Canada Marches With Giant Steps Towards State Default

Acceleration of the Ascension Scenario in Line With My Predictions

by Georgi Stankov, November 4, 2015

In my energy report on the ejection of all dark criminal soul fragments from this uppermost mother planet on October 28th I envisioned a possible collapse of the highly indebted economy of Canada and subsequent declaration of state default by the new Trudeau government that will trigger the final global financial and economic crisis and our ascension:

This night I dreamed again very intensively that I and Carla have beamed Canada and its population with source energy in preparation for their transformation. This may be linked to the new policy of the Trudeau government that most probably will have to declare state default very soon. Some indications in this direction have already been leaked in the Canadian MSM.

The Canadians are even more indebted than the Americans, their debt to income ratio is now 150%, from 100 % in 2008 when the Greatest Depression started, while the Americans decreased their private debt ratio to 100% from 140% in 2008 because they allowed the primary mortgage crisis to unfold and the house prices slumped, while the Canadians continued to feed their real estate bubble with the result that now in most parts of Canada, as here in Vancouver, the house prices are the highest in the world – and that for cheap gyprock (cardboard) barracks that are not worth anything. And the house bubble has already burst simultaneously with the slump in commodity prices which are the backbone of this very weak one-sided economy based entirely on consumption and with no real industrial production infrastructure.

When Canada declares default, this will be the straw that breaks the cabal’s back in the USA and they will have no other choice but to also declare bankruptcy as they can no longer raise the debt ceiling ad infinitum. Since 2009 when Obama came in the White House, the US debt has doubled from 9,5 trillion to almost 19 trillion now. And the USA needs at least two more trillions paper money printed out of thin air to survive till the end of his presidency. How can that work? Before Obama the USA needed almost sixty years to accumulate the same debt he created in six years during his presidency. This is the kind of exponential suicidal jump into the abyss which the lemming-cabal is now committing in North America and also in the EU.

This prediction was based on a pivotal dream I had in the night of October 29th when I was transmuting the collective energies of the Canadian population. It is very important in these last days to carefully analyse all our dreams, visions and intuitive knowing of what might happen based on a reality check of the facts on the ground. As linear time is now collapsing with a rapid speed, all past, present, and future timelines converge and melt into the ascension timeline of the Now. Hence we are much more capable these days of prophetic insights as to what will occur very soon than before as we already exist in these future timelines and our intuitive connection to the HS has become almost flawless.

As the latest events show, Canada is now striding with giant steps into state default. The country is in the biggest Depression of all times for years that has only been hidden by the real estate bubble that continued unabated after the 2008 crisis, unbeknownst the skyrocketing personal, corporate and state debt in this country. The house bubble burst this summer, and together with the slump of all commodity prices, on which the Canadian currency is entirely based, the repercussions of this Depression are now felt everywhere. This caused the landslide victory of Trudeau and the liberals last month.

Due to persistent high commodity prices in the last years, especially of oil and gas, this dangerous situation could be compensated on the surface and allowed the gullible Canadians to continue with their devastating debt orgy as if the laws of economics and sound book-keeping have been offset in this country. But as we know from the famous proverb, “the chickens come home to roost” and now the party is over.

Only yesterday it was announced that TransCanada has killed its prestigious and highly controversial Keystone XL Pipeline project by requesting its suspension of U.S. Permit:

The company behind the Keystone XL pipeline on Monday asked the U.S. government to suspend its permit application, throwing the politically fraught project into an indefinite state of limbo, likely beyond the 2016 U.S. elections.”, writes WSJ yesterday.  As the journal correctly notes  “the move comes in the face of an expected rejection by the Obama administration and low oil prices that are sapping business interests in Canada’s oil reserves.

Clearly the former was never an issue before, however the collapse in oil prices and the resultant plunge in CapEx spending means that the pipeline no longer made much economic sense. In this way billions of dollars were buried in the tar fields of Canada, much to the joy of many environmentalists here who reject this project and consider it to be very dangerous in contaminating the beautiful nature of this country. This holds true in particular for my friend Steve from Vancouver who was very active in the movement against this project.

But the bigger picture behind this is much more sobering and disturbing. The Canadian banksters and cabal who are well aware of the precarious financial and economic situation as they are the perpetrators of it, have begun, contrary to the gullible Canadian masses who are an easy prey to Revenue Canada, to move their huge capitals out of the country knowing that its bankruptcy is imminent.

