Magnificent Wheel of Light and Life

Wendy Xia, April 23, 2019

Once upon a time, people used the wheel as a power source to generate flow of water to irrigate crops and plants. When a wheel spins, it carries the water forward and directs it into the area where people intended to. It is a simple, but harmonious way to bring the life force of water to the receivers. Like water wisdom is timeless and never fades away; it could exist un-noticeably, but also phenomenally.

Every creation has its own way to manifest or present its unique life, thus there are numerous varieties of life form on earth and in the galaxies. But, the essence of life originates from the same infinite Source and is present in All-That-Is just as the water flows from the wheel to sustain life in all forms. It exists everywhere in minerals, plants, animals and humans from 3D to 5D multi-dimensionally as far as earth is concerned. So, what is that life essence and how is life sustained through this essence? The Wheel of Light and Life (WLL) reveals this very Answer!

In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. So the Word and God is the same. Therefore, only if when the word is consciously spoken or written, is one consciously creating as the word carries the consciousness with which one formulates. They are inseparable. This is a good illustration how consciousness can direct and dominate the creations through word as primary energy. So where does the consciousness come from and how does it relate to the life essence?

The truth is that Consciousness is Light!  A pristine invisible Light as essence energy comes from infinite source as primary consciousness. It holds many attributes as Rays, but a unified whole described as White colour which we dearly call Cosmic Christ Consciousness. This Conscious Light is both source as essence and foundation of all creations. They are One and the same. It sustains all life forms as we know them. Creation cannot be separated from Creator as the word cannot be separated from consciousness. They are intrinsically the same, so that we can draw the source energy from within our consciousness and also see it in every creation we create in our world.

We are living on the cusp of transitioning earth and humanity from the old habits of thinking to a pristine new paradigm of energy. The old limited consciousness has to be replaced by brilliant purified light as Christ Consciousness. Thus, the foundation of new earth is created and laid at the consciousness level with expanded attributes of source energies as Rays originated from the Wheel. As Carla recently brought forth to humanity, this magnificent Wheel of Light and Life, bestowed by the grace of divine love, is so precious that we need to fully appreciate and honour this heavenly treasure that brings to us new creations for a new earth.

The Wheel of Light and Life is a Portal of Source energy. Its centre is a doorway opening up to receive the White Light of Christ Consciousness and the White Flame of Ascension and Purification. The illuminating crystalline Rays radiant from the centre as FIVE spokes are the energies or pathways of new expanded consciousness. These new Rays are intelligent and bring new life, carrying also emotions within their quantum structures. When the Wheel spins, the source essence energy radiates as spokes and flows out as water to touch and sustain the new crystalline life on earth. This portal exists within and without and serves all new forms of life eternally as a river of light and life that revives and purifies every single cell of the human mind and body and creates the ascending crystalline earth and humanity.

As white colour embraces all colours, the white Cosmic Christ Consciousness embraces all Rays which can be imbedded into our conscious creative energy field. These new five Rays are blended and extended rays from the seven creative flames of the Source, hence together it makes total of 12 as a completion of all flames. The radiance of the flames – the Golden thread of light anchoring within the heart and brain of the outer form is the Mighty Current or Stream of Life by which the outer life is sustained and given its activity.  To quote our beloved Saint Germain’s statement in “Ascended Master Instruction” Discourse 12:

“The use of the Blue Flame stimulates the Electronic Action within the physical body and ignites the Gold, Pink, and Violet Flame in its Force Field. This sets these Activities into Action as the Force from the Electron radiates out.”

“Any Ray having its own original state of colour may be made to contain the Activity of another Ray by the conscious effort of qualifying it thus. For instance, the Rose-Pink Ray of Love may be touched by the Violet of Power; or the same Ray may be edged on one side with Gold and the other with Violet, which makes the Trinity of Love, Wisdom, and Power.”

The above statements exactly portrait the new five Rays within the Wheel of Light and Life as:

Pink/peach/gold ,





The Wheel is an inner portal within oneself and the Rays of light and Life are consciousness themselves. When one evolves and advances in understanding, he is able to consciously form different combinations of flames as the new Rays. Since they embrace the full spectrum of elements of the mighty principle of creation, they can be consciously re-qualified as required in any occasion, so that divine creations can be manifested. The core essence of all attributes is divine love signified as Pink/Gold within every Ray. The true essence of divine love is to love the glorious mighty being imprisoned within every individual. The imprisoned “Presence” is God – the Light within the individual. This holds reverence for true brotherhood and sisterhood throughout all creations as the essence of God is in All-That-Is.

The Wheel is also a Grand multi-dimensional infinite Portal in outer world to distribute the new plasma energies directly from the Source, to lay sacred foundation and bring new light and new life upon the 5th dimensional earth and humanity. The temple of the Highest Good is within one’s heart from which The River of Light and Life flow spontaneously towards the outer world. Where the Wheel is anchored in the physical world, the source energy transforms and liberates the people’s minds when it touches them. We will see this magnificent wheel of light and life spreading throughout Gaia and humanity.

May the Wheel of Light and Life brings Wisdom, Will, and Waves that cover the earth like water.



WLL locations (anchored by Wendy Xia, 22 April 2019)


  1. Thames River, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
  2. Waterloo Bridge, Thames River, London
  3. Trinity Hall (Will’s college), River Cam, Cambridge
  4. UCL Eastman Dental Institute (my work place), London


  1. Bamberg, Bavaria
  2. Nymphenburg Palace, Munich
  3. Neuschwanstein Castle, near Munich
  4. Linderhof Palace, near Munich
  5. Nuremburg, Bavaria
  6. Lindau island, Bavaria
  7. Cologne Cathedral, Koln
  8. City centre, Frankfurt
  9. Rhine river, Bonn
  10. Rhine river, Dusseldorf
  11. Water front, Harbour, Hamburg


  1. Montreux, lake Geneva
  2. Lausanne, lake Geneva
  3. UN Headquarter, Geneva
  4. Water front, city centre, Geneva
  5. Water front, city centre, Zurich


  1. Belvedere palace, Vienna
  2. Mozart’s birth place, Salzburg
  3. City centre, Innsbruck


  1. “Juliet’s House”, Verona
  2. Mark’s Basilica, Venice
  3. Milan cathedral, Milan
  4. Leaning tower, Pisa
  5. Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower, Florence
  6. Trevi fountain, Rome
  7. Pompeii, near Naples
  8. Water front, Sorrento
  9. Amalfi, south west coast


  1. Élysée Palace, Paris
  2. European Disney land, near Paris
  3. Sea front, Nice
  4. Sea bay, Cannes


  1. Sea bay, Monte Carlo


  1. Royal Palace of Brussels, Brussels
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