Mysterium Cygni – Das Geheimnis des Schwans als Symbol der Ich-Bin Präsenz, Video

Mystery Cygni  – The Secret of the Swan as a Symbol of the I Am Presence

Video in German

from Otfried Weise, April 21, 2019

based on Daniela Lupo’s article “L’Anamnesi come processo di rimembranza della Presenza Io Sono” (auch in deutsch  vorhanden)


Transcript of the Video in English

Mysterium Cygni – The Secret of the Swan as a Symbol of the I AM Presence

by Daniela Lupo, extended by Nilinfinit

When people on planet Earth embody themselves in a physical garment, they forget who they are, where they come from and what the meaning, purpose and goal of their sojourn is. This is called the veil of oblivion or amnesia. People therefore believe that they are isolated lone warriors, separated from everyone and everything.

They identify themselves with their physical body, with the five senses and with the mind anchored in it – feeling and thinking. When they die, all this seems to be gone forever.

So the only meaning and purpose of life seems to be to fulfill laboriously and loaded all the duties that ”life” charges them with. They allow themselves to be exploited, made small, and condemned as sinners. Being a slave becomes an end in itself.

Many people nevertheless suspect in the course of their lives – usually triggered by bitter blows of fate – that there must be more. They feel an inner authority that constantly observes their entire being – acting, feeling, thinking.

This inner authority is known by many names – soul, higher self, I-AM-Presence, etc.. It is the essence, the core of the being as well as the cause of the visible human shell. Symbol for the soul is above all the swan.

In Plato’s philosophy, true knowledge is based on the memory of the ideas already known to the soul at its own higher level before its entry into the physical body.

All the knowledge we need for a profitable life already resides in our soul. The experience of incarnation on earth – in the world comprehensible by the senses – triggers a process of remembrance called anamnesis. This anamnesis dissolves the extremely harmful amnesia that inhibits evolution.

This memory is stimulated when we perceive sensual objects and experience emotionally unfolding events. These let man rediscover in his mind those eternal ideas that are the cause and origin of the physical world.

The concept of anamnesis was already present in the Orphic-Pythagorean philosophical understanding and was adopted by Plato. In his dialogue ”Phaidon” he reveals the thesis of the immortality of the soul.

Knowledge does not come from sensual experience, from empiricism – as physicists say. The so-called facts are constructed by and only poor interpretations of our strongly limited perception and have little to do with reality.

In the absence of alternatives and due to general consensus, most people are content with this falsified appearance, they believe in the extremely limited so-called common sense as well as in the ideologically crippled sciences.

Sensual comprehension, however, challenges people to remember, i.e. to seek within themselves what is hidden from the mind. In this way people overcome the usual hollow intellectuality.

True knowledge flashes up when people intuitively remember what they know as souls. The personality taps into the memory of our highest, most essential part – our I AM Presence.

Intuition happens like a lightning and is a very intimate and heightened communication with our I AM Presence. It is constantly connected to the Source and enables the awakening and transmission of the ancient knowledge that never expires.

In the end, memory leads us back to the care of the soul as professed by Socrates: the true sage “knows that he knows nothing” (through the usage of his lower mind only) and therefore resorts to an attitude of inner research in order to better understand himself. By becoming aware again of what he forgot at birth, he attains true knowledge – the knowledge of the soul.

This knowledge is called Gnosis. It draws from a journey within, in which it remembers the I AM Presence and is guided by it.

In practice this process of remembering is well described by Plato in his dialogue Meno, where Plato relates how the master Socrates succeeds in helping a slave without any education to understand the Pythagorean Theorem. Despite the ignorance of the slave, Socrates manages, with appropriate questions, to make sure that the slave finds the logical steps alone, which leads him to understanding of something that has already existed within himself.

This dialectical method of Socrates (Socratic method, also known as maieutics) to conduct, through appropriate questions, the interlocutor to discover within himself the answers is the ability to constantly question the knowledge of everyone (including one’s own) and encourage him to seek ever more deeply the hidden truths without stopping at the apparent truth.