According to BofA’s recent report, Canada’s basic balance – a combination of the capital and the current account: a measure of national accounts that spans everything from trade to financial-market flows – swung from a surplus of 4.2% of GDP to a deficit of 7.9% in the 12 months ending in June. That is the fastest one-year deterioration among 10 major developed nations and fully in line with my economic articles on the failed economy of this country in the course of the last year, based on insufficient and rigged data but in clear knowledge of the true state of the world economy. Now it has become official:

As Bloomberg wrote yesterday:

“Money is flooding out of Canada at the fastest pace in the developed world as the nation’s decade-long oil boom comes to an end and little else looks ready to take the industry’s place as an economic driver…

More recent data on where companies and mutual-fund investors are putting their money show the trend extended into the second half of the year, suggesting demand for the Canadian dollar and the country’s assets is still ebbing. The currency is already down 11 percent this year, after touching an 11-year low against the U.S. dollar in September.

“This is Canadian investors that are pushing money abroad,” said Alvise Marino, a foreign-exchange strategist at Credit Suisse Group AG in New York. “The policy in Canada the last 10 years has greatly favored investments in energy. Now the drop in oil prices made all that investment unprofitable.”

Crude oil, among the nation’s biggest exports, has collapsed to about half its 2014 peak. The slump has derailed projects this year in Canada’s oil sands — one of the world’s most expensive crude-producing regions. Royal Dutch Shell Plc’s decision to put its Carmon Creek drilling project on ice last week lengthened that list to 18, according to ARC Financial Corp.”

Nine of the 10 best-performing companies on the country’s benchmark stock index in the past two years have favored buying growth abroad rather than expanding at home. Individuals are following suit. While international appetite for Canadian financial securities has held steady this year, domestic mutual-fund investors have pulled money from Canada-focused funds and plowed it into global choices for six straight months, the longest streak in two years.

Experts expect that the loonie will weaken to C$1.34 per U.S. dollar by the first three months of next year from about C$1.31 currently. The country’s economy is expected to lag behind the U.S for the next two years, which is the worst possible scenario given the fact that the US economy is itself in the biggest Depression of all times. Although the Canadian dollar is already highly depreciated, it still has to get cheaper to make Canadian businesses outside of the oil industry competitive enough with foreign peers to make them worth investing in. Indeed the country is expected to post its 12th straight merchandise trade deficit this week, according to every economist in a Bloomberg survey.

I have admonished in all my economic articles on Canada that it has no producing industry whatsoever and that I have not seen a single factory or production site in the area of Vancouver with more than 5 million population and still wonder how this big population generates its income and how real this income is. Very soon we shall know the answer.

I have compared this Canadian metropolis with “big Munich” with 2 million people where seven of the ten biggest and most innovative companies in the world have their headquarters and produce anything from luxury cars (BMW and Audi) to airplanes (Aerospace), from electronics and trains (Siemens, Infineon, Knorr-Bremse, Bosch) to cooling systems (Linde) just to name a few. Not to mention the backbone of German industry –  the “Mittelstand” (medium size) companies, which are internationally even more competitive than their bigger peers.  None of this can be seen here in the Vancouver area, but only huge, empty malls as far as the eye can see. The consumption has slumped in Canada parallel to the plunge in commodity prices and the people barely survive these days.

This is the perfect mixture for a state default and it will take only one more straw to break the camel’s back of the decrepit Canadian economy. The time is ripe and it can happen any moment this month. Especially after we have removed all dark criminal souls and in particular those of the ruling cabal, and in consideration of the fact that there is no longer any incentive for the newly incarnated old souls as walk-ins to keep this derailed illusion of crumbling 3D reality alive at any price. They want as badly as ourselves to move forward and upward to the new 4D worlds as this is the only reason why they have incarnated at this time on the earth. And contrary to the old dark criminal souls that are gone now, the new old souls know exactly what they are doing as they have an unlimited contact to their HS, very similar to one we cherish these days.

To illustrate how dramatic this change is, I confirm that since October 28th all internet trolls, whose dark soul fragments I personally ejected from this timeline and threw into the hell of lower catastrophic 3D timelines with the help of numerous invocatons in the last several months, have fully vanished from the Internet. Before that I received daily 5 to 10 emails in the most despicable fecal language, full of menaces and harrassment, from Internet trolls in Germany, the USA and GB, the three darkest countries on this planet. Not that I cared much about them as I deleted their emails without reading them, but this constant dirty bombardment from the scum of humanity was still a great nuisance for me. Since October 28th I feel such an energetic opening and relief from past cleansing of massive human dross that I am already dwelling in 5D bliss and I strongly hope that you are following me.


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