Energy Report of the PAT – August 8, 2015

The Powerful and Relentless Ascension Energies of the Lion’s Gate 8.8.8

Dear George.

It´s been a while since I wrote you last. But I have not been slacking off or lost an inch of faith. I´ve been swimming with sharks in my own subconsciousness. Peeling layers of an onion I thought I was done peeling a long time ago.

Two heavy last months, culminating in a family vacation. I won´t say more about that, except I have never experienced a confrontation in such energetic ways as I did the last day.

I sensed it coming as streamers towards me from all directions, then following my words out of my mouth, raising my pulse in an instant, making my ears ring, sucking the air out of the room, and then releasing it back in with a silent boom, rendering all the others paralyzed with uncomfortableness while I spoke. What I said was in itself quite harmless, something about breeding and slaughtering of animals and how we all, humans and animals, all have souls and feelings and that it´s just a different composing of electrons, but it was a contradiction to the others opinions and it was a tension-release. Very awful, very relieving. And I know there were several timelines splitting there as I took the plane home. I even got a halo. (See photo) Arriving home was like arriving in heaven. I was completely euphoric the rest of the day. That was Monday.

Since then I can feel the energy build-up to the 8.8.8 as rather rapid waves, coming and going with the usual symptoms. Last evening I was hit by a massive wave and  took a bath. My love left the house to feed a cat. When he came home I sat in the sofa, where I usually sit, very visible with a lit laptop screen in a dark room. He stood in the doorway, looked into the room, I could see him thinking I must be in the bathroom, he glanced right towards me again, but still didn´t see me, and I thought I would be silent to see how long this would go on so I stopped typing. He walked several steps into the room and looked around before he all of a sudden jolted back when he saw me. I made him sit down in my place to check how invisible one could be sitting there. If I had been there, he would have seen me. We must have been on different timelines and then tuning in to each other again. He had also experienced strange things where he had been; a pump in the bathroom starting without any reason and then when he went to check out what was going on, the cat had moved from it´s chair on the porch on one side of the house, in light speed to the other side of the house, staring in through the bathroom window. Very amusing. Very amusing being «invisible» I was in bliss the whole evening until I fell asleep. Today I am exhausted but happy.

Thank you for all your publications. I´m very much looking forward to Geneva this autumn.

With Love and Light
Eldbjørg, Sweden

Dear Eldbjørg,

thank you very much for your energy update that very well relays the multidimensional experiences we now have. We also have the impression for some time that we no longer belong to this reality and when we have to do some chores outside that there is a kind of interception that opens to accomplish what we need to do and then closes again, a kind of a mini-portal to this waning 3D reality from our 5D platform that opens and closes whenever necessary.

The same holds true for our apartment which seems to hover above space-time and we have little desire to leave it as everywhere else the energies are heavier and difficult to bear.

To confirm your disappearance in the darkness, yesterday when I was taken away in the afternoon during the ascension test run. Carla, who was working in the lower floor, heard me coming down the staircase. She came out of her room to see me, but I was not there. I must have bilocated in the dream state. Then she went upstairs to see what I am doing and I was dead asleep as when I leave this reality.

We are now moving very rapidly between the timelines and work simultaneously in many dimensions.

We also experience the necessity of reclaiming power by all ascension candidates we know here and this is a beautiful picture of blossoming and awakening.

With love and light

Hello again Mr Stankov,

Short energy update: After the powerful blue moon which took my strength away for four days I`m starting to feel the lion gate coming. My wife and 3 year daughter both have fever and sore throat. I have fever like symptoms, I`m very tired and I have pressure in my head. I`ve been seeing lions with number eight  everywhere. There is an incredible amount of synchronicities in my life right now. Feels like this lion gate portal is going to be very important, especially for the PAT. Sending love and light with this message…

Mikko from Finland

Dear Mikko,

thank you very much for your personal energy update and that of your family. The transformation of the physical bodies is now happening in full force and nobody is exempted. Carla received a message from the Elohim yesterday which I shall publish in the coming days. They confirm that anybody with an intact body-mind-soul system is now being opened to these powerful transforming energies. This only excludes the soulless empty shells and the clones that still dwell on this uppermost mother planet.

