The Quandary of a Light Warrior on the Eve of Ascension

Patrick Amoroso, November 2, 2019


Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

In this last phase of the planetary ascension all wounds and dark aspects of the incarnated souls come to the fore to be seen and processed. This is part of the healing process and integration of all soul fragments before humans enter the unity field of the 5D and higher dimensions. However, healing of family structures is a futile endeavour – only the individual and his soul fragments can be healed.

Paradoxically, humanity can be truly healed in its entirety only by abolishing all current social structures. The new enlightened society can only evolve when the national state and its failed structures based on oppression, manipulation and deliberately false ideas, such as taxes, police, healthcare, jurisdiction, army, empirical scientific research, borders, etc. are eradicated once and for all. This is not at all comprehended by most light workers as they rarely display a truly enlightened imagination and are capable of envisioning how the higher realms are organized – how they operate efficiently on perfect energetic principles based on the sovereignty of the individual soul as a responsible and independent creator within the unity field of the Whole. On the eve of our merging with this unity field, one could not stress this fact strongly enough.

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The same is true for the family. There can be no healing of family structures as this social unit was created by the souls for the sole purpose of establishing and then resolving close and emotionally very intense personal relationships between the incarnated personalities within a very toxic human society driven by naked survival and constant strife. The family is the primary battlefield of the incarnated souls in a state of separation and only very seldom serves as a refuge from this dreadful reality, in which it still remains fully embedded and constantly challenged. Most human karma and bad habits are accumulated in family life.

That is why the family will soon be abolished as a social unit in the new 5D earth as the new human being will also not need the cumbersome way of conception and birthing to enter this higher dimensional reality as is currently the case within this 3D earth. All souls who want to make an experience in 5D will simply project a light body into this reality and make their own experiences in the community of other loving souls whom they know or would like to know for they personal pleasure and out of inner desire.

Even in the upper 4D earths of ascending Gaia that will exist for a while before they merge into 5D, the family will lose its primary function of upbringing children and establishing difficult relationships between the generations. The children will be brought up and taken care of by the new enlightened communities, often by the grandparents and other related persons with great experience, while the young parents will be free to dedicate themselves to their personal goals. When they become older and more experienced, they will take care of their grandchildren until this form of society based on the family as a social unit will be fully overcome.

I wanted to make this clarification in addition to Patrick’s passionate disquisition here as to make you aware one more that we are in a very fluent and rapidly changing reality, where very soon none of the ideas we develop and the discussions we currently lead with respect to this society will matter anymore. This is actually a very positive development that should be welcome.


The following disquisition is a recent reflection on the many uncertainties, perplexities and existential considerations that the light worker community as the vanguards of both TRUTH and GNOSIS confront in a timeline that seems to shift endlessly, while still embodied in their carbon-based vessels. To be sure, the task at hand that we have contracted for at the soul level and concomitantly have fully engaged with our physical, mental and ultimately spiritual constitutions towards achieving the ascension of Gaia is unprecedented in the annals of galactic and cosmic history.

Each of us contribute to the final deliverance of this wayward civilization and at times WE might feel that our individual and collective actions are simply “spinning our wheels” as the English-based idiom confirms in a never-ending drama of anticipation and protracted existential timelines. What to do?

It is in times of intense reflection of this aforementioned dilemma that perhaps our soul invites us to ponder our own awakening in the context by which our individual stories and experiences have paved the way for our spiritual transcendence and coming to the light.

Each of our own stories is a novel like none other in that due to our personal and individual conscious deliberations in this 3D paradigm, while incurring the multi-faceted interactions among family, partners and the institutions of political-financial-religious governance, which serve to mislead the civilization away from a soul inspired GNOSIS within, we are truly unique beings, both individually and collectively to each other.

