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Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 16, 2019

There is no doubt that we are on the cusp of our individual and planetary ascension. Every enlightened, spiritually evolved person can perceive this in direct contact with his soul and through direct experience of the exponentially growing intensity of the incoming source waves that transform this reality in a crescendo-like manner. The light workers community that has, in the last 20 years, become familiar with the ascension process and has incorporated this idea into their world view are eagerly expecting this upcoming change.

Before 2000, when I wrote my first gnostic book on the “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“, the idea of planetary ascension of Gaia and of individual ascension as light body process, LBP, which will ultimately transform humanity into a transgalactic civilisation, either did not exist or, if it was cherished by a few advanced light warriors, was not comprehended as a joint effort of a small selected group of star seeds – the Planetary Ascension Team, the PAT; ascension was rather expected to happen as a kind of a “free lunch” coming from heaven and this is still the prevailing opinion today.

As most light workers, who have finally adopted the theoretical idea of ascension, do not actively participate as cleansers of human dross in this planetary and individual ascension process, their attitude towards ascension is psychologically impregnated with passive and rather impatient expectations regarding the new blessed earth that should arrive on its own. If they pretend to be spiritual gurus and acclaimed channelers, they take the liberty to make irresponsible and highly subjective guesses and weird interpretations as to what is actually happening on this planet in the current End Time. Thus, they have sustainably destroyed the reputation of the small community of star seeds that is the only savior of the human race – the wayshowers who can lead all these lost souls out of their current 3D maze.

This has turned the new age scene as it presents itself on the Internet, including the meaningless seminaries and gatherings that such new agers organize, into a complete intellectual mess that is very similar to the current total confusion and growing insanity of that portion of humanity, which includes the ruling dark cabal and their heinous stooges at all levels of society, such as politics (deep state), MSM, finance, science, etc. To my estimate, these dark entities comprise about one-third to forty-five percent of the world population depending on the geographic region. These are the souls that will not ascend and will eventually go under with the destruction of the old matrix.

The entire esoteric literature in the last years has devolved into wild guessing of what is allegedly happening behind the veil of ascension, where stupidity, ignorance, lack of  any elementary education in social and natural sciences, history, philosophy, religion grossly thrive. In other words, the new age has become the breeding ground, where the lack of any acquired or natural, by the soul inspired intelligence, supported by high moral and ethical standards fully reigns. This deplorable attitude of the small light workers community obfuscates the actual energetic situation on this planet to such an extent that this small community of enlightened people do a disservice to the ascension process, which is the opposite of what they preposterously pretend to achieve.

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that in such murky situation there is no effort in sight to establish intellectual clarity as to what the goals and needs of the future enlightened human society will be, which all light workers endeavor to enter as soon as possible, while vigorously declining to accept their responsibility as creators of this reality. Indeed, when one scrutinizes the new age scene, one quickly comes to the conclusion that the idea of individual creation of the new earth virtually does not exist as a topic for this small fraction of humanity that is supposed to be the spearhead of human evolution to higher dimensions.

I know that I am repeating myself on this topic, but this does not make my arguments and conclusions less relevant. All the more as we are indeed on the verge of ascending to 5D and higher dimensions, however, the ascension process will be entirely individual and no general predictions are possible.

According to the information we are receiving from our higher-dimensional sources and from our I AM Presence, we are now on a steep ascension spiral till the last stargate for this year on December 21st. Then, the last week of the year will represent a gargantuan firework of downloads of source energy that might as well trigger the planetary shift for which we, the PAT have been working diligently for so many years. It will definitely create a completely new environment on this planet, where the old matrix will quickly and irreversibly crumble and the new earth will emerge in its magnificence.

Needless to say that it will begin with the manifestation of the new cities of light which we are now building in Europe (New Raetia in Italy and Central Europe), in North America (New Lemuria in Vancouver and along the Pacific coast) and in South America (Terra Nueva in the Andes, in Ecuador and Peru) that will intercept with the current upper 4D timelines; the latter will continue to evolve and slowly ascend to 5D under the influence of the former.

I have written a lot about these cities of light and all the stages of construction and I can assure you that these projects are expanding continuously and are being enriched with beautiful details and functions, such as temples and portals for ascension and illumination, in addition to the much discussed healing centres. This all will happen very soon – there is a great probability that it may begin this year. The cities of light will definitely manifest in 2020, most probably shortly after New Year, beginning with Europe, where the great wave of ripe and old souls (approx. 130 million) will first ascend and attract in their ascension trajectory the rest of humanity.

