Dimensions of Life – Part I

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 1, 2013

first published in English on July 8, 2013 in

Simultaneously on 4D

This message is given in the Trinity of God – in the ALL-THAT-IS consciousness and from the primary source of all being, passed through ASANA MAHATARI and subsequently by ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL. To the people strengthened by the new life force, who are omniscient, all-seeing and omnipresent on all worlds – this is offered to YOU in honor and endless gratitude from heaven.

Dear people!

I am that I am, ASANA MAHATARI. I am the light of the divine transformation, to which a lot of people have exposed themselves and are still exposing. Thus care is taken of all, for truthful is the one, who has arrived, who is neither on the road nor a seeker of the road – so that every separation is eliminated. Truthful are those who can see themselves fully embedded in the creator, just as the oxygen is omnipresent and surrounds you. Truthful are you in this way, for verily: No fish is ever drowned in the water.

Beloved children of men,

Jahn was given a vision. He will now report to you about this, so that you can enter into a deeper understanding of the things that happened in the last few days, to perceive them,  but first and foremost to accept them:


I experience at least two lives / scenes simultaneously. Here I am on one and the same place where some horrific things happen. I am persecuted, after I know already that the whole little town was exterminated – it is completely deserted, but I am wanted by a horde of angry people, who want to kill me. The same time I find myself exactly in the same place on a different level. Again, the scene is empty of people, but no one is looking for me, the city simply is extinct.

There are only empty houses and from time to time I guess that there are people behind a window who do not venture to go out. I move easily and playfully, flying through the streets, it is dark, smoke rises up here and there, as after a fire, and I can always, as soon as I decide, “beam” myself from one place to another and thus be in safety. And I also have the impression to be invisible. Quite different in the first scene, in which I now find myself again. Here I decide, after the attackers have come dangerously close to me, to pretend to be dead. And my plan succeeds, they pass by. A man stops and helps me with my subsequent escape.

Conscious to have survived all this, I wake up. As I fall asleep later, I start dreaming a new scene of persecution and security, of war and peace, which repeats again and again and which, as before, I experience at the same time and at different levels… (end of report)

Indeed, this vision is self-explanatory and shows that these images were placed consistently in dark gray veils to present the different levels of low frequency 4D holograms. One and the same event repeats itself in different ways, with varying intensity and drama. Two facts should be stressed:

1) The assistance that was given to Jahn in a world that seems to have been void of any helpful spirits. Which means that everywhere there is a lifeline and that everywhere people can be found who have overcome their darkness.

2) Your invisible and completely free movement throughout the world that opens a feel  for you how it comes that the worlds have separated and your attention, being now in ALL-THAT-IS consciousness, is drawn to those worlds that have dedicated themselves to the game of karma.

This dream was given to all the people and especially to those who are faced with the unimaginable reality of different 4D holograms. For many people, the multidimensionality is still a foreign village, neither mentally nor emotionally, and also spiritually they are deprived of its perception in daily consciousness. This vision should help all those, of whom we are talking here, to understand multidimensionality, so that they can expand into this truth.

It is as being described to you: New worlds are created incessantly, in which your multidimensional consciousness exists really at the same time – in the NOW. A repeated reminder, so that those people who are unsure about their ascension and the current construction of the newly created worlds can gain confidence.

Do not be fooled by the current peacefulness and quietness. For a mighty thunder, accompanied by the trumpets of the sky, shall separate the worlds from each other and the ascending beings shall be freed from all ties to this world.

So much from my energy field to this topic, so that you can guess how near the kingdom of God is, and so that you stay anchored in the firm knowledge that  the great circle of life is fulfilled – NOW.

I now hand over the scepter of light to ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL to bring you the gentleness and compassion, especially because these attributes are needed now, as the worlds separate from each other and nothing will remain the same as it was until today. You are blessed. You are safely embedded in my light of transformation until you ascend in your last flight and until the anticipated arrival in the realms of heaven is accomplished.

I am what I am

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