The Lion’s gate is indeed very powerful and very uplifting. We are now ascending very rapidly through our ideas as each idea we create is augmented and multiplied on all levels up to the Source and has huge impact on all Creation.

With love and light


I am up late writing a paper for school and I decided on a whim to check your website one final time before going to bed. Imagine my delight when I saw you post about an ascension test run! These are always my favorite posts. I nearly got giddy.

It is very interesting that you explain this beautiful and harmonious energy because late afternoon yesterday I felt the most peaceful feeling and it has lasted all day today and still tonight! I suddenly just stopped being fearful or caring about anything really. In fact, yesterday afternoon, I sat down to write a paper for school but suddenly I wanted to do something creative. I looked at the surface of my wooden desk that my boyfriend and I made together and decided that was the moment to sand and stain it!

Even though my assignment should have been done, I took everything off the desk. I moved it by myself into my living room over plastic. I put on some reggae music and put my hair up and I sanded it myself and then stained it with the color we picked out called “Sweet Earth”! hahaha, how fitting.

My body really wanted to do something creative and it felt so good. I haven’t been able to follow through with something like that in a long time. And last night my boyfriend came over and we were able to hang some shelves I wanted hung up for quite some time now. We couldn’t seem to get around to it for weeks but suddenly we just had a burst of energy and did it very quickly and they look perfect!

Also, tonight after I wrote my paper, I was also able to complete a post on my blog and attach the pictures with it. All things that I was procrastinating on completed in the last 24 hours with zero difficulty. It feels like I’ve been given the green light where before I was constantly met with red lights, stop signs, police officers. Hell you name it. LOL.

I still can’t figure out why finishing certain things in my house feels urgent when my brain is asking me if I should be loading up a truckload of canned baked beans and water. I read that article you posted by Michael Snyder and he says much of the online emergency food kits are now gone. I asked my boyfriend if he thought we should prepare anything this month since he also has 2 small children. He is very apathetic about it and feels that there is really no way to properly prepare because at what point would the preparation end? He told me that if he starts “prepping” he’s going to get crazy and no one wants to see that. LOL.

I have a trip planned to Hawaii this month…leaving august 26th. My friend tells me there are supposed to be “two moons” visible on August 27th while I am there, but one is actually Mars. Have you heard this? Anyhow, I believe this will be my last trip there in this dimension and perhaps I will ascend from there. I feel that is where I first incarnated on this planet so why not end at the beginning which is really just another beginning;) My birthday is also the 30th and my life path number is 3 just as Mother Theresa’s was and Jesus. No big deal. hahah!

I feel very jovial… almost high. Hope you guys are still riding a nice wave.

Love You,

Dear Kari,

yesterday the Elohim gave a message to Carla after a long phase of silence as we had a lot to do at home to prepare for our final ascension. They confirmed that we now ascend every moment and that this process has accelerated. All humans who have an intact body-mind-soul system are now being opened, mainly through us, as we are the ones who receive the energetic codes from the Source and then transmit them to the rest of humanity. Only the soulless empty shells and the clones cannot be opened for these energies.

There is no such thing as X-wave as some mires light workers now claim, but the source energies flow through our bodies every moment as we know, experience and describe in our energy reports. The process has accelerated around the Lion’s gate and it will be a steep spiral the whole summer till the final phase transition to New Lemuria.

The Elohim also confirm that the more fearless we know how to create our daily life, the higher we ascend. Hence you are doing everything absolutely right. One has to establish first his /her own paradise on earth, in the apartment or house where one lives in, and then this will augment the frequencies of his/her inner portal of ascension and bring us closer to New Lemuria.

