It’s Never Too Late!

Meister Kuthumi
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 13/14, 2013
first published in English on November 15, 2013 in

Translated by Georgi Stankov

Note: This message is not addressing the PAT but all the fence straddlers that now must make their final decisions and fully embrace the idea of ascension with inner faith and strength if they want to leave this rotten place for ever and not go under in the floods of the impending MPR. The urgency of this message reflects the urgency of the coming big transformational events in late November.


Truly, it’s never too late! Still, for every person who has anchored his consciousness in the highest 4D holograms, the time of God’s grace opens up. God will not forget you, never! Why do you forget Him? Repent! It’s never too late. Until the great and last veil of forgetfulness falls again upon this world, you still have the opportunity to open your mind and purify your heart. It’s never too late!

How could you now fall so low on the eve of the great events? How could you just? Why have you rejected all the messages of light and dismissed all announcements of the heaven as an abstruse work of some spinners? Why did you let you be determined by doubts only because the ascension did not come yesterday, and not today, and will not come for you tomorrow as well, because you deprive this event every manifestation of force through your doubting and apathetic behavior? Why did you do that, you, who who have come to this world with unique duties and with the alignment to subordinate everything to this ascension?

There is still time to repent! Until the very end this time is given to you, God’s fields of grace are open – to the very last moment. Do not wait for your ascension, because it will never happen as long as you doubt this and boycott it in yourself. It is this sabotage that lets nothing to occur, you will stay back in this world and will say in amazement: “The events were not fulfilled!” How and why should they be fulfilled? How should they be accomplished, if you keep yourself away from every wave of ascension due to your unwillingness to shine within yourself? How should the unthinkable be fulfilled for you, if you mildly ridicule the heaven and do not recognize the prophets of light that have gathered in a unique number on the earth to awaken you and heal this world? How should the miracle of ascension happen to you, if you have not prepared yourself enough for it, if you still direct your whole energy to the outside rather than “clear the decks” inside?

It’s never too late! You can still wake up, the fire which is now kindled can still embrace your soul for the great transformation. Your life can still radically change from one moment to the next – you still hold your ascension in your own hands! You, who have come so far and you who have been worn down by the long awaiting in expectation of ascension that never seems to arrive.

You are called, you are meant, you, because I address my word of repenting and awakening to you, today, on the eve of the next wave of ascension, which will be bigger, elevating and all-pervasive than anything that you have experienced so far.

I am Master Kuthumi who conducts the affairs of this world in the universal context, the conductor of this cosmic transformations. I encourage you now to take the reins of your life, that is, to take your self-determination firmly back into your hands. There is still time! How many times have this already been announced to you, offered to you, put into your conscience, so that you react, act, and awakens. How many opportunities to repent you need? When will you do what God has told you?

Yes, it is the grand time of the final decisions. The last phases before the whole earth will reverse – before the Inner Earth (of Agartha) will take for a short period of time full responsibility for the fortunes of the upper earth, before the masters of this time (the PAT, note George) will come and be recognized by the people and will transform this world to a place of love, a place of peace and into a planet of joy and beauty of God.

In this state, in which this planet currently is, it can no longer be sustained. This planet is polluted energetically and elementally on its surface! This is now healed and different methods are used for this. More on this elsewhere, but here this: The cleaning is now in full swing and what you have seen so far in terms of tsunamis were the first birth pangs of the new earth – the actual birth is still pending.

You still have time! Little time, but still time. Use it beyond measure. Look only at yourselves! Never succumb to the temptation to discuss the garden of your neighbor, you shall not even look at it. Consider only yourself and ask yourself the three big questions:

1) Have  I made all the arrangements for my ascension in God?

2) Is my heart a polished vessel of love, is my mind is clear ambassador of light?

3) Is my behaviour blameless, which is, do I live in harmony with my soul and in full compliance with my heart? In short: Do I live with or without the LIE?

These are questions that matter now and you will quickly track down the last refuges of the remaining and conditioned patterns of behavior. Then they can be eliminated, which will open your view for the essentials. And the most important things these days are:

1) Deep trust in God.
2) Deep self-confidence.
3 ) deep devotion to the life orders.
4) Deep love for the truth.

Driven in such a way you will and must graduate. You, who have now settled on the upper 4D earths and have noticed since long that there is something wrong with your perception of life and the perception of yourself. And you, who have ignored until today a wake-up call upon a wake-up call are also meant, for, before the gates of heaven close seamlessly, a unique magnitude of God’s love and grace shall reach the people.

It’s never too late – till all deadlines expire and the gates to the light are closed. I am master Kuthumi. Listen to these words, for you should enter the life that is eternal. In infinite love for all life. I am in your midst,


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