Urgent: Our PAT Brother Jon Roberts Needs Our Help – Make an Invocation with the Seven Sacred Flames!

Jon Roberts, November 4, 2015


Oh Georgi,

I am sorry I have been lost.  I am always with you guys though.  In fact, I probably think about you, Carla and the PAT on the hour, you all are constantly in my thoughts, prayers and I have been doing my best to share the PAT mission with like-minded people.

Anyway, I would like to give you an update about what has been going on in my life.  I agree some stuff is just better to not think on too much.

So, to my current situation.  I am in Nairobi, Kenya being threatened with jail here.  To make a long story short or at least shorter I will try to summarize the best I can.,

My wife and I have been having some pretty bad problems getting along.  She wants to believe in the medical mafia, organized religion and the rest.  While I do believe her to have a beautiful soul, I can no longer resonate with her at all.  Intimacy is dead, I can’t even remember the last time we had sex and blah blah blah.  So, she had this trip to Kenya booked to see the David Sheldrick Wild Life Trust (an Elephant rescue center), in Nairobi and some other sight-seeing and Safari stuff.   As she is the President of Elephants DC it was supposed to be a constructive trip to help save the Elephants and work with some like-minded people.

Then last month she got a high paying job in New Jersey and was asked to postpone the trip to next year.  She asked I go as a last ditch effort to save our marriage which was probably a bad idea but I did it anyway when I did the tarot cards and got the world card.  It did not feel right as far as planning and funds but it seemed something spiritual was pushing me on, so I got on a plane out of DC to Zürich, Switzerland (where I invoked the flames) and then onto Nairobi, Kenya.

Now that I got here, I met a self-confessed Christian witch who also happened to be our travel agent.  She told me that I owe not only my money but money for Jens cancellation fee as well, like 3200 USD altogether, at the time (Yesterday) I did not have the money and they (I met 12 Italians here as that is who Jen planned the trip with, she speak Italian – I don’t) all started talking about calling the cops and getting me locked up.  Now, I’m sure Kenyan jail is a lovely place and all but it is not very high on my list of to-dos.

This all would have been fine but Jen lied to me about it all being paid for, she thought my mom would bail me out once here even though Jens asked my mother for help and was told no.  Only if it was an absolute emergency (jail/hospital etc..) and she said I should not go, maybe she was right.   So with all this shit breathing down my back, Italians wanting to call cops on me (my backing out made their trip more expensive)  and all, I ended up reaching out to my little brother you know, Kenny, who thankfully was able to wire me money(3000 USD) to “get the fuck out of Dodge”

The hotel where I am staying was also not paid for like she said and they too were about to call the cops on me until my little brother saved my ass.  What really burns me up is that Elephants DC has over $20,000 USD in account and she would not touch it to help me.  She was more worried about EDC’s (Elephants DC’s) reputation than me going to jail.  Whew.  Which, in the last 3 years I have spent thousand of hours helping Jen with her advocacy work so it’s not like I don’t do anything for EDC, in fact, this trip was mostly for them – not me.  I just filled in at last minute as nobody else could go.   Also to note, I signed no contracts with these people – she did – and now they are holding me accountable.

Kenny is really saving my ass again, as he got in touch with the US embassy here (I know, I know…) and informed them of the situation – not really sure if that is a good or bad thing, but I digress.

So here I am on Wednesday (in Kenya) probably not being able to get a flight till Saturday.  Right now, I am waiting at the “Rock House” in Nairobi for the head Madam to get back so I can pay her and not have her call the cops as well.  Un-fucking-real.  My plan is basically this, pay this lady at Hotel with the cash I have in my pocket when she gets back and get to the airport where I hope to get a stand-by flight if one opens up.

Not to sound negative, but aside from the beautiful wildlife, this country is a real shit-hole, at least what I have seen of Nairobi is.  Guards with machine guns are everywhere and there is not a decent house around that does not have a super serious fence (like miniature prison fences around their houses)  All driveways are gated and many with armed guards.

Somehow I am having fun though.  It’s probably that idiot adrenaline junkie coming out in me.

Now here is the kicker and then I have to run to the airports.

Back when I was in jail in 2012 for driving over the Masonic sign on the edge of my hometown, I had a dream I would ascend from Africa.  It made no sense to me at the time as I never saw myself coming here, much less ascending from here.  Now, I don’t know how likely that is as I am on way to the airport and will not (I hope) be here on the 11/11 portal coming up.

Other than that, you site is kicking ass and I am trying to keep up.  I really enjoyed Brad’s latest, The Helmet Comes Off, that was great.  I plan to get all caught up at the airport.

Gotta run…

With Love and Light,


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