The End of the 3D-Drama Leads to the Shift and Our Ascension

Update by Simon Parkes, January 16, 2021

Foreword – Ready to Go

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

When you watch this video, please listen very carefully from minute 5 when Simon Parkes announces that Trump won 75% of all the votes.

This is what I wrote to Simon Parkes a few minutes ago:

“I just listened to your latest video where you confirm that Biden has only got 25%  of the votes. I predicted this outcome with simple calculations based on the new theory of the Universal Law already one day prior to the election on November 2, 2020:

3. The election fraud which the deep state plans to commit is so gargantuan that Biden wins. It must be as big as the current rigged polls that give Biden a lead of 8% to 16% over Trump, while the actual support for him is probably less than 25% of the US voters. This would say that somewhat 30 to 50 million votes must be rigged and this cannot remain unnoticed already on the night of the elections. The civil war is inevitable.”

In this same article, you can also read how I predicted exactly the victory of Trump two and a half weeks prior to his election in 2016 and also in real-time the Brexit result before BBC, although I used raw data from BBC on the internet while being in Canada, Vancouver (PT) at that time.”

Now you know where we stand – between Sunday and Wednesday this earthly spook will come to an end and then all portals are open for the Shift and our ascension.


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