Technical Announcement

Georgi Stankov, June 25, 2015

The improvement of the technical quality of this website continues unabated, also thanks to your unwavering support in form of donations and ads visitations, for which we are very grateful to you. Piotr has just informed me that our original PAT website is now available in a better, optimized version for viewing on mobile devices such as smart phone, iPhone, tablet, etc. In this way the site is displayed more legibly on mobile devices and the ads are available at first glance for visitation and enhanced energetic support. In the next days also the mirror site will be updated.

As Piotr informed me, normally this is possible by a so-called “Responsive Design”. Responsive design means that the layout template is automatically adapted to any screen size and device. Piotr has activated the “plugin” function, which enables also older templates such as this website, which do not have yet a “dedicated” responsive design, to be presented from now on in an optimal adaptation on mobile devices. 

It may happen that older iPhones may display the text of the website at first as a narrow column on the left side of the screen as this happened with Carla’s iPhone. In this case you only need to tap twice on the screen and the text expands and adapts to the full screen size. Enjoy the better presentation of our website on mobile devices, which is now equivalent to that on normal computers.


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