The decisive intuitive basic knowledge destroys the illusion of separation and being a lone warrior with a flash of lightning: “We are never alone, we are a united family and if we allow help, protection and support will come as they are always available.

“In these chaotic times where utter confusion reigns, there is one thing that the powerful and beloved bearers of light can do and that is to turn immediately to their I AM Presence.

In order for this New World, which we all yearn for, to manifest as soon as possible in all its magnificence with all its kingdoms, we must invoke the I AM Presence and everyone should consciously invite the I AM Presence to enter his physical body for his own good and for that of all others in order to unite as a family, as a single I AM Presence, a single Consciousness of Unity.

Only through the I Am Presence can one manifest the perfect and wonderful world which represents the new Golden Age for all ascending humanity.

The most powerful and beautiful symbol of the I AM presence, the soul, is the swan.

The swan – Italian ”il Cigno” – derives from the Latin word ”cygnus”, which in turn can be derived from the Greek ”kyknos”. The German word ”Schwan” (formerly ”Svan”) and the English ”swan” originate from the same root KAN, which is the origin of the Latin word ”cano” (to sing). The swan is therefore etymologically the ”singer”.

In Plato’s dialogue ”Phaidon” Socrates explains that the last song of the swan before his physical death expresses the joy of reintegrating himself into the divine, of which the bird was an epiphany (a symbolic appearance).

Swan song is the last work of a musician, poet or politician. The expression goes back to an ancient Greek myth that says that swans sing a last song with a sad but beautiful voice before they die. In a version of this myth, Kyknos wandered in a poplar grove on the banks of the river Eridanus, mourning the death of his most faithful friend Phaëton. The gods felt sorry for him and turned him into a swan of shining stars. Before Kyknos died out of grief over his beloved friend, he sang in a way unmatched by any other song of sad beauty.

Swans are closely related to the shining gods and are the symbol of wisdom, sincere love, loyalty to one’s partner, innocence, purity, courage and strength. The swan is therefore also associated with the Holy Spirit.

The swan symbolizes the ability to interpret dreams and represents spiritual evolution; it is connected with the water in which it swims, with the air in which it flies and with the earth on which it rests; but above all it represents the fire of the sun, from which it draws its strength to master the other three elements.

The swan represents the communication between the elements and the different worlds; it is the useful and holy owner of magical powers connected with music and song. Combined with the therapeutic powers of sun and water, the swan, as already mentioned, represents the inner light and harmony of the human spirit, the divine spark, its soul.

The flight of the swan is compared to the return of the soul to its source. It represents the part of man that strives for the good: the best of each being in perception and spirituality.

In the Middle Ages, the swan was the emblem of the mystical cavalry and represented the knight who left his home in search of the Holy Grail.

From ancient Greece to Asia, from the Slavic and Germanic people to the Indians, the Swan is the flawless bird whose white colour, energy and grace make it a living representation of light. It is an inseparable companion of Apollo in ancient Greece, while in the Far East it has always been a symbol of purity and beauty, nobility and courage.

According to the Indians, the swan knows how to accept the grace that change bestows, by submitting to the divine plan of the Great Spirit and not opposing his will.

This symbolism is expressed in Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale of the transformation of the ”ugly duckling” into a majestic swan, so that people can grow beyond the world of appearances and look into the future. This fairy tale reminds us of our inherent beauty and creativity (of the soul).

Swans choose their partners for many years, sometimes for life, and are therefore symbols of partnership and love. Swans protect their young with all their strength – at times extremely violently – and are therefore symbols of motherly love.

In Hinduism, swan love is raised to a divine level. Shankaracharya – the famous sage of Advaita philosophy – has written a poetic spiritual mantra work entitled Saundarya Lahari = Wave of Beauty. In it the two swans HAM and SA swim together in the DIVINE MIND and live “from the honey of the lotus flower of KNOWLEDGE”.

Hamsa – the swan – the goose – the crane – is the vehicle of Brahma and Saraswati.

The Sanskrit name for swan is HAMSA.

Hamsa means I AM THAT.

This THAT = TAT = All THAT Is.

