Evolutionary Leap Now – Will, Love, Intelligence

Otfried Weise, November 11, 2019


Translated from German into English by Otfried Weise and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

German versions Part 1 and Part 2

Evolutionary Leap Now -
Will, Love, Intelligence


Will not believe in absurd stories
Cannot love on order and demand
Hoping in vain no longer works for me.

Has hidden fear tight grip upon me?
Reptile heritage reigning in my brain?
Unconscious and coercive acting
The automatic and the functioning?

Do I really want to rush on?
Hurt me even more with stress?
A NO comes forth in front of me
An alternative is now open here.

I will not react with compulsion
And never simulate a conscious action.
Consumption is no forced distraction,
Other people´s views reach me no more.

Guilt, repenting, penance and atonement
In truth there never was a sin
Damnation never happened either
The paradise has always been within.

Am I a victim of my fiendish neighbors?
Must I go limping with a beggar´s moan?
Lost helplessly and left forever?
I, for myself, can stand ALONE!

Priests´ consolation does not help me
I see the meaning of my life alone.
With myths and lores, and eerie legends
A useful, happy life’s unknown.

I am no longer asking other people,
No longer follow others stifling bids.
I shall grow without interference
And shape my world to my own wits.

A so-called “safe life” makes me sluggish
And heavy, dull, full of restraints.
It does not lure me into new temptations
But steers with harsh rules, regulations.

I`m done with seeking joy outside me
The creator god of childhood is long dead.
I don't need anyone to save me,
The power in me burns fiery red.

On my own strength shall I rely,
All challenges in life shall I defy,
I choose my path of joy on which to stride
In search of truth to which I shall abide.


Courting, mating, fecundating,
Riping, bearing, rising high
Flowering, lighting, colourating.
Blossoms, luring, nourish, play
Fruiting, wither, fade away.

Nothing rests or wants to stay,
Constant growth and then decay.
Forms transforming and unfolding,
BECOMING is a constant moulding.
No escape and no way back.

Small and big flow same direction
And develop through selection.
For humans, animals and plants
Darwin`s evolution has no chance
A senseless process lacking destination.

Minerals, stones, rocks and trees,
the stars, the planets and the seas
and human thinking, feeling, action
Nil standstill – evolution is a traction:
The spiral change affects them all.

Yet nothing ever happens accidental
Awareness as Spirit guides it mental.
The universe has purpose and a goal
Conscious growth permeates the Whole
Hence God is also in Becoming.


Willpower serves as motor prime
That yet existed in the night of time.
Eternal, dormant, boundless, arcane
Until it births diversity again
And therewith space and time.

Each potential needs a vast expansion.
Every layout will be a God’s mansion
Talents are bestowed and spent
Forward they stride without an end.
But be as patient as a stone.

Life displays tremendous treasures,
Its plenitude exceeds all human measures.
The purpose of diversity is unity,
The highest duty of community
The thirst for knowledge never ends.

The cosmic energy must flow
In vibrant pulsations like firefly’s glow
In effervescent infinite profusion
that liberates from all illusion.
Evolution arises from abundance.

Intelligence is free of any limitations
And so is thinking free of space and time,
It is a boundless knowledge by design.
But man is only open to a narrow line
Of thought as FAITH constricts him.

And this is true not only for religion,
All preconceptions do a lot of harm.
Instead of searching for a suitable demeanor
We follow those who dictate us by commands
With eyes shut to the truth that life demands.

"See what is and see what not is",
Thus spoke a realistic sage:
"You need not control life's events
And be a know-it-all and critic
Just watch it and hold back"

Man clings to safeness and security,
Religious myths and rules and God,
So he can hardly reach his goal.
His mundane life ignores the soul
no lion roars - only sheep’s bleaking.

Subconscious strives to come to light,
The Spirit wants to see its beauty bright.
Why else has he created this diversity?
He could have stayed for ever in a drowsy state
and not be man’s most precious mate.


How are intent and will directed?
What is the matrix of all will and form?
What drives selection to the higher ranks?
On what ground do the cosmic merits rest?
What makes our tracks to always be the best?

Pythagoras, the great sage of olden times
Has recognized and made it clear:
Cosmic potential runs on mathematics,
By formulas the will is guarded here
Yet, to many they do not endear.

