Pallas Athena: In the Current Ascension Process, Mother Earth Changes Her Face Dramatically

Gabriele Schmitz, August 12, 2021


Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

This video has a very dramatic prehistory that precisely reflects the dramatic terra-forming events which Mother Earth is undergoing now in the process of the planetary ascension process and will culminate in some big natural catastrophes that will lead to the physical death of many people and will send shock waves to the entire humanity as Pallas Athene soberly warns us in her latest message. The current 3D material reality is irreversibly coming to an end and this will be manifested in the outer world of the people so that they can return to their inner truth and reject fully the current illusion.

The central piece of eternal truth is that humans are immortal beings and sovereign creators of their reality. True creation can emerge only upon the solid foundation of sincere critical inner and outward reflection.

In particular, your discernment is now being asked to challenge all the new age messages about what will happen at the usual annual portals as most of these fraudulent prophecies are unprocessed figments of ill-minded, vane people – unfortunately, predominantly women who have forgotten their feminine genuinity –  who ride the waves of such annual portals and predict fictitious ascension events. They pretend to be channeling higher dimensional sources and make sweet and comforting predictions within the obligatory love and light illusion, that never happen this way because the rudimentary intellectual perception of these gnostically ignorant predominantly female prophets and wish-to-be gurus can never rise to the occasion to grasp the true spiritual assets of enlightened humanity from an overarching philosophical, scientific and transcendental point of view as I am tirelessly promoting on this website for many years.

Their educational and healing offers at exorbitant prices have nothing to do with true spiritual growth leading to personal ascension and are only the prolongation of the old 3D matrix of coarse material and pecuniary greed as an expression of their survival fears leading to the myopic quest for financial security. That is why the earth and this material human reality have to be destroyed once and for all in the blink of an eye in order to demonstrate to the people the futility of their efforts to amass fictitious material security as Pallas Athene seriously warns.

Gabriele is a notable exception in this respect and that is why she is capable of receiving such honest and truthful messages from Pallas Athene, the spokeswoman of the White Brotherhood, and also why I am so happy to cooperate with her in these critical final days prior to the shift and my personal ascension.

In addition, we have the many self-proclaimed gurus of the new age that are deeply infested with the dark Atlantean energies of treason and betrayal. In many cases, these people represent empty human shells that harbour collectives of some very dark and sinister entities from the astral plane that regularly infiltrate the honest enlightened people who search spiritual growth on the Internet with the aim of preventing the ascension process in this way. In vain!

If you think this is my usual rant, know that this message of Pallas Athene was scheduled to come much earlier and was prevented exactly by all these dark forces and perilious tendencies in the new age movement that I am cursorily mentioning above. As I was personally involved in the purgation of these dark entities that had infiltrated the space, where Pallas Athene is giving her messages, I am entitled to take once more a stance and urge all of you to discard the overwhelming majority of dark or plain stupid channeled messages, which many websites uncritically republish and thus perpetuate and augment the level of confusion among the tiny community of awakened people on this planet.

This is also the main concern of Pallas Athene in her present message. It only reflects what we experienced and discussed with Gabriele and Michael in the run-up to this message and the extensive cleansing we had to undertake in our direct environment and in the new age community on a global scale in form of powerful alchemical reactions before this video could be made.

The next days will be critical as I personally expect the shift to begin this month with some significant events, but above all with my ascension, which Pallas Athene confirmed in a personal message to me a few days ago. It was received by Gabriele and I am so very thankful for this valuable cooperation with her in these dramatic last days on the old earth. Pallas Athene and the White Brotherhood are now constantly around me and are guiding my last steps to my transfiguration and ascension.

Transcript of the Message

I welcome you to a new video, which some of you have been eagerly awaiting. I am Pallas Athena and at the moment I am in the Temple of Truth above the island of Crete.

I would like to bring to your attention today developments that you have already seen in our previous videos. I spoke in my last video about Mother Earth changing her face. I also spoke of the waves of change and you have been able to see them over the last few weeks. There have been great changes at this time not far from where my medium lives. There, on the river Ahr, nothing is the same anymore due to a flood wave that was caused and many people have to come to terms with new circumstances that are on a scale that no one could have imagined.

These are also the changes I announced in the last video: Mother Earth is changing her face. And so this alone should be an indication to you that the facts that I have mentioned are now manifesting. You see it on the outside, that change is very clear. You perceive it and so hopefully you will believe my words more than you have done so far. Also, do not take my messages as a consumer, but I have already told you: my words are powerful and I would like to point that out to you as well.

This is the ninth video we are making and in the interim times where there is no video, we urge you to engage with the videos. They are meant to do something in you. And so give yourselves over and over again to the words that I am addressing to you. You can listen to them, you can write things down. I have already said many things and so much of what I am saying to you today is a reminder of what has already been shared with you. So use this time to prepare for more Ascension symptoms that you are seeing everywhere. However, we also see and you yourselves also see that these waves of change in the physical form of Mother Earth with everyone who is part of it, who is experiencing it, experiencing it first hand, that they are doing something to you. They are changing you, they are shaking you awake and that is also the purpose.

The elements are now doing the cleansing that is imperative. This may come as a great shock to many as they lose everything, some even their lives, in a matter of hours. But we also see the great wave of willingness to help. This also releases something energetically. It changes the world through energies of compassion, through energies of love, through turning to people, through helpfulness. And that means a great strengthening for those who have suffered, a strengthening through their fellow human beings. They feel great gratitude that so much help comes to them. Gratitude and compassion also couple with love, and love as the greatest power in the universe is awakened in you by such events. With all the suffering that people have experienced, there is always a good and we tell you that nothing happens by chance.