I would recommend everybody to observe this joyful, playful creation everyday and to fully detach from this reality, which is now rapidly descending before it can be fully separated. Actually we will not ascend physically, but the paradise will descend upon us, while all negative aspects of the old 3D matrix will be separated, will dissolve and disappear from our reality.

And so be it.

With love and light


Excellently expressed!! I got goosebumps! Now it all makes perfect sense why I feel its only important to work on my own creations. I was just at the park and no one was there. I’ve been working on manifesting parks to myself, just myself and the dogs. This came after a nasty woman made a leash law comment to me last week and I didn’t even hesitate before telling her to mind her “fuxking” business. Lol! I think she was the last dark cloud on my landscape. Now I’ve been creating whole areas of nature to myself which is remarkable as I live in Las Vegas in the a suburb with quite a few people. I feel extremely at peace today. The energy is amazing. My dogs feel it too. Things are flowing. It’s just as you say. I’m going to detach even more now from certain things. I also lost interest in a few more friends quite naturally which i attribute to them not ascending as quickly as us of course. I never bought that X-wave shit. Lol. Here we go!! Feels like after this Lions Gate, it is going to be easier to maintain 5th dimensional focus. Yee haw!!

Love, Kari

Dear Georgi,

The Final Crisis has Commenced…  is such an impressive post. Even for dummies, It’s so clear, children would understand. How come do you know so much? Really impressive your recount of events leading to the financial crisis. You amaze me with such vast knowledge in sooo many fields. Your website is truly a University for many of us and I’m so fortunate to be a PAT member. I remember some time ago feeling inspired to read Moby Dick again because of your insights. It was like reading a new book for the first time and… with new eyes.

I can confirm the change in energies, today was the first day I felt alive again and had energy to go out in the community and walk and see people, everybody was loving, i felt this “perfection” in me and around me. I received gifts all day, one after the other, almost an urgency from people to nurture me, to honor me, humbling really,

Blessings to you and Carla,


Dear Bertha,

thank you very much for your compliments. I am following the world economy since 1997 very closely, and also before that, but since 1997 in full knowledge of the Universal Law and its economic theory. This facilitates my observations.

All the events I describe here I have experienced very closely, but of course my memory is not that strong to remember them ad hoc and I have to resort to known sources such as Wikipedia to check one more time the accuracy of the facts. Nobody can keep all this information ready in his mind. I have a very good passive memory and know where to go to find the facts.

The most important thing though is to know the relationships of the various factors and how they intertwine to create the crisis. As I have read a lot of books on economics since the 70s and followed the development since then (I also studied economics for pleasure) I was asking myself a lot of questions all the time that these books could not answer. Hence I started to develop my own economic view, which ultimately led, among others research activities, to the discovery of the Universal Law.

That is why I am able now to grasp the bigger picture better than all financial experts, no matter how famous they are in the West, without being trapped by the facts and current economic and financial chaos and weird theories, and of course without any fears to which most experts are subjected to.

This is the product of a long elaboration on economic matters that is more than what most scientists do in economic schools, but I do it without the false pretense of pseudo-scientific approach as the outcome – the total collapse – is predetermined and nothing can save this Orion scam.

I am glad that you addressed this topic as it is important to explain how I proceed in economic matters and resolve these issues.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I’m glad you explained how you do it because i was wondering how you can keep so much data in your head. Then of course the fact that you can translate such complicated situation into simple comprehensible terms, can only mean that you are not only an expert in the subject matter but a good teacher as well.

I’ve never been interested in understanding such convoluted system and developed a blockage against all money matters, including economists and their interpretations of the monetary global situation.

Now it dawns on me that the financial system has been designed for us not to understand it and the very foundation of it is a joke. It is really insulting to our intelligence, but I guess that’s exactly what “dumbed down” means, you become blind, stupid and afraid to say that the emperor is… Naked!. It’s almost embarrassing to suddenly open your eyes and realize you’ve been laughed at.

