Captains of Ascension

Asana Mahatari

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 20, 2013
first published in English on September 24, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

All the people that are with me and shape the world these days at their places, where God has sent them, are all great warriors and the utmost is demanded from them. Never have the contradictions been bigger, never was the effort that is demanded of you more massive than now, never were the moments of despair for the light warriors of the first hour more often than today, when the worlds are separating now and the people are tested for their true value.

Everyone, who says that all this leaves no trace on him, simply does not sit in the boot of ascension, but is only watching from a safe harbour the scenes, and hence he knows neither the moodiness of the ocean, nor the force of the storms as they discharge. 

True masters of ascension are rare and so it goes now that the ascension tourists are chatting dick-smartly, where they should keep their mouth shut, those who are fascinated with ascension are now uttering alleged wisdoms that have no relevance to the ascension process.

He, who speaks of ascension and has not experienced it in his own body, in his own soul – skin-deep – is advised to remain silent, because: he, who wants to describe the scent of the rose without ever sniffed it or have stung on its stalk, is hardly suitable to prepare the proper soil for the “Queen of Flowers”.

Know: Many people from the esoteric scene are whitewashing the world, the life and the circumstances that aggravate life, which are so unpleasant that one should rather vomit, and with this we have arrived again at the “Light and Love Illusion”. Whitewashing Is typical for those, who are unaware and have, themselves, only shouldered a very modest burden. Certainly, each person receives exactly the burden that is reasonable for him and that he can shoulder according to his talents. However, when a lightweight fighter wants to compete with a heavyweight athlete, he will experience a nasty surprise.

And so it happens now that those, who have taken upon themselves the huge loads as to enable the ascension of this world, find themselves in the crosshairs of the ignorant or the failed light bearers.

While the “captains of Ascension” are cleansing the collective angst energies, so that they can be eliminated, and so that the people at the levels of fear can experience relief and / or are paving the way for all people, so that the ascension process can proceed more easily, they are misapprehended and spotted with ridicule and scorn. These great souls will, before they leave this place, raise to the new gods of new worlds! And these individuals really know what it really means to serve, and precisely these people to harrass with supposedly intelligent and well-intended advices means to teach a fish how to swim.

You, smart alecks, stop spreading semi-punditry and stupidity about ascension or about the people who carry this process at the forefront! You know neither of what energetic texture these people are built, nor are you able to assess their great responsibility in the cosmic network. Please stay with your modest burden.

And this is significant in this particular case, even though you are always prompted from other sources just not to behave so. Recognize your place in this ascension process, your area, where and for which you are responsible, where you are tested and where you have still a lot to do and to discern – about yourself and about the world. Presume not to judge on somebody who is at the forefront, in the midst of the biggest conflagration, on the bridge between life and death, as to pave the pathway to heaven for humanity – for I say unto you: before you get away with it, you shall find yourself in the elementary school on your path to the light, in a class that teaches you the basic content of knowledge how to perform these essential corrections onto your behaviour.

To ignore the joist in one’s own eye and to make the splinter in the eye of others to a main topic of conversation! A cheap chat  at the expense of others and in that you are like that money-lenders who collect the smallest coins from the poorest and bail out their huge debts again and again.

This attitude is reprehensible, it is good for nothing, it is not justified by anything, and it is stupid. That is: take care exclusively of how to cultivate your own garden, how to keep the soil fertile and ensure that it brings you only good and sweet fruits. Do not look neither to the neighbour’s garden, nor to the realms that are beyond your reach, in levels that only allow you to guess what is, for verily: he, who surmises, knows nothing, and he, who takes a surmise as a benchmark to acquire knowledge, goes astray, because, after all, knowledge is given only then, when a person has fully arrived in himself and is far away from any presumption. And each person, who surmises about others, about what is elsewhere and makes vague guesses, only diverts his attention from his own, still unredeemed impositions, that decompose his soul.

Yes, you people, who you will now ascend. Remain attentive gardeners of your own gardens, as it is necessary to break up your own soil and to keep it loosen and it is necessary to fulfil your blueprint. Look forward, not backward and do not look to the side – and if you will still yield to this temptation, and you find in the neighbour’s garden trees that tower far over yours, then rejoice and exercise yourselves in humility, because the higher and stronger the tree, the higher and more significant was the effort to obtain this growth .

Nothing comes on its own, even though everything is created out of itself. A full victory can only be won when ascension is successfully accomplished  – and he, who arrives at the top, knows how thin the air is and he, who looks up from the bottom, he knows none of that, except that the mountain is high.

Recognize the captains of ascension for what they truly are: the wayshowers to the light. In this sense be ready and put aside every careless behaviour in thought, word and deed. Everyone has plenty to accomplish, if he wants to keep his own house clean and his own garden soil well-fertilized. Not what you do will decide about your ascension, but with how much energy you do this.

Those who love can never be wrong, because the error is only where there is a lack of love. And all people are able to love, no matter what orders they have fulfilled in this world, or what accolades they wear on their earthly or universal garments.

Appreciate the value of your fellows and you are already on the way to eliminate each reduced value in yourself, for only because you despise yourselves, you are blind to the light of the others and hence you feel empowered in your semi-punditry – and usually not even that –  to give “good” advices to the “Captains of Ascension”.

Only petty minds among the people assault indecently the truly great sages of humanity, because the really great men recognize and respect each other and are connected in deep love, and such a being is absolutely alien to any disregard of a sage.

They do not know jealousy, envy is unknown, and a lack of respect absolutely impossible, because they know through how many tests a man must go in order to be purified before he reaches the top, before he can attain his transfiguration. Most people are still cut off from this knowledge, but they still presume to make judgments, where a humble silence is the only appropriate language.

Beware of this in the future, and from now on in all times, you, who are vulnerable to this vice, for verily: he, who considers his own shadow for light and the light of his fellow men for shadow, he knows nothing of himself and of the world and he can only follow this message in a very limited way.

I love you infinitely and, while I am standing on the bridge between the worlds, I promise you now: life that is eternal is being revealed to you now, even though the bloodiest battle for many people is still to come. I am the one who overlooks the situation and yet I am gripped with awe in front of the spectacle that is now unfolding, because before the ascension will be completed, the estate of the ancient world must be terminated and handed over to the new stewards of this space- and time-edifice.

There is still a lot to do, even though the end has been long proclaimed and has already arrived. We are One. Know your place in this process and you will instantly be freed from all desires and all motivations that make you suspect the reality beyond your orders. Honored you are. Beloved every one of you.

I am with you all the time.
I am


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