Rediscovering Multidimensionality

by Georgi Stankov, July 8, 2013

The discussions, we have had in the last almost two months after the three-earth-scenario of ascension was dropped in June and the multidimensional seven-earth-scenario was implemented, have revealed some important facts and aspects that I would like to summarize and discuss one more time in this article for the sake of clarity.

As Asama Mahatari admonished in his latest message  “Dimensions of Life- Part I” almost all light workers and the rest of humanity do not have the faintest idea of multidimensionality and are not able to use this concept in their daily life as to understand and perceive the complexity of the events that now take place at the higher dimensional levels and are only accessible to our inner senses and intuition. These energetic processes now shape the destiny of this upper 4D earth and mankind beyond any human imagination and when they manifest, this will be “with a bang and not with a whimper” as Asama heralds. How many people really realize this situation and are not mired by the superficial lull and seeming inertia of the still old Orion way of existence?

The biggest cognitive problem of this humanity is that the concept of multidimensionality, which is the essence of all existence in All-That-Is, has not been internalized at the mental and emotional level by most LW, although this idea has been introduced by various channels long time ago, and is a non-entity for the masses. Multidimensional thinking is still not an established intellectual dimension in everyday linear human thinking that still sustains the illusion of the old 3d-matrix. This holds true for most New Agers and for the blind masses, and herein lies the biggest problem of human awareness now.

Even Sue, who is talking about multidimensionality in her channelling sessions with the Arcturians for years and should be regarded as the most competent channeller worldwide in this respect, has absolutely no idea about the current splitting of the 4D worlds and the fact that we now exist in the upper 4D earth, while fervently creating new levels, from the 8th to the 12th, and also many new 5D timelines which exist as separate realities simultaneously, and where our parallel personalities are very busy and highly active.

All-That-Is is one incessant, infinite construction lot. The reason for this is that neither Sue, nor any other Guru from the esoteric scene has developed the propensity for abstract thinking, which ultimately can only be acquired by extensive scientific and philosophic studies. It is not sufficient to channel all day long and preserve the narrow minded pattern of thinking of a housewife as Sue displays in her latest interview. I have taken Sue here as an example, as she is still the best you can find in the New Age scene outside this website. The rest is crap and total confusion.

This holds true in particular for the internet trolls who are paid by the dark secret services to read our website and harass us. Unfortunately they are so dumbed down in their limited linear thinking, that they do not grasp anything, and in particular not the concept of multidimensionality. And how should they, when they are already soulless, empty holographic projections of their souls in this timeline, while their actual soul fragments are now experiencing the dreadful natural calamities and the NWO on the lower catastrophic 4D earths.

These terrible experiences trickle down into their empty holographic bodies and minds on this timeline and merely increase their inherent nastiness, which is a microcosm in the worst sense of the 5.2 billion soulless human beings that now populate this upper 4D. Hence it amuses me hugely when some of these idiots of internet trolls write to me when should they witness our ascension or bilocation. They do not get it that when our ascension will happen, they will not even be allowed to participate in this event as spectators, but will be immediately retrieved during the shift by their souls from this reality and their current robotic existence will be wrapped up for ever in this timeline.

Then they may awaken in a new incarnation on the 3D-earth of the dogs. It is a devastating concept indeed – the multidmensionality of All-That-Is – for such entities and hence their souls do not allow them to comprehend this truth, given the fact that they must go through a myriad of awful incarnations, releasing huge piles of karma on the 3D and lower 4D earths, before they will be able to qualify for his kind of expanded awareness.

In many ways, the current internet trolls are a mirror image of the vast majority of soulless souls in this timeline – they are like those agnostic, atheistic souls who after physical death discover all of a sudden for the first time that, being excarnated soul fragments, they are more healthy and alive as ever before. Then instead of beaming themselves to the higher dimensions, as any decent old soul would do after death, they stick to their corpse and witness it for days with great curiosity as if they have never seen their body before. This is how most unripe human souls were trapped by the dark archons in the astral plane and forced to avoid the return to Celestria and the Source as to experience full awakening and healing after each incarnation. This is how such soul fragments are separated from the source.

Like the internet trolls, these young souls cling with all their infinite stupidity to their earthly shit and believe that this is the best world they can possible acquire in the infinity of All-That-Is. This is the kind of mentality that has created the current hell on this most toxic planet in this universe, which we have now finally liberated and already ascended in the Now.