The bottom line is that ascension is knocking on the door and while the tiny community of light workers has finally embraced this idea, there is virtually nobody except us – the PAT – who understands the importance of developing a congruent new, holistic world view that will correspond and support the new ascended earth, and to articulate all the major ideas on which this new 5D earth will thrive. In other words, the light workers community has failed to develop a viable spiritual and intellectual programme for the new earth, where they are supposed to be the new leaders of humanity. The only exception worldwide is this website and the websites associated with it, which you know from the many links.

The Universal Law (UL) and its Unified Theory of Science, Philosophy, Gnosis and daily life is the only existing theoretical programme that not only anticipates the new earth reality, but has actually created it as an idea. Please, remember – first comes the idea, then the form. Unfortunately, until now, almost a quarter of a century after the UL was first discovered, the new age community has failed to take notice of the existence of this Law of Nature or to incorporate its basic ideas into their esoteric views of the world. This is the primary cause of their total intellectual failure and this failure will determine decisively the ascension scenario we shall experience very soon. The ascension scenario cannot be built upon human deficiencies, they must be eliminated first before the process can begin.

At this place I will stop lamenting about the intellectual bankruptcy of the few star seeds, our soul brothers and sisters from the source, which is indeed an issue of great grievance to me, and draw your attention to a few basic principles that can serve as a red thread for you to understand the inner logic behind the current ascension process.

Generally, the ascension of earth and part of humanity is correctly associated with massive revelations that will reveal who has enslaved humanity for so long and how the cabal have done that. Parallel to that, people expect that there will be miraculous forces of higher dimensional origin that will introduce new better forms of social life, beginning with a just financial order that will eliminate the current huge disparity between the few very rich and the poor masses and will eventually bring abundance. It is so obvious that these goals, while psychologically understandable as most light workers live under very poor conditions, ostrasized on the fringes of society, are so abjectly human and short-sighted that they can never be part of the new earth, the way they have been formulated currently. One only needs to scroll the numerous new age websites in order to verify this conclusion.

While there may be a few light workers, who formally acknowledge the fact that they create the new earth, in reality, none of them has any clue what he or she contributes concretely to this creation or what is necessary to be done as to prepare theoretically for this shift to new ascended realities. Again, this website is the only notable exception in this respect and this is not an empty boasting but a conclusion which I make with great regret, almost in utter despair, as I have come here to awaken humanity and cannot find pride in being the ragged one-eyed prophet in an intellectual desert of blind bedouins.

What depresses me most in these last days is the poignant acknowledgement how simple the whole truth is as presented by the UL and its theory and with what stubbornness this simple truth is being rejected and neglected, instead of embracing it as the most precious gift on this planet. All the more, as it is based on a few crystal-clear principles that make every human soul sing and dance in utter joy seeing the awakening of her incarnated personality to the existence of the Universal Law of Nature that is first and foremost the Law of Human Thought.

What are these principles with respect to the upcoming ascension scenario? The scientific and gnostic principles of the UL have been elaborated in numerous books and articles published on this website and are not the topic of this essay. Here, I will restrict myself to the necessities of the ascension scenario, which are profoundly wrongly interpreted by almost all light workers.

The End Time of ascension does indeed begin with revelations. But these revelations cannot be in the first place scandalous or sensational news about past and current crimes and heinous deeds of the ruling cabal and their numerous stooges in the society. This is already now the case, but the slumbering masses are still not convinced that ascension is around the corner and is the inevitable outcome for humanity and this planet in the course of next year.

Any true intellectual revolution of humankind,  often dubbed as a “paradigm shift”, can only begin with a complete refutation and substitution of all false foundational ideas, on which this human civilisation is grounded. And there is virtually not a single generally accepted idea on this planet that is not utterly wrong.  Let me just mention the false idea of the mortality of humans and point out that currently the conviction prevails that one has “only one life”, as to illustrate the total gnostic confusion today.

Logically, in order to eliminate this basic idea or, as it is said in the bible, to eradicate the sting of physical death: “O Death, where is your sting? O Hades, where is your victory?” (1 Corinthians 15:55), one needs the appearance of one or more ascended masters that will demonstrate the immortality of the soul and now also that of the physical body in the course of the Light Body Process, LBP. This is a leitmotif on this website and I am sure no one, who enjoys a modicum of spiritual awareness, will argue with me on this key aspect of the upcoming ascension scenario.

The more important question is though  – what comes next? What will these ascended masters teach humanity, so that the masses also awaken and eventually ascend. A cursory glance at all the various and highly heterogeneous, in most cases plagiarized, teachings which numerous esoteric gurus offer to the public will easily convince us that they are irrelevant and will not survive the shift to 5D. There is a plethora or reasons for that, many of which I have discussed in the past, but the key one is the following.