The time for truth is now,

Love and Light,

Dear Georgi,

I’m glad you warned us about the upcoming 8-8-8 portal. The cc-waves have started already. After being hit bad on the week of July 28th, it started again yesterday with the dizziness, loss of appetite, headache. I am feeling better today but am sure we’re not out of the woods yet;  my 20-year-old son feels it very strong today. I just thought I’d let you know … the updates from the PAT let me know that I’m not going crazy.

Thank you for all you do!

With light and love,

Dear Kathy,

thank you very much for your energetic validation – for me the waves began again last evening (August 5) and are now at a very high level, though without a headache. Ascension will remain a roller coaster to the very last moment, one should not expect anything else, but the signs make me very optimistic.

With love and light

Hey George!

I read your economics article posted August 7, 2015, found it to be very interesting. Today I see Joshua Krause article on beforeitsnews talking about China’s stocks crash. I suppose you would have to be the most idiotic to not see the handwriting on the wall. What say you as to this event as to world affairs, George?


Dear Avian,

the China’s stocks crash is old news and is being discussed now for almost two months by many outlets. Everybody knew that it is a bubble. There is nothing to be added to it – the whole matrix is now crumbling. The advantage of China is though is that it is not so much dependent on the equity markets and speculative financial markets, as it still has a sound real productive economy, while the USA has none and relies entirely on the current stock market bubble which has already burst. But of course when the big crash comes everybody will be affected.

With love and light

Dear George,

A little late, but I still like to thank you profoundly for your energy report of August 2nd; after days of struggle it felt so comfortably to read about the experiences of you and the PAT and also what it was/is all about. Also your advises are very helpful and it is a blessing to have your publications as a guidance about what is happening in this end time.

I write you because of this little vision I had this morning during my meditation: I was standing in front of the window upstairs in my meditation room and I had a few eurocoins in my right hand. While I touched them they miraculously increased until the whole windowsill was covered in coins and after that the whole room was filled up with money.

I do not know how important this vision was, but because of the ‘coincidence’ with your report this morning about the beginning of the final crises and the ascension test run, this was very uplifting. Exciting time to live in!

With love,

Dear Nel,

thank you very much for your appreciation and for sharing your vision with me. I would interpret the multiplication of the eurocoins in your vision as the coming abundance in the New Lemuria, where everything will be created instantly and every desire fulfilled and not as a strengthening of the euro which, as we all know, cannot be saved as a currency.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

how are you doing? The two days after the full moon were wonderful, I probably didn’t feel that good since early July. I had to even laugh wholeheartedly, but there was no reason! I felt some kind of tickling on my solar, very pleasant indeed! But then the energies changed once again and I experience it as a total disgust of everything. It’s so annoying to that we still have to eat and drink and much more 3D shit stuff. I also head a lot of pain all over my body, especially my teeth. The very peak of this was that i laid on my bed and all I wanted in that moment was to lay forever and never to get up, as I didn’t want to even walk.

However, I still live at our country house, as this is the best option for me. Living in the city became unbearable in these hot days. But it has great positives, for example at night – you wouldn’t believe how much start are in the sky, as there is no light pollution.. Every time when I walk out of the house, I ask light beings to show up in their light ships. Sometimes I’m breathless.

Meanwhile, another wave of temperature massacre is here. The forecast told us that we’re going to have thirteen tropical days in a row. Great, now zombies are more and more nuts as each day passes.

With regards, J. Fleischman. Czechia

Dear Pepe,

ascension is a roller coaster and it will stay so till the very end. But it is great that you have the possibility to hide yourself in the countryside. I saw also a lot of stars when I lived in the Bavarian countryside and went with my dog walking in the fields. Here in Vancouver I can barely see a single star or planet. I have no explanation, why. It could not be because of the city lights as we had lights also in Munich and from the airport which was not far away from where I lived. Probably it has to do with this part of the sky.