Decisions of yesteryear abound with regrets, undue hastiness and an unwarranted pressure to conform when we have always known from an earlier age that we are different. This cognitive understanding has followed us our entire lives and was often kept close to our heart, less we invite ridicule, separateness and condemnation from others whether they be family, friends, associates and ultimately partners. I am reminded of the following:

“It has been my experience that the one that families call the “crazy one” is often the sane one. This is particularly true in very dysfunctional families where ideas of healthy functioning are turned upside down. In these families, members often repress their authentic feelings and turn against anyone who reminds them of their unresolved issues and patterns. As a result, the truth-speakers, the ones who refuse to contain their feelings, those who challenge and humanize the toxic status quo, are often scapegoated and vilified, made to feel crazy by those who lack the courage and insight to see beyond the family’s madness. If you have been labeled the ‘crazy one’, take heart. You are truly not alone. Most great creators and paradigm shifters were met with fiery resistance by those afraid to grow. Whatever you do, do not allow your voice to fade away in the face of their messaging. Your voice, your vision, your ways of being, live at the heart of your unique soul’s journey and are the key to collective transformation. No one has the right to bury them under a bushel of shame. No one! And remember – what is crazy to an unconscious person is often brilliantly sane to one who is awakening. Without you, we are lost.

Blessed be the ‘crazy’ ones!

~Jeff Brown”

This meme is a resonating condition of the individual light worker and not easily navigated in a world of treachery, dishonesty and collective conformity which at times may have caused us to doubt and confront our own fears with a measure of trepidation.

To be sure, our individual stories are chapter-bound in the illusion of the 3D paradigm, while experiences in our individual and existential timelines serve to trigger what appears to be life-threatening episodes on the path towards our awakening. Such traumatic instances may be defined by extreme loss, consequential failure or some existential impasses or combinations thereof that seem to threaten our very existence and posterity. It could be a failed marriage, betrayal in business dealings, loss of a loved one through disease / accident or a combination of all that at the same time, which overwhelm our very essence of who we thought ourselves to be. This very perplexing and what appears to be life-threatening and existential threat often triggers what some have termed  the “Dark Night of the Soul “. It is here when we feel our most vulnerable and our soul begins the initiating process of  dissolving the ego in order for our intuition to assume our  transcendental awakening to the divinity within.

The eminent 19th and early 20th century Psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Young was quoted to: “People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Making the shadow conscious

It is at this transformative juncture that our latent and hidden fears become manifest, while the soul guides the process of dissolving the ego in order that our Higher Self can take a full reign of our consciousness and thusly begins the alchemy of coming to the light. Our GNOSTIC understanding now prevails as Dr. Georgi Stankov has reiterated tirelessly in his many disquisitions.  However, the challenges do not dissipate but only in this awakened state does our real battle against the darkness begin. A Light Warrior you have become and only THEN can you enter the venue of the LBP, the Light Body Process.

The LBP as experienced by the few is not for the timid and a challenge like none other. A crucible compared to a ‘test of fire’ where the incarnations of many lifetimes have prepared the soul to elevate one more time in a final purification of the light in order that the ascension process can begin. The physical, emotional and spiritual refinement will manifest as almost overwhelming to the incarnated being as it draws upon all the spiritual reserves one has constituted in the past and ultimately forging to a light body culminating in this lifetime. Even during this ongoing process, circumstances may confront us that will test the very essence of our love for all. In the final analysis, we are solely responsible for ourselves AND we must allow our higher consciousness to prevail and our GNOSTIC understandings to comprehend the mystery of ourselves and each other for in the final analysis, WE are All ONE !

I will close with a statement by Dr. Stankov and myself issued recently: “Essentially, what we experience and witness now is an accelerated version of the LBP for the entire humanity, which is possible only because we, the PAT, had paved the way for it to happen with immense sacrifice and dedication. To this I would like to quote Patrick, who wrote to me the other day on this subject, as the final motto:

When the Akashic records are revealed encompassing all of our efforts in this incarnated state for the benefit of humanity and witnessed before all of creation, a salutation will read as follows: “Once upon a time in a far away world ( from SOURCE) an enlightened remnant of Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour selflessly gave of their physical, spiritual and gnostic-oriented mental states a venue of magnanimous acts of compassion, endurance and ultimately LOVE to a wayward civilization at the precipice of their own extinction.”

It is time !!

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