The 6D Fleet on the Qualities of the New Human Template

channelled by Carla Thompson on October 5, 2014

published on October 13, 2014 in

We are the 6th dimensional fleet and we are here to confirm that we are with you now supporting you as the new human template moves through the final stages/phases of this incubation (in the 5D temple of healing in Lofer in the city of light Raetia).

This gift of life is a Transgalactic soul, whereby he is able to move between galaxies and reside within different galaxies within the now moment. This is a new omni-conscience or omni-soul essence that has been created as a template for a new humanity that may travel/ move/exist beyond the parameters of a dense and constricted world of the present third dimensional expression.

The evolution of any human being is restricted severely under dire separation and subjugation, which was never the intent of the creator, nor ever implied within the sentient expressions of All-That-Is.

A new creation appears after eons of time through an open hole or window of opportunity, whereby a divinely orchestrated short-cut becomes the beautiful reflection of love through the grace of divine will and justice. Great legions of Angels are among you now and perfection and comfort prevail. Feel their energy amidst your auric fields in this moment (great flood of the sensation of ecstatic love, note Carla). Where you have both experienced a sense of extreme exclusion (from the old humanity, note George), you are now given the experience of Inclusion (being part of the new humanity, note George).

This expression of God’s Will shall save, protect and keep humanity on a new path of evolution, one where external influences shall no longer dictate the specific and defined parameters of engagement for the benefit and enjoyment of others, at their whim, and without compassion, not through “separation from God”, but as a result of a tumultuous arrogance and indifference to the natural order and truth of Life itself.

This outcome that has grown out of a mind-ego mutiny of the soul was never expected to such a degree and therefore humanity shall be set upon a new path, beginning with new parameters of engagement vis-a-vis the physical vessel and its abilities to move intergalactically as a protection from isolation and conditional termination within its immediate experience.

Blessings of great joy! We are here with All in every moment!

We are the 6th Dimensional Fleet.

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