the excess go?

The only way I see a stasis scenario making logical sense is if our rotation is indeed slowing to a point of no-time. Or, and this is even more heart-breaking, if there is a plan to hold all on A/B for quite some time.

So I think I will spend some time diving back into your material and I hope in the meantime, we receive more clarity perhaps from other PAT members who may be moved to bring some new information forward.

I am feeling very disappointed but not devastated. In fact, I do still feel strangely optimistic, with nothing concrete I could point to to make me feel that way, which is odd. Perhaps I simply have not allowed myself to enter the grieving process yet, or perhaps there is more clarity yet to come. I don’t know Georgi, but there is a wide gaping hole left behind and until this is resolved, it’s not over yet.

Please keep me posted as you are able. There has to be more to this Georgi, there HAS to be.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

as I have just written to Dorie we must make the best of this interim time and begin to propagate our own ideas. The Theory of the Universal Law will be a central piece in our arsenal to change the collective mindset and I have elaborated a very precise strategy how this will work. I only need the help of the higher realms and also the help of the PAT as I will discuss in my today’s publication. I have decided against my intention to stop editing this website to publish our correspondence from yesterday as the members of the PAT have the right to know the truth and it is my utmost obligation to  inform them, especially when the news are not favourable. This is much better than for them to resort to wild speculations, which are now flourishing in the esoteric scene.

With love and light

December 27, 2012

Dear Dorie,

I do not want to darken your recent ascension dream, but I sense today that our ascension will be postponed much longer than our worst expectations. I can only hope that I am wrong, but so far it does not seem to be the case.


I’ve been working on a higher self message that was moving in that same direction, Georgi. Sorry to confirm what you were already feeling… and from your reaction to my dream I already knew that you sensed this. Will send You the draft in a few moments.

Love, Dorie

Dear Georgi,

Here’s the latest message, as sad as it is, it is the truth, which you already knew. Truth is such a hard pill to swallow sometimes, especially now, but necessary in a time when answers are needed, and I really needed an answer today. Sorry to be the messenger of bad news.

Much love to you,


You’re tired of the drama. Tired of the explanations. What is the truth? This belief, or that belief, or no belief at all…. were you wrong again? No! You were not wrong in your beliefs, although you keep looking to your HS and the Angels to admit that WE were wrong or purposely led you down the wrong path. Is that what you want to hear? Will it make you feel any better?

Perhaps it will make you feel better and then you can go about your life plugging back into the old ways of ‘manifesting’ and helping people caught up in the beliefs of how they can survive in 3d. But then, you know that your spirit will not soar in that belief either. So what to do now? As more days pass, the more that your belief in ascension diminishes, we know this.

At this point, those hardest hit by doubts are the ones who believed in it the most. And then there are those who “promote” ascension as if it has already occurred, in order to keep their popularity in 3d reality by shoving peace and love down everyone else’s throats, while they refuse to acknowledge the ‘true” reality. They still use their propaganda machines to convince everyone that 3d is now 5d which is the most absurd thing and the farthest thing from the truth.

YOU are in 5d, however the reality in which your vessel resides is still experiencing 3d and that is where your conundrum lies. So you ask, how do you continue to live in both worlds?

Will humanity change enough with the light energy that is hitting the planet right now? No, not in a 3rd dimensional reality. 3d reality was created to experience duality, and the only way to change that is to rise above it, not change within it (This is what I have always said, George).

While people will become more interested in making changes, they still do not perceive that it’s not what’s outside of them that needs to change, but the consciousness within them. There still needs to be a trigger.

Will you ascend? YES. Not just because you believed it to be so, but because you have raised your vibrational frequency beyond that of 3d, so in a sense there is no surviving in 3d any longer.

So why the hold up? Well, we could talk about the energies of the new earth becoming more settled, we could talk about the long drawn out ascension process still unfolding, or we could talk about how the higher realms failed once again in doing their part, but those are all just excuses to you and we know that you will no longer accept them.

So here’s the real deal….  there was no deal. And what is meant by that? There was no deal to ascend on that particular day (Dec 21). There was hype, there was thought, there was belief, there was a plan, there was an agenda, there was alignment of the planets and infiltration of Light from the Galactic Center, but there was no deal. And why was there no deal? Because then ascension could not come like a thief in the night.

It was the plan for ascension to occur BEFORE the “appointed date” or even the day after, and you knew this, you felt the energies in your body (I felt this failed ascension test run very badly on Dec 17-18 and I reported on this, George). But the attempts were not successful, even though your downloads were successful.

