The Creation of the New Human Race

by Carla Thompson and the Elohim, October 14, 2014

There has been a lot of information imparted to me through various messages, which I have both heard audibly as well as seen through visual representations. Both of these methods are the usual ways that information is brought into my fields. So here are some messages, and visuals, that I have received over the past few days. I know some time has passed, but everyday I am updated with something “new” and have been waiting for it to all come in. I feel that today, October 11, 2014 is the energetic culmination.

Here is some background, I must share with you first: I have been told three times in my lifetime that there is a “template” within my fields. It is seen above my head, above the area of my crown chakra. Until the other day, I had no idea what it meant, other than having something to do with the Ascension.

On September 27th, the Elohim told me that I was “holding an energetic expression of a new humanity“.  On September 28th in the early morning, the room was flooded with an incredible Gold-Green Flame, where I received information that the template was flooded with final healing and illumination energies. On September 29th, the Elohim told me this template was that of an evolved human, one that would be able move instantly from upper 4D to lower 5D and on September 30th, the whole process was explained by way of a very intricate visual.

This is what the visual looks like:

There is a line, drawn from left to right, with infinity symbols at each end. In between the left infinity symbol and the right infinity symbol, there are mathematical equations (about 16) on each side of the line, above and below. Below the line, the area is flooded in a yellow-orange colour, with these mathematical equations written in black, from left to right. Above the line, the area is flooded with a pink-violet colour, and also has an equal number of mathematical equations. The area below the line, is the “Third Dimension” and the area above the line is the “Fifth Dimension”.

I was shown that each mathematical equation below, a representation of the Third Dimension, has the ability to interface directly with the Fifth Dimensional equivalent above the line. I know that there are more than 16 formulas or angles of interface, there are probably thousands and more, but the point that I understand is that the new template will allow for an evolved human, where formulas of the 3D have complementary formulas in the 5D; where one 3D expression balances out one 5D expression; where the electro-magnetics complement/support each expression and the line itself is a “zero point”, where balance is achieved in perfection.  Once a decision is made to flow from the 3D up into the 5D, and a critical mass is achieved, the 3D expression is then pulled over the line of zero point, “fusing” with the 5D expression, and the combined result is automatically pulled up into the 5D.

October 1st:  I have severe chills and feel cold all through my body. I go for a hot bath and as soon as I slip into the water, I  instantly feel Gaia as though she is within me. While I am laying in there, I see a beautiful blue-green earth within my field, and it expands outwards as I reflexively flood it with the Violet Fire that I hold within me. I intuitively know this then instantly creates a new pristine home for a new humanity, a new humanity that Gaia is creating with us and with God-Source, a humanity that loves her and honours her to the end of time! This was a very powerful moment!

Here is a message from the Elohim, which I received following my bath:

“Greetings, we are the Elohim!

Great energies move, within Gaia and within You, Dear One!

As you are fully anchored to Gaia, you are One with Gaia. You claim a legitimate connection with this ascended Being, and it is your destiny to exchange love with her, carry love for her, and birth love through her!

Great Gaia becomes an intimate player in this ascension expansion, for it is her deep desire, her impenetrable desire, to heal the “old” humanity and it’s “old” ways. Indeed, as she is flooded by the Violet flames, the old patterns, memories and energetic pathways disintegrate and return to the Source of All-That-Is!

Now that the errors of humanity are for the most part flushed from her energy fields, she is free to design this new expression of humanity, a new expression that she will create accompanied by God’s Will and the ever-expanding roles of all those who contribute to this grand Sea of Life.

This new humanity shall love her, unconditionally, and shall honour her to the end of time!”

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