None of these teachings has understood the nature of energy as the Primary Term of human consciousness, which is equivalent to All-That-Is according to the Principle of Last Equivalence in the new Axiomatics of the UL and how this translates into a truthful gnostic, spiritual world view with all its possible ramifications. Thus, most light workers, not to speak of the rest of humanity, do not understand how the human senses create the illusion of space and time as space-time, which is how we, humans, perceive energy and create this 3D holographic reality as an artificial, illusory U-subset of the higher realms = of the Whole.

Let me be clear on this point: Without this profound and central gnostic knowledge no one will ascend and appear as an ascended master, that is to say, will come back on earth to teach other people how 5D and the higher realms operate as he has nothing to teach and nothing to offer that he/she has achieved in this last life. I do not say that an ascended human master does not understand the nature of energy and the human illusion of space-time as 3D holographic reality, as this is a common knowledge to all entities in 5D and higher dimensions.

What I want to clearly state here is that no single human being will truly ascend and return as an ascended teacher in the current higher 4D timelines, in which we now dwell, unless he has comprehended this knowledge during this current lifetime as an incarnated human personality and has made it part of his spiritual world view. Period!

Purely for this reason, I postulate with an almost 100% certainty (100% certainty does not exist as we only deal with probability potentials) that the ascension process will begin with those humans, who have grasped the UL with respect to its basic knowledge what energy is and what space and time are, for instance, why space s is identical to conventional time t and reciprocal to absolute time = frequency f  and what this knowledge entails for human Weltanschauung. These are basic truths that everyone must grasp first, before he can make the leap to 5D.

Precisely for this reason, I have every reason to believe that ascension will begin with myself as I am the bearer of this knowledge that has to be disseminated on this planet first, before the real shift can happen.

The external reality is a mere projection of our ideas. As long as the majority of the human population believes in the objective existence of the external physical world as space-time and does not recognize it as a fiction of limited human senses that we have artificially introduced in this incarnation experiment as souls in order to experience the seeming separation from the Source, this reality will not change to a 5D reality, where this truth is ubiquitous. It is so simple and at the same time it seems to be so infinitely difficult to fully comprehend and internalize this ample fact. Now, my readers understand my deep frustration with humanity and in particular with the small community of light workers, who were supposed to incorporate this basic and simple truth, teach and live it out before their ascension, so that the other people can follow them in this last life.

When this basic truth is fully accepted by humanity, and this can only happen through me as an ascended master and the discoverer of the UL, all other things will begin to unfold and fall into place. In the first place, humanity will have to swallow the basic revelation that modern science is fake science and that physics has interpreted verbally all its correct mathematical results as natural laws and equations entirely wrongly and has thus failed to grasp the nature of energy = space-time, which is ironically the object of its study.

Nowadays, physics and natural sciences are considered to be the epitome of verifiable truth. If these categorical systems are revealed to be utterly wrong, how much easier it will be to show that also all religions, social doctrines and daily beliefs that drive human behaviour are also utterly wrong and need to be eradicated from human thinking for ever. This is the actual apocalypse = revelation that is awaiting humanity.

The crimes of the ruling cabal are only visuals that confirm the utter stupidity and confusion of the human race which has allowed to be oppressed by such dark, low-vibrating, devolved non-human entities (greys, reptilians, zeta reticuli, etc.) for eons of time, while neglecting the basic truth: Humans are sparks of God and powerful creator beings of their own reality and do not need anybody, or any authority, to tell them what is right and what is wrong and how to arrange their life.

This is the primary pedagogical goal of the upcoming ascension. In any ascension process, the incarnated souls follow only pedagogical goals that expand their experience and awareness. Ergo, ascension will begin with me and with all ascended masters currently still in human bodies who understand and profess the tenets of the new theory of the UL.

Secondarily, the ascension scenario will be shaped by further overarching considerations, which can be only properly understood when one fully discards the current conventional 3D views of all humans. A major role thereby will play the new forms of healing of humans in the new 5D light centres, which will be based on novel energetic principles. The current medicine and healthcare system are not only a total flop, they have unleashed a veritable genocide on humanity. Most treatments and procedures only harm the biological regulation of the human body and thus increase morbidity and mortality. I have exhaustively elaborated on this dreary topic in my books and articles and proved it beyond any doubt from a scientific point of view. This scientific knowledge will soon shock the entire humanity and will trigger a rapid dissolution of the present-day medical system that is already broke and serves nobody.

Hence, the current medicine and health care system must be abolished once and for all, beginning with the elimination of all wrong ideas that build the foundation of these categorical systems of false knowledge. The teleological background for this is that humanity is about to achieve immortality.