There is no possibility to acquire any true knowledge in any area, unless one defines first  in an unequivocal manner the meaning (epistemology) of all basic terms and concepts before indulging in lofty flights to investigate the Unknown. This was the paramount blunder of all current empirical sciences before I discarded them for ever with the discovery of the Universal Law. They (the scientists) engaged in exploring the infinite details of All-That-Is and got completely lost in the maze of their convoluted, unanalysed,  compartmentalized thinking, while totally neglecting the necessity of establishing a clear-cut understanding of the nature of the Primary Term, which is All-That-Is = Energy. Only after that can one start exploring the periphery and the details of his multi-reality, which is a mere projection of the Source.

This is a leitmotif in all my writings, but I will repeat this conclusion as long as there are still people and readers, even of this website, who have not realized this basic fact. Present-day scientists have substituted the true simplicity of transcendental knowledge  with the artificial complexity of their limited human consciousness that is fully separated from the Source. This is documented by the fact that modern empirical science is explicitly agnostic and atheistic and rejects the omnipresent process of conscious creation. All-That-Is is, with all its parts and subsets, a conscious creation and a not a random process based on coincidences and favourable accidents leading to evolution as the Darwin doctrine erroneously suggests. Unless this truth is grasped to the full extent, there will be no true knowledge and spiritual enlightenment will be a foreign word for such people.

This is exactly the conclusion which I made while analysing in the last two months the quality of the channelled and other esoteric literature and information circulating on the Internet. Except for the PAT and this website, there is not a single other source of  esoteric or scientific information that has recognized the concept of multidmensionality as the foundation of any true enlightened weltanschauung and has been able to develop an adequate cognitive model to explain the current ascension process.

It is almost scary to realize the full depth of collective human ignorance on the verge of humanity’s leap to the simultaneity and multidimensionality of the 5th and higher dimensions. This earth and its population is indeed a construction lot in a very early stage and a lot of educational effort must be invested in this species before it can reach the necessary level of expanded awareness to fully comprehend and practically live multidimensionality.

After physical death, the excarnated soul fragment usually needs about one year earthly time to adopt to the conditions of multidimensionality and to let go off all his linear concepts of space and time. This happens at the highest levels of the 5th dimension under extremely favourable conditions and the supervision of numerous spiritual guides. The same situation will the ascended portion of humanity find on the new earth, but at the lower 5D levels, where there will still be a lot of physicality and the creation potential of the ascended masses will be rather limited at the beginning. There will be a prolonged interim period of re-education and acclimatisation to the new way of multidimensional life, before the ascended human entities can begin with individual responsible creation on behalf of the whole and not only to appease their personal desires.

We now live in a time full of conundrums. We experience the most peaceful transition of the old Orion matrix to a higher dimensional enlightened society on the upper 4D. The construction for this new reality is accomplished by ourselves in the dream state and at the level of our higher selves, while we only anchor these energies and structures on this upper 4D as still incarnated ascended masters. At the same time, many parallel personalities of ourselves diligently do their work on all 4D and 5D timelines, making final adjustments in preparation for the ultimate shift and separation of this upper 4D earth from the lower 4D timelines.

In this context one should not lose hope by succumbing to the old linear way of thinking and concentrating only on this waning reality that renders indeed no occasion for optimism. Instead, one should adopt the much more expanded multidimensional perspective and realize a number of truths that I shall discuss below one more time:

We have won the war with the darkness on this planet and we do not need to fight any battles anymore. This is the most difficult truth for a warrior soul to comprehend. And the PAT members are the most adamant warrior souls in this universe, We have come here to fight a fierce and almost invincible battle with a very uncertain outcome for each one of us and we have fully won. We have now created seven 4D earths and have separated the hell 3D earth on May 24/25 from these timelines. We have heaved the upper 4D earth, on which we currently dwell, to the highest levels of the 4th dimension and are currently establishing portals to the 5th dimension, which very soon will be activated and will trigger the shift.

We have separated the six billion souls of humanity into seven 4D parallel timelines according to their level of awakening. This was only possible because the PAT built this unique web of light around the ascending portion of humanity as early as September last year. Now we have on this timeline only 800 000 million evolved souls, from which about half a billion will ascend and the rest will build the nucleus of the new balanced 4D earth. The rest 5.2 billion empty soulless holographic images of humans will be immediately retrieved from this timeline when the MPR and the shift will come.