MATHEMATICS is the matrix of BECOMING -
The secure foundation of unfolding.
Like life, all will and activations
Follow the order of equations.
Potential steers in the right direction.

Movement is life force's trait
In cosmos nothing is at rest.
The will knows only one direction -
To bring potential to perfection.
There is no rigid Being, just BECOMING.


How is BECOMING regulated?
What keeps the universe in balance all the time?
Who steers a myriad of incarnations?
Who makes the choice for all relations?
Indians call it 'KARMA', Greeks - NEMESIS.

Karma is the law of cause and its effect
But only in our linear time project.
Yet all the lives unfold in Here and Now
Can only be designed together in the Tao
As all Life interacts within a perfect web.

And every life is here a new beginning
It's crucial what you make of it.
In 'hard' lives you mature so swiftly,
In 'easy' lives you grasp far less.
Karma is no punishment or mess.

Karma is nothing else but a living file
Where man's deeds, good and vile,
Are fully and exactly listed.
What's missing from your arduous quest
Will happen in another life's request.


Where is the love, where is the grace?
Does mercy rule in time and space?
Does justice and compassion reign?
Absolute love, altruism are domain?
Wishful thinking is triumphing here.

Many believe that sex is love
At least, it is a very potent feeling
But often deviates to egotistic breeding.
The noble song of love is often chanted
But into daily life it's rarely planted.

Full submission is your automatic habit.
Do you surrender without contradiction,
To be misused with no restriction?
This happens to all walks of life
“Unconditional love” they call it rife.

As God's love’s always unconditional
He can’t condemn man as a sinner.
Feelings of guilt should not torment
Man needs no savior nor repent.
This myth was never worth a cent.

Is love at times a repressed hate?
And generosity - a veiled avarice?
Can grace result in arbitrariness?
Mankind cries out for justice, right
but human minds are full of fight.

Man has his power misconstrued,
As victim that a perpetrator has subdued.
Will power is a motor of creative acts
The soul potential it enacts.
However, man is mostly crashed by angst.

Will power can be associated with true love
both can be gentle and wild at once.
They both cherish from the contraries
And create Oneness from polarities.
Human potential thrives by will and love.


Man's highest aspiration is to know the truth
He wants to see through cosmos and himself
He wants to know it all and grasp it too
He goes to unknown darkest depths
And yet remains deluded and deceived.

Man registers the world with his five senses
Yet the result refuses him the goal.
The senses' only purpose is utility,
To see the truth is basic inability -
Instead of facts, inept interpretations.

The common sense betrays the 'psyche',
The intuition is a riddle to the mind.
Humans are conditioned beings
that willfully negate their true divinity
3D life kills joy and sanguinity.

Does the truth of Holy scriptures make man free?
Are the poor in spirit blessed through the faith?
They are not blessed and not liberated either.
There's always ample reason here for doubt
This kind of truth is really just thought out.

His inner Cosmos man will never fully comprehend,
But one day he can be the truth that makes the trend.
By letting down the masks, he sees himself
United with the Cosmos and the Higher Self -
Then he himself is God.

Reason and intelligence are man’s best treasure.
Logical thought as well as intuition of the soul
transcends human existence beyond all measure
all human concepts are abruptly nil and void
The prideful emperor at last is naked ...

Henceforth man only lives the truth
While soaring high in happy bliss.
Enormous knowledge, nothing is amiss
These gifts with all your brethren share,
what joy to see them overcome despair.


The spirit that the cosmos once created
As matter: mystic, animated, living
Is threefold structured and life giving
As proton, electron and neutron named
As father, mother, child highly famed.

As “One” the father stands for will and might
For procreation, unity and concentration,
As tree of life so firm and solid in the light.
The mighty myth of sun gods was invented -
As Jehovah, Surya, Shamash - righteous saviours.

The “Two” means wisdom, love and light
for dual being and the polar sight.
Vagina: gate of life for entry and for exit 
As pristine mother solacing the heart
Safety, trust and consolation is her art.

All humans love the Mother so Divine
as Radha and Maria she has been enshrined.
As Eva, Isis, Shakti she always brings support
and higher aspirations, and a feeling of comfort.
Her magnetism bestows men with bonds of love.