TAT TVAM ASI = THAT AM I – THAT ART THOUGH – IS the basic knowledge of GNOSIS:

HAMSA is the individual consciousness, the I AM-PRESENCE, which is however identical with the overall consciousness. Everything is ONE

The ancient Indian seers – the RISHIS – advised to experience only TAT.

The wave of I AM-PRESENCE merges with the sea = the TAT.

At the merging point there is “only” TAT – and no I AM anymore.

When a person has realized TAT, he becomes an initiate, is called “anointed” or “crowned” = Krishna alias Christ – he/she is a God realized.

St. Germain describes the “I AM Presence” as follows:

The eon-long time in which we were forced to live as slaves is now coming to an end. Thus the illusion of separation disappears. We recognize our common true nature. This natural essence of life is love, peace, beauty, harmony and abundance. Life is independent of the one who tastes it; it grows constantly, reviving its perfection more and more with the impulse inherent in it: with ”I AM” the soul. The physical body is only a temporary tool for comprehension on the planet Earth of memory/remembrance/anamnesis.

”I AM” is the activation of life. The first expression of each individual, in the whole universe, be it in spoken word, be it in silent thinking or feeling, is ”I AM”. It recognizes its own sublime divinity … the highest principle of life that is applied and expressed in every culture that has ever existed.

The first expression of any self-confident life form is ”I AM”. This is more than just ”I exist”. Only then, in contact with the external, falsely valued activities, does he/she begin to accept something that is subordinate to ‘I AM’, as St. Germain puts it.

And now comes something very important: whenever we use the word I AM to make negative and adverse comments (I am sick, poor, lonely, abandoned, angry etc.) that in your own world manifests exactly what you do not want: poverty, illness, loneliness and all that is a distortion and a misunderstanding of true life.

As Master St. Germain says, “What the individual mentally agrees with is accepted by him.”

The meaning is that when we fix our attention on something, positive or negative according to our judgment, we are identifying with it, we are joining it and with the power of our mind, which accepts and agrees with such thing or condition, we bring it into manifestation because we have decreed it to be acceptable in our world, whether we are aware of it or not.

From a higher perspective, there are only two activities in life: an interior one that governs our world with the plan of perfection and unity, and an exterior one that appropriates our world when importance is attached to everything that happens around us, and that envelops and distracts us by leading us away from ourselves, from our true self, and thus from our I AM Presence.

If we are clearly aware and conscious of our I AM Presence, we recognize the presence of God in us and that we are one with God, with every person and with all levels.

Every breath, every emotion, every feeling, every thought is always and only ”God in action”, the ”active God”; since man has a free will, however, he can choose whether to align himself with the inner God or turn outward and interpret the energy projected into the world in human thoughts and emotions according to their external appearance; however, this is nothing but an erroneous human creation caused by the wrong use of his Divine power.

In short: there are no real facts for the worldly oriented personality, but only deceptive interpretations.

The I AM Presence is the flame of God, the fire of everything THAT IS. This presence is anchored in the hearts of all His children; and though it is only a spark in some, it can rise and ascend to become the Great I AM Presence; it is just waiting to be recognized, remembered, and consciously invited to take its sovereign place in the hearts of every human being.

This process of recognition and remembrance is of course a very personal and intimate one. It is up to each individual to discover, cultivate, nourish and grow this divine spark within themselves; for each individual this path is individual, personal and different from any other.

Every person can come into contact with this divine part of himself at the most excellent moment for him/her. There is no specific time or place to come into contact with the I AM Presence.

When the person is ready, it happens – a memory resurfaces, and then it is a matter of using this opportunity to walk this path of discovery and reunion with the I AM Presence. The illusion of separation is dissolved, the veil of forgetfulness is lifted, the forced amnesia is no longer effective. Man is no longer a slave but a sovereign creator of his life.

The I AM Presence is not in a hurry, because it loves us unconditionally and nobody urges it to contact the personality – when the moment comes, the personality will immediately recognize it and will have the free choice to deepen this contact and strengthen it in the most suitable way for everyone.