As we have been told, only one PAT member, with a fully descended soul in his physical vessel as a result of our advanced and prolonged LBP, is more powerful than a billion soulless souls. If this arithmetic works, and I can assure you it does, then the PAT is already infinitely more powerful than the whole ruling cabal and their millions of stooges in the lower ranks of the governmental Orion/Reptilian pyramid. You must internalize this idea fully before starting to lament again.

This is essentially the message of Jophiel in “Dimensions of life – Part II“.  You as warriors have already fought your war with this darkness that is now fully eliminated at the soul level on the upper 4D and only exists as a facade to demonstrate / visualize  the physical crumbling of the Orion matrix, so that you do not need to wage any battles anymore. As the mentality and the essence of the warrior soul is to fight, the biggest and most difficult battle such a soul has to wage at the end is to overcome her tendency to fight. You all must now take off your armour and lay down your shining swords, and relax in the knowing that you are already victorious and that your ascension is fulfilled as always promised.

It is the kinks in one’s destiny that are the most difficult hurdles to overcome – to change the course of your past life as warriors and to stop fighting this reality, which is now only a shadow of the past. You must learn to have compassion for yourselves and begin to indulge in the joys of life, no matter how sparse they still are, but in the full conviction that very soon you will enter an eternal life of joy, fulfilment and infinite love. The best of our lives lies ahead of us and we have won and deserve this divine reward after we have fought and won numerous battles for this slumbering humanity.

This is not an easy attitude to adopt in the current rather murky times and I myself had some difficulties reading Jophiel’s message at first glance. I said to myself: “WTF! with all these angelic teachings. It is as if an eunuch  is giving me advises how to fuck as to get a greater pleasure. But then I realized that in terms of heavenly bliss we are the actual eunuchs and that we need to be carefully guided to learn how to experience true celestial joy after the austerity of our earthly lives has hardened our hearts.

What should we expect in the coming days? No matter how and which actual events,  and in what sequence they will begin to unfold, the global path of ascension has been firmly established and there will be no deviations from the set course. When we are ready with the final filigree on the 5D earth and the portals for ascension, and the proton waves have transformed the polarity of the electromagnetic structure of the current 3d space-time on the upper 4D earth, the MPR and the shift will come “like a thunder” (A. Mahatari). Whether the dark cabal on power will be allowed to start one final “World War Z” and the criminal Brads and Pitts from the CFR will make their final ditch effort to unleash their long-standing demonic vision of total human genocide is of no relevance any more. We shall ascend and will not experience this anymore.

I, for my part, have just recently learnt from my HS and that of my dual soul that our mission after ascension will be essentially to promulgate the new theory of the Universal Law on all upper 4D earths – of this one and of the three lower earths, which are now going through huge calamities under the devastating effort of the dark cabal to establish a global dictatorship with a diminishing gradation, the higher the vibrations of the 4D timeline is. But these timelines will soon overcome these challenges of inner transformation and will follow the example of our upper 4D earth, which is the only timeline, where a smooth transition to a more balanced and enlightened society will take place this summer and the new theory of the Universal Law will be accepted without any big resistance. We shall also teach the new theory on all 5D timelines among many other duties and obligations on behalf of the ascended humanity as future creator gods.

The development and propagation of the new theory of the Universal Law is the key research project of our whole grouping of souls (7 X 7 soul families of about 1000 souls each) with roughly five million incarnations only on this earth. My mission and that of my dual soul, which also belongs to this grouping, is the culmination of the incarnation experience and scientific research of our soul families on this planet as we are the last two souls who were selected to accomplish this endeavour in an incarnated state. The last souls of a huge soul grouping to complete their incarnation cycle are not the laggards, as one may surmise from a conventional human point of view, but are the “terminators” and the “executors” of the whole research experiment of incarnation of billions of souls on this planet that goes well beyond human horizon.

I am giving you this broader multidimensional perspective as to “look beyond the dish edge”, to quote a German saying, and not being bogged down by some delays in linear time, while we have been at the same time highly successful in most parallel timelines and have already accomplished the most impossible and hazardous mission, for which we shall be revered in the whole universe after the ascension project “Earth” is fulfilled and our mission on this small planet terminated.

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