The “Two” stands also for Shekina and Sophia
These energies embrace the Holy Spirit.
And so are Tara, Pallas female love and wisdom
Godfather's will not always touches human heart,
Female magnetic love more often is the better part.

When active will meets love and grace
The “Three” is born as Child from this embrace
As symbol of warmth and omnipresence,
for intelligence and arts - the quintessence.
Daily human grasp evolves to omniscience.

Horus and Jesus may be archetypes here for the Son
And Mary Magdalene – embodiment for daughter.
However, all beings are God akin,
Life and motion are Spirit’s twins.


People are complacent and prefer the peace
Yet safety makes the courage to decrease.
Most men prefer that others do the thinking
Their lives should perfectly be steered,
To take responsibility appears too weird.

Backburner-life seems to be safe
Just take no risk until the grave.
This kind of life is utter boredom
TV-shockers deaden our sensibility,
Degenerating people towards senility.

What you repress consumes your power
Only challenge is the order of the hour.
So many things one has to grasp in life
Grow ripe but don’t avoid the daily strife.
This only makes you cynical and gloomy.

The motto of the current time:
"There always is a safer trend!”
Conceals instead a risky end.
While reasonable at first glance,
One evermore regrets this stance.

This tip comes only from your foes
Who want to see you in your mortal throes.
The safety notion comes from basic fears,
it always with pure reason interferes.
And thus impedes your maturation:
No risk - no fun, no dedication.


You want the coin?
Then take both sides,
The choice is - get it all or nothing.
There is no good without malign
that is duality`s main sign.

I hear a famous wise man say:
"There is no concrete evil
Only shades of goodness.''
In every situation you can profit
Without being a great prophet.

Is love and grace, and mercy what you want?
Haphazard then is promptly on the jaunt.
Is it the half of everything that you desire?
In this duality your aim should be much higher
Take all that in your life transpire.

Saturn and cube are men’s adversary -
The antagonist, the persecutor in the court
In common parlance dubbed as devil, satan, Beelzebub.
The bar which everyone must jump is very high
These are the trials of life which no man can deny.

If you can't see through evil’s strife
As do-gooder you will tramp through life.
Thus evil urges you and drives the show,
so you at last can truly grow,
And in the evil’s dark begin to glow.

Obstructions and disease are thus a limitation 
that reveal the haste of life and its causation.
Blessed he who quickly grasps this fact
And a change of life he’s able to enact
That is the good side of the evil.

If someone tries to limit us and hamper
this could become a priceless damper
that triggers off the inner will and power
as no one has the right to hurt us by the hour
A slap on ONE cheek should suffice.

Lightbringer Lucifer is Venus morning star 
Whom cunning men called falsely devil
She clears the mind from dark night’s revel
and brings us rest as evening star.
And every night with death we spar.

The light and dark embark in mortal fight
Is it salvation that you seek from pain and smite?
Remember: You are not the good and not the evil,
When people fight and brawl, you shouldn't be affected.
Just watch it from afar, you need not be connected.

Address instead your futile limitations
That you have set in fear and disdain,
The loss of verve and zest in your relations.
Let dreams and plans invigorate your brain.
What is the highest aspiration to maintain?

In view of evil anxious people pray and ask:
Will this bitter moment quickly pass?
The only fitting prayer would be: 'Thanks, alas!'
You call upon your will in order to withstand.
What hits you comes from you in order to expand.


When willpower shifts to naked might
All freedom sinks into the dark of night
The evil force has now an easy fight,
Human sloth is origin of earthly plight
Who comfort seeks - is infantile.

Divide and rule - this is the trick of evil powers,
You shouldn't fall into this vile pit.
You want to be the master of your life?
Rise for yourself and never submit.
By taking sides you always lose the strife.

The 5D worlds outpace the current chaos
from longtime conflict harmony arises.
The Phoenix also from the ashes rises.
Upon cold lava flowers richly bloom
To evil plans Aquarius energy’s a doom.

The remote God you seek outside yourself
Is the guarantor for religions to prevail,
through cruel rule and misuse of their power.
Free will man then exerts to no avail
Vain hope for mercy is the order of the hour.