It is important to stress at this point in time that probably the majority of all humans, who have made a decision at the soul level to ascend in this lifetime as a human being, have already overcome the threshold of physical mortality, to which an increasing number of humans are currently subjected. We experience namely in the last years and months a rapid increase of cancer incidence as well as a number of other severe diseases and nosocomial infections that lead to death in many humans. This is due to the fact that many people who will not ascend in this lifetime want to finish with this incarnation before the planetary ascension as they can no longer cope with the growing intensity of the incoming waves from the Source that flood this planet and are leaving earth in droves.

Some of these souls immediately incarnate after death experience on the new 5D earth. However, many of the souls who die these days will reincarnate on lower dark timelines, where the reality is even more toxic than in the current End Time on this earth and will continue with their dreadful karmic cycle for a very long time. This holds true for that portion of humanity that will not ascend and will go under with the collapse of the old matrix.

This process has already started with full force as one can observe with regard to the peaking collective insanity in the USA that poisons social and political life and makes this country a veritable hell. This trend is so obvious now that I do not need any more arguments to persuade you. Besides, we are now practically living on the new 5D earth, where we do not need to persuade anybody as this current 3D reality is merely a Potemkin village of the old earth…. until it suddenly ceases to exist.

The knowledge of the UL and its theory must be fully embraced by the portion of humanity that has made the decision to ascend in this lifetime. That is why I have defined this theory also as the “Theory of Ascension”. There is no other valid world view – as Science, Gnosis and daily thinking – that leads to ascension. This is the ultimate truth that everyone should internalize now to the full extent. This is the main reason why I am writing this article.

Considering the psychological make-up of the incarnated human personalities, the best and easiest way to convince them to study the UL is to heal them based on the energetic principles of its General Theory of Biological Regulation. The spectacular and miraculous healings which this new approach will bring about will transform the collective perception of humanity with one fell swoop. As most people will soon realize that they have a chance to overcome physical death if they survive long enough on the current ascending 4D timelines, they will do everything possible to heal their bodies that have suffered  a lot from past deleterious medical treatments and harmful ways of life.

In this way, they will turn their back onto the old medicine, bio-sciences and will automatically embrace the new Biophysics of the UL, which is firmly rooted in its Physical and Mathematical Theory as presented in Volume I and Volume II. Theoretical science can be learned at best when it is practically applied and rescues the lives of millions of people. There is no other more convincing argument than that.

The proper understanding of the physical and mathematical theory of the UL will follow the broad implementation of the new Biophysics in the 5D healing centres of light without any resistance and inner rejection. This trend will be supported by the introduction of new advanced 4D and 5D technologies based on free photon energy, superconductivity and antigravity, about which I have written a lot and have delivered the theoretical foundation for the first time.

In particular, I have proved that photons have a mass and are thus not different from physical matter. I have also explained why the current definition of mass in physics has been interpreted in an utterly wrong way by all physicists for more than 4 centuries.  This cardinal blunder has led to further major blunders in physics, such as the obsolete concept of “dark matter” in cosmology that discredits this discipline as true science, the law of entropy that contradicts the law of conservation of energy which is an application of the UL, the inability to unite gravitation with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model. All these major blunders are now elegantly resolved in the new theory of the UL. Thus I have paved the theoretical highway for the development of new hitherto unknown technologies.

This massive technological transfer from the higher realms will transform human society beyond recognition in a very short period of time, but it has to begin with the human mind. The latter has to start operating first in a consistently logical manner according to the new Axiomatics of the UL.  This will take some time and effort but the reward is the acquisition of immortality through ascension.

It is needless to say that all these epochal new developments have to come through me as the discoverer of the UL, the author of numerous scientific and gnostic books on the “Law of One” and, last but not least, as the captain of the PAT, the driving human force behind the current ascension process. Everything is interdependent and interconnected.

At the same time I am one of the chief architects of the new cities of light as an Elohim soul coming directly from the Source, together with my dual soul Amora. This has been done in close cooperation and collaboration with other advanced souls from the Source who belong to the PAT, even when they have no knowledge of its existence at the ego-mind level.

From this elaboration, it can be consistently concluded that the ascension process will begin with me, my dual soul and the PAT and that all the current projections of other light workers in full negligence of the existence of the UL and its paramount role in the ascension process of Gaia and humanity will remain futile chimeras. They better begin studying the UL NOW, before it is too late, although, strictly speaking, this argument is irrelevant as linear time is also an illusion. Everyone should know that one has to understand the UL first and what it says about space and linear time if he or she wants to ascend in this lifetime.

And with that I close my disquisition for the time being, although there are infinite further topics to be discussed. The theory of the UL and its applications are as infinite as the Infinity of All-That-Is that it correctly describes.

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