You are now in a great awakening process and it is much needed. Such events shake your souls, your plan that you brought with you and you suddenly release energies that you did not know were dormant within you. These are the positive changes. You are also seeing more waves, heat waves, conflagrations. These are all signs of the changes that are taking place. We have told you to prepare for these changes. And how can you best attune yourselves to them? By aligning yourselves with the positive in these things. The elements are cleansing Mother Earth. They make her free of all that humans have caused over many, many years. This cleansing is the prerequisite for Mother Earth to move into a new dimension. It is up to you to follow these ascension movements, to flow with them. We have also said that the energies are increasing and they are increasing day by day. But not everyone will perceive it.

We have also said that the death that has visibly occurred for many is also to awaken the awareness within you, that this world here, your 3D world that is in Ascension, that it is not your permanent home. Death is not what you think it is, as you have been taught. It is not a goodbye forever, quite the opposite, it is a transition into the new world, into your real home. You are leaving this reality, which for some is always challenging and bitter, by leaving the body with your soul. Your reality is quite different. So align yourselves with your actual home and know with certainty that the souls who have left their bodies will be received on our planes most lovingly, that they felt liberated from all the burdens. Only those who remain behind mourn. The souls who have crossed over into the Light feel it as a great joy and relief. So we ask you to always remember when a soul says goodbye to its body that it is part of its soul plan. We have already told you that nothing happens by chance, everything is in accordance with the divine order, even if it is a difficult farewell for those who remain behind.

The changes in the Ascension process shake your understanding of the world so far. They often shake you awake and that is the intention. You should be awake in the coming times to the events that are coming upon you. You should question your entire being. Nothing that concerns you is what you are meant to experience, which will allow you to learn to deal with situations that will lead to change.

So thousands of people will have to rethink the programme of life that they have set for themselves. They can realign themselves, they will have to start again. But they are moving towards questions about the meaning of what they have done so far. They have experienced, and this happens all over the world, that what they have created in years of painstaking work no longer belongs to their lives in a matter of seconds. It also points to the transience of everything material. And so we ask you through these examples that you are experiencing in your country (Germany) and that many people in the country where my focus is are currently experiencing. Question more than you have so far. The solutions, the answers will reach you within. But as we have already said, you are not alone. Ask for our help from the spiritual realms. Millions of angels are ready, the Ascended Masters, all are ready to offer you help.

Far too often you look outside. So I would also like to say today that you do not look so much to people who offer you training. Question everything that is offered to you to see if it leads you into your strength, into your independence and into your freedom. Not everything that has a light name is of the light. Also look at what is offered to you for money, sometimes a lot of money. Who is enriching himself? Is it the one who offers you help for money, or are you led into your own independence by what the person offers?

Also, the many messages you receive are not always full of light. You often underestimate the dangers, that especially now in this time where the final battle is taking place, the dark ones want to lead you astray. For as soon as you come into your power you are aligned with your divinity and you no longer allow yourselves to be manipulated. You see who you really are, even if it is only that you recognise partial aspects. But put one step in front of the other. Every step you take into your divinity is a step towards the light, is a step towards your true being. And so take one step at a time and do not forget to question the things that are offered to you on the outside. See what it does to you, go into your feelings and trust your intuition. The inner voice gives you clues, but you easily overhear it. You receive guidance, ask for that guidance. We tell you this over and over again.

This reality that you call reality is actually the illusion. This illusion is now being taken away from you more and more. These illusions will collapse in the Ascension process and it makes room for the new and the new needs this space. Completely different energetic conditions are arising and therefore completely different outer appearances.

So, as we have always told you in these videos, be aligned, positively aligned with what wants to come to you. You are accompanied, you are never alone. We have also told you that. But the human mind often gets in the way. Trust and train your discernment. This is very, very important now! For as soon as the events become more intense, and they will, I want to prepare you for that, you will need your discernment and you will always find the clues through your feelings and through your intuition. Ask for help from the spiritual world. All are ready to give you assistance, but you must ask for it. The next time will bring more challenges. Prepare yourselves for them. So take each day as an opportunity to train yourselves in discerning what is light and what is dark.

Also in discerning what is decided for you on the outside, what pressure is built up, perceive it. But we would like to point out to you that the light is always stronger than the dark. So trust that you are now passing through this time and going to the Light. It will be a future full of light for you.

The cosmic events, also in the temporal framework, can no longer be stopped by anyone.

But how you go through this time is up to you. You are not a victim, you are powerful beings and so realise this day by day and seek connection. We have spoken of aligning with your heart and also connecting with your Higher Self. You receive guidance through yourselves and if you ask for our help in addition it will be all the more powerful and you cannot be wrong!

That is our message for today. Train your perception, train your discernment and align yourself daily through your Higher Self. Ask for guidance and we tell you, you will receive it. Trust and go step by step. We will guide you, we will offer you. So I will also create more videos for you because we know that our message strengthens many and that is why we give it to you.

So today I have gladly followed your longing for a new video and created it. I thank you for your willingness to listen to me and so we will meet again.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the time between videos has been relatively short and look at what has happened in that time. There are tremendous changes that are now taking place in a very short time. It is the Ascension and all that is coming will challenge you but also encourage you. If you have doubts in the meantime, look at the videos that have already been made. Work with them, work with what we are saying and through that you can rise above what is happening on the outside. I look forward to seeing you again and I thank you for following me this far.

I am Pallas Athena.



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