St. Germain on the Deplorable Mental State of Humanity Prior to Ascension and How It Shall Be Changed

Carla Thompson, June 25, 2015

Please consider this message as a future program outlined by St. Germain for the light warriors of the first and the last hour and current Logos Gods immediately after our ascension and appearance in front of humanity.


I was delighted to receive Saint Germain a day ago where he delivered such a firm and determined message.

I am certain the impetus for this visit came following a short text message discussion with a family member who when asked if he believed in a person’s ability to communicate with different types of excarnated energies, including those who have passed over as well as personal guides, angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, he responded with  “the psychics and the channelers, have ‘gifts’ that are not given by the God of the Bible, and as a matter of fact they are specifically forbidden in the Bible.” The discussion moved to the teachings of the I AM Presence where this person felt this is “new ageism – one world religion/order I don’t buy it – I’ll gladly remain a Christian who believes that Jesus died on Calvert for the forgiveness of my sins“.

I was really surprised by these statements, but then again, why should I be? Everyone must have at least one person in their family that holds these beliefs right? I responded that he was speaking of religious dogma and that this dogma has led to the enslavement of humanity and represents one side of the new world order, and sent my blessings of love and light!

I found my self contemplating this discussion at every level and suddenly I sensed Saint Germain very strongly in my fields. He was incensed to a certain degree and here is what he had to say about all of this!


The Message

Keep the Faith! Know you are on the Right Path!

I flood your fields with the Violet Fire! I have placed a violet fire seed within your amethyst pyramid – hold it often to receive the direct download of my energy from this source you have provided! Enjoy my energy!

Dear Ones – you must know that you are the most brilliant lights upon this Earth! The most brilliant lights! You are also the most powerful light gestalts although you may not see yourselves in this way, as this fact is of little importance to you. Self-honour is the creed of the day for the great light warriors of this moment in time. The system fails the great warriors by shunning and placing them in a verbal box labelled “New Age”, with its derogatory insinuation.

What does “New Age” really mean? “New Age” is really “New Freedom”! Why, it fully represents the conscious and correct decision to reject the principles of control and limitation of one’s true power and prowess! Society demonstrates intolerance of freedom – free thought, free decision, free life!

And it is now a necessity to firmly reject all forms of control and diminution coming from government and state, economy and banking, formal church and religious institutions, where spiritual principles are believed without question. Are some principles really true, and not meant to be questioned? This is simply not the case for you are Sovereign Beings!

And what is a Sovereign Being? Well, indeed, it is one who can easily command space, time, energy, thought and appearance!

And because of these active gifts arising in you now, you have accessed the one single most important quality in Life, and this is True Freedom! (Here St. Germain refers to the current massive transformation of our 18 bodies in the course of our energetic move to 5D1 New Lemuria. Note, George)

The Violet Flame, and the Violet-Gold Flame both carry the power of alchemy – the ability to create what you desire, and what humanity desires, and then eliminate heavy unrealistic expectations that may be placed upon you by others. This is True Freedom!

This is a new age now. During the olden days when I shared information with previous contacts, information was presented in a way that no longer works given the loss of innocence arising from the experiences of modern life built into your reality over the past seven decades, since the 1930’s.

Much has been done to pull away your own power and humanity has even embraced the loss of sovereignty by the very nature of it’s relaxed spirit, silently allowing the soul to be overtaken, even hijacked by outside power and expectations.

Why is it necessary to succumb to these constructs of power? You know, they only have power because you give them power! Stop giving them your power!

The true power of the self grows from within and expands daily, with the discovery of one’s true self! The power expands! Why do you as sovereign beings wish to give it away?

Question everything with the discerning heart, and mind. Does it ‘feel’ right? Well, it may ‘feel’ right because of social conditioning. It may not necessarily be right, so then discernment must be made with the mind. Does it make sense? Do not discard the mind’s ability to analyse pre-conditions, conditions, strengths, expectations: through the strict use of reason. (And axiomatical thinking is the highest form of human reasoning. Note, George)

Does it stand to reason? Why or why not? These are the questions that one must ask oneself! It is time!

(There is no doubt that everything that St. Germain says in this message has already been accomplished by the PAT on this website and in private life. Thus this message is dedicated to all the other people who will follow in our footsteps, guided by us as the stewards of the new enlightened humanity that will emerge after the Ascension. note George)

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