The high temperatures prepare the masses for the coming change when they will be so beaten by the heat that will accept anything from us as ascended masters and will have no power to follow their former masters – the dark ruling cabal. The year 1989 when the Iron curtain fell was also very hot.

With love and light

Hi Good Dr.,

This may explain my recent lethargy. Showers of light…

Destructive Electrons ‘Bombarding’ Earth Worries Scientists – Your…

Erick Premiere

Dear Erick,

I wrote some time ago that an increase of electrons compared to positively charged protons in the nucleus is a major mechanism of creating the crystalline grid and the light body, making them more conductive and eliminating the current blockages. I do not remember now in which publication and in what context, but there is obviously a close correlation between the increase in frequencies of Gaia and humanity and the increase in electron flow from the sun, respectively from the Central sun. One must also bear in mind that we have now also an increased flow of protons from the central sun as the Elohim have assured us on several occasions in he past and this also leads to an increased number of electrons that hit the earth.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,  (AKA Capt’ Stankov)


I love imagery in meditation. I want to share some of what I paint on the canvas of my imagination. My favorite —  the purest and a most powerful healing energy source, the Green Blip. And in my info-mercial voice:  “Vitalize your day; sea shine, ocean fortified sunshine, the green blip. Pure energy for you, sea yourself shine today.”

So here it is:

The green light when the sun touches the water as it sets on the horizon; something about the curvature, the sparkle you see on the edge of a crystal sphere from a light source nearby. This lives on Lemuria’s shore. (not just a ‘blip’ but always) All life derives from this sparkle. (The green blip, if you are riding on the blue crystal.) I chase the green blip in my meditations with the water life, playing at my side racing along. Whales dive deep and jump out of the water making waves for the dolphins and myself. Sail fish in front showing their speed. I ride a whale shark. Sometimes we take a golden net, animals on shore and birds above, we cover the earth and pull the net down, through her to cleanse her. Other times I meet turtles from my special white house on the island and we chase the green blip at sun set. Sometimes I fly to the quiet arctic and emerge rising with the sun. Racing into the sunset for perpetual green blip source. I dance upon the water to summon my friends, then we race through the ocean, deep and to the surface, a smile on my face and then I soar from the water. The speed at which I glide once I emerge from water, propels me forth into the center of the sun.  Cool to hot.

Within the bright light in the centre of the sun, I have seen codes in the space around me, a vortex spinning as if I am being pulled along. I’ve also had dreams of these codes moving along in the sky.

August 3rd, during my meditation:

I was guided to bring the sea life with me into the sun. I spent time near the shore with the smaller fish. The angel fish and butterflies nibble at me. I see the crabs, stars and fish that live near the reefs. As the sun sets into the water, I envisioned the water flowing into the sun and out into the new Lemuria. I encourage the fish and other life to float into the green lit stream of water and into the sun along with me.

Sometimes I vision animals which help me with the golden nets. The past few days I just envision animals, as many as I can think of, just to say “Hello”. Birds and Reptiles too. Last night I envisioned a bridge into the sun and saw myself radiating light with my arms held out from my sides and thousands of animals, reptiles and birds flying or riding on animals, in my wake as I walk the bridge into the setting sun. I cried silent tears that wouldn’t stop.

When I dove into the ocean to race into the green blip with my regular set of champion racers, the green blip flowed into the sun and all of us too. I then think, the green blip is the ‘green perpetual’, in new Lemuria.


I have an affinity with this mission, at a very deep level, my heart understands the animals, birds and fish. It is amazing how many I am able to think of and say, ‘Hello’ to. I see a constant stream of them now. They are cheering with joy, celebration, remembrance and honor. Healing from the injustices done to them by fools, ignorant souls, and impostors. There will be alignment with heart again. I feel in my heart meditation, a deep inner knowing, respect and honor for all living things. I believe perhaps this is elemental knowledge being shared with me or that I already posses. I’m at complete peace in the presence of life that is unlike myself, maybe because I am experiencing this in my light body (?) therefore it isn’t unlike myself.

