Breaking News: The Magnetic Pole Reversal Can be Measured Now!

by Georgi Stankov, November 16, 2013

A huge surprise for me this morning. I have a compass on my desk since this summer to regularly gauge the magnetic pole reversal. As nothing happened for a long time, I stopped making these regular measurements for more than a month. Today my HS urged me very strongly to check the position of the magnetic North pole one more time and I got a huge surprise – I was almost speechless and could not believe my eyes at first. The magnetic pole has moved since my last assessment more than a month ago about 15-20° to the East. I knew exactly where the magnetic needle of the compass pointed in the past  – exactly at the corner of my room and now it has moved far away to the east and points almost in the middle of the north-east wall of the room. 

This displacement fully coalesces with the well-known rapid movement of the magnetic pole in east-south direction towards Siberia with an annual displacement of more than 50 miles for the last several years. However this year the speed has accelerated and according to one reliable source, the magnetic pole has been displaced from the initial North pole position in direction Siberia by almost 160 miles in 2013.

This information was given in June, so that the magnetic pole has moved in south-east direction almost a mile per day in the first half of 2013. I personally could not assess this steady displacement with my compass as it is not very sophisticated, it is only a small pocket compass which my wife uses when she rides with her horse in the Bavarian pampas to roughly determine her direction. But this compass has all the degrees of the circle and one can measure the angular displacement very precisely.

It is important to mention that I always measure the magnetic North pole from the same position in the room as to have a reliable comparison, hence there is no way that I am mistaken. When the magnetic pole reaches the 40 degree on the globe, it will flip-flop all of a sudden, as this same source confirms and other experiments have shown. The guy in the  above mentioned video is however wrong when he estimates that this will happen in about two years as he departs in his calculations from a linear system, while the magnetic pole reversal is a disequilibrium system that behaves in a highly non-linear fashion, as I have shown with my latest measurement. For months, there was no visible displacement to be observed with my compass and all of a sudden within a month or so, there is this huge shift of almost 20 degree on the compass as measured this morning, which shows that the magnetic pole has already reached Siberia and is heading towards the 40 degree, where it can reverse any moment from now on.

As I see it now, and not only from this marginal measurement of the rapid displacement of the magnetic pole, which is highly significant in itself, but also with regard to the waves that now flow through my field, being the nexus to the source, humanity must now fasten their seat belts and prepare for a rough ride in the coming days. This is a big deal.

As Sananda tells us in his latest message that Jahn sent me early this morning and I hope to publish today, it is no longer a question why ascension and other big events did not happen in the past or now and when it will occur in the future, as ascension is happening in this very moment, but the only question is if the legions of laggards will be able to jump on the speeding train of ascension in the very last minute or will stay on the upper 4D timelines and only experience the huge devastations and natural catastrophes as insignificant, unconscious soul fragments and will not even notice that we have already ascended. Because only a few of humanity will ascend to the 5D and higher dimensions this fall and, apart from the PAT, I do not see very many that will follow our example.

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