The exercise of power implies a sordid ploy
The ruler says, he has monopoly on truth
In this game you are just a hapless toy.
Yet he despises truth since early youth
Which he twists and turns into a cheap decoy.

For him the truth is that which serves him
His goals forever justify his foul means
With lies he fortifies his master’s title
If you declare that truth is absent in his court.
he threatens you and blames you for this tort.

And so are parents lying to their children,
The kids are learning fast such clever lies.
Why couldn’t parents just be quiet?
And not resort to family’s old riot?
Manipulation is power exertion’s diet.

Most men are dreaming and believe
The world events take place by chance
like their own lives - without plan or inner glance
Important happenings - not only peace and war -
Are not an object of free play, this is a lore.

Elites are forging long-term plots,
The masses can’t connect the dots.
Truth is though coming to the fore
In every home it finds an open door.
The cabal hate truth-seekers all the more.

It is, while frightening, now crystal-clear
Archontic powers treat humanity as cattle
They cull the people and they schmear
Now is the time to end this battle
and leave the trap through our free will.

All people on this earth are brothers, sisters.
Inseparable and One in Spirit all the time.
So let diversity of people and their cultures rule,
for grasping and unfolding it is a good school.
An uniform race based on coercion is not the goal.

Politicians are just clowns with nothing to decide,
Bribed and extorted only hold an empty post.
Each one plays unconsciously his role with pride
And thinks he is real and not a shady ghost.
Hence, step back, acknowledge your misguide.

The 'Gods' in churches, temples, mosques,
are made up by the worst in power to suit
their own image driven by a God complex.
That's why their 'Gods' are such a brute
Who resort to oppression and misuse of sex.

Such “Gods” reject all other 'gods' beside them
and must be glorified and worshipped all the time.
Their holy halls you enter with a bowed head
They are outsized and you so infinitely small
You need a mediator for each sacred call.

Now is the time to empower yourself with zest
Spirit has always lived inside your chest.
It doesn't hover over you from outer space
YOU ARE Spirit - your body is an empty case.
Your spiritual potential is your only ace.

Man-Cosmos is the Spirit’s noblest form
To be aware of God through human norm
Man-Cosmos is the Spirit’s mirror image
to grasp himself as part of good and evil.
Thus God matures with Man-Cosmos.


Helping brings the helper might and cash,
It creates business profit in a flash
Socialism´s built by state and church as “happy hour”
Extorts false gratitude for all the men in power.
While they feast wild in their golden tower.

A crude trick they contrived hereby
To ban from mankind all of real import.
As people need them, they would go awry.
And offered to the masses false support
Which then appeared as a savior from the sky.

Man wants to help his neighbor in the need
But frankly never ever has he thought
That help can cripple and debilitate indeed.
Each destiny by man himself is wrought
and then becomes his personal creed.

A do-gooder helps the people like a robot
He never questions his behaviour.
Abused by others he denies it as a plot
Naivety is hallmark of the “Savoir”
His doing often harms the other.

Man spurns to recognize his masks,
Onto his neighbor he projects them unwittingly
and is annoyed - the mirror points befittingly.
Instead of solving all his problems from within,
Onto the others every evil he must pin.


Where's the religion with a heaven
in which clear logic and pure reason
based on loving partnership prevail?
True knowledge brings us a new season,
While myths and legends build your jail.

Only from within can consciousness expand
Man's attention grows, he perceives much more.
Self-acquired knowledge leads to promised land.
Man’s duty is to listen to the voice of intuition
The Gnostic and the Mystic follow this tradition.

Thereby one’s own willpower also grows
In certainty that unity is founded in true love
Each person follows his free vibrant will
and finds God-Spirit in himself and everywhere.
Aquarius greets with bliss and thrill.

WITHIN MYSELF are heaven - hell
As polar twins they jointly dwell.
Too much heaven, too much soar
Loosing grounding more and more.
Too much thoughts are really hell,
Cause the body shake as well.
Too much fight brings pain, fear, plight.

Heaven is round, soft with gentle tones
Hell is rough, hard and full of drones
Heaven and hell are embraced in a dance
in rhythm they become One at first glance.

Light, Shadow,
Shadow, Light,
dynamic life´s delight
You want to end all strife?
Live a relatively balanced life.
Your consciousness will thrive.

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