A Message From Adama

by Carla Thompson, September 24, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Here is the message from Adama that I received on September 21st in the evening.

“Greetings, this is Adama of Telos, and I am pleased to connect with you this day!

I approach you today as a preliminary review of what shall transpire for the ascending ones.

All of those souls who have endured great suffering and survived, who have met the darkness with the power of their inner light, and who then have overcome their trials and tribulations with a victory in their heart and a smile upon their face, these are the “lighted ones” who shall now reap the benefits of the New Earth.

You (Carla) are, indeed, one who has endured great misgivings and yet you have endured and risen above the difficult path that was placed in front of you with this incarnation.

It would have been so easy to take the road of destruction and decay. But you rose above this, engaged the light, moment upon moment, years upon years! The high road you took! And an example in thought around your patience, your inner tenacity, your unfailing kindness to many, many others, others who lose themselves. They call you an Angel, which of course you are, an Elohim Angel, although they know not of this fact.

All is at the ready. Stand prepared for you are the first to go. We know you have full faith in us to watch over the flock of ascended ones and we thank you for showing us limitless faith and trust in our role to raise you and your enlightened brethren into this fifth dimension.

We are so pleased with all of you! Can you not feel it?”

Me: I feel all of you here, and I thank you on behalf of the ascending ones, for your undying love and support on this auspicious occasion. You always tell us that you love us. But today I will get this on record:  WE LOVE YOU. WE LOVE YOU. [ I said this with great passion and tears, to which they were absolutely speechless for at least 1 minute! Like I said to you afterwards, I don’t think anyone from Earth has ever told them that they are loved!]

Adama: “We are most humbled by the extreme expression of love coming from your heart, Dear One. You are most precious. [More silence]

We say again, stand at the ready!

Me:  What message have you got for Georgi?

Adama:  “You may tell Georgi that he is a magnificent master who has kept the faith, held the sword of light, given his all, in spite of greatly challenging circumstances, and for this, all the ascended masters and Prime Creator are so very honoured to have him (as a captain) at the wheel.

Georgi has had relatively few lifetimes within this space-time expression but has mastered it quickly, in an easy and uniform manner.

What impresses most is his clarity of thought, his instant knowingness of the truth, as though he has knowledge or deep familiarity with every aspect of a situation and is able to clearly intercept it’s truth, both inner and outer, all-reflective, as I call it.

Tell him his role is about to morph into one of pure EDUCATOR and MASTER GUIDE. He shall educate and guide the people in the New World, where all his training and knowledge and gifts of written and verbal expression shall all conjoin to create a new version of his Self, an even higher or more highly elevated Soul aspect. His Soul shall in time be coming to the uppermost 4D level and certainly to the lower 5D levels where these populations shall be ready to receive his teachings. His teaching shall come from a 6th dimensional focus where he shall dwell in his private worlds.”

At this point I became suddenly very tired and had to lie down, so I didn’t get any more information. I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

With love,

Dear Carla,

thank you very much for sending me this message from Adama.


Dear Georgi,

You are welcome… I am sorry I couldn’t get more information about the ascension schedule, I just crashed all of a sudden and had to sleep.


Dear Carla,

it is perfect the way it is. Upon second reading I realized that if I operate in the future from the 6th dimension that you shall also dwell mainly in this dimension, as it can’t be otherwise. After all Adama testifies you that you are an Elohim angel and they operate from the 6th dimension of pure creation when they create new 3D worlds. Which does not mean that they are not existing on higher levels simultaneously.

I think that this message is not too private as not to be published – it addresses our mission which we have already discussed on numerous occasions in the past. And it confirms one more time that you will be the first to ascend. This is an important validation for the PAT now that we have still to wait for the final push.

I have just received a new message from Jahn (Asana Mahatari) that addresses the role of the captains of ascension, that is to say, us and the PAT in a broader sense. This message excellently compliments Adama’s message as it elucidates for the first time the actual role we have played in this whole ascension process and why other LW are unable to appreciate truly the mission of the PAT. It is a very good summary and a lecture on the true values of spiritual hierarchies, which are not at all appreciated on this earth, but will play a central role on the new 5D earth.

That is why I have decided to publish this message and I am sure that you agree with this decision.


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