Therefore, St. Germain speaks of “self-control to understand and best use the Conscious Power of the Inner Divine Presence“, that is: ..1) the recognition of the Intelligence “I AM” as the Unique Active Presence, 2) no limits or limitations on the power of its use exist and 3) men, having received free will, free choice and free action, create in the surrounding world only what they pay attention to.

This means that thoughts and emotions form the greatest Creative Power in Life and the Universe.

Georgi Stankov writes about it:

“In the broadest sense, mind / spirit is organized energy – it is All-That-Is. In this sense the mind is a subset of the cosmic spirit. Matter, perceived as 3D space-time, is also a U-subset of spirit and is relatively insignificant. Since Matter is created by Spirit, it contains it as an element. “

Returning to St. Germain: “The moment that the individual is truly aware of this, he will know he is forever free from the need of the wealth of the outer world, or anything that the outer world can give.“. He can then no longer be seduced or manipulated – everything he could wish for, he finds in himself – as in his power to manifest arbitrarily.

When Master St. Germain talks about the power of the I AM, which is also an affirmation of I CAN, this does not mean an attitude like “I AM more enlightened than you, better than you, etc.” This is a destructive, egotistic attitude which creates separation and is exclusive with respect to others, which only leads to the destruction of everything personal and that of other people.

Master St. Germain is warning everybody with such an attitude and conviction that every criticism, condemnation, judgment and hate only lead to internal and external struggles and destruction and that every harmful thought sent to others is actually destroying life, at every level, by the person who sends these thoughts.

It is therefore necessary to understand very well the Power of Thought and of the Word and how to correctly use it in every moment. And the first thing to do is to start by remembering the Progressive and Powerful Consciousness of the Law of Forgiveness.

The law of forgiveness is the open gate to reach the heart of God, it is the tonal key, the fulcrum of the universe. Guilt is a concept of the illusion of the slave personality, but forgiveness is necessary to dissolve this pattern.

St. Germain says, “I AM the Law of Forgiveness and the Consuming Flame of every disharmonic action of the human conscience.”

It is important to understand that the human being, when he has no care and respect for the laws of life, is capable of releasing negative energy by means of thought, emotions and words, which may kill the noblest impulses of others.

There is nothing more dramatic and tragic in the world of a person, who has a thought of limiting another human being and, by directing these imperfect thoughts towards a sensitive person, he can limit and block the other person sometimes for years. Also damaging him both mentally and physically and behaving towards the other person as an energetic vampire.

If one speaks of Freedom for oneself, he must first ensure that he gives the same freedom (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical) to everyone else.

Master St. Germain warns: DO NOT GIVE ADVICE TO OTHERS!

“God in everyone is the only one who knows what is best for each individual.”

We must categorically refrain from making judgments based on personal prejudices with regard to the activities of another human being. Condemnation, critic or unduly curiosity about the life of others, except wanting good for others, is dangerous for those who want to reach the highest goal of their personal Enlightenment and subsequent Ascension.

Of course this does not mean that one should refrain from exposing the evil, because when bad and evil behavior, which is the result of an extrovert oriented personality, is not denounced, the game of darkness is supported. But even in doing so a detachment is necessary – one must be without any prejudice, while complying with the Law of Forgiveness and invoking in ourselves and for all others the Power of Love and Compassion and transforming the world from within with FAITH (fides in the sense of trust). This is Power that emanates and conquers with HOPE (spes), it is the open door through the veil where the Pure Presence acts and with CHARITY (caritas), which is the determination not to think badly and not to pursue any evil in all its forms.

These are the three Pauline virtuesfides, spes, caritasfaith/trust, hope, love.

Consciously addressing the I AM Presence is the best way to allow the change of paradigm:

old ways of thinking and acting are left behind,

fear and anger are no longer daily companions,

heart and mind entrust themselves to the transforming energy of the soul/All THAT Is.

It is not a matter of transcending physicality and ascending into a higher dimension where problems no longer exist, but a matter of transcending separation as to enter the Unity Consciousness and in order to do that we must recognize and remember first of all our inner union, the balance and harmony between the parts, that is, to remember and accept the I AM Presence, which is God in Action everywhere – active love – symbolized by the swan.

Blessing for all

With love


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