Unanimity in Action: Even Donald Trump Adopts Our Ideas

Donald Trump: The USA is Greece on Steroids

Georgi Stankov, August 8, 2015


We, the incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia, are now the pacemaker of the election debates for a new US-president. Donald Trump, assessing his first TV debate, declares the “USA as Greece on steroids“. This has been my opinion since I have opened this website and actually as early as 1997. But it took that long for the GOP leading candidate Donald Trump, who now dictates the topics of the election campaign against the will of the dark ruling cabal, to follow my opinions.

And it does not matter that he is also part of these Orion minions. What now matters is how well he destroys the Orion facade with his ego-driven honesty. Or is he a new walk-in of a very old soul and thus the proverbial Trojan horse in the cabal ranks? My impression is – YES! Let us wait and see what will happen next, but this US presidential campaign is promising to become very hot and highly revealing, due to our telepathic influence and guidance of the candidates from the higher realms. I myself wished it to be so, and it is so!

This is a great victory for us and if anyone of you have still any doubts about our overwhelming energetic predominance over humanity, listen to what Donald Trump has to say about Hillary Clinton: “She should go to prison for the crimes she has committed.” And nobody opposes him. This is a radical departure from the Orion political speak in the past, known euphemistically as “political correctness”. And this is how the paradigm shift will happen this year.

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