And so today you let go of the idea of dates and are close to letting go of the belief in ascension. It’s okay, it’s a coping mechanism. You had to let go to a certain degree and go back to the energy of allowing. You have been contemplating your own way out of the 3d circumstances you are in, with or without ascension, with all of your backup plans… your plan A,B,C and D!

But where do all those plans eventually lead you back to when you know how miserable you will be in plugging back in? As we have told you time and time again, we would not lead you down this path only to abandon you. We would not have opened your eyes to the truth of 3d reality if we could not give you a way out of it. That would be too much torture for a human mind to accept, especially since ascension was the only option.

So now what? You have figured out that ascension will not occur in this moment, and yet you still need to “live” in a reality that does not support your vibrational frequency. We are not saying that it will not occur, certainly it will, but the “when” has left you in the dark.

And yet you can’t physically stay where you are at any longer. You sought out people with a higher vision, a creative vision, and oh yes, you did create! But this delay will cause a set back if things are not explained properly, and you will not find proper explanation anywhere else “out there”. That’s why you have come to us, you HS and Angels, because you know when you put demand clear answers we give you clear answers.

Stasis, how many times have you heard that word in the last few weeks? Events have been purposely slowed down now, your physical ascension has once again been put into stasis. And now the higher realms are scrambling once again to find a viable solution to a most serious set of circumstances in which our “selves” on the ground can remain on the ground, while still in stasis, without causing even more stress on the physical and mental bodies. 

The New Earth is not ready, and there were clues within your ascension dream, as positive as it was, that suggested what was needed in order for it to be ready. How LONG, HOW LONG will it take, you continue to ask us, and we know that this is a very important question, but we have no answer for you. The only thing we can do now is assist you in finding a way to remain in between 2 worlds, while the energies become optimal again for another try. We are so sorry. We know how disappointed you are. We want you to come home too.

I also sent April’s message to Dorie after she sent me hers. -George

Dear Georgi,

I very seldom read other channeled messages, and usually only after consulting my own HS and Angels. As far as I knew, my newest HS message was the first to address another prolonged delay. I have to say that April’s message sounds much more optimistic than mine! My HS knows I’m not playing cheerleader anymore… but yet I know I still need to be positive in my thoughts, because its my thoughts that will get me the hell out here! Thanks for sharing this message with me Georgi!

Much love and Light!

Dear Dorie,

of course you were the first one with your message if I exclude myself who knew it since several days and today early in the morning I had the final confirmation. However in my opinion April’s message is just as disheartening as yours as it says that we will have to wait months before ascension, if you disregard some of the nicer words in it.


Yes of course, Georgi,

April’s message was just as disappointing, but at least it points out the fact that the energies will get increasingly better, whereas my message just kind of left us hanging as to how we would be capable in dealing with such disappointment. I am thankful for at least that! Wasn’t trying to suggest anything else… just feeling frustration for us all!

Much love to you!

Dear Dorie,

I also believe that the energies will improve altogether and become more harmonious, but this does not mean that the cleansing work of the PAT will not continue. The incompatibility between our high frequency personal fields and that of our 3d-surroundings will not diminish, even if the people get more of these source energies and begin to open as some PAT members like Marilyn confirm (see below).

But all these energy injections must lead to some visible results very soon and these can only be profound social and mental reforms that will lead to the quick collapse of the old Orion system. As long as this system is still intact, as is the case now, the people will not have any impetus to change their mindset.

Therefore I pledge vehemently for myself personally to ascend as soon as possible and begin with the popularisation of the new theory of the Universal Law. That is why this theory was developed by myself in close cooperation with the source in the first place, but had to be put on the back burner for a long time as the scientists minds were irreparably shut down.

With the influx of the new source energies I hope now that I will be more successful in convincing the scientists to adopt the theory of the Universal Law, which will be the Theory of the New Age. If I manage to win the scientific community to join us, we have won the whole humanity and then there will be no mental barriers to hinder their mass ascension. Hence the higher realms must use very effectively the interim time of “stasis”, as they call it, to promote this new theory.

And this can only happen if I demonstrate personally the practical consequences of my theory in terms of bio-physics – that we are all creator beings and our true nature is that of ascended masters. This should be a sufficient impulse for most scientists to dedicate themselves to the study of the new theory. For this reason I must ascend as soon as possible.

