Timeless Messages From the Higher Realms

How We Created the New Ascended 5D Earth Seven Years Ago – Part 10

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 15, 2020


The Day of the Grand Unification – December 16, 2013

On Dec 16, 2013, I sealed in a powerful alchemical reaction, triggered by an unpleasant experience with rogue investors, all monetary and pecuniary patterns of humanity, being the source of most evil on earth, from all upper 4D earth holograms and separated these dark energies from the new Gaia-5. This would say that there will be no money on the new ascended earth with its numerous 4D timelines.

This creation was done before I had the idea to develop and introduce with St. Germain’s help the Astral Currency on all upper 4D Earths as an interim solution leading to the abolition of the concept of money when the people will understand in the near future the true nature of energy and why money is a distorted and very corrupted mirror image thereof. Money has been the single most important cause for the enslavement of humanity as Brad has presented in such a brilliant manner in his recent comprehensive article:

Cutting Through the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

In addition, our guides urged us on that day to accomplish the Grand Unification of all timelines of this Creation on earth. This we performed as Hieros Gamos beyond the wildest expectations of all higher dimensional beings and all souls of all creations and civilisations of Gaia throughout the ages who watched our creationary act with awe and great wonderment. This paved the way for the final ascension of Gaia and humanity that we expect to begin this year of 2020.


The Great Unification of All Creations and Civilisations of Gaia Through Amora and Georgi

The Elohim, December 17, 2013, Lofer

 “Greetings, Dear Ones, We are the Elohim!

It is the time of the great arrival of the Christ Consciousness.  Waves upon waves of Christ consciousness have flooded your fields and with it, you each feel the power of its love, its passion, its compassion, its strength, its truth.

Prior to the arrival of these enduring energies, it has been a time of great disconnection, great disassociation of the darkness that had great linkage into the energetics of this “Supra-Planet” timeline.

A complete severing of the lifeline/ umbilical cord has taken place, which fed all discompassionate motives still lingering here, now.

All is now severed, by yourselves, as you have used personally created and now personally severed/divided situations as triggers (for the alchemical reaction) to enact your multi-dimensional roles as the great creators that you are.

Your dual soul’s life experience (Georgi) was created in order to assist you in this moment through the same experience in the end times, and together you both used the emotion of this reflection… the shock, the disbelief and the grief… to empower the disconnection of any remaining vestiges of control, of oppression, within this reflection of reality upon this timeline.

As full energetic disconnection has occurred and your dual soul (Georgi) has set barriers in place to prevent any new connections/ re-connections, you are now asked to release the new energies of the Christ consciousness that have been present also during the period of deconstruction.

Now, dear ones, flood the Supra-Planet with the love of the Christ consciousness, the sparkling gold and diamond-like light particles through your body vessels. It is a most powerful creation.  Send it all about your Supra-Planet and into the time-space element surrounding its path for All time.

Spread it with loving intention to every expression of life beginning with the Devic Kingdom, the elemental kingdom, Mother Earth, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, to all humanity as well as all expressions of life within Mother Earth, namely Telos, Shamballa, and all civilizations and natural life within, as these are also part and parcel of this “Supra-Planet”.

The angels and Archangels are with you for this celebration, this sacred ceremony of the dissemination of the Christ consciousnessthrough the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies, to All that the Supra-Planet represents as a wholly complete unified fifth dimensional living Being within All-That-Is!

Spread it with joy! and love! and acceptance for All life!

This Unified Life, called “Supra Gaia” (upon and within) is a whole new creation within All-That-Is and is called “Gaia-Five“. It is ripe for the sowing, in this moment.

Enjoy the expansion into All-That-Is, you both shall never be the same again, as this gift shall forever open your human understanding to new heights of sensitivities and Beingness.

We love you and we are eternally by your side.

We are the Elohim!”

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