Energy Report – Massive Energy Wave From the Source Hits the Earth

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 17, 2021

On January 15, late in the afternoon, CET, there was a massive blast of pure source energy of ascension, which also caused heavy pressure on my chest and severe headache due to a cc-wave. I began to ascend and move very rapidly between the timelines. At this moment the internet shut down, the connection was interrupted. The high-pitched tone above my head was deafening, now it is no longer on the left side as was the case for many years but is like a hood all over my head and feels as if a loud chopper is starting up above my head.

As there was nothing I could do at home, I went for a walk along the sea promenade and admired the gorgeous sunset. The whole sky and the horizon to the west and south were in very intense pink-crimson-violet-golden colours, unusually translucent and shining bright. I could clearly sense the city of light above me.

The vibrations were the highest I have ever experienced and they were lifting me and the whole earth. There was nobody around me, the entire sea promenade was empty, and for a moment I thought the whole city is just a facade and I have moved to the new earth.

As the headache began to get excruciating and the pressure on my chest was weighing like lead so that I could barely breathe, I asked my HS and my guides for relief. Then from one second to the next one, the quality of the energies changed and the vibrations became all of a sudden caressing and very pleasant.

This was an example of how we will transform from one moment to the next one during our ascension and will experience a sudden indescribable relief from the density of our 3D existence. The personal energetic shifts currently are the wildest ride I have ever had and I have seen and experienced a lot.

Back home the internet worked again. The shift through timelines has calmed down.

The next morning I went early on the beach to see the sunrise and it was splendid. I heard my HS telling me: this is the new sun for the new earth.

Today, our PAT member Mike from Florida sent me this picture of the sun with the following comment: “Sure you’re experiencing the same thing, but wow – very difficult to see while you’re driving into the sunset these days!”

The blast of source energies that are now engulfing the earth in preparation for the shift can no longer be neglected. Even the regular meteorological observations register that something exceptional is afoot as this video shows:

Huge Energy Source Approaches Earth From Behind!

I am sure you are feeling these energies, the intensity of which is rising with the tension of the earthly drama that is now unfolding on the political stage. However, keep in mind that this is just the first and most irrelevant layer. There are many more higher layers and dimensions of paramount importance that are interwoven and constantly change that will determine the outcome of the shift happening now.

The biggest changes will occur within the human energetic system and this is what I describe with the overall term “soul catharsis“. Everything we will witness in the coming days will be a mirror image of this inner state and the experience will be as unique as our individual energetic fields and systems have evolved in the course of the LBP.


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