The Elohim: Our Deepest Gratitude For the Work Performed By All Light Workers the World Over

Carla Thompson, August 4, 2014

Dear Georgi,

Here is the message from the Elohim that I received two days ago, on August 1st, while we were on our break, before you return today to Munich for your surgery.  

They stress the role of the “unawakened” light warriors as having served the ascension process by “stepping aside” so other, stronger personalities, may push their skills to new heights, beyond what they had envisioned for their role in these beautifully expanding times. 

Although the Elohim didn’t state this directly, it is my understanding that those who have stepped aside, for others to shine, have actually made the ultimate sacrifice by postponing their own ascension at this time.  However, these light warriors will achieve ascension, at a later time within this lifetime, as long as they move back into position, and consciously carry out their inner work and treat this journey with a new level of devotion. I suspect these particular light warriors shall be moved onto a timeline where this eventuality is an inevitable part of their soul journey.

The intrigue continues for each and all of us, to find out WHO we truly are, and WHAT our role finally is in these days, and how we should proceed at this time. This knowledge may not even come to some of us in a conscious manner and be only at an unconscious level. Some of us may feel that what we discover about ourselves is fantastical!  But this must not deter our curiosity and steadfast drive to self-discovery!  I have discovered that All-That-Is arises in varying grades of mysteries and miracles – All I had to do was Look and be open to what I saw!

With love,

The Message

Greetings Dear One, we are the Elohim….

We convey today our deepest gratitude for the work performed by all light workers the world over.  It is unknown to You, that Every One has initiated great healings of Gaia, and humanity, and that following these healings, some of the greatest creations have flourished, creations of new beauty and resonance, across the many timelines and dimensions, that have quite simply led to the most spectacular ascension of this multi-verse!

It must be noted, at this point in time, and clarified equally generously: there has been a great success even where it was felt by many that missions were neglected and contracts dismissed.

For indeed, there has always been an understanding, at the soul level, of what role each incarnate will play.  For instance, questions are asked:   “Will this soul fully awaken? Will that soul remain closed and unpliable?”

It must be known, every single decision of each “individual” soul has been made within the Soul Monad Mind.  That is to say, if the soul has decided to “remain asleep”, it was her specific role to do this, within the over-arching role of the Monad itself.  As this decision is embraced, room is created for another soul to chose a new level of service, at a higher order.  A level of service, not of a superior order, simply of a different and UNIQUE character, and often borne of sacrifice.

It has been said that the “few” light warriors that have performed “so brilliantly”, did so in and of themselves. But we say to you, that the Soul Monad whose dominant role it was to co-ordinate this ascension, has beautifully, and perfectly, worked with even those monad members who supposedly remained “unawakened”, to allow the light warriors, who were stronger in their mind-body-spirit constitution, to simply hold a clearer vision of how things shall move forward.

So, in actuality, the light warriors, whose lights were dimmed by the ravages of the third dimensional expression, actually fulfilled a new contract by stepping aside, creating the energetic space for the light warriors of great strength and a measured success within their light body development, those who then embraced perfected visions of a new Gaia and a new humanity, through extreme electro-magnetic energetic events that propel mankind forward along its evolutionary pathway, as it has never done before.

All light warriors of this ascension monad work as One!  Other monads present for the ascension are supporting your Life Monad in their dream state, and are simply consciously unaware that they are contributing!  They may even outright, consciously, reject this discussion as absurd!  This position arises from a deep cellular fear imprint, ego/ personality issues, as well as from strong societal conditioning.

All light warriors attend to the ascension, NOW.  The individuals that do not participate in this expansion, those with no soul remnants, do not resonate at all with any element of this discussion.  You are able to clearly recognize these individuals, as their soul essence is absent within the physical gaze.  Their eyes do not hold any soul essence and their ability to think critically is wholly absent.  They do not care about what is happening, nor what is at stake.

Know that you are all supported with our great abiding love within the space of infinite peace.  We are with you Now, and For Ever.

We are the Elohim.

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