Heaven can do without a single person like me on the ground if the PAT decides to take over some of my energetic duties and responsibilities as the nexus between the Source and its unity field. This will not lead to a greater energetic burden as the new energies are now more harmonious and better to cope with. But the advantage of me appearing as an ascended master for the morale of the PAT and its social position will increase in such a dramatic manner overnight that you will be fully involved in the long awaited social transformation of human civilisation  and will not notice how the time has passed, till all of you will be able to ascend in the near future.

If there is one certainty, it is that it cannot go on like this for ever without any massive transformations at the social, economic and intellectual level. The current stasis does not lead to ascension. This must be know to the higher realms and it is only a matter of fine-tuned calibration before they make the next move, most probably using me as the joker (the wild card) in the game. This has always been the initial intent of my activity as a scientist and discoverer of the Universal Law. My current function as a captain of the PAT was actually an interim occupation to bridge the time until the circumstances are ripe for my pristine mission as the Elohim also confirmed. We must now make the best out of this dire situation.

With love and light




I have my days (headaches, fatigue) but consistently, I feel the loving energies.  I am moving slower.  There is nothing I can do to change that.  Exercise nor coffee changes this new pace. It seems in order to be more loving, I must accept the slowing down of my pace. Stress and fear do not motivate me to move faster anymore. It’s something new and deep in my nervous system.

My encounters with people for the past two weeks are more respectful and deeply peaceful, in-laws included. People hug me more fully and tell others they feel good when I am present. I sense people are feeling better these days. And nothing in me can hold onto tension.

What is your sense of what happened on the 21st?  Do you think we are physically 4D waiting to go 5D?

Much Love,

December 27, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I fully welcome your latest incentive to approach once more time the scientific publishers. For me, it is a next logical step in the whole process.

I was little depressed few days ago because I’ve thought that with an abrupt stop of the most expected event, there will become big void filled with inactivity and passivity before we’ll be able to stand up once more, throw away the depression and carry on.

I can easily imagine how difficult it had to be for you to bring here into this realm new science that has the potential to revolutionize the whole 3D and influence the current inefficient way of life, and at the same time for all those years to not be able to explain or communicate this science with specialists, since no one even until now still doesn’t understand it.

Even we, your closest team members, were barely able to scratch the surface and grasp the basics of a new emerging paradigm that combines spirituality and science into coherent cosmic laws valid in each dimension.

I hope, that now the minds of many are opened sufficiently to start to delve deeper into this exciting area of knowledge.

However, I also share your opinion, that in order to magnify the impact and acceptance of this science by the masses you have to ascend first so that you explain the basic axioms on your own personal example.

Do you think that this sentence from Elohims:

 “… his role of cleanser and energizer, and a myriad of other responsibilities, has now morphed into one of true ascended mastery…”

means that from now on you’ll be spared from the physical pains and sufferings?

From my heart, I wish it would be so, so that you can fully concentrate on your primary task.

P.S.: After this article, I’m calm, stable and back in my center again.

Thank you,

Dear Marek,

thank you very much for your warm and reassuring words. You have fully grasped the situation around the discovery of the Universal Law and the years of helpless awaiting for the scientists to expand their minds as to be able to understand the new weltanschauung.

I can only confirm that the waves have subsided in the last two days, but are still on a very high level, and I do not have the impression that I am released from my cleansing activities yet. I doubt if this is possible as long as we dwell in physical vessels. This holds true for all of us who have once entered this cleansing activity on behalf of humanity. In fact just as I am writing this email there is a new very nasty wave that is entering my field and body. So it is definitely not over yet.

That is why I am so eager for all the PAT members to ascend and be released from this duty and sufferings. This is the naked truth and any other rosy comments on the current situation as channelled recently by various sources are bullshit. They may hold true for those who are not able to ascend now, but not for the PAT.

I have no idea at present how and when we will see a breakthrough of the new theory of the Universal Law, but considering my past experience with scientists I do not believe that it will happen the old conventional way through tedious education. There must be a shock effect first and this can only be my ascension and appearance as Creator God in front of humanity.

After all, this theory is essentially bio-physics, where spirit is in the core of all explanations. And spirit is creation and I must represent as ascended master this spirit and creation, otherwise no scientist will make the effort on his own to study this theory and change patiently his currently mired scientific mind without any reward. And the only reward can be his personal ascension. As long as a scientist does not believe in ascension, there is no reward in his eyes and he will not make any effort to study the new theory. This is the red thread that the ascension scenario must follow with respect to the awakening of the scientific community. And if I can win them to join me, I have won the whole humanity.


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