Vita florens – blühendes Leben – Florid, Vivid Life

Otfried Weise, October 2, 2019

Enlightened Pantheism

In the current end phase of the planetary ascension process, humanity seems to drown in nastiness, rage, hostility and self-destruction. This is the quality of the human energies that have shaped life on this planet for eons of time and these personal energies are now surging high before they can be released for ever. This mental and emotional situation has taken full grip of humanity and also affects the few enlightened individuals who know exactly what is happening. What better way to offer the opposite alternative to this collective madness than to present a joyful, enthusiastic (en theos – in God) world view, which I would describe as enlightened pantheism: The ability to see in every natural phenomenon the exuberant life force of creation – of birth, transformation, decay and resurrection – in the cycle of the year’s seasons.

Otfried Weise has the seldom ability to grasp the miracles of Nature and present them in visuals that touch the heart and comfort the human spirit. This is what we need so badly in these last days before things turn for the better. Otfried’s poem below, also excellently translated into English, is a beautiful hymn of this vital force of All-That-Is that is now engulfing this planet and will very soon manifest in a convincing way for everyone to see. Hence forget all the dreary news in the fake MSM and enjoy this piece of art, which Otfried has just offered us.


Vita florens - blühendes Leben
Otfried Weise

Werben freien schwängern reifen 
niederkommen wachsen greifen 
Knospen öffnen leuchten  locken 
Blüten prunken nähren schocken 
fruchten welken und vergehn. 

Nichts ist ruhig nichts will stehen
stetes Wachsen und Vergehen 
Formen wandeln weiterschreiten 
WERDEN wird uns stets begleiten. 
Keine Flucht in ein Zurück.

Ein Potential will sich entfalten
was angelegt gelebt will sein
Talente werden ausgegeben 
vorwärts immer weiter streben 
Doch sei geduldig wie ein Stein 

Unendlich reich zeigt sich das Leben 
die ganze Kraft will raus ans Licht 
zur Einheit in der Vielfalt streben
das ist allerhöchste Pflicht 
Der Wissensdrang verlässt uns nicht 

Bewegung ist das Elixier der Lebenskraft 
im Kosmos gibt es nichts was ruht 
der Wille kennt bloß diese eine Richtung 
nur die Entfaltung seines Potentials ist gut 
Hier gibts kein starres Sein nur WERDEN 

Jetzt ist die Zeit wo du dich selbst ermächtigst 
Der Geist hat immer schon in dir gelebt 
er kommt von außen nicht zu dir geschwebt 
DU BIST der Geist – dein Körper nur die Hülle 
Dein ist das Potential in ungeahnter Fülle 

Florid, Vivid Life
Otfried Weise

Courting mating fertilizing riping 
childbearing growing grasping 
opening buds lighting up luring 
blossoms splendour nourishing shocking 
fruits wither and fade away 

Nothing is calm nothing wants to stand 
constant growth and decay 
Converting forms and go on walking 
Becoming will always accompany us 
No escape into reverse 

A potential wants to unfold 
What has been laid out wants to be lived 
Talents are spent 
keep on aspiring forward 
But be as patient as a stone 

Life shows itself infinitely rich 
All the power wants out in the light 
Strive for unity in diversity 
This is our highest duty 
The thirst for knowledge does not leave us 

Movement is the elixir of life force 
In the cosmos there is nothing that rests 
The will knows only this one direction 
Only the unfolding of his potential is good 

Here there is no rigid being just BECOMING 
Now is the time for you to empower yourself 
The spirit has always lived WITHIN you 
And doesn't come floating to you from the outside 
YOU ARE the spirit - your body only the shell 
Yours is the potential in undreamed-of abundance 

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