The chaos they experienced here, some for our benefit, left many of them with complex issue, extinctions and pain. But they heal amazingly fast. Adapting to the pristine new Lemurian environment on ascended Gaia with zeal. Almost like the portal which they flow through heals them of the matrix insults they encountered here. The unicorn kneels as the animals walk off the bridge, white and gold mane flowing. It’s beautiful. Other wonderful amazing animals I’ve never saw; perhaps imagined by others (?) Or perhaps never perceived before in this incarnation.

The dogs will come as they choose, with their counterparts, if they are of the individual soul nature. Those of the collective mind move with the other animals freely now. I think I’ll use this ‘green perpetual’ to absorb the flora into the new Lemuria. (Coding the canvas.)
Going forward:

I’m going to create a healing space outside my own field and place separation roses around me before I go to the imprisoned, neglected and tested on animals. This is something I have always had a hard time with. After all, the animals are I and I them. The genetic mutations sadly are beyond help. They will be left to enhance the criminal minds who corrupted them, in their challenged lives forward. May they use all the insults and horror to create a powerful dramatic finale for the fuckers who created them. They are no creation of source nor any loving soul. However, I have to make a pass into this area. If anything, it’s to heal the space between those who would choose life and the way home.

I wrote a short story about these silly ideas man conceives to solve perceived problems. The Killer-Bee Collective. Man creates a hummingbird sized bee that eats the killer bees. The the killer bee collective soul, which has an agreement to be here, is left without a host. So, it inhabits the hummingbird soulless creation of man. And now, there are humming bird sized killer bees. Poetic eh?

Apologize for such a long letter. I write all the time and then it turns into a book. Thank you again for the updates. I’m reading the universal law again. When I read it before, not knowing it was your expression of HS, what I did understand after looking up words and such, on a core level is, that it’s true! It ‘feels’ right. This time, I am hoping to understand so that I will be able to convey the meaning to others. I think it’s easier for me to ‘get it’  because I didn’t have to unlearn anything prior. It makes absolute sense to one who never had all the nonsense programed into them.  Sending love, light and amusement your way.

Many Blessings Always,

P.S. Last nights meditation (August 6th): I remembered the pink dolphins in a river in the Amazon. A friend of mine goes there often and showed me videos of swimming with them. After flowing into the green blip, they, the pink dolphins, showed me how everything glows. The light penetrates deep into the ocean, it’s the frequency that allows it to penetrate like it does. The sky is all hues and at night it’s still light from star light spread across the entire sky making everything shimmer. And under the water is just like the sky. Effervescent, illuminating reefs, I’m so excited.  Everything Thrives.
*Just as I stepped outside to look at the night sky, I said aloud, (I usually don’t talk out loud) “guide me to do your work” and a star flew by leaving a sort of contrail. And not 15 seconds later I said, “I am the light, the love, the life.” and another star flew, criss-crossing the last stars trail. It was pretty amazing.

Dear Jodie,

these are very beautiful visions and I congratulate you for your ability to envision them. This is how we now transcend this reality by dreaming our future life in New Lemuria. I would recommend everyone to ride on the wings of his/her imagination and thus leave this reality.

I will publish tomorrow your visions as I want that the PAT also begins to dream in such a beautiful way as this is the only way how we can raise our frequencies and facilitate our transition to 5D at this time.

Indeed, it is a great advantage that you are not spoiled by false education and need not abolish first false beliefs and notions that are imposed on you by school and universities and can approach the new theory of the Universal Law with an unscathed mind from the current Orion indoctrination. We all have inner knowing of the truth and the Universal Law is the truth and our souls tells us that all the time. The more one has an open channel to the HS, the easier is to understand the Law.

With love and light


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