Ascension Opus in Perfection, Part I

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 14, 2013
first published in English on November 16, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Does the ascension come tomorrow or the day after? Why not yesterday?

I tell you, not when the ascension will come is of importance, but that it is already in full swing, even if it eludes most people entirely. And so I urge you now and before you ascend  – to jump on it! Jump into the new reality of life. Without any hesitation, for your ascension is decided in a second.

It happens that the people enter their light ships (light bodies, note JJK) and rapture from this to the other world. It happens that of all this, those who remain will not notice anything. And it happens that everything remains as it seems, and that life completes new circles and seems far away from the completion of the one big circle (of ascension).

Who do you think has the right to a place in heaven? The one, who only seeks in misfortune refuge in the praise of God, or the one, who never desists from God, nevertheless in happiness or in misery, because he knows that both are trivial snapshots of the Universal Spirit? Who do you think has the right to attest to the people about the ascension? Those who deny themselves, each time it comes down to it, or those who hold up without ifs and buts as torch bearers of light the fire of life in any weather?

Unbelief, ignorance and arrogance characterize a person who exists in the ignorance of all life – and this time is the indicator that pride precedes the fall, doubts precede the descent, and hatred precedes the failure of a human being.

As far and high as the ones will ascend and as absolutely and deeply as the others will descend, as varied life is. And to understand this, one has to wake up first and be ready to accept everything and to love. In the last step, because love wins, and because it is the love that takes over the reins. Naked and exposed the love reveals to you in all its innocence, and at this very moment all aspiring “masters of this time” let go of their last, earthbound guilt.

For it takes a mature mankind for this divine innocence! Because innocence is attractive to an immature soul only to the extent that she benefits from it, but not to extract love out of it. The age of innocence has come when each guilt will be removed from this world, transformed and released into the light.

Once you arrive at the 5D, you are free, loving and elevated, because you will come out of your guilt and enter your innocence. Only a few people will accomplish this last of all life rings and only a few will see the new world, will live there and will experience there their bliss. The last of all the rings, the big circle of perfection, will be closed only by a few.

Thus the ascension opus begins to unfold and to seal with all its might the fate of this and many other worlds. The day is close that will eliminate the disbelief of the disbelievers and will confirm the faith of believers, and will manifest the knowledge of the initiates in this world. Come with me now – I will bring you back to it, from which you came forth, come now with me you, the elect, because God is preparing you a receipt that is worthy of you.

I am

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